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  1. Brand new in the box missing manual for sale !! 900 plus shipping ! Never been used
  2. Hi. Can you help with with a commercial application please? I need a sound system for my coffee shop. I would like really good sound quality yet I need to be mindful of the cost and want to keep it simple. Here's the setup: * Space is rectangle shape, 1000 feet (roughly 25 x 40). All dry-walled. Polished concrete floor, flat 12 ft dry-walled ceiling. It's pre-wired with Fluid 14 gauge speaker wire in four places, two each along the 40' walls, about 9' off the floor, facing one another. Space has a 8x8 bathroom in one corner so speaker on that wall and parallel wall is about 4' from that wall. * I have a friend who has Klipsch surround sound for his house and loves it. He suggests four, RP240S speakers mounted on the walls. * I'm not an audiophile * I'm not sure where I'm getting the music from. I would like to create playlists as opposed to paying for a music service. Does this mean I use a USB, a CD, an internet connection? Don't laugh, I'm not up with the times. Maybe someday I would also use a turntable input for nostalgia but this may never happen. * I'd like to have "album happy hours" and other events where the music is more a focus than a typical coffee shop. * It would be fantastic if there was a reasonable used driver (is that the term - Ha!) that would be effective and affordable. I'm happy to supply missing information. Suggestions please! Thanks.
  3. Hey guys so recently I got my friend to bring the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers from Canada to here in Pakistan. I was so excited to get them running as soon as they got here. When I brought them home I connected them the usual way. And when I turned on the switch......boom. The electricity flickered and the speakers didn't turn on. I turned around the subwoofer unit observing the rear side of it and then did I realize that it was rated 120V! Whereas here we use 220V. How stupid could I get?! Okay so this is the first time I have got something from US/Canada so I had no idea about the different voltage system. I learned the hard way. Since there is no official presence of Klipsch in Pakistan, and I didn't opt for warranty which would've costed me extra CAD 35 from Amazon.ca, I took the speakers to the repair guy in my area who has fixed my old Logitech speakers and Phillips TV before as well. He tried to fix the speakers but unfortunately couldn't. This is the amp unit: He said the fuse was intact but these 2 components were fried so he replaced them: He did some more soldering and checking with multimeter and all in front of me but the speakers weren't powering on. On some points he was getting readings on his multimeter but not on others (as far as I remember). The repair guy said that this component is damaged (IC?) (highlighted): The repair guy was like I will have to get the replacement part (the whole board as shown in the first picture) from abroad because its not available here in the market. I searched Ebay and did find a few options, but they are either the subwoofer itself or the whole back plate unit. Plus they are really expensive (around $70-$80). Might as well get new speakers from best buy ($125). But even then I don't have anyone coming in from the US. So I wanted to ask if there is any other way I could get these fixed. Maybe the repair guy missed something, or was wrong about something. Need suggestions. Should I try replacing the fuse? I've heard so many good things about these speakers and couldn't even get the chance to hear a single sound from them And they cost me CAD 260! They're just lying here useless in my room.
  4. Folks, Circumstances require that I sell my main system, including: Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme preamp with Cream (turntable) option and remote. This preamp was just (within the last month) upgraded with Mark Deneen's Maxim upgrades, and the addition of a second pair of line level outputs for a subwoofer, which were not needed (as the upgrades added a whole new bass depth to the BB). These upgrades alone were approx. $500 all said and done. BB comes with a walnut case and stock tubes, and is really excellent in every way...I can find no blemishes on the BB or the walnut case. This BB was one of the very last that Mark made, and the case has square dovetailed edges, not rounded. Beautiful sounding and a really excellent preamp, even better now. I would prefer local pick up in **KNOXVILLE, TN** but I also have a custom box for the pre (not for the wooden case) that has survived now two cross country trips to Cali, you pay to ship. Asking $2300.00 **OBO**!!!! Dodd 120 Monoblocks, 120 Watt, customized to use Mundorf caps (original Sonicaps come with the amps). These amps were the second generation of amps produced by Gary Dodd, and came with basing meters on the deck, however those meters proved easily breakable, so I sent them back to Gary to be redone, and he made the modification back to manual (albeit easy) meter biasing. These things have blond oak sides and currently sport 4 EL 34 (JJ) and three GE 7044 tubes per amp. Additional tubes will ship with amps. Lots of power from these heavy amps, it is smooth and seamless. Rare amps, you won't see these come up very often. Excellent condition, again no flaws cosmetically or mechanically that I can find. As they are heavy, I would again prefer local pick up, but can ship at your cost. Asking $2200.00 **OBO** !!!. Pics forthcoming. Jolida JD100 - Jolida tube amp, excellent sounding, very low use (as I went to a .flac music server shortly after purchasing CD player). Cosmetically perfect, mechanically like new. Original tubes and remote ( that is made like a battleship). Asking $500.00 **OBO**!!! Thanks for looking. PS: I have a set of Dynakit Mk III's with cages, reworked by NosValves coming up soon for sale, stay tuned. Bruce PM me if interested.
