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  1. Hello all, long time lurker, great forum. Thumbs up to @Youthman love your videos. I recently upgraded my front stage, and sub. I picked up an SVS SB2000, RP-250C, and RP-150M. SVS Sub replaced an Energy ESW-8 from the take classic line, huge difference here!!! RP-250C replaced Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-C22 sounds better, a bit cleaner. RP-150M replaced Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-BS22A-LR not as big of a difference here, sounds good though. Still have Pioneer SP-FS51 for surrounds. Thinking about replacing those with something like R-14 TV is an LG 60UH8500 wife and I still enjoy 3D, and this was the last 4k, hdr, 3D tv I could find. I'm running a Denon x1300 and have ran Audyssey a few times, for some reason it sets the fronts and center to 40hz... and sets all of the levels to low - I'm gong to run it again here in a few and will post pics of the results. Now I'm looking to get the RP-140SA to go on top of the RP-150m since I replaced the existing atmos speakers. I currently have the old SP-BS22A-LR on top of the RP-150's and I don't get much of an effect with atmos content, even the demos using the atmos app on xbox one x. 8' ceilings, flat ceilings, sit 9-10' from tv. The tops of the RP-150m are at 28 inches. Anyone have any thoughts on the RP-140SA I've been looking around and trying to find a good deal on them... hard to find apparently. Not sure why these speakers cost so as much as they do compared to other speakers in the RP line. If anyone knows where to get a deal on some of these please let me know, Old ones still sound good even though I'm not getting a lot of overhead effects, I still think it fills it out a bit. I will be selling the Pioneers as I obviously don't want to keep those on top like they currently are. Here is a pic of new setup. Just ran Audyssey and here are the results. Anything look off? Figured I would post pics so I can refer back to it, and easier than typing it all out. Usually I set all speakers to 80hz, but not sure on these klipsch. I only ran 6 passes, is this enough? The 7th wants to place the mic behind the couch, but the couch is pretty much up against the back wall.
  2. Hi Guys, I am new to Klipsch speakers but not new to HT systems. I want to upgrade my 10+ year old HT system because it hardly works with newer competes I have. I also want to upgrade to Dolby Atmos. Attached is the new layout. Room is 14ft wide x 16.5ft long x 8ft-10" high. The existing room was purpose-built 10 years ago with Kinetics isomer clips to provide "floating walls and ceiling", cavities were filled with fibreglass insulation, and two layers of sheetrock was installed, with a 1" Kinetics KUA-100 acoustical foam sandwiched between the sheet rock. Acoustical caulking was also used seal the room. My only concern is the 3 window openings. Equipment is as follows: Existing (to be reused): Subwoofer - B&W ASW608 (repurposed as rear subwoofer) (200W, 32-140Hz, 90dB) Ceiling Speakers - Proficient Audio C850 - 4 of them (repurposed as oversea Atmos speakers) (175W, 28-22kHz, 92dB) Dish Hopper Elite Screens TE92HC2 Proficient IW550 In-Wall Front Speakers (125W, 60-20kHz, 88dB) Samsung PN60F8500 Plasma TV (giving trouble - needs to be replaced) To Purchase: Denon AVR-X4400H Receiver Optoma UHD65 4K Projector Klipsch RP-280F Front Speakers (see above) Klipsch RP-450CA Center Channel Klipsch R-112SW subwoofer Klipsch RP-250S as side surround speakers Klipsch RP-150M or RP-160M as rear surround speakers. LG B7A OLED 4K 65" TV Acoustic Treatments covers for the 3 windows. Questions: 1) As you can see from the diagram, the rear surrounds cannot be mounted on the floor (on speaker stands), because of the entrance door. Would it be okay to mount the RP-160M's on the wall (near to the ceiling) and point downwards to the listening area? Would this be overpowering to the listener sine they are monopole speakers. 2) For this size room, shower I use the RP150M or RP160M for rear surround? 3) Proficient In-Wall IW550 - not sure if to use these as my fronts or go for the Klipsch RP280F ? 4) Due to limitation on front floor space, my plan is to put the Klipsch R-112SW subwoofer inside the middle section of the credenza (it will fit). Any concerns on sound quality? Also any comments on location of the B&W 8" subwoofer at the back right corner of the room (see diagram), 5) Any further ideas on acoustical treatments that would noticeably enhance the sound? 