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  1. Hello everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently, about 6 months ago, acquired a set of La Scala's via CL at a very affordable price. They were road speakers (maybe) and covered in carpet. They sounded awesome but looked pretty rough (NOT wife approved for the living room). But the sound brings tears to my eyes (in a good way) with certain music. Sooooo I decided to modify the La Scala's (gasp). And one of the main reasons I modified it to a Khornish is because we just moved into a new house and the living room has large cubbies on either side of the TV that will act as a large corner for the doghouse. So I made a new front end on the backside of the La Scala so that the horns are now forward and the bassbin faces back into the cubbies. I painted the exteriors with Duratex and layed some rosewood veneer on the front. I also upgraded to Crites 120 tweeters and the new crossover to boot. I've included some of the pics. I should be done with them tomorrow morning and be able to test them out then. I have no skills (I'm good at demo) so this was a test for my meager skills and patience. Have to have the wife help me align the speakers for mounting and then we are all done! Any questions or ideas (or criticisms) are welcome. Enjoy the speaker porn I christen these the Mini-K's!
  2. Just wanted to thank Michael for the KLPSCH tags. Looking good! Mark
  3. EDIT: Black La Scala Sold see new post here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/159993-fs-klipsch-la-scalas-fastrac-crites-xos-1900obo/ I have 3 La Scalas for sale near St. Louis, pickup only. All horns have been upgraded and will come with sale along with original K-400's. I do have the crossovers currently upgraded to Crites but they will not be included in the sale as i have another project in mind for them. However if you would like to have a listen we can arrange so you can see how the puppies sing with the new crossovers. I also have the original type AA crossovers that will hold their own as well and are no slouch. I had these setup for home theater LCR and they were amazing. Currently have 2 setup upstairs in stereo and 1 downstairs in a temporary center channel til i finish my project. The veneer is starting to peel on the bottoms but overall these are nice pieces and i get complements. The center channel is painted black as you can see in the photos. Good pieces install new veneer or paint. I'm currently doing a DIY project just because and am not getting rid of these for any other reason than me being bored. I'll post a link to the craigslist add as well. Looking to get $2400/obo, will consider trades for mono block/pre-amp combo. http://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/5274176256.html Thank you for looking, Justin A.
  4. I recently refurbished a pair of La Scala Industrial Splits. There's a thread about all that In the technical/modifications section. Today my wife decided to listen to the result of my labors. She loved hearing the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, and whatever else I could come up with as long as it was loud. Said it was the best set of speakers we've ever owned. I was shocked. She's really never shown much interest in my music hobby. And I've known her since 1975. She even thought my stories about PWK were interesting. What's up with that? Mark
  5. I have a pair of Vintage (end of 1978) Klipsch La Scala floor standing speakers, consecutive serial numbers in near perfect condition. They are birch with a walnut lacquer stain. I am reaching out to the community to get a feel for an asking price for local pick up in Los Angeles. Attached are some pictures of the beasts...thank you
  6. I bought these LSI's about a year ago. They need just about everything, woofers, wiring, fuse holders, and major cosmetic restoration. I decided to get them to play music first and replaced everything that was either broke or needed replaced. Bought K-33 woofers off that auction site and the rest from Parts Express. Put them back together over the past week. Turned them on this morning. My oh my they sound much better than I ever thought they could. My wife, who upon first seeing them said never bring them in the house, told me those ugly things sound really nice. So it looks like the upper and lowers are going to get refurbished. Here's what they look like now: I'll post more pics as I break them down and begin to work on the cabs. Mark
  7. I recently picked up a pair of Electro-Voice DH1506 compression drivers (CD) to upgrade my CF-4's. There was nothing wrong with the stock K-63's, but strong endorsements from Moray James and Alexg5775 got me wondering if the already fantastic sounding CF-4's didn't have a little room for improvement. I A/B'd the K-63 and the DH1506 and found them very close in sound. My testing was very informal and the sound was slightly better in the midrange with the DH1506. I wanted to get them measured properly to see if the diaphragms were within spec, so after a quick call to Mustang Guy I was off to the Speaker Ranch to get them measured. As usual, Craig had a better idea. I call his place the Speaker Ranch because his building is so large it's like a free range area where Klipsch speakers can wander and play freely, as loud as they want. There are fully 6 La Scalas set up in a 6.2 configuration, sometimes more. See Mustang Guy's signature for the entire list. It was around 20 or 30 last time I checked. Craig immediately grasped a 1506 which was attached to the CF-4 horn and connected it to the squacker section of the right side La Scala. Then we listened. We set up in the main LP and could hear an immediate difference, probably in favor of the DH1506. I say probably because this was NOT a controlled test, it was very much seat of the pants. We both thought the DH1506 might have been more efficient making that side a little brighter. If there was a difference, it was very little, both CD's sounded fantastic. Certainly one CD could be used interchangeably with the other and in a blind listening test you could not tell which was which. Craig took some measurements of both CD's in a very interesting way, so I think I'll stop here and let him post his comments.
