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  1. I'm working on my new to me 2-channel system. I set out to build a good sounding 2-channel system without falling into the expensive black hole of high end audio equipment. I wanted to keep this all-in under $2500. I started with a really good set of 1977 La Scalas that I had Bob Crites rebuild the crossovers (great job and highly recommended). For the amp I chose the Yaqin MS-30L with EL34B tubes. The Yaqin has surprisingly good build quality and weighs over 50 pounds. The power transformers are Japanese with claimed 'audio grade' materials. I chose the MS-30L model because it has a few higher quality components, has a remote control, tube protection circuit, and offers user-selectable Ultralinear or Triode modes. Ultralinear mode provides 50 watts power and Triode mode offers 25 watts. The turntable is Audio-Technica LP120. I'm using the supplied cartridge and built-in SS phono stage (RIAA standard). Not an expensive turntable but very good quality and has a lot of high end features. I really like it for the money. The sound is overall amazing. It sounds very broad and wide, lots of dynamic range. I was worried that the bass may be weak with the La Scalas but that is not the case. It seems to have a very solid low end. Maybe not vibrate the walls deep but I don't hear that I'm missing much in most of the music I listen to (rock, primarily). I find myself wanting to keep turning it up, which is a sign that it sounds good. I thought I might like the Triode mode better as it drives the tubes a little harder, but I think I like Ultralinear mode a little better as it seems to have slightly more punch and depth. The difference is subtle though, and I think depends on the specific track. I like that I can switch between modes to experiment. The LS are very directional though and I am still trying different speaker angles and sitting positions for best sound. I'll update more later as I get some more experience with the Yaqin and system. I'll add a CD player later and I have a feed from streaming digital audio as well.
  2. I'm a newbie, going to pickup 70's La Scalas this weekend, and I have no idea where to start with amps. The La Scalas will be in the basement (18' x 13' x 7'), and I'll be about 15' from them in my sitting area (they have to go in the short ends of the room rectangle due to built in shelving along the long wall). I recently purchased Cornwalls, and have an SG Jolida tube amp that I really like. Any recommendations on pairing the right amp/tube amp with the La Scalas?
  3. Hello, I am picking up a pair of vintage La Scala this week and am wondering the best way to transport them. I'll be using a pickup truck and I am thinking of placing them face down on a large blanket. I'd cover the backsides with a tarp. Any issues with them being face down? Would face up be better? I could carry them vertically although I worry about stabilizing them well enough so they wouldn't fall over if I had to brake hard or swerve. Lots of good information in this community. I hope to contribute after I learn more about the LS. Thanks for the help!
  4. How do I bring my 1980's vintage equipment into the 21st century? Finally the kids are gone....I've been a responsible adult. I've driven the minivan, paid taxes, changed diapers, painted the picket fence and mowed the lawn. I've listened to my wife tell me she wants me to get rid of my La Scala's and my guitars and such for twenty years now, but somehow still have everything. Now it's time to listen to the music again. My problem is everything is so different now...Does anyone actually own music anymore? How do I get the digital music into my analog amp? Would love to use blue tooth but my receiver doesn't support it....I'm also suspicious about how the sound will be affected. How do I connect to streaming services like Amazon or I tunes? Whats the best thing to do?
  5. I recently picked up a decent pair of 1980s/1990s vintage La Scala on Craigslist. One tweeter was blown and requires a diaphragm/coil replacement (no biggie), and the 3/4" plywood finish is very ugly, but the pair of speakers is otherwise in very good shape. It comes with AA crossovers. Everything about the speakers is nice - except for the sound coming out of the 15" woofers. It has good treble and very strong and rich mid range, but the sub-400 Hz frequencies coming out of the 15" woofers are just exceedingly muddy and boomy. The muddy echos are highly irritating. The muddiness must be because of cabinet resonance on the 3/4" plywood. What can I do to eliminate the resonance? I am thinking of applying 12"x12" marble or granite tiles to the interior and exterior surfaces of the woofer box to stiffen the walls to eliminate resonance, but the tiles would add a whole lot of weight. Are there other solutions I can try?
