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  1. Hi everyone, I joined the forum & wanted to create my 1st thread & say hello. Like most, I'm a HT Enthusiast & I've happily owned Klipsch for over 15 years now. What brought me here was Atmos. I ran across the forum in January & I followed the info Chad was posting from CES. I've been waiting (hoping) for an Atmos announcement from Klipsch & I'm happy to see they'll soon be offering both floor standing & add-on modules. Last September I upgraded to Denon's new 7.2 Channel, AVR-X4100W with Dolby Atmos, so naturally I've been anxiously waiting for Klipsch add-on modules to pair with my RF-7's/ RC-7 & RS-7's. Still early for Atmos, but one could argue that in-ceiling/overhead speakers would provide the best results acoustically, however the in-ceiling approach is not the best route for me (I have solid, finished, wood ceilings). At the same time I've read where some (Industry Professionals) have suggested that upward firing speakers work just as well (if not better) than dedicated in-ceiling speakers. Like I said it's still "early" in the world of Atmos. Not to mention, software (disc-authoring) will play an equally important role as hardware, but that's an completely separate issue moving forward. Right now upward-firing add-on modules is the approach I'm taking, unfortunately the available options are pretty limited (weak) right now. Both Onkyo & Def-Tech have some initial offerings, but they are rather anemic with single 3" paper cones & neither are of interest. KEF has a interesting showing with their R50's (5.25" woofer & 1" tweeter) (7" x 7" x 10").... but a pair of modules are pricey at $1200. Prior to the Klipsch CES announcement, I grabbed a pair of Atlantic Technology 44-DA upward firing add-on modules. They offer similar specs to the KEF with 5.25" woofer & 1" tweeter (& only slightly smaller footprint at 5.5" 8.3" 9.5") but are more affordable at $440 a pair. I currently have them positioned as front heights, on top of my RF-7's (L/R), completing my current 5.2.2 set up The past month I've been playing with Transformers: Age of Extinction & The Expendables 3 (both ATMOS authored titles) & I can assure that the addition of L/R height channels help to fill in & add to the overall experience. The physical size of the 44-DA's seem rather small on top of my RF-7's, but despite their size, they still perform really well. Transformers: Age of Extinction really comes to life with the ATMOS soundtrack, lots of opportunity for for demo-worthy moments. Set up was via Audyssey MultEQ XT32 & I've even done some "A/B" comparisons with the smaller 44-DA on the "right-height", and using my massive RS-7 on the "left-height". Also did the same "A/B" comparison with the 44-DA & my RB-35... and in both comparisons the 44-DA's still held up fairly well (but naturally with a less impact & dynamic range). My system will really benefit by having a set of Klipsch add-on modules, so in the future I'll move the smaller 44-DA's to the (L/R S) height position, on top of my RS-7's (L/R S). Then when released, use a pair of timber matched Klipsch add-on Atmos modules for my L/R front heights (on top of my RF-7's). That end result will will provide a nice 5.2.4 set up... and a big smile! Really looking forward to the full specs, release date & pricing with the Klipsch add-on modules (an 8" woofer would be great). Plus, we have upcoming ATMOS titles: John Wick, Exodus & a Diamond Luxe Gravity re-issue all coming soon! Here's some pics of the rather small 44-DA's, along with comparison pics with my RS-7's. Good to be here, thanks for looking! (edit... added pics here on the thread)
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