  5. I have the KA-1000-THX Amp that just started to buzz, even with the input disconnected. The buzz is not too loud, so I am thinking a capacitor went bad somewhere in the unit. The buzz gets louder when the THX switch is turned off. I open the unit, disconnected the preamp connector from the main amp board, and the buzz stopped, so it looks like either the preamp or the power supply is creating the buzz. Any thoughts? Are schematics available? Are parts available?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a huge Klipsch fan, have been for years. Getting back into vintage audio scene. Looking for a Marantz 500 amp specifically. I will be driving a pair of cornwall iii's. I had this amp back a long time ago, but sold it to fund other projects. Great amp. Looking for a project amp, non-working. Don't care if the door is missing on the front. Don't care much about faceplate cosemetics. I have Paypal and can pay fees, shipping, etc. Let me know! Regards, Drasdon55
  7. To start with please do not kill me.......... I know there is as ton of information regarding this topic. As I am still unable to decide on an amp and thus this topic I have Klipsch RF 82 paired with Marantz SR5008 AVR and strictly a 2.0 system at least for an year. I am fine with the Bass these speakers are emitting so no sub for now which deviates my itch to an amp. I have been on this set up since 7 months and was happy till I was cleaning my speakers and avr the other day where my eyes were stuck on to the pre out label on the avr and thus the "ITCH" for the power amp. I know I had an AVR with pre outs but never thought of upgrading until my eyes saw that section somewhat like when u see a babe with bikini on the street and your pants tell you to visit a strib club. Now to be brief on my listening preferences. It is 50% music and 50% movies in a 17x10 ft room. I use appletv for netflix and youtube. Macbook with toslink for music. sony bluray player for movies Budget: $500 max By reading previous topics i narrowed down some amps 1) Emotive XPA-200 2) parasound 2125(new classic) 3) parasound zamp 4) Emotiva XPA - 2 (little bit out of my range but will wait for july 4th to see if Emotiva starts any secret sale) But I would like like to add some more options to my list. Any advice will be appreciated. Note: I like the warm sound of that the marantz avr puts out. I tried an yamaha and denon before settling for marantz. Yamaha was to bright and denon was bright in some passages in movies. The above mentioned options seem like they output warm sound from what i have read.
  8. I have an Onkyo 805 130 watts a channel all 5 driven at 130.. I want to add a Hafler XL 600 to the front L/R chorus II.... the XL has 300 watts a channel 2 channel will that damage the klipsch or my Onkyo?
  9. This forum provides a wealth of knowledge and I want to thank everyone for their input. I apologize in advance for this lengthy story, but hopefully some of you can relate. My first nice system in 1988 consisted of a pair of Quartet speakers and a NAD integrated amp with a NAD 6 disc cd changer. I remember the day the salesman played those speakers and it felt like someone was standing there thumping my chest! I was hooked. Over the years, I added a Klipsch sub, center and surrounds for the home theater experience with my Pioneer Elite 65" TV and upgraded to a NAD T770 receiver. I could blow the windows out of the house with that system. After a divorce, a move into a different house and an upgrade on some technology, I find myself puzzled. I purchased a new TV and blue ray player. Of course my old components did not have HDMI imputs. Normally, I do extensive research before purchasing anything, but a big orange "SPECIAL" sign led me to purchase a Sony ES 7.1 channel home theater receiver with more inputs/outputs than the space shuttle. The ease of connection, reduction in wires, and advertised superiority of the HDMI was attractive to me. With the new house and extended hours at a new job, I rarely exploited the system. While I was out of town, an unexplained incident with a house sitter or teenaged son seemed to blow all the woofers from my system. Out of frustration, I let the system sit idle for quite some time. After a windfall, I decided to treat myself to some new speakers. The whole home theater set up has lost its appeal to me......and what I really enjoy is listening to my music. With this being said, I moved the surround set up to the master bedroom with the intent of reconing the woofers eventually and ordered a pair of Cornwall IIIs for my TV/Listening room. I was as excited as a little kid at Christmas as I slid those speakers out of the box. (My wife was a little less excited when she saw the size of the Cornwall IIIs, but that is another story.) Here is where I need the forum's help. When I hooked up the speakers and played a few CDs, I was pretty underwhelmed. I chose not to biamp the speakers