  6. A little Cornscala love on Cnet
  7. EDIT: All sold Due to a number of reasons, I must downsize my collection that I have amassed over the years. Prefer local pick up in the Washington, DC area for the larger items. Pair of KP-301's. Great shape but with some shadowing on top of one. SOLD Album: http://s458.photobucket.com/user/hov99/library/Klipsch For Sale/Klipsch KP-301 ____________ Pair of black La Scala's, consecutive serial #'s. LS FB TG Type AL. Tops are scuffed/scratched due to previous owner setting equipment on top of them. SOLD Album: http://s458.photobucket.com/user/hov99/library/Klipsch For Sale/Klipsch La Scala Pair of black Forte II's, consecutive serial's. "BLK #19 GRILL". Black finish fading in several spots, especially most of the tops and corners. SOLD Album: http://s458.photobucket.com/user/hov99/library/Klipsch For Sale/Klipsch Forte II Pair of KP-2500-C (twin of the KP-250's, but with the fur coating) SOLD Album: http://s458.photobucket.com/user/hov99/library/Klipsch For Sale/Klipsch KP-2500-C aka KP-250 2 pairs of KT-DS's, one set black and one set walnut. Black has omnimount holes, walnut does not. SOLD Album: http://s458.photobucket.com/user/hov99/library/Klipsch For Sale/Klipsch KT-DS Seaton Submersive HP in Black Oak, still have original shipping box and foam packing materials keeping it pair of JBL 4645C http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/cinema-market/subwoofers/4645c SOLD Possible sales: pair of KSP-400's http://www.klipsch.com/products/ksp-400-floorstanding-speaker SOLD matching KSP-C6 center channel (would prefer to sell with the KSP-400's) SOLD I'm keeping my cornwalls and epic CF-4's and the associated centers and surrounds for them. EDITED to change prices and remove sold items.
  8. I have a pair of Industrial La Scala for sale. I bought these in an auction without knowing what they were and now I want to sell them. I decided the industrial finish is not what I want in my living room and while I do have the space, something smaller would be better. These have the K-43 woofer versus the K-33 woofer. It has a bigger magnet and can take more power, these will take 200 watts versus the 100 watts of the vanilla La Scala. They also have the AL-3 crossovers so they are new enough not to probably not need to be rebuilt yet and iirc were the last version of the La Scala series I crossover. The cabinets are in overall good shape, some scratching to the finish but that's to be expected with speakers designed to be moved around from venue to venue. These La Scalas are bone stock, no modifications. I have cleaned these since I took the pictures, they were covered in a coating of dust, spiderwebs, and nicotine. They tested fine, no blown drivers or audible differences between the two. For those unaware, these have an SPL of 105dB at 1 watt so you don't really need much to get them to an uncomfortably loud listening level. If you want to use these for their intended purpose of PA speakers, you'll have plenty or headroom on volume. I am asking $1000 but I am open to offers. I am also interested in trades: any high end speakers (I like Martin Logan and Monitor Audio), amps, preamps, turntables, whatever you got. Just shoot me an offer. I've had a few people ask, I can ship these provided you set up and pay the freight company, these cannot ship Greyhound or normal carriers. I have found it wouldn't cost more than $250 to ship to Baltimore so let me know and I can find the best rate for shipping to your city. I can provide more pictures if needed. EDIT: For trades I would certainly be interested in other, smaller (than La Scala) Klipsch speakers EDIT: For trades I don't need Klipsch anymore unless they're surround channels
  9. Question: what should I look for when demoing? Recommendations? Background: Demoing tomorrow and probably deciding to buy one of the two. The La Scalas are the industrial version in black (not my wife's favorite) or walnut recovered Cornwall IIs which present well in pictures. Both systems have been been cosmetically restored but the components are original from the late 70s. They will be going into a room that is 15x30, placing them on the long wall. I do not have an amp yet but I am looking at 30-40wpc tube Macs for a strictly 2ch setup. I play guitar and listen to soft rock, blues, and jazz at moderate levels. No worries about neighbors and noise levels. I do have a few db loss in hearing in the 3-4K range which will color my evaluation, I am sure, so it will come down to which sounds the best to me and the wife can live with. TIA
  10. Finally got the hi if up and running after 15 yrs of cold (Colorado) and hot (Phoenix) storage. As documented elsewhere, I got a set of la Scala about a month ago. Due to a dead CD player I powered them with a Pioneer boom box. Surprisingly, this sounded quite good. A whole lot better than the I pod dock I had been listening to. Well, my wife turned up a Yamaha CDC-585 at a yard sale for a fin. Hooked this to the existing Yamaha C-60 pre and M-65 amp and got ready to listen to awesome stereo. I got awesome mono. No left channel. Bummer. A bit of t/s and a loose output connection on the pre was found. A dab of solder later and the schweeet sounds were heard. I expected improvement, but the increase in fidelity was most astounding. Tracks which were muffled before were now crystal. This is the Yamaha sound I remember.I think I will be enjoying this for a while.
