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  1. Congratulations Chuck...heck of a game!
  2. tnr


    He is an awesome guitarist. Population Override is a great album. If I could play the guitar anywhere close to that, I wouldn't wear a bucket on my head.
  3. I too am only using the pre/processor with an external Outlaw amp. I have the SC-63 for about 1.5 years and have been happy with it. Only my opinion, but I would go Pioneer Elite over Denon, based on my experience, build quality and performance.
  4. Happy Birthday Chuck! I hope you had a great one Sir Charles! and more
  5. I gave up half & half about 4 months ago. Been drinking coffee black. Slept in and finding black coffee is getting boring today. Just added a shot of Christian Brother's brandy. Much better. Now maybe I can finish the pot!
  6. Those are really groovy baby...I dig em' a lot!
  7. Happy Birthday Gary & Derrick! I hope you are both having a great day, and continue the partying!
  8. Chuck, try this stuff...kind of like bondo but less messy and you only need water. Just mix up a little at a time. You have a short window of time to shape it...before you know it, it is hard as rock. Really cheap too. Do you have Menards down there? Only $2.38 for a 16 oz can. I have used it to fill rotten logs on my log barn and house. It holds up well. You can either try to put a dye in it to match, or paint it. I have not tried dying it.
  9. tnr

    Life Line Screening

    I used it once, about 5 years ago. If you are not seeing a primary care physician at least annually and having your blood drawn and lab results reviewed, then I think it is very worthwhile and inexpensive. I would have used them again, but I see my primary doctor annually and get my blood tests monitored because I am on cholesterol and blood pressure meds...hereditary.
  10. You have me missing my boat again Mark... It was a mini-cig type boat with a Chevy 350. Had it 18 years, and should have kept it. I asked the guy we sold it to if he would will it to me. I hope you get that bad azz black beauty someday. Double trouble and yikes on the gas consumption!
  11. Happy belated birthday minermark! I hope you are still partying now the weekend is here.
  12. Chuck, I couldn't find the 99% isopropyl alcohol. I picked up some 91% last night. Do you think 91% is acceptable to use on the RTR tape heads and just distilled water on the rollers? Anyone else have any input? Yes, welcome MKP's Boss! I have some catching up to do here.
  13. Good morning everyone. Second cup in hand. Just saw this from my Amazon feed...Bye, bye Bananas! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/12/04/the-worlds-most-popular-banana-could-go-extinct/?tid=pm_business_pop_b
  14. I think we will be late for a lot of gatherings going forward, because I don't think I can pass by another garage sale without hitting it. Listening to with the horns vertical and inside, and it sounds pristine.
  15. Initially I had the horns on the outside, but changed them to the inside, seeing as they are far away from the corners of the room, I thought the woofers would bark a bit more and be less muddy on the outside. Pink Floyd Animals at the moment.
  16. Wow! We all need to be going to more garage sales. I don't think I mentioned I paid his full asking price tag of $10.00 for the pair. Someone gave them to him, and he never used them, other than maybe to hold a beer. I am happy I rescued them, and I know they are happy to be singing again!
  17. I took Moray's advice and just rotated the Heresy's on their sides and giving them a listen with Big Head Todd and the Monsters. I like the more precise detail they appear to be projecting. Thanks for the suggestion Moray!
  18. and I wasted a beautiful November 1st 80 miles North of Chicago watching the Bears CHOKE up and lose against division rival purple people eaters. I came close to going to the throne and sticking a finger down my throat. I can take a loss, but to have 1:49 on the clock, go out on 3 downs and give the ball back to the Barney's with only 1:10 left and lose....all I can do is ...where's the toilet emoticon?
  19. Even though I said we haven't had any trick or treaters in years, it's still an excuse to by candy, just in case. Yeah, right! Time for a Snickers. Kit Kats are our favorite. Need to hit Walmart early for post Weeny knock backs.
  20. I guess I really liked candy backed in the day...I used a pillow case. I still like the original Dracula...I may have to look for it on OTA TV tonight.
  21. Happy Halloween everyone! We live in the boonies and haven't had a single Trick or Treater in 15 years. If anyone knocks on the door tonight, I will answer with the side-by-side in hand. My TREAT came a week early (10/24/15) after I did a u-turn after passing a garage sale, and a couple weeks back when Chuck (Tarheel) sent me a couple reels to test my new to me garage sale Teac RTR. THANKS CHUCK!! I still need to clean the heads and tape path before testing it. Stumbled on these Heresy's at that garage sale...my first Heresy's. Mechanically fine, cosmetically not so good. I am going to check with a friend of mine who was a High School Woods Shop teacher about veneering them, or may simply sand and keep them black. They are 1980's. Cheers
  22. Coffee cup? Are we talking 8 oz measuring cup or a typical coffee cup amount? I drank 6 cups of highlander grogg coffee per the measuring lines on the coffee pot this morning prior to football. Pretty typical for any morning, so is that too much coffee? It's really only like 3 coffee mugs. Cables? Yep, cleaning up the power cable and remote cable for the new garage sale RTR, as well as the deck itself. Cocktails and National Vodka Day? Yep, got that covered too. A couple vodka tonics, and now vodka and cranberry. Tacos? Not today...looks like leftover homemade pizza. Ribs? Maybe time to smoke a few racks next weekend. Broncos beat the Vikings...thanks, the Bears need all the help they can get. Did you see the Raiders/Bears game? Was that the 11 Stooges on the last kickoff? I swore I was done watching the Bears this season if they lost...I must like torture.
  23. Those are some pretty eerie looking photos, Chuck! Please stay safe. Thanks for the offer with the RTR reel. I plugged the deck in, and the VU meters light up. Tried play, FFwd & Rwd without a tape and nothing spun. This is my first RTR and I don't have a manual, maybe the tape needs to be fed to trigger the reel to spin?
  24. Hi all. Much thanks to MKP for giving me some pointers with my 98 Accord! I haven't messed with the ignition yet MKP, but successfully replaced the cabin filters and cleaned out the mouse nest...nothing like a little dead mouse corpse smell to ruin the coffee every morning while driving. Scored a Teac A-2300SX reel-to-reel at a garage sale today, along with a miter saw. I've never had a RTR, and need some media to play and test it. Harvested several Hen-of-the-Woods on the property yesterday. I will get better pics of them soon over on F,F&M while frying some up in butter. I have a lot of catching up to do here. Hey Tarheel, do you think you could post a weekly C,C&C Highlights post of important events happening here each Friday...you know, "just in case you missed it", type of thing, for us UN-RETIRED STIFFS?
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