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Found 7 results

  1. Hi gang, First time poster. Thanks for being here. I just went and looked at a pair of Klipschorns (1990, type B, oiled oak). They are in amazing cosmetic shape aside from a few minor nicks - original wicker grilles... all original K-55-M squakers, K-77-M tweeters, and AK-3 crossovers. They were sitting in the middle of a small room side-by-side hooked up to a crappy Yamaha A/V receiver and a JBL active subwoofer??! They sounded pretty awful. I turned off the subwoofer and tried to remove all of the DSP from the amp (don't think I was 100% successful) enough to verify that the tweeters/squakers/drivers were all functional. The only music source I had for the demo was unfortunately over-processed FM radio. I'm aware of the fact that when I get them home and put them in the corners they will sound better and have increased bass response. The current owner said he inherited these from his neighbor 2 years ago when he moved, and exclaimed "they don't make these anymore", and "they CRANK". My longterm goal would be to tri-amp them with active 3-way crossovers and possibly replace some of the diaphrams. He says (true or not) that a guy is coming on Sunday with cash, so I have only a short time to decide. He's $1500 firm for the pair. What do you all think... should I go for it? - Justin
  2. Walnut K-horns chicago craigs list 2000.00 posted 1 hour ago
  3. Hi guys I am in a dilemma I have to choose between these 2 speakers a pair of Dunlavy SC-IV in mint condition or a pair of old Modified K-Horns with the 400 cylindrical horn ALK crossover and Beyma and BC drivers. Both are at the same price? what do you guys think is a better buy? FYI My system is all tubes Primaluna Dialog Premiun HP Power and My room is 14'x18'x9' no windows perfect rectangle carpeted with acoustic panels and basstraps. So I have 2 perfect corners for the K-horns.
  4. Hello everyone, A few years ago while working for an estate sale company, I picked up a pair of rare 1960s Klipschorns from the original buyer and am looking to sell them. The serial#s are 1671-1672 on the cabinets and 1832 & 1681 on the horns. According to Klipsch personnel, these serial #s were made between 1948-1961 back when their serial numbers consisted only of 4 digits and were manufactured under the moniker, Klipsch & Associates. These are in excellent condition and sound absolutely amazing. Serious inquires / buyers please contact me via email at gaiason@gmail.com Thank you, Steve
  5. First post here...noob to the site. Bear with me....I'm old too! Testing the waters, updating my Vintage K-horns and looking to finance it...at least partially anyway, through the sale of some vintage parts. I don't really know the value and need some guidance....some price range perhaps. I bought my Khorns in the early 80's. I sent a letter (dating myself here) to Klipsch inquiring about updates to my new acquisitions and they responded with the history of my speakers (built in 1977, BBU) and told me about the upgrades available at that time. That was 1984, I have the original 1977 vintage K33 woofers in pristine condition, in Klipsch boxes, and the 1984 "upgrade" crossovers the AK-7's. they are also in excellent condition save for some dust and what seems to be the standard cankered and corroded driver leads, greenish in color within the insulation. I would appreciate any insight my fellow Klipsch fans can provide!
  6. Has anyone tried to enclose the back on their vintage K-horns like Klipsch has done with the new 70 anniv. edition K-horns??? .... also in a related subject, where can I get the 'rubber tubing' looking stuff that i see on some K-horns to 'seal' them into the corner of the room? Thanks all.
  7. Hi. I recently acquired a pair of late 90'k K-horns. They belonged to my father, who recently passed away. I am in the process of selling off a lot of his equipment and I'm having some trouble with these. Only now that I got them out of the house, I have realized that he had them modified. He had a Marchand crossover specailly built for them, but unfortunately, I did not know that before I sold the crossover. So now I have to figure out what to do with these. The wiring has been altered and I can see there is a missing capacitor in the low frequency cabinet. See the pictures below. They work, I've hooked them up to my receiver and an Atma Sphere MP-1 pre-amp. But obviously, they can't be working as they should with the wiring and missing capacitor. What do I need to do to get these to original working condition (i.e. without the Marchand)? Any help would be great. Thanks! Zach
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