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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading the tweeter diaphragms of my Herey II's. I was thinnking of Bob Crites's tweeters, but unfortunately the shipping costs to the Netherlands are a bit much. I found a more local place for me in the Netherlands, where they sell silk replacement tweeter diaphragms for the K-76- tweeter, but they also sell titanium diaphragms for the K-79-H tweeter. They are stated as both being 6 Ohm, the titanium is stated as being flat over 20Khz. I was wondering if these tweeter diaphragms are interchangeable and so whether I can use the K-79 diaphragms in my Heresy II's K-76 tweeters. Thanks in advance, Laszlo
  2. Hello, I am EJH now HJE due to email change and forgotten password. It's hard to believe I built this speaker over 12 years ago. Here is the original post: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/35073-another-diy-center/#entry1980157 I am ready to sell the box or part it out. A little background to the project. I owned a pair of LaScalas and at the time I wanted an Academy center for my developing HT setup. Unable to find or win a bid for an Academy, I set out to build my own. It's not the same, I know. I had fun, I learned, I screamed and I laughed. I also enjoyed the sound from my own creation. Twelve years later, the LaScalas are long gone, replaced by 1980 Heresys and it's time to down size again. The kids have pushed in the Fostex dual cone whizzers some time ago and I'm just not using it much. And recently we changed the entertainment furniture and the center lost its home. So I'm looking for a good home for the parts or all. Here is what I have inside: Dimensions: 31.5W X 10.5H X 16D Tweeter: K-76 Heresy II (with bucking magnet) Squawker: K-53 Heresy II Woofers: Fostex FE206E (with bucking magnet) isolated in ~0.74cu. ft., 2.5in ports at ~4.75in length Crossover: Heresy II, replaced Caps with Solen & Kimber woofers (8ohm ea.) in parallel with a 4ohm 10w resistor in series on the + input I put over $450 into them. I hope for some reasonable offers. They have been through a few moves and the laminate is scratched and bubbling. I cannot ship the entire box. I will consider shipping parts at the cost of shipping and materials. Thanks, EJH aka HJE
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