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Found 24 results

  1. Hi there! I recently upgraded my Klipsch Chorus ii with a nice pair of Khorn! I'm the third owner, the original owner upgraded the crossovers and tweeters with B&C tweeters and A crossovers. I was under the impression Khorns should use ak-3 crossovers. Am I missing something? Should I upgrade to AK-3 crossovers? Not sure if I'm getting the best of my speakers with A crossovers. Any advice will be greatly appreciated ! Thanks in advance. Ed
  2. New member, Mac/Klipsch collector of sorts. Unfortunately, facing a move that requires me to part with some awesome components and speakers. I live in the Columbus, Mississippi area, and can only offer pick-up, but will provide any loading help. Here are some of the items I will part with: 2 1963 KHorns - 2nd owner, excellent condition, currently used in H/T arrangement with Mac components. $2000 1 MX135 - bought in 2011 from Audio Classics, excellent condition (B1), all lights work, no scratches, etc. $2000 1 MVP861 - Bought in 2011 from Audio Classics, also in great condition (B1), no scratches, sounds great, lights work, etc. $1000 1 MC205 - 5 x 200W, bought from Audio Classics in 2011(B1), excellent condition $3000 2 Heresy III - Bought brand new in 2011 from Audio Classics, mint condition with risers $625/each This collection also includes a 3-year-old stand that I bought new for $1200, and a RSW12 subwoofer that I bought new 10 years ago. I also have a couple of KG4's and a pair of used RFIII-2 that are in mint condition. Although I have listed prices that I have discounted from my original bill of sale, I am willing to consider offers on any of this equipment. The equipment has been treasured and well-cared for. It is without flaw, and I will gladly send pictures to any serious party. Also, feel free to call me at (256) 318-1359. You won't be disappointed in this equipment and are welcome to come try it out.
  3. Beautiful set of walnut Belles, only minor flaws on the cabinets with a little more obvious damage on 1 lower corner, not noticeable unless you’re looking for it. I’m in Chattanooga and am happy to demo them for you here. Delivery is also available within a reasonable distance from 37343. they are available with the original ab crossovers for with the super aa for I would like to keep the set of crossovers you don’t take. more pics upon request.
  4. I have a 5.0 setup with Khorns for the L/R mains, a R-34C for the center and RF7’s for the surrounds (will be replacing these with LaScalas). I keep reading that a dedicated subwoofer for the LFE channel would help on movies, even with the Khorns. I’m looking at the SPL-120 & SPL-150. I’m thinking the 150 would match up better with the Khorns. What do you experts think?
  5. I would like to bi wire my k horns I have AK 2 crossovers with caps on inside of woofer doors. I will be replacing the caps on the doors, however, because I will be running direct wires to the upper horns and the lower woofer, do I change the value of the caps on the woofer doors? How should I wire them? ( I have a photo of the inside door I cannot up load it). Thank You in advance!!
  6. I am sitting here in the semi dark, watching 2 4K, 42 inch screens, playing a video game on my computer while the audio is being fed through my 2 ch tube Pre-amp to my tube amp then to my Khorns while also being fed through a tube integrated and into my Quartets. I wonder what the other 99% play on?
  7. If any of you have looked at my other main post, I'm beginning to restore a pair of Speakerlab K horns and have been asking for advice. Since my new digital multi-meter came in yesterday, I decided to go out to the garage to test my existing drivers and tweeter to check for continuity and measure impedance. Tweeter - K-77-M or equivalent (x1) - PASS (measuring about 6.5 ohms (is that right?)) Midrange horn drivers (x2) - EV 1823M - PASS (measuring about 8 ohms each) Woofer - here's where I ran into trouble. One is gone, pulled for some project of @rigma's. The other one has been safely secured in its bass bin since the 70's. When I say secured, I mean SECURED. It was overbuilt in the way of German cars, tanks and aircraft. I believe had these been on the Titanic, you could have pulled them from the sunken wreckage and there's a good chance they would play once drained. I had to remove at least 15 screws that were completely coated in thick silicone and tightened into threaded inserts by scraping them clean, one by one. Then I had to use a razor to cut through even more silicone and get a small pry bar to separate the "access panel" from the bin. That's where I messed up. I should have known. The speaker cable going to the driver had also been still securely soldered to the driver inside, which pulled the little soldering tabs loose from the speaker. Damn. After removing 3 wingnuts, 1 3/4" nut and two wood screws securing the motor board to the cabinet (then prying it loose with said pry bar), the speaker came out. It is a Speakerlab W1500D 4-ohm woofer and seems to be in OK shape (minus my screwing up the connecting tabs). I was able to test it by connecting the multi-meter probes to the little wires coming off the woofer. It does PASS continuity and looks to be reading 4.5 ohms(?) My hands were a little shaky by this point. So, CAN the driver be repaired? Is it WORTH being repaired and finding a similar K-33 or equivalent? How much money did @rigma spend on sealants in 1970-whatever and what is that in today's dollars? These and other questions linger. The line to take shots at me forms to your left. The line for helpful comments, on your right. Thanks!
