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  1. No affiliation. Was looking for near my BIL but this is a bit of a stretch for him drive-wise... http://southbend.craigslist.org/ele/5672892447.html
  2. Greetings! Been lurking on the page for some time. Finally posting to share my Heresy restoration. Picked up a pair of 1978's for $200 but they were pretty rough but the sound! WOW!!! SO impressed by these I started doing homework on re-veneering them. Re-did them in red birch and used Watco Danish Oil Red Cherry to finish them. I wanted something little different so I ran the grain vertically in the front and front to back on the top. Bob Crites re-cap and risers (same veneer). The came out better than expected considering 1) I never did it before and 2) They were ROUGH. A couple corners were trashed. One tweeter had been replaced with a second generation. Not sure what I will eventually do about that. Anyway... I took a LOT of pics along the way. Photobucket link below. Be glad to answer any questions... I have a few to ask myself! LOL My goal is to pick up some La Scala's at some point. I'm in Alabama. If anyone hears of any, please let me know. Perhaps some trading could be involved as well. I have a few systems. Complete album here>>> http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/MCoffel/library/Klipsch%20Heresy%20Restoration
  3. No affiliation, just thought they look extremely nice. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1978-Klipsch-Heresy-Corner-Decorative-Series-Speakers-/371604087330?hash=item5685546222:g:~ugAAOSwiYFXFU3f
  4. Hi everyone, I have some Technics SB-7070 up for trade for some heritage line Klipsch speakers with similar specs. If anybody is near Miami, and is interested let me know, http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/152013846996?
  5. I have a pair of 1980 Heresy speakers for sale. Original finish is walnut. However, these are covered with black (hopefully semi tack) laminate contact paper. I am not the original owner. Serial numbers are consecutive: 97U121 97U122 Local pick up only or delivery is possible in the south bay area. I will post elsewhere if no offers by this weekend 2/13/16. I hope they get a good home; I just don't have the space anymore. Thanks, EJH
  6. Hello, I am EJH now HJE due to email change and forgotten password. It's hard to believe I built this speaker over 12 years ago. Here is the original post: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/35073-another-diy-center/#entry1980157 I am ready to sell the box or part it out. A little background to the project. I owned a pair of LaScalas and at the time I wanted an Academy center for my developing HT setup. Unable to find or win a bid for an Academy, I set out to build my own. It's not the same, I know. I had fun, I learned, I screamed and I laughed. I also enjoyed the sound from my own creation. Twelve years later, the LaScalas are long gone, replaced by 1980 Heresys and it's time to down size again. The kids have pushed in the Fostex dual cone whizzers some time ago and I'm just not using it much. And recently we changed the entertainment furniture and the center lost its home. So I'm looking for a good home for the parts or all. Here is what I have inside: Dimensions: 31.5W X 10.5H X 16D Tweeter: K-76 Heresy II (with bucking magnet) Squawker: K-53 Heresy II Woofers: Fostex FE206E (with bucking magnet) isolated in ~0.74cu. ft., 2.5in ports at ~4.75in length Crossover: Heresy II, replaced Caps with Solen & Kimber woofers (8ohm ea.) in parallel with a 4ohm 10w resistor in series on the + input I put over $450 into them. I hope for some reasonable offers. They have been through a few moves and the laminate is scratched and bubbling. I cannot ship the entire box. I will consider shipping parts at the cost of shipping and materials. Thanks, EJH aka HJE
