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Found 20 results

  1. I just set up my Klipsch speaker system I got from Walmart and although both my left and right speakers work fine, my subwoofer is not working. I have tried reseating the 9 pin serial connection and trying different power outlets as well as ensuring the subwoofer's knob is turned up where it needs to be. I have also tried to see if maybe using the AUX input would show any different results but this has sadly resulted in nothing as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on what's up?
  2. Hi, I've had my promedia 2.1 for two and a half years now and today when I was plugging stuff in around my subwoofer I heard a loud pop come from inside it. Now the light on the speaker is completely dead, I've tried multiple outlets to no avail, and it makes me confident in thinking that a fuse has blown within the subwoofer. I would repair it if there weren't so many conflicting guides online on how to do so (plus I have the newer system and I don't have a soldering gun). So rather than buying an entirely new promedia 2.1 subwoofer (which can be $60-$80) I'm wondering if there's any other subwoofers that are compatible with the connections my speakers have that I could buy as a replacement. I'm not a audiophile so I would have no idea where to even look for something like that, and it's hard to find a direct answer when you're looking at forums from 2010 that are definitely outdated. I really don't wanna switch from these speakers, I've absolutely loved them since I first got them and I'd like to continue using them for more years to come Thank you!
  3. So I’ve got the PM 2.1 BT and the speakers stopped working…. I checked and everything is connected properly (all speakers, pre amp hub, and power). I unplugged and re-plugged everything. The subwoofer works and makes noise when connected, the pre amp hub also powers on and adjusts the volume and sub level as it should. But no volume to external speakers. And I mean not even a whisper. Any and all help is appreciated. I tried the Instructed “factory reset” and have not been able to successfully find a button or anything to do a full factory reset.
  4. I just got my kplish promedia 2.1 thx speaker from newegg but when I connected all the wires and all the audio plugs my subwoofer only played the sound and none of my speakers were working. How do I fix this.
  5. Hello all, I have the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX system like this (amber Klipsch THX badges and power pad incorporated into one of the smaller satellite speakers). These speakers have produced fantastic quality sound, I have loved this system on my PC. It has apparently just lost power (while in use), the green light on the speaker power pad is no longer illuminated. The sound literally just cut out while they were in use, no electrical smells or any weird sounds, it was as if they were simply unplugged. I have always had them on 24/7/365, hooked into my PC. I've owned them for maybe 1.5 years, so not that old. I've done the typically trouble shooting - unplugged/plugged back in, restarted my PC, checked the Windows 10 "manage audio devices/sound" looked to see if the speakers bar was being colorized up/down as audio is played. All to no avail. There's no static/buzzing sound when I plug them into my PC, or that static/buzzing sound when you touch your finger tip on the plug end that goes into your PC. They appear to be completely dead. I plugged in an older set of speakers into my PC and those work fine, so obviously seems to be something with the Klipsch speakers. Does anyone have any tips as to how to trouble shoot this on the Klipsch speakers? It seems like perhaps a fuse has blown? I've opened up the subwoofer and taken some photos of the electronics (imgur.com gallery) It all looks very clean inside, I don't see any signs of any connection being burned or damaged and there was no electrical burning smell when it went out. Can anyone identify where the fuse is on this? I'd like to see about replacing that as the speaker system seems to be power dead. I'm obviously no electronics expert and only know enough to get myself electrocuted. I don't have any electronics troubleshooting equipment, either.
  6. Im not sure which cables connect to which ports on the circuitboard. can anyone help me out with this? Images below. I have two cables coming from the transformer. not sure which cable goes on which clip, dont want to fry the board. Thanks
  7. I have a newer version of the Klipsch 2.1 Pro Media speakers. Some time back I simply set the AUX cable on my table and then almost immediately could smell electrical burning. I tried a new control pod and that did not fix the issue. I can hear some music coming thru the subwoofer but the satellite speakers aren't working at all. I'm not really too sure where to start trouble shooting the amp inside the subwoofer but this seems like the next step or checking continuity in both satellites. Looking for advice on this issue or something similar. Thanks Nick
  8. Hey there all! I recently was sent to this website from the Klipsch customer support phone line because my speaker and sub set started having issues. We deduced that the issue is most likely the control pod; now the other issue is that I have the older version with the round preamp input connection. He said that sometimes people on here have extras that they may be willing to part with so I wanted to pop on and ask! I just got these speakers from my brother's GF, her late dad was a radio DJ and overall Audio connoisseur and they were amongst his things. I got them to work initially so I got a taste of what joy they could bring but it is now day three and they have started acting up. Thank you all so much for whatever help you can provide!
