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Found 2 results

  1. Up for sale is a great wireless streamer. Excellent condition with just a few small scuffs around the USB port. This is DSD capable. You can use your own music library by installing your hard drive right into the Aries, or by plugging it into the USB ports. It also does Tidal. Really great unit for the price and the linear PSU makes a big difference in sound quality. I have original box and packaging. Shipping is included in the continental US. PayPal FF or +3%.Price: $500 SOLDFrom the manufacturer. Click to expand. IMG_20180413_070011 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20180413_070004 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20180413_070032 by Audio Database, on Flickr
  2. What am I doing to my DSD audio stream? Music is in the DSD format located on a windows based PC. I use Foobar2000 with a plug in for DSD. Using UnPn I am currently using a Raspberry Pi running XBMC to either capture stream or I can pick them from the menu and play them on the Pi through the network. The Pi is hooked via Ethernet through a hub, to the PC. The Raspberry PI is hooked to a TV via HDMI with the audio pass-through selected and I have an optical cable running to my Sunfire Processor. I am interested in a Schiit Loki that is a dedicated DSD DAC. Can you explain to me what the difference would be in using this unit as opposed to the circuitous route that the audio takes now? I am pretty sure Foobar is the DAC in my equation, but it is still carried over the optical line. FWIW, my sunfire and my rotel will only take sampling rates up to 96 kHz. There are a lot of settings within Foobar and the DSD plugin, I am not sure I have those set up correctly, but I think foobar is outputting a 24/48 signal which means it might be down sampling them. I believe I may have gone through a tutorial in setting that up and that was the recommended output for my scenario, but I know not if that is sound advice… Would there be any benefit to me to going to a DSD DAC? I can say that from my experience these DSDs either play or they don’t, and they work in this scenario. I am just not sure if I am hurting the signal and should get a Schiit or be happy I have DSD without an outboard DAC. I might be incorrect, but I believe the Burr Brown DACs in my processor are actually pretty good, and that Foobar itself is a pretty good DAC. I am not sure I need to upgrade those, but I will take any advice or criticism. FWIW, I am not necessarily a believer in benefits of the 24/196. But I do know these DSDs sound fantastic even if it is down sampled 24/48, but then again maybe they could even be better. Thanks for your time.
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