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  1. I set out looking for some stand mounts to restore over the holidays - just some cleaning, sanding and staining. A guy on FB Marketplace had some KG1.5s in pretty rough shape but he assured me they sounded great and he cut me a deal on the asking price. After hooking them up I noted one speaker sounding different, the highs were a bit off, and one of the motorboards was poorly fastened to the box. Turns out the rail which the board attaches was blown out around the screw holes. Further examination indicated the woofer had come unglued from the spider.
  2. 4/6/23 UPDATE: SOLD Well kept pair of Klipsch KG 2.2 bookshelf speakers from 1992 looking for a new home. Sequential serial #'s 333298651 and 333298652. • Cosmetic: 8/10 Some scuffs on top, missing badge on one speaker grill. • Operational: 10/10 • Each Dimension: 19 ½”, 9 ¼”, 9 ¼” Selling for $175/pair (OBO), as-is, no warranty or returns. Pick-up preferred. Sound test/hookup available. Willing to package and ship, but buyer pays for the shipping and handling from Spring Lake, MI (49456).
  3. I’ve searched through the forum and not found a satisfying answer, so I’m just going to ask what may be a silly question: Can I use an axial capacitor in place of a radial and, more importantly (or more confounding to me), how can the axial be mounted sufficiently? This question is in regards to a pair of KG 1.5 speakers I recently acquired. The sound was off between them so I opened them up to find one blown woofer. While the crossover was out I desoldered a 25uf cap and checked it - it read 28.5, so out of spec. Klipsch still has the woofers (yay!) so I ordered them. I’m having trouble finding a decent radial 25uf capacitor (and a 20uf) to replace the old ones. Axial’s are available though. Any insight greatly appreciated!
  4. I recently acquired a pair of the Klipsch KG 5.5 speakers in 9.5/10 condition at a garage sale for $200 bucks for the pair! A friggin steal! However as i cranked them up i heard a loud buzzing in the woofer. Upon further research it seems that other people have this same problem with the KG series. The speakers turn 20 this August 27th, so they are old and people have said that with age there will be loose crap under the dust cap that causes the loud and annoying vibrations that i hear when i turn them up to medium volumes. So far I'm going to buy some replacement Titanium Dome Diagaphrams for the tweeters from bob crites, and I'm looking for a good replacement woofer. I know somebody makes a replacement woofer specifically for the KG series listed here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/160962694691?_trksid=p5197.c0.m619 Looking at the specs they don't give you any frequency response graphs, so i decided that i will probably use this woofer https://www.parts-express.com/goldwood-gw-10pc-8-10-heavy-duty-woofer-8-ohm--290-324 The sensitivity and impedance of this woofer is the same as the replacement one so it should work, and the reviews say its great. Does anybody have any thoughts or opinions on this, or any upgrade ideas to make my KG 5.5's even better?
  5. From other thread reads while I haven’t spent a lot of time on, my question. Seems a topic talked about quite a bit. Try to use matching series in a HT system. Myself, have never been into HT much. Just about anything would suit me fine in that aspect. Mainly I’m a 2 channel Klipsch hoarder. Along with being a tube fanatic. However ….. My last two (same day, different sellers) acquisitions were kg3.2 pair, kg2.2U single, SW-8 and Velodyne CT80. Second seller, picked up the KLFC7 black. I don’t think I will comment on the center other than the fact I didn’t look it over closely during the transaction. Rain and “ Klipsch talk” had me scurrying about, plus the second planned buy was still a good driving distance. The KLFC7 was picked up first. I will only mention “Cypress Tx.” as a hint. I will upload a photo of the simple repair I made to correct the screw-up or rather lack of. Also just recently picked up a pair of sequential #’d Heresy in fairly nice condition. Which leads me to this post. I plan on using my trusty old Denon AVR-889, KLFC7 center, Heresy for front surrounds, kg3.2 rear surrounds and the Velodyne + SW-8 subs if room permits. I’ve taken measurements and think I can squeeze both in the cabinet. My major concerns are, the Heresy’s will have to be placed on top of the Belles and the kg3.2 are too large for wall mounts, as I have now. Thinking if I had a smaller pair kg’s, would fit the bill. Even if I installed wall brackets and shelves the 3.2’s are still too large. So now I suppose I’ll be on the hunt for kg1, smaller footprint as I’d rather use the existing mounts. Any other options? All Klipsch please. And I always try to pick up used as I’m a tight assed sob. Lastly, the clutter on the left still has to be cleared!!