initially because everything I read seemed to be split down the middle whether it was beneficial or not. I was being cautious at first with the volume, especially after the blow out of the previous set up. I carefully increased the volume and the sound was crisp, with no distortion or hiss, but the sound just seemed flat. This receiver has the microphone that you position so that it takes measurements of the room etc and I went through all those steps. I even went in to the digital equalizer and increased the bass levels, which helped round out the sound somewhat. After these adjustments, I increased the volume, but nowhere near pissing off the neighbors levels and the left speaker started to pop. I turned down the volume as quick as I could, but it had popped about three times. Do you think the receiver has an issue from the previous incident? Is it not good enough to drive this speakers? My old NAD equipment had no issues driving my speakers and I had researched its quality. Is a lack of power to the speakers causing the popping? Is that popping referred to as clipping? Since I do not care about the surround sound and am going to a 2 channel set up, would biamping give more power to the speakers and eliminate this issue? Any advice is welcomed and I appreciate everything in advance.
  10. I am considering picking up the Parasound Z ampV3 and the Z CD player for the bedroom. It has a smaller form factor at 9.5"s wide and it is made to work together without a pre and the CD has an input for a phone, etc. The amp can be run in mono at 90 wpc which would work for my set up. I plan on using a single KLF-10. Does anybody have an experience/comments on the Parasound Z series or Parasound in general? Thanks
  11. Hey guys I looked on the forum for an answer but maybe I didn't go back far enough. I have the KLF 30's for fronts, c-7 center and ksw 12 sub but my question is which amp would best pair with the 30's. Currently I am using the Marantz av8003 preamp and the Emotiva xpa-5 2 amp. I am always reading about the Carver or Parasound amps and wonder if one of these would produce a warmer sound from the 30's. I did replace tweeters with Crites and had some minor change, bi-wiring did help but in clarity but not very noticeable. Anybody have have better rewarding sound with other amps? Thanks in advance for any info.
  12. Hi, I looking into getting either a pair of SB-1 speakers or KG .5 speakers. I don't know what kind of amp I should buy, and I would like to keep the cost as low as possible. I live in a studio apt so I'd like to keep the size of the amp on the smaller side...other than the amp, is there anything else I would need to buy to use the speakers (cables, etc). I'm really new to all of this and have admired my friend's klipsch bookshelf speakers for a while now and am finally going to get some for myself. I'd love any help or advice you guys could offer me!
  13. These tube amplifiers were painstakingly built. The wiring is uniform and perfect. They are as beautiful on the inside as they likely sound on the outside. The builders could be considered anal retentive, but in reality they are as beautiful and artful on the inside as their creations. I am happy to share these pictures of many beautiful amps with colorful and consistent capacitors, twisted wiring, parallel runs, and in some cases even the unused wires are artfully scrolled around. As beautiful on the inside as the sound they create. here are some wonderful tube amps: EDIT: The first two images disappeared from the internet so I found a couple cool pics elsewhere. The second 2 pics are from the OP.
  14. For sale... Crown XTI 1000... $215 cash or $225 through PayPal (plus shipping)... Willing to ship (from Zip Code 75052 to the CONUS 48 only) through FedEx Ground... It is also available for local pickup in the DFW metroplex... I bought this amp a few years ago through the forum and I am the second owner. I had planned to use it for a subwoofer project, but that never materialized after I picked up a couple of SVS subs locally. Based on my discussions with the original owner and my own use, it probably has less than 100 hours on it total. Although I never used it with a subwoofer, I have played with it a bit, driving a pair of KLF-20's. These are really nice little amps and the built in electronic crossovers/filters provide a lot of flexibility. Unfortunately it has been sitting unused, and boxed up, for over a year... and I no longer have any use for it. The amp is like new, with no scratches or other issues. I have the original Crown box, foam inserts, etc. The original owner shipped it to me with no problems and I would ship it in the original box as well. It was, and will be, very well protected. If anyone would like to see photos or has any questions, I'd be happy to reply here via post or PM, or I can contact you via email... Thanks, Tony
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