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  1. I just bought a pare of 1985 Heresy IIs that look and sound great, just as I would have expected. I'm wondering if there is any particular care I should give to the 32 year old beauties? Thanks Dwight
  2. I recently bought a pair of Heresy HBRs S/N 8512896, 8512896. Can someone help me verify and date these? Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I bought a couple of Klipsch Heresy I 1972 (Tweeter: K77 Midhorn: K700 plus K55V driver, woofer: K22E alnico NOT RED SURROUND OF H700 Model) They have Type C crossovers but the woofers impedance is 8 ohm. Do I have to change the crossovers on type D or E configuration?
  4. I've never seen these but was contemplating going out to take a look. Has anyone ever heard a pair of Industrial Heresy's? https://nashville.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-matched-pair-klipsch/6326858197.html
  5. Hey guys. I have an amp question in relation to the Heresy lll. I have a Primare i22 that i don't use anymore and i have been seriosly considering getting a pair of Heresy speakers. They will be playing a turntable and something Spotify related. Propably a Bluesound Node 2. I have read that they really like tubes though. So would a somewhat new integrated like the i22 be a stupid match? Thanks.☺
  6. What is the best series of Heresy I----or II------and what dates in the production? OPINIONS PLEASE!
  7. Now that I'm a retired music teacher, I have some time to "love my listening". I've just discovered this community and have spent the day reading many, many threads. I might add that I have enjoyed the reading and am quite impressed with the knowledge base here as well as the understanding. So, I'm a newbie to the group but have owned my Cornwalls since 1983 when I bought them used for $125 each. I got them from a former student who told me her husband had bought these "things" and they were too big for the house. Evidently he had also bought Heresy speakers and she told him he could keep them. Anyway, I've had them for a long time and loved them continuously. Had to fend off my wife by reminding her that I'd had the Cornwalls way longer than I'd known her. They reside in my living room as the mains for our home theater, I use R15m's for the surrounds and back. Just got new Crites crossovers for them and will be installing them as soon as I get in new 5-way connectors. Now for my question for the group. I get to have a "man cave" now and it is in the process of being remodeled. I bought a pair of Heresy II speakers with updated Crites crossovers and tweeters for use with a Yamaha R-S700, Onkyo C-7030 CD, Audio Technica Turntable, and Dayton Audio 12" sub. The room is small 12'x12" and the sub is just barely present in the sound with the crossover at 80. I love the Heresy almost as much as the Cornwall and I think that the low bass is being handled well by the sub. The question is... should the Heresy be on the floor, on a Klipsch style riser, or on a stand 18"-20" high? Would the stand take too much away from the bass of the Heresy? I've tried them on the floor and right now, they are tilted 1.5" high in the front. I kinda like that. The floor is carpet now but will be hardwood at the end of the remodel. No curtains in the room, just blinds although curtains could be added. What think the gurus of the forum?
  8. Hi, I'm new here and in Klipsch world. I'm thinking about to buy a new speakers and some months ago I listened Klipschhorn and I felt in love, its aesthetics, sound, .... I'm living in Barcelona and there's no shops to listen them and compare. I have a room of 25-30m2 (5x6) and I don't know which one could fit better to me. Forte is too much for this kind of room? It'd be better a Heresy? It's for music, mainly, jazz, soul and sometimes soulful house. Could you help me with amplifier as well? Nowadays I have a Cambridge Audio 640a (75wx4), Could it works till I get a better one? Any recommendation? Many thanks guys
  9. It's not my sale, and I wish that I had space for more speakers. $400 Canadian, seems like a great price. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/city-of-toronto/klipsch-hersey-speakers/1282022234
  10. WTB: looking for good condition Heritage speakers for my basement, preferably near the Portland, Oregon area for pickup. Thanks!
  11. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/sop/6151628825.html $600.