6) From the diagram, you will see that the In-ceiling C850 speakers need to be moved to meet the placement requirements of Dolby Atmos. The front ones don't need to move to far. Can I get away with leaving them where they are or should I move them? 7) As you can see, the entrance door is along the opposite wall to the projector screen. This poses a problem in the day and affects the viewing. Thinking of putting a black curtain along the door but this would be very annoying to go through every day. Any other suggestions? 8) Are the speakers chosen too big for this room? Info so can you suggest other Klipsch models? Thanks alot, Anthony
  3. Hello, Current speaker setup, RF-82 Fronts RC-62 Center RS-52 Surrounds RS-42 Backs SVS PB12 Sub I also have a spare set of R-14M Bookshelf’s I picked up. I recently made the transition from a Denon 3808CI 130w 1080p AVr to a Denon X4400H 125w 4K AVR (Atmos and DTS:X). I am unable to put any speakers on my ceiling as it is sloped (no attic space) and has a large beam running down the center of the room. Actual Atmos upfiring speakers wouldn’t be worth it based on the left to right slope of the ceiling. The room is about 22’ long (65” OLED at one end and 20’ wide. Sitting position is about 12’ from the screen and RS-52 Surrounds are slightly behind seating on side walls. I would like the best setup I can get for Atmos and DTS:X material given he limitations I have. Which of these options would be better utilizing what I have ($ cutoff by wife...), Option 1: RF-82 Fronts R-14M set as Front Heights above RF-82s RC-62 Center RS-52 Surrounds RS-42 set as Backs SVS PB12 Sub Option 2: RF-82 Fronts R-14M set as Front Heights above RF-82s RC-62 Center RS-52 Surrounds RS-42 set as Rear Heights SVS PB12 Sub Thanks for any advice! J
  4. Hi everyone. After reading so many threads here and AVS forum and elsewhere, I have not found an answer to my question about the reference premiere's. I have a largish room for a home theater 16 ft across the short wall where the screen is going (Sony VPLVW385ES due this week) and 100 ft on the long dimension but open on the other 2 sides (for now). AVR Marantz SR8012 coming this week so it can handle 7.2.4 setup. Now to choose the correct speakers for a Dolby Atmos setup. RP280FA x 2 in front, RP450CA center, R115SW x 2 for subs. Now the real question is the sides and rears. Ceiling is 8 ft and flat but I can't but speakers in the ceiling. Would anyone consider using the RP250S surrounds for sides and another pair of the RP280FAs in the back? Elsewhere I have seen the RP260F with the RP140Sa atmos add-ons used for rears but that seems like it is actually slightly more expensive and not necessarily better. I wouldn't be averse to not using the RP250S surrounds as sides since they are dipoles and going with one of the floor standing models instead (what about the R26FAs??). I think I have information overload! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. My Audyssey microphone was DOA and I've been patiently awaiting it's replacement. I figure I can go the manual route for now. My setup is as follows and I was hoping you guys could help me with some of the finer details in terms of the crossovers, large/ small, +-db settings etc.., just to get a guy started. -Denon 4300H Receiver -Klipsch R-26 towers (x2) for my L & R (and currently setup as center) -Future state-Klipsch R-15M bookshelf (single) for center once we get our console table in place under the TV . Side Note- would it be blasphemous to have it on its side laying down to save on height? -Bose 161 (x2) for surrounds (hung on basement soffit ~6.5ft from floor nearly directly to the left/right of seating position) -Monoprice Caliber Series 8" ceiling speakers (x2) -Klipsch R-10SW Subwoofer (10") (x1) The main seating position is about 12ft from the towers and the sub, 7ft from the surrounds and 7ft from the heights. 12AWG connecting it all in wall. I’m setting this up as a 5.1.2 Atmos setup for movies and some gaming. Any advice is welcome. I’m a pretty technical individual, but not so much in the audio realm. So I can follow instructions, but coming up with the finer points myself will be a learning process. Thanks folks!