  11. I currently have a set of 1974 Cornwalls with ALK Cornscala-wall networks and a 24” Tuba THT. That I really love. I have them set up in my basement which has unfinished walls, and I have used Roxul as insulation in the walls and ceilings. The Room sounds very good. I am very much wanting to move to a completely horn loaded speaker. I have never heard a la scala or a belle or a khorn for that matter, but am pretty convinced I would like the sound based on my experience with my folded horn subwoofer. La Scalas can be had around here for 800-1000 bucks and with those what I am seeing is the desire to replace the stock mid horn (same issue as my CW). I have been watching for belles for 2 years with nothing showing up. With my recent DIY success of the THT I am thinking I can build a Belle or a La Scala and improve on it with better horns and drivers as funds improve. I read a few threads today, the bass bin of the LaScala vs the Belle, the Belle seems to be the winner as far as aesthetics and function. So I am thinking of building a Belle from scratch instead of buying a lascala and replacing most of it. I am thinking of using a Fastrac midhorn, and using the K55 Drivers, K33 woofers, K77 tweeters and the ALK networks I have in my CW to populate the belle. Ultimately if I really like the way it turns out, upgrading to the Kappa 15C woofers, B&C tweeters and a possible new 2" midrange if I can do that and allow me to return the CW to its original unmolested state. Will my ALK Cornscala-wall network allow all of these changes? Should I think about building something else? I am not really wanting to desecrate my ’74 decorator CW but want to move to a horn loaded bass. Looking at the Belle plans, everything is done in ¾” sheet. I know that the LaScala II is made out of 1” to reduce flex, is that worth doing to the belle? Maybe just the outer skin? I have CAD and could make those adjustments pretty easily. I am open to any and all criticism and recommendations, Thanks.
  12. I am attempting to build a 1/5 scale La Scala and need the dimensions of the horn/lense for the mid and high. Tech drawing would be nice but measurements would work. I will be 3d printing these horns for my model.
  13. So my $60 La Scalas are missing a tweeter and my Cornwall score is missing both. I pulled the trigger on a pair of Crites CT-120's for the Cornwalls. A buddy has a big ol' box of tweeters and recommends a pair of Wolverines for the La Scala. I have high hopes for the CT-120's in the Cornwalls which... I should have singing tomorrow night. Based on the reviews here, I'm thinking they are going to sound stellar. The La Scalas will be a bit as I have a cabinet to reassemble. Anyone use the Wolverines? They are EV T-35's. He's asking $100 for the pair. Says they MAY be new. Can't remember. See pics...
  14. My La Scala project speakers are 1977. I was given this extra woofer. What are your opinions on which would offer the best bass? The original square back K33 or ??? I'm not even sure what vintage this woofer is. Can someone ID the year? Thanks!