  7. No Affiliation, thought somebody would appreciate the condition. I don't if the price is too much. http://www.ebay.com/itm/311535455906?_trksid=p2060353.m1431.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  8. This would be for a Klipschorn, but it might also be for a LaScala, a Belle, or a Heresy. I am wondering what might happen if I used a 15 inch powered subwoofer in a Klipschorn. The way this might happen would be to put the woofer itself in the Klipschorn (it would be one that needed a new woofer anyway) and run the woofer leads on the Klipschorn crossover to the subwoofer amp. This would mean that the subwoofer amp would need to have speaker level inputs as well as line level inputs. You should be able to take the leads from the crossover and split the pair into two pairs for each speaker input in the subwoofer amp, putting a mono signal to each channel in the subwoofer amp. If successful, you might strengthen and extend that bottom end. Ideally, you might take a Klipschorn all the way down to 20 hz. Having said all that, it appears that a Klipschorn crossover sends signals below 400 hz to the woofer. A powered sub would likely cut off at 100 hz or 150 hz, leaving a gap for signals under 400 hz and over that cutoff frequency. We don't want that. So, would it be possible to bypass that control on the subwoofer amp so that none of the signal was cutoff? Then, (theoretically) the Klipschorn crossover would send everything under 400 hz to the subwoofer amp and in turn that would be passed on to the subwoofer's woofer, now the woofer inside the Klipschorn. If would be easy enough to mount the subwoofer amp somewhere around back of the Klipschorn so it looks good. Although all frequencies could then go through, the Klipschorn crossover would not let high frequencies ever reach the subwoofer amp. Before you make the "drawing a mustache and/or glasses on the Mona Lisa" comment, note that I did NOT say I was going to do this. I said I was wondering about it. I do realize that if this were done, it would have to be done two times for two speakers. Also, the cost might be ridiculous. However, I would like to stay focused on the "what if" and not go to the "why would you?". So, is it possible (and reasonably easy) to bypass the control on a powered subwoofer amp that sets the cutoff frequency, such that all frequencies received go to the amp and to the woofer? If some models could allow this, which ones are they? What other technical issues or challenges or tasks might arise and how would they be dealt with? FYI, I have a very old Klipschorn cabinet in very good shape and I am going to restore the guts and use it as a center channel, flanked by a pair of LaScala's. I would run a mono signal to the Klipschorn and a stereo signal to the LaScala's, using separate amps. Once I get the Klipschorn up and running, the rest is relatively easy. I don't mind having to use multiple amps. So, let the conversation begin.
  9. Hello all, I am brand new to this forum but have been selling for years elsewhere. Please ask me for links to my selling feedback if you are seriously interested in the speakers I am selling below. I recently got my Fisher 400 back from the shop after a full refurbushing. I started my search into something efficient enough for the 28 Watts the Fisher offered. My current Carver Amazing ALIII's are NOT going to be properly driven by the Fisher so they had to go (Also for sale, PM if Interested) Heresy HWO Recently upgraded the caps to solens, and what I mighty nice upgrade it was....very very nice sounding. These have the following drivers: K22, K55, K22, 55, 7& K77's. I can provide more pictures to prospective buyers. These are consecutive serial numbers and they sound amazing, as you are all aware I'm sure. Original owners envelope still intact as shipped. I wound up with a pair of Heresy's and Forte II's (w/ Crites tweeter and xover upgrades). I tested and listened for quite a while and have settled on the Forte's as my keeper......hardly a surprise I know. So the Heresy's are available. I would rate the cabinet's about a 7 of 10, solid but time has taken it's toll on them....they do pass the 3 foot test with ease. The screens are just fine. Drivers are all in fantastic shape. They were immaculate inside. I included the original pic of the crossover before the new caps went in to show how clean these were. The new caps have maybe 30 hours or so on them. I'd like to see $525 for them. Thanks for looking Adam