  6. Howdy all - Just updated my receiver, want to put an extra pair of RB5-2's to use as front/upfired Atmos l/r channels, but can't seem to find a stand that would allow them to fire at the correct angle and still be stable. Anybody have any suggestions? I'm thinking 30-45 degree angle at least, lying on its back. They'd be sitting on top of RF5's. 'Preesh any ideas. Dan O
  7. I am considering adding ceiling speakers to a premier 5.1 system. Given the limited amount of atmos content and considering I watch mostly netflix and Dish based content. How do the Atmos systems perform with 5.1 audio? Is there any value here?
  8. I am debating on whether to set up my theater room as an Atmos setup or a standard setup. My receiver only has 7 channels therefore I can do a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos or a standard 7.1 Dolby digital configuration. Will there be a noticable difference in sound with the Atmos or will I appreciate the sound more as a 7.1 standard configuration. The room size is around 12ft x 19ft. I am running the following for my setup: 2xRP-260F (Front left and right) 1xRP-440C (Center) 2xRP-240S (Surround left and right) 1xR-115SW (Sub) Denon AVR-X3300W Receiver If you think atmos is the way to go do you think i would like the 2xCDT-5650-CII in ceiling speakers or the RP-140SA up-fire speakers?
  9. I listened to both the 26 and 28 at Best Buy and liked the sound from the 28 better. My receiver supports ATMOS so I looked into Klipsch 280-FA. It is kindof high priced for me. I just discovered the 26-FA. since I preferred the 28 over the 26, I would be more interested in a 28-FA. is there going to be one?
  10. Hi everyone, I need a little assistance please. Just purchased a pair of bookshelf RP-160M speakers for surround sound speakers. I have to sit along the back wall and the speakers need to be to the immediate left and right of the listening position. My question is, how high should they be? Should the divers be equal to my head/ears when sitting, or a bit higher? If higher, how much higher? Second question pertains to one pair of Atmos Enabled speakers I got, model RP-140SA. So running a 5.1.2 surround system. Is it best to put these speakers on top of my left and right main speakers pointing at the ceiling and bounce the sound off the ceiling or mount them on the wall near the ceiling above my TV and have them shoot the sound down at me? My left and right main speakers are RP-280F's and they are about 12 feet apart from each other and 13 feet away from the listening position, pretty much a perfect triangle. What's the best method for placing these speakers for best Atmos sound? I have a flat plaster ceiling apx 8 feet high. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!
  11. I have a full home theater system set of speakers I would like to sell. They are brand new and still in unopened boxes. The set consists of a pair of RP-280FA in walnut, RP-450CA in walnut and a pair of RP-240S. I had bought this set for my upstairs room i am converting into a home theater but they are overkill. I need to go with speakers that will not take up so much space. I am asking $3500 for the set OBO. Let me know if that is unreasonable and we can work something out. I will ship and just ask for the buyer to pay half of the shipping.
