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Found 5 results

  1. I’m pondering a Luxman combo of the MQ-88uC amp with CL-38uC preamp. Will these be quiet enough to use with 99db Heresy 4’s?
  2. Hi All I am looking for an integrated amplifier for my Forte IIIs. It will be very helpful for me if any of the members here is using Luxman with Klipsch and could guide me. I have no way to demo Luxman near me so I have to rely on feedback and user experience. What I am looking for is laid back, warm and dynamic output at low volumes. My music taste is old western classical, jazz/rock, country songs. I am torn between Luxman Class A, A/B and tubes. I am bit reluctant to go with tube amp because I never had any tube amp and I am bit scared of its delicate nature, maintenance and itch of tube rolling. I know most people recommend tube amps with Klipsch. Is this the consensus here? What about Luxman as a brand overall? I heard heating issues with Class A amp in general. I do not have air conditioning in my listening room and summers here are as hot as 40+ deg Hope to hear something from experienced guys over here and help me choose the right equipment. Thanks Vivek
  3. Just got this Luxman R-117 “Monster” out of the shop. I had it completely gone over just for this sale. The technician flushed the controls/ replaced speaker relays/ tested. All lights work and also buttons. If you’re reading this you know all about this beast! It makes my Klipsch Chorus ii’s sing. I’ve had it on non-stop for 24 hours. Playing all my fav’s thru it. Like they say it’s sound is a bit warm and tube like. Fully functioning remote RR-117 included with new batteries. $SOLD Price Drop Please checkout You tube video
  4. Looking for advice. Im a newby and have now acquired a Luxman R-117 "Monster" receiver and a new Cambridge CXA60 Integrated amp. The Luxman is being rebuilt or I would just give this a try. I love the warm unique sound of the Luxman, but also really like the modern day backside and connections of the CXA60. My question is it possible to combine these two and have one lovely warm sounding setup with a great preamp that is modern day??? Would the CXA preamp neutralize the sweet sound of the old Luxman amp? Does this make sense?
  5. List of Equipment with pics HERE I am selling about 50 pieces of vintage audio equipment for a buddy, and about 60 fifteen pairs of vintage Frazier speakers. Klipsch Forumites will get first choice before I open this up to national sales. I want this to be open ended for discussion, more than just simple questions on buying a piece, so please post as you want, there is no such thing as "thread crapping" on this thread. In brief, I have Marantz, Luxman, Fisher, Onkyo, Sherwood, Sansui, and Adcom electronic pieces, and more. This will be a separate thread later, but there is a speaker brand I am told is known to Klipsch people, called "Frazier." I have heard these and they sound incredible. I will have about 50 15 pairs of them available soon. Let me stop here, and link to the first Craigs List piece, two Luxman L-80 V integrated amps. Located in Morgantown, WV 26105. http://morgantown.craigslist.org/ele/4567069567.html
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