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Found 2 results

  1. I began putting a new High-End system together about 6 months ago , it is now complete and pretty much optimal with everything broken in . I went with the First Watt SIT-2 amp because I thought that either the SIT-1 or SIT-2 would be my idea of the best possible match up with the Danley Sound Labs SH 50`s for in home use ( Not for Stadium or Concert hall use ) , I have used only Single ended tube electronics ( 300B , VT-52 , 2A3 ) for the last 35-40 years , and most of those years those tube electronics were driving a pair of Klipsch La Scala`s . I also had some Lowther horn speakers ( Hated them ) , and klipschorns briefly ( I used them in there original state , and later with the Klipsch K-402 horns ) . One of the reasons I wanted to make this post is because I am happier and more satisfied with my audio set up then I have ever been before in the many years of my audio hobby . I can`t say enough about how much of an amazing amplifier the First Watt SIT-2 is , and how amazing the Danley Sound Labs SH50 speakers are and the synergy between the two . My new audio set-up has exceeded my expectations . I have included the details of my new audio set-up below . My main area of interest in the audio hobby is the minimalist philosophy with high sensitivity speakers ( Horns ) and low powered amplifiers ( Low powered , smallest , and simplest designs possible are the best sounding amplifiers ) . I believe that the First Watt SIT-2 would sound amazing with any of the Klipsch ( Heritage horn ) speakers . I am planning on putting together a 2nd stereo system in my basement with Klipsch K-402 horns and the ClaudeJ1 Quarter Pie bass bins for the lower frequencies in either a 2 way or 3 way set-up and maybe using it for analog with a turntable . I have included all the equipment I am using in the new system below . Danley Sound Labs SH 50 Speakers 4 ohms First Watt SIT-2 Amplifier 8 watts into 4 ohms ( Discontinued Sept/2017 ) Pass Labs XP-30 Pre-amplifier Line level McIntosh MR-71 (Tube) FM-Tuner Vintage ( Restored ) Rel Stadium III Sub woofers ( Pair ) 1 per channel APL NWO-Master Universal Transport/DAC ( Esoteric UX-1Pi ) CD Transport and outboard Tube DAC
  2. Being motivated by fellow Klipschead and 2-way Jube owner with TAD-4002 drivers, Chris A, I"m starting a new thread to share thoughts about a DIY project I want to do this year. I could easily build a down firing version of my Quarter Pie horn, but I'd rather try another direction. While working on this new "borrowed" horn idea from Tom Danley, I will, more than likely do a quick "H" build of an Open Baffle bass system using twin Eminence Alpha 15's per channel so I can listen while working on this downstairs. I already have a pair with a Single Alpha each that I can Bi-amp, so we shall see which thread gets fed with pictures and measurements first. I'd like to hear your thoughts and experiences with either of these approaches, as would many other Klipscheads, I'm sure. Happy New Year 2016!
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