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  1. Good afternoon friendly and helpful Klipsch community. I had originally joined this forum when I acquired a set of Klipsch Bookshelves, and had questions about placement and sound. Although those did go back to the store, some forum members had suggested that I likely had not listened to the best Klipsch had to offer, and that I should keep an open eye for some heritage models. So recently, I acquired a Jolida tube amp. Although it sounds beautiful, it has made my Monitor Audio Silver 8i speakers unlistenable. These speakers were somewhat mid forward already, and the tubes make them fatiguing and tinnitus inducing. After placing a local "speakers wanted" ad, a very nice local gentleman has offered me a set of the original Forte model, which have reportedly had both the Crites crossover and tweeter upgrades. Price is a reasonable $400 and they are in average cosmetic condition. Output tubes on the amp are currently Tung Sol 6550s, with the front end being JJ ECC803S and some NOS GE 12AT7s. So for those who've used Fortes, do you find them mid forward, and could I be in for a repeat of my MA experience? Or are the mids a bit better balanced off? I have to say I find the idea of the large Klipsch intriguing (efficient, lots of bass) but do not want to waste the gentleman's time if they are straight up the wrong fit. I have also heard the Forte are less holographic than other speakers - the spacious image thrown by the tubes is amazing, and I'd hate to lose that as well. Thank you in advance for your feedback.
  2. In my own research I found this unnoticed tidbit of information, and would like to add to the reference base with some documentation for evidence, and an example for proof. I own a pair of Klipsch Quartet with brown speaker grills. I thought they were rare in that they were special order only, but I had no idea how rare. I have only found one other instance of the brown cloth on the forums in a pair of Forte. If you have a brown speaker grill from a pair of Chorus I,II, or Forte I,II, or Quartet please post a photo for the archives. As you can see in the photo I provided below the grills are not like the black Forte II grill I placed for reference. I would say the color is not actually brown, but more of a dusty gray with drab olive green tint. The fabric thread is courser, thicker, and not poly/nylon. Possible a wool blend. I will try to contact Duracrest for the actual thread and weave used. And for the documentation I provide to you links to 3 dealer price lists showing the option being available for KG1, KG3 ,KG4, QUARTET, FORTE II, CHORUS I, CHORUS II http://images.klipsch.com/Pricelist_891001_635164927565692000.pdf http://images.klipsch.com/Pricelist_901000_635164927604848000.pdf http://images.klipsch.com/Pricelist_940801_635164927620604000.pdf It states: Speaker which feature grille cloth as standard equipment will be shipped with black grill cloth unless another color is ordered. Grill cloth for Quartet, Forte II, Chorus II are: black(19) and brown(20). Academy available in black grill. KLIPSCH HERITAGE SERIES HISTORICAL REFERENCE DATA Edit to: section 8. GRILLS TYPES & CLOTH CODES (Part-2) edit as follows Add to the list: #20 = Duracrest #20, brown, weave (Forte, Chorus, etc.) So the results would give the following VIII. KLIPSCH GRILLS & CLOTH CODES: #03 = Cane #13 = Heritage brown #15 = White/black coarse weave #17 = Duracrest, black, poly-olefin, stranded, coarse weave (Heritage only) #18 = Duracrest, brown, poly-olefin, stranded, coarse weave (Heritage only) #19 = Duracrest #19, black, poly/ nylon, flat weave (Forte, Chorus, etc.) #20 = Duracrest #20, brown, weave (Forte, Chorus, etc.)