  12. Happy Carnival Y'all! WTB Klipsch Heresy and I live in New Orleans. Anyone got a pair they want to share? Thanks, Mark
  13. Ok, so I'm scratching my head a bit about what to do. I'm loving my Heresy II's but i'm lusting for just a bit more bass. I don't necessarily require 20Hz deep bass (although I wouldn't mind it either) I'm considering either building a Tangent 400 size ported cabinet with some proper internal bracing and eventually upgrading the mid and tweeter diaphragms with titanium ones from Crites and Klipsch. or build a set of Crites 1.5T speakers or just wait until a pair of Forte II come along. What I'm wondering is, is whether the Tangent 400 cabinet is the ideal size for the K-24 woofer and whether the bass ports and woofer are on the ideal hight. I wonder, because I've read is that for the CWIII, they moved the woofer up a bit higher and that resulted in less of a dip in the spectrum. Does anyone have any experience building Tangent 400-like cabinets for the HII?
  14. I have a pair of Heresy H-700 (H-WO) which I bought in 1974, I even have the original boxes and associated literature. They are in perfect shape but I am downsizing and need to sell them, along with the Klipsch SubWoofer 8. Any info on possible price (or if interested) would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hello all members, This is my first topic and post on this forum, my english is a bit weak and rusty, so please be tolerant Recently i found white heresy speakers... seller didn't know what he was sellin' - to be honest i didn't know what i was buyin' too. So a bit akward situation. I bought them with Arcus TL 220 (set Arcus + Klipsch) - to be frank the 'little ones' - heresy... i paid for them almost nothing... I plugged them in into an oldschool Grundig A9000 (Marantz PM-80, with slightly bigger transformer), I was literally blown away with the sound quality, on everyday use i'm using Quadral Montan MK V - or maybe i should say i was using They are true legend speakers, that's for sure. In the past i had some JBL Studio monitor speakers... But to the point, Please help me, which heresy they are, i'm confused because they are first of all white inside and outside. The best part is i've never seen heresy with non-removal front grille, that's my biggest confusion. Crossover - Type C Lowrange - K-22 with red foam (alnico?) Midrange - K-55V (alnico?) Tweeter - K-77 (alnico?) They have non-removal grille - is that normal? No other information gathered, no backplate info, no nothing - they been repainted, at least outside. Please give me more info, they play phenomenal.
  16. Hello everyone, I am totally new to the technical aspect of speakers and other audio equipment so bear with me. I have just recently inherited a pair of Heresy II speakers on risers as well as a Denon PMA-737 receiver. I absolutely love the set up and want to keep it for good. So here's the issue: At first everything worked fine and then in one of the speakers the mids/lows started to crackle even at low volumes. It got bad enough that I just unplugged one and used the remaining good speaker. The same thing started to happen to the second one but didn't get that bad until one day there was a quiet pop and all of a sudden the only signal coming out of the good speaker was extremely faint and heavily distorted/crackly. At first I though maybe there was a problem with the signal coming from the receiver, but I plugged my headphones in directly and there was no problem that I could tell; granted I don't know how to do any tests on a receiver. I would prefer to learn how to do this myself but I am also willing to take it to a pro if necessary. So what are some tests I could perform or potential fixes to this? What tools or other materials would I need? Layman's terms are appreciated! I don't even know how to open them up to have a look inside to take pictures for you all so help there would be appreciated as well. I would greatly appreciate any help. Apologies if I overlooked a thread already answering some of this. If no one has the time to discuss in detail, links to helpful resources are an appreciated substitute. Thank you!
  17. Is this the second speaker off the line in 1959 the start of Cornwall production? Or is this the one hundredth and 2? BTW, I am looking for a matching mate for this speaker. Thanks
  18. I'm a Benchmark Media DAC3 L owner and signed up for their mailing list. The link below takes you to their website and an article about speaker sensitivity and amplifier power. The Klipsch Heresy is included as an example of a speaker with high sensitivity. Speaker Sensitivity and Amplifier Power It does turn into a bit of a sales pitch for their AHB2 amp. But what the heck, who doesn't like a good amp story? Mark
  19. Hello. New to the forum. Looked around a bit but didn't see exactly what I was looking for so new post. I'm a music guy and listen mostly to rock. Trying to decide between a pair of used Heresy I/IIs or for about the same money a set of new RF-82s. I'm running a B&K AVR507 receiver. Yes, I know its a HT receiver but at the time I bought it thats what I was doing. I just keep it because these days I can't afford to replace it with something that would be as nice. I just run it in stereo mode. On one hand I might think a 3 way would be better for music, but what do I know? :-) Anyway, any feedback on which speakers might be best for what I would use them for is appreciated.