  10. I bought a pair of Heresy I's from an estate sale recently. I already have a pair of Heresy II's and KG4's so my purpose was to restore these and sell them. They weren't taken care of all that well and even had stickers on them it looked like they had been used in a mechanic's shop and the stickers made them look like something from NASCAR. The grill cloths were ripped in a couple of places and one of the emblems were missing. I was able to use goo be gone and get the stickers off cleanly, some light sanding and stain cleaned up the wood nicely. I was able to get new grill cloth from Bob Crite and an emblem from eBay, so cosmetically they are great now. One of the drivers had a small puncture and a rip in the surround. (pic attached) My thought was to 1) re-cone, 2) find a user driver on eBay or elsewhere, 3) Use a new Crite woofer or 4) search the internet for a K-22 "clone" that would work in it's place. Option 1 was seriously considered, used drivers were tough to find and somewhat costly compared to what I had spent already, the Crite woofers were incredibly expensive. So I ended up searching dozens of sites that sold raw drivers and eventually found one that was virtually an exact match. I found the T/S parameters for the K-22 as follows: NomZ=8 Ohm Re=6.9 Ohm Le=1 mH Qms=5.3 Qes=0.446 Qts=0.411 Fres=35 Hz Cms=359 uM/N Mms=57.6 Grams BL= 14 TM Sd=.053 square meters = 62 Sq Inches Vas= 143 Liters = 5.05 CuFt Xmax= 4mm Pmax= 100Watts SPL=93 dB @ 2.83V The driver I found has T/S as follows: Sensitivity: 96dB (W/M) Impedance: 8ohm Re: 7.2ohm Le: 1.213mH Frequency response: 48Hz~3KHz Fs: 48Hz Qts: 0.39 Qes: 0.428 Qms: 4.5 Vas: 94.5 liters Xmax: 7mm Overall frame diameter: 12.28" Required cutout: 11.06" Mounting depth: 5.00" This was as close of a match as I could find with any driver and the price was definitely right. I bought the driver to replace the one that was damaged. I installed it and the sound was great. But - here is the point of this post...........since my place is to sell the speakers, how does mis-matched drivers affect the value? If I were to keep the speakers, I would replace the K-22 with the new driver because personally I thought it sounded better. But to the person that would buy a vintage Hesesy, would having non-Klipsch drivers severely affect the value? What should I do to maximize the resale value? I've attached pics. The black driver is the new one and the grey driver is the original K-22.
  11. Hey guys I picked up an extremely well kept pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify some details about them like what kind of wood they are made of and how rare it is for a pair that are in this nice shape are. I figured out they were made in 1980 but was hoping to get more information about what options they had and if they were a particularly rare or more valuable set of speakers compared to the standard Heresy's you see pop on craigslist. They were originally purchased from Myer Emco and I have all the original paperwork but it doesn't tell me specifically details about my pair.
  12. Selling a pair of rare black Klipsch HIP-2 speakers in black textured finish. Excellent condition with just a few minor handling marks. Comes from a pet-free, smoke-free home. Asking $700 + shipping or local pickup in Dallas TX. Specs I found online FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 60Hz - 20kHz±4dB (-10dB @ 55Hz) @ 3 meters, 1/2 space anechoic SENSITIVITY: 102dB @ 2.83V, 1 meter, 1/2 space anechoic POWER HANDLING: 250 watts (38.7V) MAX CONTINUOUS OUTPUT: 125dB COVERAGE ANGLE: 90° Horizontal x 60° Vertical DIRECTIVITY INDEX: 8dB ±2dB NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms, 6 ohms minimum @ 8kHz TRANSDUCERS: One K-792-KP compression driver One KP-66-E titanium compression driver One 12" K-42-KP woofer CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 700Hz and 6kHz INPUT CONNECTIONS: Red/black five-way binding posts DIMENSIONS: 21.8" (55.4cm) x 15.875" (40.5cm) x 13.25" (33.6cm) WEIGHT: 49 lbs. (22.3kg)
  13. http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/ele/5291200242.html
  14. Hello, I just picked up my fist pair of Klipsch's...a pair of evidently early Heresy's. I would like to learn as much as I can about them, eg, date of manufacture, driver details, original grill type, etc. One of the tweeters is not working, and I suspect the crossover could use a refresh. Looks like CritesSpeakers is the place to go for repairs and crossovers? The serial number for one of them is 10M053. Thanks for any info.
