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Found 9 results

  1. From the album: Paladin's System Album

    This is my audio room, where the stereo magic happens...
  2. Hi All, Pretty new to the forum but long time speaker collector.... Would love to find a pair of La Scala's within driving distance to NYC. So, basically just East Coast and I'd be happy to road trip to ya. Thanks! MB
  3. From the album: Paladin's System Album

    Here is my pair of 70th Anniversary La Scala II They are powered by a 5wpc custom EL85 based tube amplifier built by Bob Getchell in Brownsburg, IN out of parts from an old Sears "Silvertone" Hi-Fi console. I'm using a Young DSD DAC as a digital audio source with a HIFI PC to manage the audio. The Turntable is a Stelvio by Gabilier Audio out of Colorodo and is equipped with a Tri-Panar tonearm. It's powered by a Teddy Prado external supply. The Pre-Amp is a tubed Aria WVX.
  4. Currently we are running a pair of La Scala IIs combined with a pair of Tuba HTLPs (big thanks goes to @jason str) The LSIIs are bi-amped, time aligned and EQed flat (with the enormous appreciated help of @Chris A) Two years ago I did a DIY project with a pair of 18 "JBL 2242 drivers (specs) which didn't work out very well. The major problem was that I didn't realize the JBLs are bass drivers, and actually not usable for sub applications in a bass reflex cab, where they have problems to keep up with the high efficiency of Klipsch speakers. Also, at that time, I didn't have the proper DSP and amplification. Now I have a Xilica XP 4080, with 2 unused outputs, and a spare QSC DCA series amp. The JBL 2242s are on a shelf in our basement in their original packaging, and I want to put them to use. Klipsch made the KP 480 a number of years ago, a bass cab loaded with an active 18" and a passive 15". They were to go with the industrial La Scalas. So I came with the idea of building a pair of bass cabs in the style of the KP 480, each loaded with a JBL 2242 and a Dayton Audio 18" passive radiator (specs) The bass cabs should have the same footprint as our LSIIs, so the bass cabs can be put under each LSII. Height should be minimum so that the top cab of the LSII is not raised too high. This will give a net internal volume of around 5,8 cu ft. The PR can fire backwards into a corner. I will let the bass cab handle the 40 - 120 Hz region, below 40 Hz can be done with our Tubas. Great idea or a definite no go? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts with me!
  5. Hey everyone, In the market for a pair of La Scala IIs, finish isn't too important. Ideally they will be less that ten years old, in good condition, not too many physical imperfections. Looking forward to hearing from any sellers. My email is cbaugh1@gmail.com. Thanks a lot people! Chris
  6. I just purchased new La Scala II's . I am a long time Klipsch fan and I have some experience with La Scala's. I thought that perhaps a new Crites CT120 tweeter might be a sonic upgrade for the stock tweeter. I already have these tweeters waiting to install. I also ordered Bob Crites new A-55G driver. I find the midrange too shouty and I'm hoping this new driver helps improve things. I had La Scala I's back in college for 2 weeks and returned them for Cornwall II's due to the LS's lack of deep bass and shouty midrange. I still have the Cornwalls. With the advent of subwoofers obviously the bass issues aren't a problem and I love the LS midbass. Anyway, I was thinking of swapping out my stock 401 horn for the wooden tractix Fastrac horn. I'm hoping it will also improve sound and by being much shorter than the stock horn I would not need to enlarge the hole in the back of the La Scala to accomadate the larger A-55G. Does anyone here have thoughts, ideas or experience with these modifications? I know I'm messing with PWK's sacred designs so I hope I don't get jumped on but I know what sounds right to me. I've always loved the design of the La Scala's and I'm committed to making this purchase work for me.
  7. http://jxn.craigslist.org/ele/4237298646.html I emailed the guy on these and got some additional info. He says he is an authorized Klipsch dealer. He doesn't have the boxes for them. "They were taken out and set. Customers wife did not like them. They were picked up the next day and have been sitting in my living room since." No Affiliation. I considered buying them, but I already have La Scala. Good deal for someone looking to buy near new La Scala II. I posted these before when he was asking $4000 for them.
  8. Does anyone know of any Klipsch dealers in North Carolina with Heritage series speakers available to audition? I'd especially like to hear the La Scala II and the Heresy III speakers, but I can't find a dealer that actually has these set-up for demo. Most dealers seem to only have these as special order. Dealers in central NC would be closest to my location. Thanks.
  9. Has anyone here paired Manley 300B Neo-Classic amps with La Scala speakers? I'm wondering how well these would match up, especially for orchestral music and large scale opera, but also for jazz. The Manley delivers about 12 watts in parallel single ended mode or 24 watts in push-pull mode. Given the high sensitivity of the La Scala II, this would seem to be a very good combo for orchestral music and should have plenty of dynamic headroom. I'd be interested in hearing others experience with La Scala and SET amps, especially 300B and 2a3 SE amps. My room doesn't have a configuration suitable to use Klipschorns, so La Scala would be my only option for fully horn loaded Klipsch speaker. Thanks.
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