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Found 12 results

  1. I picked up a pair of chorus ii's and didn't realize until later, that the magnet on the back of the passive radiator was missing from one of the speakers. During the demo, I noticed muddy bass and it sounded like the tweeters were weak - figured new crossovers and tweeter diaphragm would resolve these issues. Ordered parts from crites. Then took it apart and noticed the missing magnet... I tried googling what what I thought were part numbers and keyword combos - no joy. Going to see if klipsch support can help, but wanted to see if anyone here had any insight. Would be much appreciated as I can't help but feel bummed about my purchase attaching pics of the two, side by side, and the label on the magnet.
  2. Hello, my name is Len and I'm new here and to audio equipment in general. My question is the following. I have a pair of the Klipsch sixes and was wondering if I could add a pair of passive floor standing speakers to my set up with a receiver? If so how do I go about wiring this? How do I control volume? Will I ruin my sixes? I'm lost and in need of guidance. I look forward to any help 🙏
  3. Hi everyone, new to this forum, but I am also new to Klipsch so I guess it makes sense. I did a lot of research on a good bookshelf speaker for upgrading my record player setup (within my price range) and settled on the Klipsch R-15M. My current setup is a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, into a Pro-Ject Phono Box MM, and as of now into a kind of crappy sound bar - so clearly pretty excited for these new speakers. I thought I was fine without any sort of power amp, but after revisiting I am not so sure. So, I was hoping you guys could clear up for me if I need any additional hardware to translate a 12 inch piece of black plastic into beautiful sound. Here are the components of my set up: Record Player: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-p1Fg9GSeAZ2/p_252DBCDCGR/Pro-Ject-Debut-Carbon-DC-Gloss-Red.html Pre-Amp: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_252PBMMB/Pro-Ject-Phono-Box-MM.html?tp=204&awkw=75621861865&awat=pla&awnw=g&awcr=47439160225&awdv=c&awug=9010962&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6IP_ht_s2gIVBBgMCh0NBQPFEAQYAyABEgInzvD_BwE Future Speakers: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-mkYWglngIs7/p_714R15M/Klipsch-Reference-R-15M.html If I do need an amp to maximize this setup, I would love recommendations! Not too pricey though, I am definitely on a budget Thank you so much!!!
  4. I have a beautiful RSW-15 in black available for sale. It is in terrific shape, has some minor scratches, one small imperfection, 2 missing grill pegs, and is otherwise in great shape. I purchased this subwoofer from another member in the forum and would like to sell it to another member in the forum to "pass it on." I have tested it extensively, and it works 100%. I added feet to this sub, as it came without feet. Some scratches on the bottom are there most likely due to the lack of feet. I did some light touchup on them in order to make the appearance as perfect as possible. The member who had it before me took excellent care of it, and I have also. It has absolutely no performance issues and plays loud, low and clear. Asking $750 for the RSW-15. I enjoy getting to know and meet the members here. Please be friendly! I look forward to creating a win-win here My track record is not long here but I am 100% honest and forthcoming. Feel free to ask any questions or request additional pictures of any part as needed. I am located in Chicago, Illinois, in the far north part of the city. Easily accessible for anybody, safe and parking is not a problem where I live. Cheers, Roboklipsch
  5. I bought this pair of speakers to use for the RCA output from a Roland DJ-202 USB DJ controller. The speaker connection seems simple.. RCA out from controller to RCA in on the right speaker. Then use the regular speaker wire to connect the right speaker to the left, passive speaker. I have them hooked up like that, set the switch on the right speaker to"line" (tried as phone but was very distorted and still no sound from the left speaker. Is there something simple I may be overlooking? To troubleshoot I changed the source to use the AUX input from my phone. The right speaker sounds great, but still nothing from the left side. I re-seated the speaker wire a few times in troubleshooting.\ Any advice anyone? Scott
  6. Need some advice on how to setup outdoor speakers 2x AW-650 2x AW-400 CA-800TSW (150w 6ohm) Sony STR-DN840 (7x150w @ 6ohm) Only have the 650s hooked up right now and they sound great. Should I get a simple 2x100w amplifier to power the passive sub? Noob to home speakers so any advice or a simple typed out diagram should help.
  7. I could really use some help! I previous used Tannoy powered studio monitors in my Harmon Kardon 3490 connected by XLR to Male RCA cables. I plugged them into the AUDIO Pre-Out. Now I'm hoping to replace them with these Klipsch R-14s, but I cannot for the life of me get the passive signal to work. I used 16-gauge wire, stripped, twisted, and connected to the twists in Speaker 1 section, but nothing. I triple checked connections and polarity, tried banana plugs and everything, but no dice. Do they need to be connected to the PRE Out with a 16 gauge open stereo wire to RCA male? Is there such a wire? I'm so confused!
  8. Anyone tried this new capacitor that Jantzen has designed specifically for tweeter and mid sections of a passive crossover? http://www.jantzen-audio.com/alumen-z-cap/ I have a pair on the way to try with Crites tweeters in my La Scala project. Mids will be next if these work out.
  9. Hi everybody, i can find a lot of information on fortes but not on chorus I just got a pair of chorus 2,it needs a passive radiator and i can get a passive from a forte 2,is it the same or are they different?
  10. I had to buy a pair......just needed one...... One is for sale.....Ex. condition. $ 20.00 plus actual shipping cost. - from Minnesota (USA sale only) (original Klipsch part)
  11. Welborne Moondogs with ultimate upgrade. Excellent condition. Tubes are matched RCA biplate, Sylvania 6SN7 , Mullard CV378 rectifier tubes. $1,800 plus shipping. Seling due to death of father. I would keep for myself but I already have a pair. Also have for sale: AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD player with matched tubes with upgrades - $500 plus shipping FT Audio LW-1 passive preamp - $350 plus shipping Shipped from Minnesota
  12. The Klipsch crossovers thread is sometimes impossible to find, even when searching this specific forum with the exact title name. This forum software is inept, so I created this post as a pointer to the crossover thread. If you want to see the Klipsch crossover schematic or schematics, then click the link. Hopefully with repeating use of crossover and network, the search will see this thread at least. -------->Klipsch crossovers<-------- A crossover is a passive network that Klipsch uses to make high pass filters and low pass filters in their speakers. The Klipsch crossovers are very good and if you are reading this, and you know anything about searching, this is a good way to make a crossover network pop up. It's pretty frustrating to even have to do this, but it will work. I think passive networks are the same crossover networks that filter high pass and low pass and band pass. These words look a lot like junk. I try not to filter the capacitor, capacitors, inductor, inductors, and other crossover passive components.
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