  9. Hello! I own a ProMedia 2.1 set of speakers (bluetooth version). I bought them used out of warranty (my bad). After about one year of light usage one channel died and soon after the other one too. Now my only choices are to repair it or throw it away. I own an oscilloscope and a soldering iron so I would like to attempt a repair. However I am not an electronics engineer, so reverse-engineering the board without schematics is above my pay-grade. But if I had the schematics I feel I could do it. The schematics linked in this thread is for an older model: http://www.thompdale.com/bash_amplifier/New_2-1/New_2-1_bash_amp.htm Does anyone know where to find the schematics of the new Bluetooth version? I am attaching a picture of the sub-woofer board: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tt6Ym6hESnwWdVo68
  10. Picked up a ProMedia 2.1 system yesterday at ARC thrift for $15, used to own the 5.1 when I was younger (27 now) and remember what started my love for the Klipsch sound and was devastated when the amp went but unfortunately was inexperienced back then in my early teens and had no clue why it stopped working. When I was 18 or so I owned a pair of KG 4.5s and installed the Bob Crites titanium tweeters and ended up selling them when I was around 20 and so deeply regret it every day so I picked these up figuring me being a hobbyist I'm either getting a steal or something is wrong with them and I will fix it. Brought them home, left channel dead, 3.5 input cable has a short at the connector so I have been using the AUX input, and the stock speaker wire I was able to find with it is complete garbage. Disassembled the sub unit and found left channel fuse was blown, replaced it and now that works fine. Listened all night at low volume enjoying that Klipsch sound but when I woke up I turned it up a little and noticed the left satellite mid range is blown but I did not notice the night before as I only had it at very low volume to not disturb others in the rooms next to me. I decided to upgrade the connection to the satellites by adding real binding posts and wow what a difference with some quality cables in place. Then I decided to take it a step further, I completely rewired the satellites internally with Monster XP 16 gauge partially for the fun of it as a little tribute to the actual floor standing reference line that uses similar wire and also out of curiosity of what the ending result would be. Let me tell you, just wow. Sound has opened up dramatically. Instrument separation is now completely present, and the tweeter really stands out compared to the original wiring it sounded like sound was being projected towards me, it sounded good before, but now I am floored at the difference. Very airy, open, and the clarity and accuracy is through the roof compared to before. This is the first mod I have done to these, I am going to get a replacement satellite to acquire a properly working mid range next. Then I plan to upgrade the stock aluminum cap on the satellite crossover with Dayton audio grade film caps. Also plan on replacing caps in the control module with ELNA SILMIC IIs and some caps and resistors on the amp unit as well as adding 5 way posts for the outputs on the amp to satellites. Currently have the satellites hooked up with Monster XP HP 14 gauge wire to the amp, a Sound Blaster E5 streaming Tidal master quality albums as the source and can hear such great detail I cant wait to dig in further. Some may say this is a waste of time, but for me doing it is what makes it fun for me and its the type of thing I enjoy doing! Anyway just wanted to share lol sorry for the long post hopefully someone finds it interesting!
  11. Hello, I just got two Klipsch promedia 4.1 satellites in perfect condition from a flea market, without subwoofer and speakers wires but with the control pod. What would be the easiest way to connect them to my PC/monitor/console, please? I don't want to invest in any mini desktop amp or anything like that, I hope to find a 2.1 or 4.1 subwoofer in the future. I'm thinking of connecting the control pod to my PC's audio output; I can connect each satellite with 3.5mm ( 1/8" ) mono jack plug to 3.5mm stereo to an audio 3.5mm splitter jack that I can plug into one of the two minijacks on the side of the control pod. Would this solution work? If I'm not lucky finding a Klipsch promedia subwoofer, what would be a good substitution, please?
  12. I purchased my promedia 2.1 speakers back in march and they got here last week and it all seemed to be going well until i noticed yesterday that they were emitting a low humming sound. Now today i was faced with a new problem when i was testing out the headpone jack on the right speaker when i took it out the right channel stopped working but the humming sound still comes from both speakers. Now the only speaker that technically works is the left one.