  12. Hi I have Built the home theater of my dreams , But now i need an AV receiver and iam kinda lost , i only watch Movies , and LOVE " in your face effect " especially from over head , my set up is 7.2.4 and consists off the following : Fronts : 2x Klipsch RP-280F Center : 1x Klipsch RP-450C Surrounds : 2x Klipsch RP-250S Surround Back : 2X Klipsch RP-280F Ceiling : 4X CDT 5800C II Subwoofer : 2x SVS SB-13 Ultra Power Amp: Integra DTA-70.1 9ch power amp As you could see its a Big system , but i normal watch a movie no where near the Reference level , not even close to half of that . i would like to ask from these two AV receiver " Yamaha RX-A3060 or Anthem AVR720 " which one would you go for ? also i love Up-mixing off non atmos or DTS:X conent so would like a receiver that dose that pretty well. Room size is 5m x 4m , and its acoustically treated ( with bass traps and sound absorption placed in there correct place Thank you
  13. I have Polk Audio [LSiM 707 (as Front Main), LsiM 703 (Front High), LsiM 706 (Center), LsiM 702 F/X (Surround)] in my 7.2 systems. I would like to know if RP-140SA as atmos speakers matches above system (particularly for Lsim 707, note: its top surface is slightly curve not flat). Any your input will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. After looking on ebay and seeing what they are going for I have lowered the price. Has less than an hour on the unit and comes with 1 Heos 1 speaker. Want to move this so I can get another unit. I bought this new about 2 months ago and have had it in the box. I took it out to test it and everything worked. I have decided to go a different way so I need to get rid of this one. This comes with the original box and all of the original accessories. The unit also comes with one Heos 1. I am starting it at $1200 but don't be afraid to offer something else.
  15. I'm looking at setting up an Atmos 7.1.4 setup in my rec room. Unfortunately, due to a number of constraints I have to use bookshelf speakers for the front/center channels, and in-wall/in-ceiling for the surround/over channels. My concern is with timbre-matching the architectural speakers to the bookshelfs. Here's the speakers I'm contemplating: Subwoofer: R-10SW Centre: R-25C Front Left/Right: R-15M (x2) Surrounds: R-2650-W II (x4) Overhead: R-2650-C II (x4) Can anyone comment on whether the above are timbre-matched? I'm also open to other models of speakers, but I'll note I'm trying to contain the budget and the above is already more than I was planning to spend. Thanks!
  16. Hi Can you recommend which speakers I need to setup 5.1.4 Atmos in my room. I can use 4 ceiling speakers Thanks
  17. Hey i want to buy a new Home theater.. i have a Denon AVR X1300 and want to buy 2 x Klipsch RP250f, 2 x klipsch R12SW, 2x R15M, 1 RPrp440c are those components fit well? sorry for my bad englisch
  18. Yah, yah, I know...Almost all of you have seen most of this already, but we officially posted the product pages, specs, photography and an introductory video. We genuinely believe Dolby Atmos is the biggest advancement in home cinema since surround sound. It's something you really need to experience to understand (although we try to explain it in our blog haha). It's probably the craziest/most awesome demo I have had in the 3+ years I have worked at Klipsch. The RP-280FA is a version of the RP-280F floorstanding speaker with Dolby Atmos built-in via an elevation channel. It comes in black and real walnut wood veneers. The RP-450CA is the matching center channel for this system that comes with those same veneer options. The RP-140SA is actually pretty cool because you can add it to whatever speakers you currently have if you are looking to implement Atmos that way. I actually just picked up a pair during an employee auction for my home theater (RP-260F, RP-450C, RP-250S, R-112SW). Of course, we still make in-ceiling speakers that deliver the Atmos spec. I get that some people are skeptical and that's fair...but, as we always say here, just have a listen. NEW PRODUCTS RP-280FA: http://www.klipsch.com/rp-280fa RP-140SA: http://www.klipsch.com/rp-140sa RP-450CA: http://www.klipsch.com/rp-450ca VIDEO https://youtu.be/0k7MEOjgqP8 BLOG http://www.klipsch.com/blog/klipsch-dolby-atmos-speakers/