  6. Hey there, I recently bought some KG1s to add to my collection but it turns out one of the woofers (K-1-K) was replaced with a Goldwood driver from Parts Express. I'd like to put a K-1-K back in there. Anyone have one they would be willing to part with? Or, any suggestions on where I could find one? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I have KG 3.5 and KG 3.2 that I'm restoring. It's been convenient since these share the same crossovers and drivers. While troubleshooting a lack of treble in one of the 3.5's I swapped out the tweeter with one from the 3.2's and found the K-84 tweeter looked different, having 3 metal tabs. Anyone know what the difference is? The 3-tab version is also measuring open on the ohm meter, so they may be blown anyway. Thank you!
  8. Hoping someone who's owned Epic CF-2 or other Epic series speakers can help - I picked up a pair of Epic CF-2 speakers this week but they don't sound so great. I would have failed them at the demo but thought the space might have had something to do with dissipating bass (1,500 sq. ft. garage with bay doors wide open). What don't I like? Simply put, they aren't nearly as musical as the pair of KG 3.5 I bought two weeks ago. The highs are decent, but mid range and bass are both muddy and poorly defined. The KG 3.5's playing Eva Cassidy "Live at Blues Alley" blow them in detail - and they're not even that detailed! So, what gives - is it possible this is a bum pair and need crossovers replaced? Or is the KG series more musical, more natural-sounding? Is it too much to ask for CF-2's to handle 2-channel duty; are they better as rear surrounds above 80 Hz? Any help would be appreciated - thanks! --Scott O.
  9. I've got these posted on local craigslist. I'd prefer to keep the Heresy II's, but either way, I'm keeping one pair. Heresy II kg 4.2
  10. I have the opportunity to procure a set of Risers for my KG4's. Unfortunatly, they are in Oak Oil and not Walnut Oil. Has anyone ever successfully changed the Oak Oil finish to Walnut? I realize the grain is different, but its just the Risers so I'm not too concerned about the grain appearance. I'm not a wood worker, so I'd like to get an idea of just how much work this would be if it is indeed doable. Maybe I just need to be more patient and wait for a set Walnut Oil Risers to come available. I appreciate your input.
  11. I bought a used kg sw subwoofer on ebay and was already aware it was missing the feet. The mounting holes are unthreaded and slightly over 3/8" diameter. The mounting surface is 3/4" thick. The mounting feet must snap in, I'm guessing. Anyone know where I can get OEM feet? Ideally, I'd like to place it horizontal but I'm guessing the feet were removable for flexible positioning. If I can't get feet, should I plug the holes? Suggestions on what to use? Anyone know where I can get a manual? Thanks!
  12. I've recently picked up some Klipsch KG speakers and I'm really enjoying them. I have some .5's that I want to use as surrounds. Does anyone know what size the threads are for the mounts on the back? I'm hoping something like this will fit them. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005BV0FHG/ref=s9_acsd_simh_hd_bw_b1FUB_c_x_4_w?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-3&pf_rd_r=1B455Y0FVAGWDYZN6WHT&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=9855b6d4-2ff7-5656-a6e7-9f907e03fed4&pf_rd_i=297859
  13. Hey fellow Klipsch enthusiast I am looking for a pair of front ported bookshelf speakers to use as rears in my 7.2 HT. Sweet.
  14. No affiliation... https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/5752779258.html
  15. Howdy, y'all. I use a pair of KG 1.5s for my office system, powered by an NAD 7240PE receiver. A pair of sealed CSW Ensemble subs are crossed in at about 55 Hz to handle the lower frequencies. The KGs sit on swing-out platforms mounted to an IKEA Jerker desk, with the tweeters at around ear level, 4 feet away and about 5 feet apart. The sound is nice - in fact, the 1.5s are what turned me on to Klipsch and eventually the Epic line. While it's vastly superior to the Logitech computer speakers they replaced, and the imaging is pretty accurate, the sound field is a tad shallow. Recently, Amazon and some other reputable retailers have been offering a pair of Klipsch R-14M speakers for only $100! Would these be a good choice, or should I go with more dedicated nearfield monitors? Or are the speakers not the problem, here? Your advice is most appreciated.
