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  1. I have used these Quartet’s about 4 years as surrounds in my surround system (Academy and Forte2’s). However, I have moved and decided to go 2channel only. I am selling my surround system to fund a new 2 channel system. I purchased this pair from a forum member. They are in good but not great shape. See pictures for condition, a handful of veneer chips like the one shown. The scratches shown are the worst but there are others also. These sound great and the drivers and radiators appear to be in good shape. The grills are also in good shape. Local sale only, can audition. Forte2s and Academy listed separately. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/220871-fs-academy-300-kansas-city/ https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/220873-fs-forte2s-750-kansas-city/
  2. I like my modified Chorus 1's so much, I recently picked up a mint set of Quartets (Chorus's little brother) so I can set up a music room for my Dad. The rear passive radiators are both perfect, but I was worried they wouldn't stay that way forever... After alot of thinking, here's my "fix" : Ordered a set of metal car audio subwoofer grills from Amazon. 2 packs of small neodymium disc magnets from Ace Hardware. A pair of knockoff (IE:fake) Klipsch pie logos from ebay I think they look awesome, I even like em better than before! The cool thing is the magnets are just stuck to the passive frames & the grills are then stuck to the magnets. They grills came with a piece of rubber/trim which helps them not grab the magnet too tight for easy removal (neodymium magnets are CRAZY strong) The Quartet's have a 12" passive & I checked specs on quite a few grills before I found a pair that were just right & fit the factory cutout EXACTLY. They really look like they were made that way 😃. The same concept would work for Forte's & Chorus II's if you used 15" grills.
  3. Looking to buy two olive grills for quartet. I believe they would be a #20 vs #19 for black. I would be willing to trade the two black that I have. Thanks
  4. Hi all, First post here! I'm more active over at AK and posted there but have not gotten any responses so will try here. I have a DIY 300B amp and have been looking for speakers for a long time... finally picked up a pair of Quartets from CL. I'll be doing most of the usual "upgrades" but have 2 particular questions: 1) Electrolytic cap value -- In the schematic it seems to be 50 or 60uf (can't really tell which), but currently there is 80uf there. I was wondering how crucial the number is here actually? Do I need to put a 80-82uf cap in there, or will a 68uf or 100uf work as well? Asking since I have preferred choices in those values 2) Any recommendations for gasket, particularly the 12" passive radiator? After removing it to do XO work, it appears to be very thin and may tear. Thanks in advance!
  5. Title says it all. Take a look. Pricing as follows. Forte II - 500 (sold) Quartet- 500 (sold) 3 Academy-600 All the grills are mint and original. Forte's and Quartets are Mint Mint. Acadamy's vary in condition, price is for ALL 3.
  6. These hardly ever come up around here. Little pricey but these might be worth it. https://nashville.craigslist.org/ele/d/absolutely-mint-klipsch/6559252692.html
  7. In my own research I found this unnoticed tidbit of information, and would like to add to the reference base with some documentation for evidence, and an example for proof. I own a pair of Klipsch Quartet with brown speaker grills. I thought they were rare in that they were special order only, but I had no idea how rare. I have only found one other instance of the brown cloth on the forums in a pair of Forte. If you have a brown speaker grill from a pair of Chorus I,II, or Forte I,II, or Quartet please post a photo for the archives. As you can see in the photo I provided below the grills are not like the black Forte II grill I placed for reference. I would say the color is not actually brown, but more of a dusty gray with drab olive green tint. The fabric thread is courser, thicker, and not poly/nylon. Possible a wool blend. I will try to contact Duracrest for the actual thread and weave used. And for the documentation I provide to you links to 3 dealer price lists showing the option being available for KG1, KG3 ,KG4, QUARTET, FORTE II, CHORUS I, CHORUS II http://images.klipsch.com/Pricelist_891001_635164927565692000.pdf http://images.klipsch.com/Pricelist_901000_635164927604848000.pdf http://images.klipsch.com/Pricelist_940801_635164927620604000.pdf It states: Speaker which feature grille cloth as standard equipment will be shipped with black grill cloth unless another color is ordered. Grill cloth for Quartet, Forte II, Chorus II are: black(19) and brown(20). Academy available in black grill. KLIPSCH HERITAGE SERIES HISTORICAL REFERENCE DATA Edit to: section 8. GRILLS TYPES & CLOTH CODES (Part-2) edit as follows Add to the list: #20 = Duracrest #20, brown, weave (Forte, Chorus, etc.) So the results would give the following VIII. KLIPSCH GRILLS & CLOTH CODES: #03 = Cane #13 = Heritage brown #15 = White/black coarse weave #17 = Duracrest, black, poly-olefin, stranded, coarse weave (Heritage only) #18 = Duracrest, brown, poly-olefin, stranded, coarse weave (Heritage only) #19 = Duracrest #19, black, poly/ nylon, flat weave (Forte, Chorus, etc.) #20 = Duracrest #20, brown, weave (Forte, Chorus, etc.)
  8. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/6459248946.html No affiliation. I might be interested in the La Scala cabs if anyone wanted to do a group buy & haul, but they'd have to be coming through STL because I have no way of hauling anything.