  3. Question about "good sound" and harmonics. Had a problem with a set of Forte I's I picked up; believed my problem was in the mid-range ... primary tones; but (after installing Crites tweeter diaphragms) now think the 2nd, 3rd, etc harmonics come through via the tweeters and produce the richness in sound that I was missing. Would very much like to hear some comments on this (or links to explanations). (Added note to the "some of the" experts on this forum; Yes, tried searching this site for many hours ... but probably missed page 78 on thread # 12643. Sorry Some of us "newbies" are still trying to learn ) Many thanks, Emile
  4. Hey All. I posted last year about my Forte I restoration project, and wanted to follow up on my experience. Once I finished the Forte, I started a second larger format horn project with a pair of Altec Lansing A8's pulled from an old theater in San Diego. I've been running those for several months, and am now back to using the Forte with my latest amp - the Toolshed Amps Euphoria Stereo 45. Matt Formanek is no stranger to these forums, so you may already be familiar. If not, I recommend his site - http://toolshedamps.com for more photos and specs, etc. Disclaimer: I helped Matt build his site this winter. (Donated my time) I've no incentive to write/post reports, outside of wanting to share the excellent quality of TS Amps with you folks here. I bought my E45 last summer, and have been driving both the Altec's and Forte with it since. Being a flea-watt amp, I didn't expect much - if I'm honest - despite the Forte's 98db rating. My listening space is small (13'x10'x9') and quiet, so I don't need much power to get where I want to go with playback. I have a great digital chain and a nice analog setup (Clearaudio Concept 'table w/2M Blue, and Lounge Audio LCR MKIII phono pre) running directly into the E45. I had Matt build mine as an integrated, because I intended to use it primarily as a headphone amp. It has both headphone and speaker outputs, and will switch between 8 and 16 ohms. I also use Audioquest Nighthawks as my primary headphone. While ultimately I do intend to get another more powerful amp, this setup is very satisfying driving both speakers and headphones. First, it's very quiet for a DHT amp. Even with 'phones, I hear only the slightest hum when no music is playing. There's no hum pot on the E45. It's extremely quiet for this type of design. Of course, the 45 tube is known for low distortion, great tone and timbre, and tremendous insight...I'm loathe to use 'detailed' as a description but it is that. 2 watts or so of output limits it's use, but for Klipsch Heritage owners, this is perhaps less of an issue. For the past couple weeks, I've had the Forte back in the room (actually selling them, and am happy now there's been little interest!). Whoa. Running the amp about 1:00 or '7 to 8' on the dial, and I'm getting (dependent on the material) excellent drive and power from this pair. Describing sound is kind of silly - so subjective - but, this rig does exactly what I want from my hifi. It's delivering the nuance of a performance, realistic tone, plenty of scale and drive in my space. No, it won't deliver pants flapping low end, or ultimate grip and control of those big lf drivers, but that's not what this design is about, ya? Again, I'll be grabbing another 10-20 watt amp later on. That said, the bass has enough control and reach for my space and preferences. My listening preferences are all over the map - from heavy rock, jazz, electronic, limited hip hop and some classical. In the end this experience confirms for me that the heritage line easily competes with other modern designs, and of course does the 'live' music sound better than most. If your preferences lean more toward nuance and a realistic tone, vs muscle and scale, then a DHT amp may be worth looking into.
  5. Time to clear the house - I'm providing links to my posts covering the Forte project, instead of dropping the photos here. Will add photos of the Dynaco soon. I've a pair of Forte I that have been restored/upgraded with Crites crossovers (also upgraded with some nice parts) new Ti tweeter diaphragms. Original mid drivers, lf drivers, and passives. They sound beautiful. Cosmetically rough - I stripped the black paint and stained the veneer underneath. These were purchased last year, and were not cared for prior to my purchase - the stands should be rebuilt, I think. Many spots where the veneer is gone. A good purchase if you're wanting to restore the cabinets. Again, they sound awesome, so also good if you're less concerned with the look. I have the grills too - one badge missing. They look worn, and never used them. Asking $800 http://thenewold.co/the-vintage-project-klipsch-forte-crossover-updates/ http://thenewold.co/the-vintage-project-forte-i-stands/ http://thenewold.co/the-vintage-project-klipsch-forte-i-great-lows-and-no-highs/ http://thenewold.co/the-vintage-project-klipsch-forte-i-listening/ http://thenewold.co/the-vintage-project-klipsch-forte-i-almost-finished/ Also have a Dynaco ST70 I traded for last year. DIYtube mods installed by another owner. Sounds good. Including the full tube complement. Asking $500 Finally, I've a Dynaco ST150 amp. Not sure of it's history, but I've had it on the shelf for years. It's working, though likely needs a cleaning and recap. Power switch is always on, so also needs to be fixed. Asking $100 Will consider fair offers on all of these. Prefer local pickup, so you can see and listen to them. Thanks, Darren
  6. I have found a pair of Forte for $550. "Nice shape. Couple of scuffs on cabinet.Sound great." is the only comment. Newbie to forum, and utter novice to values and such. It seems like a good deal. I will audition them before purchase. Any comments would be appreciated.