  8. Up for sale are a pair of amazing La Scala industrial Splits. They are upgraded to the hilt. Fully braced cabinet using Volti kit, with grills covered in Klispch cloth. Full rewired Converted to 2way operation using fastlane audio Eliptrac 400 and Massive Monster B&C DE750... (Think big and go bigger). Crossovers are ALK AP12-500s with Orig K43s doing the heavy lifting. This are lighting fast and don’t fall down the way la scala's can when pushed. Selling for parts cost. If they don’t sell Ill turn them into my garage speakers with a Kenzie amp :-). Asking $2400 and pretty firm on it. I will assist in shipping if customer desires. I can write paragraphs about the sound but its not my nature. These sound wonderful. I had to rebalance the network when Dave Braced them for me as the Bass output increase so much. The Bass reproduction remains fast but is much fuller sounding than any la scala Ive heard... Sounding like a sub is well intergrated. The Eliptrac 400 and B&C DE750 create a sound stage stories large. Want scale... this has it in spades. Play a well recorded mix and youll be able to place the instruments in air. Justin 323-868-9722 Thanks
  9. LOOKING FOR A GURU. Does anyone have, or know of, copper or gold plated block speaker connectors that screw into the screw holes of the La Scala crossover, so you can use banana plug connectors? I know that I saw these on a old posting in the old Forum, but I can not seem to track these down. Thank you.
  10. I was wonder if those that have Bob Crite's CT-125 tweeters in their La Scalas would chime in with opinions. I am not dissatisfied with the stock K-77s just wonder if the change is worth the price (in your opinion of course) considering it as an upgrade. With my KG4s and Heresy's I put titanium tweeters in and liked it, not an option with the La Scala. Christmas is coming soon and I was thinking of asking Santa to bring me a pair
  11. I currently have a set of 1974 Cornwalls with ALK Cornscala-wall networks and a 24” Tuba THT. That I really love. I have them set up in my basement which has unfinished walls, and I have used Roxul as insulation in the walls and ceilings. The Room sounds very good. I am very much wanting to move to a completely horn loaded speaker. I have never heard a la scala or a belle or a khorn for that matter, but am pretty convinced I would like the sound based on my experience with my folded horn subwoofer. La Scalas can be had around here for 800-1000 bucks and with those what I am seeing is the desire to replace the stock mid horn (same issue as my CW). I have been watching for belles for 2 years with nothing showing up. With my recent DIY success of the THT I am thinking I can build a Belle or a La Scala and improve on it with better horns and drivers as funds improve. I read a few threads today, the bass bin of the LaScala vs the Belle, the Belle seems to be the winner as far as aesthetics and function. So I am thinking of building a Belle from scratch instead of buying a lascala and replacing most of it. I am thinking of using a Fastrac midhorn, and using the K55 Drivers, K33 woofers, K77 tweeters and the ALK networks I have in my CW to populate the belle. Ultimately if I really like the way it turns out, upgrading to the Kappa 15C woofers, B&C tweeters and a possible new 2" midrange if I can do that and allow me to return the CW to its original unmolested state. Will my ALK Cornscala-wall network allow all of these changes? Should I think about building something else? I am not really wanting to desecrate my ’74 decorator CW but want to move to a horn loaded bass. Looking at the Belle plans, everything is done in ¾” sheet. I know that the LaScala II is made out of 1” to reduce flex, is that worth doing to the belle? Maybe just the outer skin? I have CAD and could make those adjustments pretty easily. I am open to any and all criticism and recommendations, Thanks.