  16. I've been shopping for a pair of used Klipsch horn speakers for awhile now and finally found a pair of Klipsch KG5.2 two-ways in my area. The seller was asking $300 for the pair, but when I went to check them out last night I noticed three small tears in the surrounds of one of the woofers, less than half an inch each. The surrounds didn't feel brittle or break apart when I pressed them lightly so I think they might have originally been rubber, not foam? Hopefully someone can chime in to confirm. The other three woofers looked fine, and I think the speakers sounded great, although it was my first time listening to horn-loaded tweeters so I might've missed something. I talked the guy down to $200, but I'm wondering if that's even worth it? I found a pair of replacement foams here for $25, plus the time and effort to learn how to do it (it'll be my first surround replacement). It could even be more if I decide to replace all of them. I guess my question is, is it inadvisable to use them with the rips? I'd say there are three small tears less than half an inch in size around one of the woofers. Does the sound quality diminish significantly when tears happen, and will it get worse over time as I play them? Images attached, thanks!
  17. I'm looking for a kg SW subwoofer. Prefer black but any finish will do. I'm in central Connecticut. Willing to travel 1 1/2-2hrs. to pick up.
  18. SOLD (cash/local pickup in Miami, FL 33177) Selling 2 Klipsch KG4 (Oiled Oak) vintage speakers in great condition with original risers and extra pair of grills. Edges and veneer are perfect (no chips or peeling, refer to pictures) CONSECUTIVE SERIAL NUMBERS Cabinets are beautiful oiled Oak Original grills are perfect (no snags or runs) with beautiful BRASS EMBLEMS/BADGES Extra grills have NO EMBLEMS/BADGES Only cosmetic issue is:1 dust cap of rear passive radiator has a small dimple More pictures on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/152229099011?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  19. On my last forum i Wrote about my Klipsch KG 5.5's that i acquired at a garage sale for a great bargain. I just got my Crites Titanium tweeter upgrades today and now i want to change the look of the speaker cosmetically. I have the natural Oak finish, and i was maybe thinking about doing a White carbon fiber vinyl wrap on the sides, and a black carbon fiber wrap on the front baffle. Any thoughts on this? If you guys have any other ideas, let me know, i want to make them look badass and unique.
  20. Scored a pair of KG 3.5's on Friday and they sound great in my home office. Vocals and acoustic instruments sound especially fresh, clean and clear. However, one of the speakers is missing a plastic foot. Does anyone know of a good source for replacements? Thanks in advance.
  21. Any ideas on what brands of paint to use for touch-up on the KG series black satin speakers. It appears the paint flaked off in some areas and others are scratched.
  22. I am not an audiophile but I do appreciate good sound and was blessed to inheret some nice audio equipment from which I hope to build a quality home theatre system primarily for movies & video. Here's a list of my equipment: 2X Klipsch KG5.5 Floorstanding Speakers Klipsch KV2 Center Channel Speaker Klipsch SW10-II Subwoofer Harmon Kardon AVR65 Receiver The way my room is set up makes the large KG5.5 speakers placement more practical in the back of the room behind the speaker as rear channel speakers. I guess my first question is whether this is an aceptable arrangement for these particular speakers. If yes, can you guys recommend a complementary Klipsch product for the front and rear speakers with the caveat that I need something small enough to hang from a side wall or the ceiling. And while I'm at it, can you recommend a good speaker bracket/clip/hanger for ceiling or side wall mount? Finally, if locating these big KGs in the back of the room is an audio faux pas, I'll try to find a home for them in the front of the room but still need a recomendation for the rear speakers. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. Sincerely, Charles Madison, AL PS - Do you guys recommend using bandpass filters for the perimeter speakers when a subwoofer is part of the home audio system? If yes, where would I purchase such an animal?
  23. Hey everyone, I'm looking for ideas for a summer project to take on. Anyone know of any sort of improvements/modifications that can be made to the klipsch KG 4? Thanks!
  24. Not bad for $350.No affiliation http://columbus.craigslist.org/ele/4654660680.html
  25. I have a few Klipsch KG speakers. I have been using them throughout my house. One 3.5 has a indentation on its cone. I prefer local pickup.
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