  15. That's not a typo! lol I recently purchased my 5th pair of Klipsch speakers! I was up buying my 2nd pair of Heresy from a very nice gentlemen in the Birmingham, AL area and he had scads of equipment in his house. Lots of very nice vintage receivers (3 CR-1020's no less!). He was selling the Heresy due to lack of bass (common complaint as we all know) so picked up a pair of mid-80 units in great shape with cane grills for $200. As we got to talking and I told him I had a pair of La Scalas he started to open up and I felt a friendship coming on! He threw in some other goodies with my Heresy purchase... Fairly new (working!) Pioneer sub-woofer, a Yamaha dual cassette deck and a Rotel R-3045 receiver. Can't beat all that for $200. SO... he takes me in the basement and he has two pair of La Scalas! One set is hooked up and running with yet another CR-1020 but off in the corner I can see one La Scala in Walnut finish. He asked me if I was interested and of course I always am. He bought them sight unseen but when he went to pick them up, one speaker had been disassembled. He negotiated the price down and took them home with the intent to restore/rebuild and there they sat. He offered them to me for $100. I jumped right on it but had to come back 2 weeks later with my truck. I didn't look them over closely at the time. When I went back yesterday, he had them out in the drive way which afforded me better lighting than the basement. Pretty rough! The disassembled cab is missing two pieces and one tweeter was MIA so he took $60 for the lot. He even threw in what appears to be a NOS woofer (newer model - see pic - need help identifying). The woofer enclosure is intact. The mid-horns have been caulked for some dampening effect, I presume and I'm not sure what's up with the woofer from the disassembled cab. Strips of terry cloth loosely taped to the frame with electrical tape. I'm going to take everything down to the bare components and rebuild these bad boys. Looking for suggestions/ideas. Crites tweeters? Crites new mid drivers? Find a K33 to match the "other" one or find another later model woofer to match the freebie? Cab design? I'm thinking salvage the base enclosures and replaces all other wood and veener to my liking. Possibly integrate a base bin mod to the cabinet design. What say you folks?!! At the price I paid for these, I don't think I can go wrong. Your input would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Two floor speakers. Good condition. Both Signed. One speaker has a scratch on the top but other than that they're in great condition. I live near Dallas. They're heavy and difficult/expensive to ship but if you're within a few hours drive of Dallas I'll certainly meet you half way.I know nothing about them but I contacted a pro who said "If those are in great condition those would be worth $2000 for the pair. At least that much."If you make an offer close to that - they're yours.- Jason
  17. http://www.ebay.com/itm/klipsch-la-scala-speakers-3-/262822286721?hash=item3d316dd581:g:CkkAAOSwopRYiCMa No affiliation but a great deal for someone in Illinois!
  18. Looking for one pair only of any of the four styles above. The must-haves: Any finish except black; Cabinets must be in excellent condition; Seller must be wiling to cooperate with my mover/shipper; No "industrial" cabinets, i.e., having the capped corners and handles; Internals in operating condition. Less important - my preference is to have the later, fabric-covered uppers if in the cases of LaScalas and K-horns. I will be doing a road trip in early January, and willing to go out of my way to see the right equipment. Route will take me from Upstate NY, over to Indiana, then to Mississippi, then on to Central Florida, then returning to Western NY. Also, I am near the Canadian border and, upon return, can make a subsequent trip to the lower Ontario region. It seems that many of you are located in the Southwest and West Coast. If you are not on the route described above I'd like to see what you have by way of high quality pictures. Cash is in-hand, and I'm willing to "pay-up" for the right pair of speakers.