  13. Hey, I just purchased the Promedia 2.1 THX and set it up per the instructions. The sub worked VERY well but neither satellite worked at all. I could control the volume via the right speaker and light was on, but no sound. I had an old pioneer receiver and decided to test out the satellite speakers. They worked great when connected to the receiver. I am not sure what the problem is exactly? It could be the preamp, speaker wires or the 3.5mm jack. I can't really narrow it down since they all work independently, just not as a single unit. Any help would be appreciated. Klipsch has not responded to my service request, which is not surprising given the current climate. Thanks!
  14. ProMedia 2.1, #06461333, CSA Project #205697 The left channel does not reproduce any audio from the left speaker. The subwoofer and right channel seem to work fine. The headphones output from the right speaker control module works fine. I have done some disassembly of the subwoofer cabinet and left speaker and some testing and confirmed that: . the fuse in the left channel high frequency board is blown. . there is a spot on the lower portion of the left high frequency board that looks like it has been overheated and probably fried. . the left satellite speaker crossover tests fine, but the mid/woofer in the left speaker is dead. . the 4 speaker spring loaded connection strip is dried out and falling apart So I need to figure out what to do with this - trash it or maybe I can fix it? I can't imagine it is worth paying a pro to repair it & I am reasonably handy at repairing stereo components. Questions: 1. What are the specs for the mid/woofer driver so I can see if there is a proper match out there - ohms load? low/high frequency capability? 2. Is it possible to replace the left high frequency channel board and might that solve that problem? Or maybe rebuild that board if the board itself is ok? 3.Should I just trash the amplifier guts and replace it with a 2.1 plate or external 2.1 amplifier of similar specs and get some usage out of this speaker system? My internet reading tells me this is a very common problem with the ProMedia 2.1 speaker systems, so I'm hoping solutions have been developed. Any knowledge, experience or solutions others have to offer are greatly appreciated.
  15. Answered my own question, not sure how to remove. It was a little silly.
  16. I have Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers that I've bought from 2 years ago and I've been using them frequently ever since. Recently, the right channel speaker sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn't. I noticed yesterday that when I plugged the power cable of the subwoofer (to which the speakers are connected to), the right channel speaker was working for a while like it should, then it stopped. Also, I've also noticed both speakers have a low buzzing sound, and the buzzing sound doesn't go away regardless of changing the volume. But I really just want my right speaker to work again. And by the way, I am not a sound techie so I won't understand a lot of tech jargon. I know that there are so many places to start, but if anyone can help me out with what I should do from the information I just gave, that would be awesome! Thanks!
  17. Hello this is my new promedia i have integrated the amplifier module in a jbl subwoofer with a jm lab cub speaker this system was really very nice. ARNAUD
  18. Had my Promedia 2.1 for about 2 years or so and I've loved it. Unfortunately, after sitting for 6 months while I was deployed it has started giving off a really bad annoying whine. I've troubleshot it down to the sub giving off the sound. I know this for sure, because once the whine started I unplugged everything from the sub and it was still there until a unplugged the power to the sub. The only "fix" I've found is if I run some bass heavy music through it for a couple minutes the whine will then go away for about 10 minutes and then returns. I thought it might have been some issues with it sitting next to my computer tower, some kind of interference, but I isolated the sub and moved it away from everything else and the problem still exists. Any ideas whats wrong and If I can fix it? -Thank You.
  19. My ProMedia 2.1 system sometimes works fine. Other times when I power it up, it doesn't fully get there. In this case, the power indicator light doesn't come on and there is light crackling/noise that is not affected by the volume knob. Occasionally, the system overcomes its power up problem and finally kicks in, usually with a good low end pop. Again, this is not all the time, just occasionally. When it works, it works great. When it doesn't, it's pretty stubborn and won't power up until its ready. Thoughts?
  20. Hi All. . . This is my first post. I own ProMedia 2.1 speakers and subwoofer and have them connected to my laptop. Great sound! Recently moved to a new location. When I reconnected ProMedia 2.1, the L channel out from the subwoofer (which of course connects to the L speaker) does not work. I've tried reversing the L and R connections and have isolated the issue to the L channel out from the subwoofer. Anyone have an idea on how to resolve the issue. I contacted Klipsch and they suggested a new sound card to be installed in the subwoofer. Problem is, it's $85. . .kind of a lot of money for me. If the sound card is the issue, 1) does anyone know where I can get a compatible or less expensive sound card that can restore sound to both of these excellent speakers (and the subwoofer), and 2) anyone know if replacing the sound card is difficult. . .or where I could get instructions on this? Thank you for answering either or both of these questions. Much appreciated. Markinrockford
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