  12. I bought a pair of La Scala splits a while back that sounded decent but kind of on the lifeless side. The crossovers were marked Type ALs and appeared to be original so I surmised that the caps were aging and decided that a set of ALKs would be a better choice than rebuilding. I picked up a pair of older style ALKs (with Hovland/Harmony/Solen caps) off the forum recently and installed them. While inside I noted that the tweeters were K77 square magnet types and the fiberglass mid horns had massive Eminence drivers. I had read that Eminence made some OEM mid drivers for Klipsch so I didn't give them much thought at the time. Per the ALK instruction sheet I started out at Al's "normal" attenuation but after a few weeks of listening to movies and music the mids seemed a bit hot so I decided to change settings. I had noted the Eminence mid drivers before but forgot to write down the model number. While I changed the ALK tap settings today I copied the model number off the paper tags and out of curiosity looked up the specs (and of course opened a can of worms). Eminence PSD2002S-16 (Link: http://www.eminence.com/pdf/PSD2002S16.pdf ) Throat Size: 1”, 25.4mm Nominal Impedance*: 16 ohms Power Rating: 80W (EIA426B Secification, 1.6kHz @ 18dB) Resonance: 550 hz Usable Frequency Range: 1.2kHz - 20kHz Recommended Crossover: 1.2kHz/18dB or 1.8kHz/12dB Sensitivity (1W @ 1m on axis horn): 105dB Magnet Weight: 34 oz Voice Coil Diameter: 2" Re: 6.1 Le: 1.6 mH The first thing that jumped out at me is the usable frequency range: a PSD2002S-16 isn't rated down to 400 hz so unless I'm missing something this doesn't appear to be a proper mid driver for La Scala's. Since these are older pro speakers with unknown history my guess is someone installed the PSD2002S-16's without giving much thought about the crossover point. I can't seem to find out the exact mid driver Klipsch specified for the pro series back then and on paper the Eminence driver just don't look right. The La Scala HF cabinet #'s are 8764119 & 8764121, the LF cabinet #'s are 8764123 & 8764131 so they should be late 1980's models. My questions are: 1) Am I right about the Eminence PSD2002S-16 driver in that it's pretty much leaving a big fat hole from 400 to 800 hz and doesn't belong in a La Scala? 2) If needed should they get replaced with K-55's or is there something more appropriate for La Scala splits? Any help y'all could offer would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to spend money unnecessarily but if I need different mid drivers I'll suck it up. ** As a side note also I have a pair of `79 Klipschorns with ALK Universals and Crites tweeters that I'm very happy with the sound of. The La Scala splits didn't seem to improve as much with the ALKs so I'm figuring the (what appears to be) mismatched mid drivers are why they still sound a bit wonky to me. Of course different room, electronics, cables, etc. makes you doubt what you're actually hearing sometimes.
  13. Hi, I'm currently running a 5.1 reference setup with RF-82 IIs for the fronts. I'm thinking about upgrading the fronts to RF-7 IIs or would it be better to upgrade my entire system to Heritage speakers? If I did go the Heritage route, I'm looking at the Cornwall III or La Scala II. Between the Cornwall III and La Scala II, which is better? Also, I'm doing this upgrade for a 5.1 Home Theater setup. I watch movies about 90% of the time and sometimes listen to music. Please help. Thanks!
  14. So after spending an evening listening to some classical music on my friend's Chorus II's, I can see that my Scalas sure are lackluster in their bass performance. Not a big deal--just want my symphonies and jazz trios to reach those lows. I was wondering if any of you have some recommendations for subwoofers that work well with La Scalas. I don't want to break the bank--something around the $500 mark. The space is reasonably sized--around 20 x 14. Any of you LS owners have budget subwoofers that are good for 2-channel listening? On a related note--I'm totally clueless when it comes to powering subwoofers. I'm currently just powering the LS speakers with a Marantz 2230. I imagine this means I need to purchase an amp especially for subwoofers as well? Can I use a preamp signal from the Marantz to another amplifier just for the subwoofer? Any insight would be helpful and appreciated!
  15. No affiliation and no pictures. Could be a deal. http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/ele/4610006651.html
  16. Hot off the video presses, just in time for 'murrica's birthday. And proof we still are who we are, as much as we can be. Bonus points if you can name the guy behind the voice. (a lot of bonus points because I really doubt anyone would know). Enjoy!
  17. Elijah Wood tweeted us last night with a picture of his Klipsch La Scala and the Klipsch Hobbit t-shirt! For those wondering, we don't pay for Elijah to use La Scalas. He's just a big fan who tweeted us one day about it. Apparently, he is a big-time audiophile. Check out the tubes!
  18. Not sure if any of you got wind of this yet, but Classic Album Sundays is putting on monthly listening sessions with Klipsch La Scala speakers in Brooklyn, NY at the Baby's All Right night club: http://www.klipsch.com/Classic-Album-Sundays-Press-Release Classic Album Sundays is a really cool organization that shares the stories behind noteworthy albums and orchestrating in-depth vinyl listening sessions for fellow music enthusiasts. In other words, this is an event made for audiophiles by audiophiles. The first Classic Album Sundays event at Baby’s All Right is Sunday, May 11 at 4 p.m. and will highlight Neil Young’s landmark 1972 album “Harvest”. If you love music or simply just want to check out the La Scala speakers in-person, this is a great place to do it. It's probably the best demo opportunity you could ever get. For tickets & more info, go to http://www.ticketfly.com/event/562037-classic-album-sundays-neil-brooklyn/ Big shout-out to Stuart's Audio for doing the install: http://www.stuartsaudio.com/
  19. This lonely La Scala with a dark history dreamed of being in the spotlight and becoming the center "channel" of attention.