  7. I along with others here have had no end of grief finding KD-13 drones for old Fortes. I have been informed that Klipsch has run a new batch of these and they are once again available as OEM.
  8. Here's a very nice pair of Klipsch Forte II's in walnut. Very close to excellent condition with just a few blemishes and minor signs of wear. These are fully functional and sound great. These are one of my favorite Klipsch models that seem to fly under the radar. I'll have more photos available shortly. Until then feel free to view the videos below of the actual speakers for sale. Note two different mic setups were used in the videos. Offering these on the Klipsch forum before moving to other outlets. Details: Item: Klipsch Forte II in oiled walnut Location: Franklin, PA 16323 Price: $650 Shipping: No boxes, Uship possible with buyer making all arrangements Trades: Prefer sale, but might consider preamp as partial trade NOS Valves Scott 299c in videos will also be for sale shortly. PM me for details/price. Zoom H1 mic Internal mic on Sony A7ii Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr Klipsch Forte II by Audio Database, on Flickr
  9. Morning all, My last foray into classic Klipsch was a set of Forte where I couldn’t survive the demo. Possibly part of it was the hard room, and possibly part of it was the Carver receiver it was hooked up to. However, I left them at the seller’s home, as their sound was not for me. Now a set of Heresy II have come available locally, and I am curious to if they are worth pursuing, based on my experiece with the Fortes? Welcome your options, friendly Klipsch community.
  10. Adding to my confusion of Heresy and KLF20s.. Just picked up a almost mint pair of original Fortes! $500 Canadian. I had to jump on them! Now how to get them into the house and down to the basement with out the wife knowing.... Flowers, champagne and a spa gift certificates should do it! https://www.kijiji.ca/v-electronics/ouest-de-lile-qc/klipsch-fortes/1321970360?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  11. Pair Forte IIs with DeanG X-over mod.Good condition. Some scuffs, chips. Function 100%. Will not ship, sorry. $750.
  12. I am looking for a pair of Forte 1 Risers to buy. Someone out there must have taken them off theirs and has them sitting around somewhere, Preferably Walnut finish but I'm not that picky.
