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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Everyone I just bought the below set of speakers and receiver, my receiver is only 100Watt. Should i buy a new receiver or should i get an amplifier. Please provide suggestions on wringing and placement of the speakers as well please. Receiver: TSR-700 7.1-channel AV Receiver with 8K HDMI KLIPSCH RP280FA DOLBY ATMOS FRONT SPKR (2) KLIPSCH RP-150M REFERENCE PREM.,CHERRY KLIPSCH R-112SW 12" POWERED SUB CHERRY KLIPSCH RP-440C REFERENCE PREM.,CHERRY KLIPSCH RP-140SA REFR PREM.ATMOS,BK Appreciate your patience and help Thank you
  2. Hello, Current speaker setup, RF-82 Fronts RC-62 Center RS-52 Surrounds RS-42 Backs SVS PB12 Sub I also have a spare set of R-14M Bookshelf’s I picked up. I recently made the transition from a Denon 3808CI 130w 1080p AVr to a Denon X4400H 125w 4K AVR (Atmos and DTS:X). I am unable to put any speakers on my ceiling as it is sloped (no attic space) and has a large beam running down the center of the room. Actual Atmos upfiring speakers wouldn’t be worth it based on the left to right slope of the ceiling. The room is about 22’ long (65” OLED at one end and 20’ wide. Sitting position is about 12’ from the screen and RS-52 Surrounds are slightly behind seating on side walls. I would like the best setup I can get for Atmos and DTS:X material given he limitations I have. Which of these options would be better utilizing what I have ($ cutoff by wife...), Option 1: RF-82 Fronts R-14M set as Front Heights above RF-82s RC-62 Center RS-52 Surrounds RS-42 set as Backs SVS PB12 Sub Option 2: RF-82 Fronts R-14M set as Front Heights above RF-82s RC-62 Center RS-52 Surrounds RS-42 set as Rear Heights SVS PB12 Sub Thanks for any advice! J
  3. Hello everyone! I just purchased and installed a RSB-11 soundbar. I have been happy with it and the sound since I installed it, but I do have one question regarding the dolby decoder. For reference, I have the RSB-11 connected to my Panasonic Viera 50" plasma with a digital optical cable (no HD ARC port available). My blu-ray and roku are connected to the TV's HDMI ports. I have never noticed the dolby light illuminate, indicating that the soundbar was processing the dolby sound. I have tried turning the Klipsch virtual surround option off (even though the manual says it doesn't affect the dolby processing), and the light still doesn't illuminate. I have also disabled the speakers on the TV (not that I think that makes any difference with the issue). Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
  4. I am debating on whether to set up my theater room as an Atmos setup or a standard setup. My receiver only has 7 channels therefore I can do a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos or a standard 7.1 Dolby digital configuration. Will there be a noticable difference in sound with the Atmos or will I appreciate the sound more as a 7.1 standard configuration. The room size is around 12ft x 19ft. I am running the following for my setup: 2xRP-260F (Front left and right) 1xRP-440C (Center) 2xRP-240S (Surround left and right) 1xR-115SW (Sub) Denon AVR-X3300W Receiver If you think atmos is the way to go do you think i would like the 2xCDT-5650-CII in ceiling speakers or the RP-140SA up-fire speakers?
  5. I have a full home theater system set of speakers I would like to sell. They are brand new and still in unopened boxes. The set consists of a pair of RP-280FA in walnut, RP-450CA in walnut and a pair of RP-240S. I had bought this set for my upstairs room i am converting into a home theater but they are overkill. I need to go with speakers that will not take up so much space. I am asking $3500 for the set OBO. Let me know if that is unreasonable and we can work something out. I will ship and just ask for the buyer to pay half of the shipping.
  6. Hey i want to buy a new Home theater.. i have a Denon AVR X1300 and want to buy 2 x Klipsch RP250f, 2 x klipsch R12SW, 2x R15M, 1 RPrp440c are those components fit well? sorry for my bad englisch
  7. Hi, my dream has always been to have a pair of classic Klipsch speakers. When I first started to dream, it was a 2.0 world. Now it is a 5+.1 world. I'm putting together a new system for a new house, so I have my chance. I can afford a pair of Cornwalls, but that doesn't leave much for surround speakers. I'd be very happy with mediocre surround sound and great sounding music. It should be possible to reprocess a 5.1 signal to an 2.1 signal that approximates the sound of the 5.1 signal. My understanding is that the "down mix" option on DVD players just adds the sounds to the left or right channel and does not do any processing to make surround sounds sound like they were intended. Any ideas on how to do 2.0 dream in a 5.1 world. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone went to one? I went last night and watched the latest Captain America movie, and it was the best audio I have ever heard in a theater! I had heard it was good but I was shocked as to how good it was. It reminded me of the first time I went to a THX theater years ago... So much better than anything else that was available at the time. This theater had 6 speakers on each wall, 12 on the ceiling and 4 on the back wall. I went down to the screen to see how many speakers were behind the screen and I couldn't see any. I am assuming that they were above and below the screen (which struck me as odd), which might be the way they do it in an Atmos theater since they use height channels. If you haven't went to a Atmos theater you deserve it, IMO. I went at 1030pm and there was only 4 others in the theater... Plus it only cost $10.
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