  15. First time poster needs help with a pair of Heresy's from the early 80's. Cat decided to claw one of my woofers. Where can I get a matching pair? Thank you.
  16. I have a pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers for sale. They are factory sequential numbered. Serial numbers are 37R348 & 37R349. They are in excellent condition, with one small area on the lower left back corner of the 348 speaker (see photo). Walnut finish. Made in 1977, I have owned them since 79, bought from a friend who upgraded & they have been with me since! Also have wooden floor stands for them that are included. Hopefully, all my pictures come through. Prefer local pickup, but I am willing to ship if you're willing to pay! Any questions, let me know. $600 I'm in the Sarasota, FL area.
  17. I recently had two custom shipping boxes made to ship some vintage ('84) Heresy speakers from ID to NC. Freight company did a great job and speakers arrived in perfect condition. Dimensions: Exterior "20x24x28 inches, Interior (foam cavity) 14Hx16Wx22L, Weight 9# per box. I will offer them free to whomever can arrange for the shipping. They cost me $40 each so I hate to just recycle them. Dan
  18. Due to an upcoming move i have downsize my inventory of Klipsch Industrial speakers. I can provide pictures. LaScala split with extra bass bins ( i used 1 high with 2 bass bins) 6.5 pairs; 1 pair Cornwall IIs, 1 pair Heresy, 1 Pair MWM subs with Gauss drivers, Location Ottawa, Canada - Close to Ogdensburg NY I am the original owner. Cornwalls and Heresy are black with plastic trim, LaScalas and MWM subs have aluminum trim and handles.
  19. I live in Chesterfield, MI and am looking for a pair of Heresy III's. Any color with risers. I am willing to drive up to a couple hours to purchase them. Budget is 1k.
  20. I picked up 2 pair of Heresy I and one pair of Heresy II speakers recently. All cabinets were all bad and some drivers damaged. I am trying to make one nice pair but don't have a nice pair of K22 woofers. I do have a nice pair of K24 woofers out of the IIs. Can I switch woofers?
  21. I took these crossovers out of Heresy Speakers with bad cabinets. $80 I believe these are for use with K53 squawkers. I also have a pair of those.
  22. Do low wattage Tube Amplifiers sound better then higher wattage Tube Amplifiers? I am thinking the sound stage of my old rusty stock Dynakit ST70 sounded more three dimensional then my new highly modified Dynaco MKIII Monoblocks that has newer tubes and better everything else inside. Am I crazy? I also talked to someone that swears the McIntosh MC225 sounds better the 240 or famously popular 275. Plus I'm seeing a couple quality amp builders (tubenirvana.net and ampsandsound.com) selling some very low wattage amps. Would love to hear some general opinions, as well as opinion on the best amps to pair with Heresy II and Forte II's for listening to in a condo at normal to lower volumes. Last, say you're doing biamp configuration and only using the tube power to run squawkers/tweeters on Heresy II's or Forte II's, what's the ideal amp for that? Cheers Mike
  23. first post here. let me start this off by saying that i recently went from running an old carver receiver and some nht bookshelves to completely upgrading my amp/pre amp to a pair of welbourbe lab mono block 300b amps and an EAR 834 L Deluxe amp. I found myself in a sudden need for much more efficient speakers. I paired the tube gear with some heresy 1's. I bought all this gear in a week on a road trip back home. i spent a few days staying with a friend where we had everything set up and it sounded amazing with the heresys on the floor in a small room. after finally getting them set up at home they don't sound nearly as good. I've tried a lot of different placements but just not the same. the room they are set up is also small. i tried on the floor and with risers. too make things even more complicated, I'm moving in 2-3 weeks into a loft style place with cement walls and a rather large room. will they hold up in an environment like that? should i consider cornwalls or something else?where they are currently set up i seemed to lose some low with a slightly more harsh high end. thanks guys!
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