  13. Two Fortes for sale in North Virginia/DC area. Perfect condition. $500 or best offer.
  14. Hi guys, I am buying my first set of Klipsch speakers off Craiglist. I can buy RF 82 ii (pair) for $450 or Forte I (pair) for $450 as well. The RF 82 ii's are practically new and come with all the original packaging. The Forte I's are with their second owner right now. From the Craiglist ad: "Great condition, dusty from storage when picture taken, clean now and look very nice. They work fine, no rubs, buzzes, or broken parts. There is a ~1/4" veneer chip on 1 base and 1 passive radiator has a wrinkled as shown. 2nd adult owner, not abused, no pets, and a non-smoking home." They look gorgeous in the photo with an oak finish. Obviously I should listen to both to see which I prefer, but I would love to hear your guys' expert feedback. Thank you, James
  15. Apologize; know this has been done many times before But ... just got a new pair of Forte I's and was not impressed. My Cornwall I's and even my KG4's sounded much better Have ordered some Crites TI diaphragms to see it it would resolve my problem Tried many, many music files ... Rock ( Jimi Hendrix; All along the Watchtower) to jazz (Keiko Matsui) , film music (Country by Charles Gross, tracks 11 and 13 - used to be my favorite to check my amps/speakers) to classical (Itzhak Perlman, Paganini Concerto No.1) and Beethoven's Symphony 9 ( Part 4; choral, "alle menschen werden bruder"). Anyone for "better" test music? Many thanks! Emile
  16. Hi, New to the forum, but used it many, many times and appreciated all the reviews/opinions. Got my first Klipsch in the 80's ... Cornwall I's. Still have them and will never "part" with them Cornwall's are hooked up to a Marantz 2252B, coupled with a A/V system with KG3.2's, Kg1.5's, KG5.2's (rear) and a KV2 center. Seperate room has a Marantz 1060 ( and tube amp Pilot 230) hooked up to KG4.'s. So; picked up a set of really nice (stock) Forte I's for this room. Thought they would "blow away" the KG4's ... but NO. The Forte's sound good, but not any better than the KG4's. Bass is a little deeper, but mid-range seems better on the KG4's ... OK; I admit the KG4's have Crites Titanium diaphragms . Would appreciate any advice/comments. Many thanks, Emile
  17. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-KLIPSCH-FORTE-SPEAKERS-IN-EXCELLENT-CONDITION-/201989500280?hash=item2f07832d78:g:uGoAAOSwvjdZXvgJ
  18. Anyone here in the southeast US looking to sell their Forte II's? Would prefer Walnut but I'm interested in just about any finish as long as the speakers themselves are in good condition. Have had two Craigslist deals fall through for me when I had them bought over the last two months and I figured I'd give this a shot. Located in Alabama but willing to drive the distance for the right deal. Thanks!
  19. EDIT: All sold Due to a number of reasons, I must downsize my collection that I have amassed over the years. Prefer local pick up in the Washington, DC area for the larger items. Pair of KP-301's. Great shape but with some shadowing on top of one. SOLD Album: http://s458.photobucket.com/user/hov99/library/Klipsch For Sale/Klipsch KP-301 ____________ Pair of black La Scala's, consecutive serial #'s. LS FB TG Type AL. Tops are scuffed/scratched due to previous owner setting equipment on top of them. SOLD Album: http://s458.photobucket.com/user/hov99/library/Klipsch For Sale/Klipsch La Scala Pair of black Forte II's, consecutive serial's. "BLK #19 GRILL". Black finish fading in several spots, especially most of the tops and corners. SOLD Album: http://s458.photobucket.com/user/hov99/library/Klipsch For Sale/Klipsch Forte II Pair of KP-2500-C (twin of the KP-250's, but with the fur coating) SOLD Album: http://s458.photobucket.com/user/hov99/library/Klipsch For Sale/Klipsch KP-2500-C aka KP-250 2 pairs of KT-DS's, one set black and one set walnut. Black has omnimount holes, walnut does not. SOLD Album: http://s458.photobucket.com/user/hov99/library/Klipsch For Sale/Klipsch KT-DS Seaton Submersive HP in Black Oak, still have original shipping box and foam packing materials keeping it pair of JBL 4645C http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/cinema-market/subwoofers/4645c SOLD Possible sales: pair of KSP-400's http://www.klipsch.com/products/ksp-400-floorstanding-speaker SOLD matching KSP-C6 center channel (would prefer to sell with the KSP-400's) SOLD I'm keeping my cornwalls and epic CF-4's and the associated centers and surrounds for them. EDITED to change prices and remove sold items.