  8. I added a Heresy III to a pair of Klipshorns. Here is a report after a few days. The Khorns are in good corners on a 25' wall. The room is essentially 15' deep although about half opens another 15 feet into the kitchen. My listening room is living room, dining room and an extension of the kitchen. There was a sweet spot for the horns where music sounds as good as I've ever heard. I've spent many hours sitting there. Unfortunately, most of the time I listen to music while working at the dining table, cooking, washing dishes or sitting on the sofa. Nearly all of my listening was too close to one speaker or the other, or too close to the long wall between them. I added a Heresy III (It will eventually get built into a cabinet and so I don't want the port on the IV). Cory is a gentleman. I am glad I reached out to him. It sounds great! I have it well below the Khorns in volume and so they remain the dominant voice of my system. Off axis listening is much improved in terms of musical content and balance. The sweet spot is now a big oval. On axis (or in the sweet spot) the Heresy is audible and it sounds great. It is super quick. On tracks where the kick drum and bass are in the center the Heresy highlights the percussive quality of the bass and sharpens the impact of the kick. It is not that the Khorns are slow, but the bass is a bit laid back. The Heresy seems a bit more eager. I have it down 5db or so and it doesn't intrude much on the Khorns. Mono recordings also sound great. The Heresy nicely fills a gap in my room and makes music enjoyable nearly anywhere in the space. Sitting too close to one Khorn is now more than tolerable. I feel very fortunate. It also has good WAF (she's surprised at how small it is!) but she also thinks I am in the land of diminishing returns. The technical bits: I run a mono amp from one of the mono sub channels on the preamp - a Parasound P6 (very positively reviewed by me in the SS section) with the low pass filter defeated. There is a volume knob for the "sub" on the face of the preamp and I keep nudging it down. The P6 is connected to a Parasound A23 with balanced interconnects and so the signal is hot. There are input pots on the amp and I've had to seriously attenuate the input to match or slightly exceed in input to the mono driving the Heresy. Judging by the sensitivity of the speakers, I suspect that if I replaced the balanced interconnects with RCA cables (lowering the input level to the amp), the amps would match up better. I made a summing box per Dope from Hope but am not using it here. For critical listening I can take the Heresy out of system with one button if I want. You can see the Heresy in the lower right corner 12' from the left Khorn. Thanks for reading.
  9. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for a pair of used Klipschorns, which are willing to be shipped over to the UK. Any help will be much appreciated. Many thanks
  10. I have no affiliation with the seller. Thanks, Moriceman He or she is asking $150.00 https://neworleans.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-k400-vintage-horns/6762532006.html
  11. OFFER RESCINDED. Have received 32 inquiries to date. Overwhelmed. Blood in the water? Who knew? Have been alerted that some may want to haul away, strip, paint, and resell. Not acceptable. Want a home for these. They were our father's pride and joy. Heresy to Cornwall to K #1 to K #2 to Belle. Have received two offers to buy. Curiously no one requested pictures. We will re-post as "for sale best offer". To keep replies separate from our primary email please reply to anynamejay@yahoo.com Totally sorry for confusion. Had no idea. ================================================================================================== Free. Father's Pair of K-Horns and a Belle in garage since 1996. Veneers are shot but structures are sound. Strip and paint? Last checked 3 years ago all drivers work. Want them out of garage. Do remember the K's are 185# the Belle 150#. Can offer no assistance with loading on truck. Codeaholic@yahoo.com. Must be removed by end of October. Local pickup only. Columbus Ohio 43214. (My bad).
  12. Help with suggestions for integrated amps for my Klipschorns. My price range is the $1500.00 range. Is anyone using any of these? Peachtree Nova 150 Cambridge Audio CXA80 Marantz HD Amp1 [only 35 watts at 8 omns] I will have to buy a separate phono stage for the bottom two. I have never posted before but have been helped many times reading advice from the forum. I'm trying to narrow down my choice to two and order both and send one back.
  13. Moving - need to part ways with years of speakers, etc. Pick up only - West Point, Mississippi. 1. 1963 Khorns, third owner, exceptional shape for age, SN's 1C999, 2C000, stunning presentation and sound with original parts, bamboo - Asking $1,500 for pair 2. Heresy III's, Cherry, one owner, bought in 90's. Risers. Mint., Asking $1,300.00 for pair. 3. KG4 - One owner, pair bought inn 80's, excellent condition. Risers. Asking $300.for pair 4. Adona 3 tier stand. See picture. Granite. Bought new 5 years ago. Asking 400.00 5. RF 3 II - One owner, bought in mid 90's, excellent condition. Asking $500.00 6. Sub - RSW 12; one owner bought in mid 90's. Excellent condition. Asking 250.00 All were powered with Macintosh components. I will be listing these shortly. I do have a third party that has agreed to ship these, if necessary. Other items : Rebuilt Pioneer PL-71 turntable. Asking 200.00 I have pictures, but am having trouble attaching. Would appreciate any advice as to how to insert pictures, or send me a message and I'll send. Thanks, Jim
  14. Does anyone have any simple yet effective ideas for False Corners? I've seen a few online plans but not very intrigued by them. I certainly don't want to build a 2x4 wall that becomes a 4 1/2" thick eye sore. Any cool ideas would be appreciated. Something simplistic is my goal. Thanks, Tony
  15. Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I purchased my walnut Klipschorns in 1977. I've hauled them through six states in multiple moves over the years and upgraded the drivers and crossovers and such in 1989. Two questions... After the latest move, they've been in storage for the last two years and I'm getting them ready for a new, custom built room. Over time, my wife who doesn't believe these works of art's beauty should stand alone, has adorned them with decorations that have left rings and marks. Regular restoration miracles in a bottle will not remove them and I believe the only true remedy is light sanding. IS THE WALNUT JUST VENEER, AND IF SO, HOW THICK? Second, would you recommend updating the works again. Just before I put them in storage two years ago, they sounded great, but since I'm refinishing, have their been any changes worthwhile since the upgrade in 1989 that would warrant the expense and effort? Thanks for the help.