  19. Hi guys, up for sale I have a pair of the Infinity QPS-1 quadrapole speakers. These might be good speakers for use with Atmos as they are wall mountable and pretty light. There are a few small blemishes but overall they are very nice looking, and sounding. Here is some info on them. QPS-1 Frequency Range: 80 ~ 20,000Hz (–6dB@80Hz) Sensitivity: 88dB spl (2.83 volts/1 meter spatially averaged) Impedance: 8 Ω (5.5 min.) Maximum Peak Output: 108dB (spl on program) Amplifier Requirements: Suitable for use with amplifiers 10 ~ 80W (@ 8 Ω) PM me if interested. Thank you Tim
  20. So i am building a house and it is going to include a 2 row, 7 seat (3+4) or 8 seat (4+4) home theatre and im starting to draw up the schematic of the home theatre and got to the speaker locations and such. I live in a small country/ so i have almost no way of testing any of the speakers i choose before i get them, so i am trusting in the reviews of others.The first thing that came up when i googled home theater were klipsch speakers so i started reaschering them and they looked very good and i have read that they are very good. The plan is to have a 9.2.4 or a 9.4.4 Atmos setup in the room and i was just wondering what speakers you as the experts (at least heard the speakers) would recommend. The rest of the speakers in the house are Bang & Olufsen but cause in the theater im putting so many speakers i'd rather not spend that much money on getting Bang & Olufsen speakers. also how do the klipsch compare to the B&O speakers. or should i get the THX Ultra 2 and is that any good compared to Dolby ATmosThanks in advance for any help. Also, i'm single so no wife/GF telling me what i cant do (sorry for bad English)
  21. Hey everyone. First time poster. I was hoping for some help in regards to speaker placement and I am still deciding on what extra back surrounds + atmos (in ceiling x4) to get. I currently have: KLIPSCH X2 Rf-82ii RC62ii 2x rs52ii sw112 ONKYO Tx sr 707 (7.2). My partner and I have just purchased a house (moving in,doc in 2 weeks) so I am going to move the current setup excluding the surrounds into the rumpus room and order in the rf7ii and rc64ii (In cherry)Keep the Rs 52iis and maybe order a second set for the back surround? And I was thinking of ordering 4xcdt5800-c ii in ceiling speakers + the onkyo txsr3030 (11.2/7.2.4). Cost wise I can only afford the LCR right now and will want to upgrade to the new amp/ceiling speakers/ back surrounds in a month or so. Then move onto a better sub and then the 4K tv upgrade at Christmas time. So any money I can save without lose of quality would be awesome Does any one here run the rs52ii's with the Rf 7ii fronts? Should I be looking at the rs62ii's instead? Has any one also had an experience with the Klipsch CDT5800ii's for use with atmos? Should I get the model down? The issue I'm wondering is the room these are all going in has a large glass window where the LCR will be placed. Not sure how this is going to sound until I test it. I will attach photos for opinions. Any assistance in speaker layout or different speakers to purchase are most welcome. Thanks heaps.
  22. Ok, I have a question that I don't really see answered. If I missed it please send me a link to the right post. If you take a look at the 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 setups you can see where to place the 2 or 4 ceiling speakers. (According to the Dolby site). My question is if you have the RP-280FA as your 5.1.2 and you add two ceiling speakers where do you put them? You would have 5.1.4 with the two upward firing speakers on the RP-280FA and two downward firing in-ceiling speakers. Would the in-ceiling speakers be placed above the listener as in the 5.1.2 example? Or behind the listener? http://www.dolby.com/us/en/guide/dolby-atmos-speaker-setup/5-1-2-setups.html Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  23. From the album: Living room 7.5 /5.2.5

    KSP-400-built-in 15 inch sub KSP-300-built-in 12 inch sub SW-112 RC-64ii RS-42 ONKYO-ATMOS READY- SKH-410
  24. Hey, Still deciding what atmos speakers I should get. I can definitely go in ceiling which is a plus. Does anyone have any experience with any in ceiling speakers. I'm thinking about getting th CDT-5800c-ii I will have the front half of the system as Rf-7ii and rc-64ii. Surrounds as Rs-52ii rear surround and Rs-62ii as side surrounds. Planning for a 7.2.4 setup Cheers
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