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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, new guy here. A little background- some years back I had a pair of modified Heresy I speakers and have missed that sound since I sold them to try something different. I have about $2k US to spend on a new set of speakers and have found a pair of Cornwall III and a pair of Heresy IV in my price range. Neither are local so I won’t be able to listen to them 1st. My room is 11.5’ wide and 14.5’ long. It is a dual purpose office/listening room. The speakers will need to be on the short wall and my seating position is 8.5’ from the front wall. I will be driving the new speakers with a Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 (60 watts per channel at 8 ohm) mostly streaming Spotify and Tidal through the Lyngdorf, but I also have a Brennan B2 server with about 1TB of FLAC tracks saved. I have a pair of Rel T-Zero subs that I would use with the Heresy’s. I primarily listen at low to moderate volumes (50-75db) since I am in a condo with neighbors to the sides, above and below me. I am looking for a full, rich sound at these volumes. edit: I primarily listen to jazz, fusion, funk, blues and rock. No classical, opera or metal. Any advice will be appreciated.
  2. Drivers: K22, K53 & K77------->K28, K53Ti, K107Ti; CWIII Xover - K53Ti ,K107Ti Level reduced 3dB by RME DAC Setup: Internet Stations | | Router 2010 Mac Mini | Ripped CDs, Downloads | MinimServer V2-----------DLNA/UPNP--LAN--Yamaha WXC-50---RME ADI FS-2----NAD C160--------|---B&K ST2140----H III MinimStreamer / Yamaha CX-2--|---------------R115SW Sub | Pioneer PLX-1000 | Denon DL-110/DL-301/ | AT VM540ML-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Hello fellow Klipsch fans! I am happy to be on the site. I am a long time Klipsch owner having KG 5.5s, RF-7ii's and now Cornwall IIIs. I was looking to buy my first Heritage product and I was leaning toward Forte III, but ended up going Cornwall III Special Edition in East Indian Rosewood. Mike Embers at Acoustic Sound Design made me a great deal! I am so glad he talked me into buying these monsters. They sound amazing and look spectacular. I highly recommend emailing Mike if you are looking for a good deal. On another subject, I along with two buddies will be attending the Klipsch Pilgrimage. I hope to meet a few of you in Hope! David
  4. Hi Please excuse me if this question seems to basic to you guys. I am still very naive in understandings some basic things. I have a Denon X4500H with RP-8000F and R-115SW. I am not very happy with the sound quality. I am planning to change the whole equipment. My inclination is towards Anthem STR series Pre and Power Amps and to replace RP-8000F with either Forte or Cornwall. Below are some specs for all the equipments. Planned Anthem Power Amp at 8 ohms 400 wpc Current Denon X4500H at 8 ohm 125wpc From Klipsch Web Site RP -8000F power handling Continous/Peak 150/600 watts, Senstivity 98db Forte III Continous/Peak 100/400 watts, Senstivity 99db Cornwall III Continous/Peak 100/400 watts I did not find anything on Klipsch specs that says suitable amplifer range (as other manufactures list in speaker specs). My doubt is can i pair the Anthem power amp that produces 400/wpc with any of the towers? Am I at risk of burning my speakers? How come 8000F can handle more power but is low on SPL? Or Can I still use Denon and replace to 8000f and Denon will be powerful enough to drive Forte or Cornwall? Thanks for the help.
  5. For sale a single new Cornwall III California Walnut. Listed for $1,000. https://nashville.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-iii-special/6564675743.html
  6. I have 3 Klipsch systems currently in my home. Palladium 37F's in the family room with 2 RSW15 subs, Cornwall II's in the basement and Rf7II's also in the basement to jam on my drums with. I'm thinking about selling my 37F's and picking up either Cornwall III's or perhaps Forte III's for the family room. I've only heard Forte I's back in college when I had first bought my Cornwall II's. I thought the Cornwalls blew them out of the water. My question is two fold: 1. Are the Cornwall III's as inferior as many a thread on here imply? (Bad crossover frequencies, underwhelming midrange and boomy, resonant cabinets are mentioned). 2. Do you think the Forte III's would be the better fit when combined with the two 15" subs I already have? Theoretically I'd be getting the better midrange, a tight punchy 12" direct firing woofer with the added bass of the passive radiator and dual subs. The three 7" woofers in the Palladiums just don't seem to "move the air" like I've grown accustomed to all these years of being a Klipsch fanatic. Any thoughts would be appreciated, especially from those few who have heard the Fortes.
  7. Alright, friends of the Klipsch Museum of Audio History here is your chance to buy a pair of Special Edition Heresy or Cornwall speakers AND become a Khorn Corps Member of the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc. at the same time. The Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc. (KHMA) an Arkansas Non-profit corporation, and IRS 501(c)(3) which operates the Klipsch Museum Of Audio History in Hope, AR will be selling: One pair of Special Edition Heresy III speakers in California Black Walnut which will include one KHMA Khorn Corps Membership ($1,000 level membership). Price, $3,200 total (sold as a package only). More information here: http://www.klipsch.com/products/heresy-iii-special-edition SOLD One pair of Special Edition Hersey III speakers in East Indian Rosewood which will include one KHMA Khorn Corps Membership ($1,000 level membership). Price, $3,200 total (sold as a package only). SOLD THE EAST INDIAN ROSEWOOD ARE SOLD, SOLD, SOLD and One pair of Special Edition Cornwall III speakers which will include two (2) KHMA Khorn Corps Memberships ($2,000 value, one for you, one for your wife, husband, daughter, son, or that neighbor of yours that you will be pissing off). Price, $6,000 total (sold as a package only). http://www.klipsch.com/products/cornwall-iii-special-edition These are new, in the box, sealed, full factory warranty. These three pairs of speakers were generously donated by Klipsch Group, Inc. to KHMA to help raise funds for the improvement and operation of the Klipsch Museum of Audio History. If you are interested in purchasing one of these packages you can send a PM to @dtel's wife or email her at membership@klipschmuseum.org. We have these ready to go, in the boxes, ready to be dropped off at the Klipsch Distribution Center to be delivered to your door. You will be helping out the Museum, having great sounding speakers, that also look marvelous. You will be happy that you did. I can't speak for your neighbors. We already sold out of our Founder's Club level memberships today, but if you are interested in one of the 4 Khorn Club memberships left at $1,000 or $100.00 monthly you can go here for more information: As a 501(c)(3) a portion of the purchase price may be tax deductible, you can PM me for more details or send an email to membership@klipschmuseum.org.