  16. 1981 oiled walnut khorns all original 7/10 two chips in veer on top hat small 2500.00 located in Dallas Texas reduced to 2000.00
  17. 1983 oiled walnut khorns 8/10 all oraginal located Dallas texas 3000.00 reducing price to 2500.00
  18. http://www.ebay.com/itm/112307145997?ul_noapp=true The buy it now price *was* $1000. Free shipping. I dunno what is going on here. They look like they're sitting in front of a storage unit. They're not far from me, but why didn't the first bidder just pay the $1000? Free shipping too. Either an amazing deal or they're going to get destroyed in shipping.
  19. Checked the News Section first, but didn't look below, article already posted. "In Dalston, in northeast London, the Brilliant Corners restaurant lives up to its name: Large floor-standing speakers by Klipsch (worth $6,000 each) are in each corner of the main room. The venture was opened three years ago by Amit and Aneesh Patel, brothers who had discovered the pleasure of deep listening at Lucky Cloud parties. " http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/31/arts/music/london-listening-clubs-spiritland.html?_r=0
  20. Hi. I recently acquired a pair of late 90'k K-horns. They belonged to my father, who recently passed away. I am in the process of selling off a lot of his equipment and I'm having some trouble with these. Only now that I got them out of the house, I have realized that he had them modified. He had a Marchand crossover specailly built for them, but unfortunately, I did not know that before I sold the crossover. So now I have to figure out what to do with these. The wiring has been altered and I can see there is a missing capacitor in the low frequency cabinet. See the pictures below. They work, I've hooked them up to my receiver and an Atma Sphere MP-1 pre-amp. But obviously, they can't be working as they should with the wiring and missing capacitor. What do I need to do to get these to original working condition (i.e. without the Marchand)? Any help would be great. Thanks! Zach
  21. Hello all, I have a pair of 50th Anniversary K-Horns. They survived Katrina in New Orleans, (in upper floor, so no water or damage from that). However, the rats during the flood...did seem to have taken a shine to the wires on some of my stereo equipment, apparently the crossover of the Khorns too. I played them for quite a while and they worked...but at a point, I started hearing hum..almost 60 cycle stuff...and eventually they just went out. I looked and the crossover area, the transformers look chewed up, missing covering, and multiple components look in bad shape. I'd contacted Klipsch in Hope assuming I could get them serviced there, but apparently they don't service their own goods?!?! I was shocked. They advised me to check the forums and that someone here could recommend to me whom to contact to get them fixed. I have the crossover unit detached (a friend of mine with tools helped). I could ship it somewhere but need a reputable repair contact if anyone knows of one. Thanks in advance...I really miss my tunes!!! Cayenne
  22. Just listed my Khorns for sale on Craigslist in LA, specifically Glendale. 1989 vintage, AK-2 crossovers, and Lacquered Oak. Excellent shape. Asking $3300. Purchased new and hate to sell them, but must downsize. Pictures on CList. These are for pickup only!
  23. Hi Klipsch forums, This is my first post here, so thanks in advance to the community, you guys rock. About 6 months ago I came across a pair of Klipschorns for sale locally here in Alaska (I’m terrified to think what the shipping might have been on these) for a steal at $800. I checked them out and they sounded absolutely, completely amazing. They are in great shape and all the major veneer is near perfect with a few pieces of veneer side stripping missing, shouldn’t be too hard to fix. The seller inherited them and didn’t know much about them but thought they were from 1986. I have been doing my homework on the Khorns but I am having a difficult time figuring out exactly which model/year these horns are. I more than suspect the crossovers are not original and am wondering if the mid-horns have been altered by some previous Klipsch fan in the past. I have tried to match up the x-over with the photos by Crites and these certainly don’t fit. Here are some photos of the x-over, tweeter horn, mid driver, and the overall speakers. Any help with the ID of these things is appreciated. And any advice for future upgrades/restorations for a young guy on a budget is very much appreciated. Oh, I currently have them running off a Marantz 1060, at least until I build my dream tube amp. Thanks again K-forums, as I learn more about these knockout speakers I’ll be sure to give back to the forums. Cameron W …. And for the record, I paid more for these speakers than I did for my car.
  24. All original components. Located in Houston. Matching & Sequential serial numbers. Asking $3,500.
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