  20. I have decided to embark on a Heresy Restoration/Rebuild project, estimated cost to be ~$1500 I found a pair of Heresy I cabinets on e-bay, the condition and the finish looks good. Crites has all the needed drivers and X-Overs, along with the risers. I used Crites for my Forte II (1989) modifications (X-over and tweeter diaphragms) and was very pleased with the results. Is there anything else to consider? Do I need to seal the cabinet seams?
  21. I recently picked up a pair of Tangent T-5000's at a very good price and am quite pleased with them. I have see people refer to them having Heresy drivers in a larger box. But after a bit of research I have found they have k-75-k, k-53-k and k-28-k drivers of which the woofer is 4 ohms not 8. So wouldn't it be more accurate to say they are more like Forte I's in a larger (though cheaper built) box?
  22. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/232270087064? Just listed for sale on E-bay and available for pickup or shipment (your expense) from Delaware.. Pair of Heresy Speakers, Type HWL, Circa 1982, excellent working condition, cabinets in very good condition, especially for age. See link above.
  23. Introducing the 70th Anniversary Edition of the Klipsch Heresy III speaker... The 70th Anniversary Heresy III is limited to a production run of only 70 pairs of speakers, so if you don't get them now, you are going to miss out. (Seriously, these are going to go fast.) These handcrafted speakers are available now from Klipsch.com and select dealers. New Features: Australian Walnut Wood Veneer Book-Matched Wood Veneer Heresy Logo Nameplate Silver Lust Grille Cloth Matte-Black Slant Riser
  24. Hello, is 10 watt resistor enough for Heresy 1.5, or worth 15 o 25 watt ones instead? using 100+ watt/ch amplifier any comments will be really appreciated. best regards. Pio
  25. clean pair of klipsch heresy ii's, these happen to be a limited edition run of the signature editions which were sold at military PX stores between 1986 and roughly 1988. i purchased these from the original owner who picked them up while stationed in germany in 1988. all drivers and horns are original. crossovers have been recapped with french made solen poly caps on the horns and a bennic electrolytic for the woofer due to age. cabinets are a solid 8 on the 10 scale. minor imperfections but no substantial damage. a few corner nicks and pen tip size marks here and there. for being 30 years old they are better than most but not gem mint. one of the paper serial number labels is also missing on the rear but intact on the other. drivers all perform with no issues, no rattles or weird sounds at high SPL driving. one neat thing about the heresy ii that you can not do with a heresy i is the factory update to heresy iii. you can buy the heresy iii kits from klipsch for 290 each and or try the crites titanium horn diaphrams with the model 2 horns if you want more sizzle in the highs. customization options are definitely there. the really neat thing about going 3 is you can sell the existing woofers and horns to pay for the majority of the upgrade. woofers alone are fetching 250pr on ebay and the horns 100pr each which is 450 before fees of your upgrade money if you decide to go that route. and or just keep them 100% heritage as they are now and match with a subwoofer and warm sounding amplifier for many more years of enjoymentthese in similar condition have been closing 650-700 on ebay + shipping for the past 180 days. i'm pricing them already at a good deal as i don't want to hunt down boxes for shipping nor take the damage risk if i don't have to. fingers crossed someone local to the area wants them. there is a big vintage scene around portland, orei have a feeling these will attract a very specific type of buyer who knows what he or possibly she wants. shoot me a PM with a phone number and a good time to call and i will give you a ring when i'm free and we can chat. priced at $500pr more pics by email are not a problem
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