  20. Ok, so I'm scratching my head a bit about what to do. I'm loving my Heresy II's but i'm lusting for just a bit more bass. I don't necessarily require 20Hz deep bass (although I wouldn't mind it either) I'm considering either building a Tangent 400 size ported cabinet with some proper internal bracing and eventually upgrading the mid and tweeter diaphragms with titanium ones from Crites and Klipsch. or build a set of Crites 1.5T speakers or just wait until a pair of Forte II come along. What I'm wondering is, is whether the Tangent 400 cabinet is the ideal size for the K-24 woofer and whether the bass ports and woofer are on the ideal hight. I wonder, because I've read is that for the CWIII, they moved the woofer up a bit higher and that resulted in less of a dip in the spectrum. Does anyone have any experience building Tangent 400-like cabinets for the HII?
  21. I somehow managed to tear the passive radiator on one of my beloved Forte IIs during a recent move. Looking for a spare one since Klipsch doesn't manufacture/sell them anymore.
  22. Hello All. Searched the forums but couldn't quite find what I was looking for so hopefully someone out there can point me in a good starting direction. Before getting into the details of the problem, I'm running a B&K AVR507 receiver with nothing in between. No EQ, DSP, nothing. It's a HT receiver, but I have it set up for 2 channel stereo music and no sub output turned on. I originally had RF-7s connected to the receiver and sold them a few years back. It was a financial thing and honestly, the RF-7s were so harsh they would actually give me a headache if I listened for more than 30 mins. I replaced them with a pair of Polk Rti8s. The Polks were kind of, well, average at most things. Sounded ok but muddy at times and took a lot of amp power to get the volume up. I also had to dial down the bass setting or the Polks were complete mud. Soooo, just replaced the Polks with some Klipsch Fortes which I expected to sound an awful lot like the Heresy speakers I bought way back in the day except with more bass. What I have is, well, I have no clue. As expected, it doesn't take much power to get volume, but I have the receiver bass setting maxed out and I still don't get much of any bass from the Fortes (not thinking of bass in terms of giant subs used for hip-hop/rap...just like a bass drum sounding like one). Guitar and brass sounds pretty decent, but nothing else. It's really ugly when playing rock. I'm also getting a ton of the dreaded snake hisses on lyrics starting with an "S." Crossover and tweat upgrades aside (because I'm not sure it would directly affect these issues?) I just don't get it. The radiators are in tact and woofers seem to be woofing, but the speakers sound terrible. My Fortes sound worse than stuff I've heard on the shelf at Costco. I mean really, really bad. Any ideas? Thoughts? Holy water? 5 gallons of gas and a match? Thanks.
  23. I have a pair of Forte speakers that I purchased a few months ago. They were working perfectly and sound great, but recently the right channel speaker started to output very low volume. To be clear, there is signal. I hear the sound, but it is very low. There is no issue with the source, amp, preamp, or wiring. I tested all of them. There were a few occasions when a phone was connected to the soundsystem using a 1/8 inch jack while the system was powered. This causes a loud pop to come through the speaker. Is it possible that something "burned" when this happened? How do I troubleshoot the speaker itself? I appreciate any advice. Thank you!
  24. I put titanium midrange diaphragms in my Forte Is a while back. While I liked the added detail and separation, I noted some fuzziness and harshness in many recordings. Finally I decided to try the band pass filter which Bob Crites designed to deal with the titanium midrange's higher range. (The phenolic midrange rolls off before the tweeter kicks in: the titanium keeps going for a few hundred hz more). I ordered the boards, inductor coils and capacitors from Parts Express: I already had some solder and a soldering gun from my last project, recapping a pair of DLKs. Arranging the caps and coils was not difficult: I even managed to solder the point-to-point wiring without burning anything down. Crimping the end connectors on was actually the most difficult part: I've got a stripper/clipper/crimper combined tool which resulted in multiple terminators being insufficiently crimped and sliding off. But at last I got everything together and installed them between the squawker and the crossover. The results were impressive: gone was the distortion I had noted before and in its place was crystalline clarity. If you are thinking about adding titanium midranges I would definitely recommend building this filter and installing it. If I can do it so can you, and it's definitely worth the effort.
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