  8. Many moons have passed by since I last posted.... FYI; recently purchased a SB16 from SVS and am working to match it up with a pair of Cornwall IIIs. Currently looking for the best low pass filter freq. and I am guessing somewhere between 40 and 50 Hz since the CW3s are not in a corner. Suggestions are welcomed! As usual, room position is the biggest problem, mostly for the sub, and I have very few options. I do like this sealed sub already - it sounds much better than other subs I have tried. Cheers, Jim
  9. Hi' all, I am so excited, ... like a kid on X-Mas Eve,..!!! My brand new pair of Klipsch Cornwall III's in Cherry arrive in am, and will be setting them up in My LR. (2.0 setup) I would like to get advise on amplifiers choice to use with those 'babies'. I have an Onkyo 9070 Integrated, a Peachtree 220se, an Emotiva XPA-2 Gen-3, + Emotiva XDA-2 Gen-2 dac. I will be using a CDP, a TT, and a Sonos connect streamer to play music. Any advice you can be kind enough to provide me regarding best setup, amplifier pairing, positioning etc.... would be greatly appreciated. I am fairly new to the Klipsch Heritage line. I had my Heresy iii' s pair recently and it has radically changed my view on speakers choice,. I fell in love with the sound,. And I see myself selling all my other speakers I have in the near future, just to be content with the Klipsch heritage line of speakers. Ty' all.
  10. No affiliation. http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649296396-klipsch-cornwall-3s-black/
  11. This forum provides a wealth of knowledge and I want to thank everyone for their input. I apologize in advance for this lengthy story, but hopefully some of you can relate. My first nice system in 1988 consisted of a pair of Quartet speakers and a NAD integrated amp with a NAD 6 disc cd changer. I remember the day the salesman played those speakers and it felt like someone was standing there thumping my chest! I was hooked. Over the years, I added a Klipsch sub, center and surrounds for the home theater experience with my Pioneer Elite 65" TV and upgraded to a NAD T770 receiver. I could blow the windows out of the house with that system. After a divorce, a move into a different house and an upgrade on some technology, I find myself puzzled. I purchased a new TV and blue ray player. Of course my old components did not have HDMI imputs. Normally, I do extensive research before purchasing anything, but a big orange "SPECIAL" sign led me to purchase a Sony ES 7.1 channel home theater receiver with more inputs/outputs than the space shuttle. The ease of connection, reduction in wires, and advertised superiority of the HDMI was attractive to me. With the new house and extended hours at a new job, I rarely exploited the system. While I was out of town, an unexplained incident with a house sitter or teenaged son seemed to blow all the woofers from my system. Out of frustration, I let the system sit idle for quite some time. After a windfall, I decided to treat myself to some new speakers. The whole home theater set up has lost its appeal to me......and what I really enjoy is listening to my music. With this being said, I moved the surround set up to the master bedroom with the intent of reconing the woofers eventually and ordered a pair of Cornwall IIIs for my TV/Listening room. I was as excited as a little kid at Christmas as I slid those speakers out of the box. (My wife was a little less excited when she saw the size of the Cornwall IIIs, but that is another story.) Here is where I need the forum's help. When I hooked up the speakers and played a few CDs, I was pretty underwhelmed. I chose not to biamp the speakers initially because everything I read seemed to be split down the middle whether it was beneficial or not. I was being cautious at first with the volume, especially after the blow out of the previous set up. I carefully increased the volume and the sound was crisp, with no distortion or hiss, but the sound just seemed flat. This receiver has the microphone that you position so that it takes measurements of the room etc and I went through all those steps. I even went in to the digital equalizer and increased the bass levels, which helped round out the sound somewhat. After these adjustments, I increased the volume, but nowhere near pissing off the neighbors levels and the left speaker started to pop. I turned down the volume as quick as I could, but it had popped about three times. Do you think the receiver has an issue from the previous incident? Is it not good enough to drive this speakers? My old NAD equipment had no issues driving my speakers and I had researched its quality. Is a lack of power to the speakers causing the popping? Is that popping referred to as clipping? Since I do not care about the surround sound and am going to a 2 channel set up, would biamping give more power to the speakers and eliminate this issue? Any advice is welcomed and I appreciate everything in advance.
  12. Just wanted to say hello as a new member. I live in the UK and have recently joined the Klipsch user community for the first time after replacing my B&W speakers with Cornwall IIIs. I notice that forum members don't seem to rate them quite as highly as other Heritage models, which worries me slightly, but to be honest I'm absolutely delighted by them. Maybe I'm just making up for 12 bass-starved years...but they seem to be a very good match with my low power DNM s/s amps. I also suspect that Cornscalas might feature in my system one day - although with zero DIY skills I imagine the individual shipping costs of a pre-built pair to the UK might be prohibitive..
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