  20. Hey everyone, we are desperately looking for a Klipsch "Hobbit" La Scala t-shirt that we gave away back in the 1970s. If you have one that you would be willing to part with, please email alex.leopold@klipsch.com I have a bunch of Klipsch goodies I can give you: headphones, t-shirts, stickers, etc!
  21. I have some mid-range harshness in my La Scalas, which I know is a common complaint. I have been researching new speakers but am also wondering if a change/upgrade to my LSs would make a difference. I came across the daves fastlane site and their fastrac horns. Has anyone put these in La Scalas? And, if so, what difference did you hear? Also, I have Crites CT-125 tweeters and 4500 crossovers in my La Scalas. Thanks
  22. OK so I bit the bullet on a recent job in Orlando and bought two pairs of La Scala's there. It has been a long time dream of mine to have some and now I have two pairs. But here is my question. I have looked through the various forums here and I have not found a single thread that talks about what to do for basic things to check on these. I have found for instance comments about making sure things are screwed in and lots of comments about crossovers and tons of ways to spend money but no single thread on the ABC's of it all. What I would like to know is how do do basic maintenance on these to eliminate any simple problems that do not cost money but are important. Without any electronic testing devices is it possible to verify that components are working right? The AL crossover in the 80"s model sounds much better than the AA crosover in the 70"s model and all I read here contradicts this so I presume there are problems. So, you have just bought that old set of La Scalas. What do you do when you get them home to make them right? I played Broadsword by Jethro Tull yesterday and the bass and drums just reach right out physically impact you and the louder the better. I had chill bumps listening to this. It is a good thing I live way out in the country.
  23. Right, from lurker to poster.... A few months ago I landed a pair of 1993 La Scalas: They are at this point entirely stock and have K55M mids, K401 plastic mid-horns and AL-3 crossovers. I'm currently driving them with a Quad 303 power amp and a passive pre. I've also got a pair of BK XLS400DF 12” infinite baffle subs hooked up, I've got them crossing-over very low so they really only fill below about 60Hz or so. The reason for this post is I'm looking to either refresh or replace the crossovers and I'm somewhat baffled by the options available and as to which are considered good with the various versions of the La Scala. I have the opportunity to try an ALK Universal, which I fully intend to do within a month or so, so I'll be able to see how that compares to my no doubt rather tired pair of AL-3s. What this won't tell me is how either crossover compares to Bob Crites' Type As or Type A/4500 with CT125 tweeters, which also really interest me (I like simple!). I'm also confused as to how swappable the different generations of crossovers are, e.g. is the nice simple-looking Type A a good match given I have ceramic magnet K55M drivers and plastic mid horns? How would it sound different to the AL-3s? Some context: I'm not a high-volume listener at all, i.e. I'm interested in what sounds the most natural, open and clear at 75-80db or so at the listening seat - I'm certainly not looking to blow the windows out. For the forceable future I'll be running them with the solid state Quad 303 as this system is my office / TV rig, so is in use most of the day (I work from home) and I don't want to be burning tubes for that length of time. I do have quite a nice tube amp (a 1961 Leak Stereo 20) but it is not really viable in this context. The Quad does sound rather tube-like with a nice easy-going nature and it's not over-damped, grainy or bright in the slightest. So far I'm enjoying the Klipsch as-is, my only real criticism is a bit of a ring / prominence in the upper-bass / lower-mid that seems to be coming from the bass-bin. I'm curious to establish if this is the crossover or the cab walls singing along. Swapping in the ALK Universals will probably tell me a lot here. Anyway apologies for overly-long first post. My questions are really: How good or bad is the AL-3 in the grand scheme of La Scala crossovers? Can I use a Crites Type A or Type A/4500 with my ceramic K55Ms, and if so does it sound good? What are the basic sonic traits of the AL-3 vs. Type A vs. ALK Universals? I've searched the archive but found little in the way of folk actually describing the subjective characteristics of these crossover options, how they compare and in which contexts they are applicable. Many thanks, Tony.
  24. I am looking for a pair of Vintage Heritage or 3 way Klipsch for a 2 Channel living room system. I'm looking at the older models to stay within my budget. I am willing to drive from Cincinnati, OH.
  25. 1983 Industrial Splits, Black New Orleans Craig's List No Affiliation
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