  19. I've been browsing this site quite a bit lately but need some specific advice/opinion on a center channel set up. I am helping my dad look into some upgrades/additions to the home theater system. He currently has the original La Scala's that are in perfect condition and sound great. Last year He got a new receiver, a Yamaha Aventage RX-A1060 to power the system. He has an old, middle of the road Kenwood 5.1 system (not sure of model) sitting around collecting dust so we took the center channel from this and hooked it up to his current system. It does the job and is better than not having a center channel at all, but as you can imagine, doesn't even begin to keep up with the La Scala's. To give you an idea of what it's being used for, this is setup is used 50% to watch sports, mainly football, about 30% to watch movies and about 20% to listen to music. I'm anticipating that more music will be played on this in the near future though. In the future, this system may or may not be expanded upon further. He may be adding rear reference speakers and a sub to go full 5.1, but right now we both feel that a pair of La Scala's along with a solid center channel will be more than sufficient for its current use. I understand that if money was not in the equation, we should be looking at some of the nicest center channel's that Klipsch offers to pair with the La Scala's. Unfortunately that's not in the plan/budget. We are looking at the RC-62 II center channel and the RP-250C. They are both on sale right now and are very similar in price. By looking at these two speakers, I understand that the system won't be hitting its full potential, but I think it will be a good compromise between upgrading from the old Kenwood and breaking the bank with a higher end model. The question is, Is there a substantial difference between the two? Is the RC-62 clearly better and a no-brainer in this situation, or will the difference be negligible? The reason this is even an issue is that the TV is in a built in entertainment center that isn't going anywhere, and within that the tv is on an oak riser to get it to eye level. The RC-62 is just a little bit too big to fit under this riser, while the RP250 will fit just fine. The price in this instance isn't a big deal, they're both in the same price range, but I see that the RC-62 is a good amount more expensive at regular price. If we went with the RC-62, the options are to put it on top of the entertainment center, (which is roughly 5' high so I'm not sure if the angle would make a difference when we're sitting just 10' in front of the tv on a couch), or we could actually use the RC-62 itself as a tv riser instead of trying to fit it under the oak riser we currently have (The question within a question, Is it ok to place the tv directly onto one of these center channel's and use it as a riser? Wasn't sure if you get vibration up into the TV or mess with the speaker at all if this was done.). Neither one is a deal breaker, but the RP-250C will fit in the current set up with any problems, so that is a major perk. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to make sure there is a full understanding of the setup and what it's being used for, the fitment issues are kind of unique and are the basis for this whole issue.
  20. I have some mid-range harshness in my La Scalas, which I know is a common complaint. I have been researching new speakers but am also wondering if a change/upgrade to my LSs would make a difference. I came across the daves fastlane site and their fastrac horns. Has anyone put these in La Scalas? And, if so, what difference did you hear? Also, I have Crites CT-125 tweeters and 4500 crossovers in my La Scalas. Thanks
  21. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/31/arts/music/london-listening-clubs-spiritland.html?rref=collection%2Fspotlightcollection%2FEditors’ Picks&action=click&contentCollection=Theater&module=Collection&region=Marginalia&src=me&version=spotlight&pgtype=article Hard to imagine anything much more favorable than this. Not a review at all, a detailed article about a trend towards audiophile listening cafes LS are repeatedly represented as the best of the best. Nice. Pic at the top of the article shows something that looks a lot like a set of DBB Corns. I wonder if these guys have ever heard a set of custom updated Klipschorns? So is the world finally catching up to the 2-Channel Forum?
  22. I really should stop looking for Klipsch on CL! http://denver.craigslist.org/ele/5833706600.html no affil.
  23. From ad: $1600 for the pair. If you know speakers you know Klipsch La Scalas Awesome condition. Sound is amazing. http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/5836010878.html No affiliation. Look to be in decent shape.
  24. Hey all, We have been quite pleased with the overwhelming success of the limited run of 70th Anniversary edition Heresy and Klipschorns. So much so that I've been told to ask you all about your thoughts on possible future "custom" Heritage speakers. We're talking strictly cosmetics here - finishes and grilles. What finish / grille combo(s) would you love to see and be interested in for the Khorn / Heresy III / Cornwall III / La Scala II? I'll be compiling this thread and handing it over to key decision makers sometime soon. We are just gauging interest for now, so let's hear it! Oh yeah, these of course would be built in Hope just like always. Thanks!
  25. Pair of La Scala's located in the Boise Idaho area. https://boise.craigslist.org/ele/5784933327.html Not Affiliated
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