  9. I have been acquiring and accumulating a collection of extended heritage Klipsch over the last 10 years, most being more recent. I decided to ask the members to help me choose what to keep, sell, trade, replace, upgrade, modify, or put in cryogenic storage . I have a 5.4.1 channel set up in my main listening space of approx. 15'W x 29"L with a sort of U-shape. The rest of the equipment I use is finally up in my signature. If anyone wants to PM me for an offer that is fine, but this is not intended as a sell thread, I will do that later on as a parallel thread to this one in the garage section, if/when/what goes up for sale. I am located 30 miles outside Madison, Wisconsin and anyone wanting to have a listening session may also send a PM. I am not affiliated with any business, not in sales, not flipping for profit, not trying to fish, not trying to donate my stuff. I am trying to contribute here. Try to stay on topic please. If anyone would like to start or suggest another thread to address any specific A/B comparisons, I would contribute to another thread as well. I will be doing some A/B here, but large heavy speakers are not easily rotated in and out. All these Klipsch speakers are of the passive radiator type, so placement here does apply. I intend to move the Quartets off the stands and place their replacements directly on the floor at the same location they are in currently. The single RSW-10 subwoofer, also passive radiator, is currently under the Quartet on the right in the pic. I have just added another to my collection, a matched pair of Oiled Oak Chorus II that will be replacing something in my listening space to accommodate them according to how this thread goes. -My Center channel is a Black lacquer HALF of a matched pair of Forte II + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Klipsch sourced k-53-ti midrange driver assembly + Crites bandpass board + Crites crossovers. It sits sideways on a Black glass tv stand underneath the tv 15" clearance from the back wall 28" up to centerline. -The other HALF is stored with equal modifications intact. All original parts are stored. Condition = 98/100 The other center channel speakers I have stored are: -1 of 3 Academy Black lacquer + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossover. All original parts are stored. Condition = 98/100 -2 of 3 Academy Black lacquer + Original box, styrofoam, and plastic sleeve. Condition 92/100 -3 of 3 Academy Oiled Oak stock. Condition 93/100 -1 of 2 KV-3 Oiled Oak. Condition 98/100 -2 of 2 KV-3 Oiled Oak. Condition 98/100 -My Front channel is set as matched pair of Chorus II Oiled Walnut with Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossovers. Condition 96/100 Maybe I should upgrade change the Chorus II midrange to Ti as I did with the Forte II? All original parts are stored -My Surround channel is a matched pair of Oiled Oak Quartets + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossovers. All original parts are stored. Condition 98/100 -My Single Subwoofer is Black lacquer RSW-10. Space and neighbors are a concern here. The flow chart of the proposed changes is as follows: Should I keep looking for another pair of Chorus II to split up with another local I know of who is trying for a 5 channel all Chorus II room. Should I replace rear Quartets with newly acquired Chorus II in stock condition, with modifications to follow later Should I Put 1 pair Quartets up for sale Should I split a matched pair Forte II and put HALF up for sale Should I Put 3 Academy centers up for sale individually, 2 in Black could be used as an expansion to 7.1 or 9.1 in height/rear/surround locations Should I Put 2 KV-3 centers up for sale individually, 2 in Oak could be used as an expansion to 7.1 or 9.1 in height/rear/surround locations I will be editing this post as needed as the thread develops. Any of my Klipsch could go into my second listening space that is currently occupied by JBL L100T3 and other T3 variants. I did just sell a pair of JBL L80T3 in light oak. Not sure why I would move the rest. I am thankful for all those here who have gotten me to this point.
  10. As the title says. Does anyone have a pair they are interested in selling? I have oiled oak Forte IIs in wonderful shape that I am willing to trade.
  11. Yeah; I caught the Klipsch bug, big time, and it's barely been two years! When I first started this addiction, I had my heart set on a pair of Forte's. Along the way, I got sidetracked by the history and reputation of the Heritage Series, so my first Klipsch's were Heresy II's. I really overpaid for them, but once I get my mind on a path, it's stuck, so I didn't flinch when the first decent pair came up for sale. Only after I bought them did I pay attention to the forum and see that they had a reputation of being a little "light" in the bass, and of course the forum was right. But the bass was tight, and they were beasts when I turned up the volume. That got me thinking about the twinky speakers I have in the basement (Bose 161's) and their anemic bass. I quested for and found a Klipsch kg subwoofer. Worked like a charm. Now I started thinking about buying another one for my Heresy's, but the kg subwoofer is rare as hen's teeth. Who knows how long I'd have to wait until one came available? The more I thought about it, Forte's would be too large for my living space but lo' and behold, Forte's have a little brother in the Quartet. The idea of owning a pair festered in my brain. Until tonight. Long story short, I paid $250 for a pair of Quartets locally. Some water damage to the veneer on the tops, and some of the drivers' screws show signs of rust but otherwise they're fine enough for used speakers and for what I paid. But honestly, listening to them now, they're TOO MUCH. These things dig deep into the bass but it's certainly not "false bass"; I had to drop the 36, 60, and 120Hz equalizer settings to -6dB and they're still crushing it. These things are just crazy. I live in a condo and as far as I quizzed my neighbors, they never heard my Heresy's. The Quartets however...I might just be "pissing off the neighbors" as the T-shirt says. I'm already thinking of flipping this purchase and downsizing. Any suggestions? Hold out for a kg subwoofer? Kg4's?
  12. Before I go to the trouble to move heavy speakers around and ruin my back for a week, I'd like to know if anyone has an opinion on these two speaker models. I'm currently using kg4.5's as my front main speakers in an Atmos 7.3.4 setup. They are each placed on top of a sub and they are really quite high. I've always liked their bass response but sometimes they can sound a bit shrill. However, the audessey eq in my amp does a good job in balancing the sound well. I have a beautiful pair of oak quartets sitting unused in a spare room. Although they have a slightly larger footprint, they aren't bigger than the subs they'd sit on top of. They are shorter however. And as such I think they might look better in the room. But how does the sound compare between the kg4.5 and the quartets? Low bass is not an issue since there are three subs in this room, a 15", 12", and 10". Efficiency is a bit of a consideration. But mainly should the three way quartets have better sound than the two way 4.5's?
  13. I picked up some nice Quartets this afternoon and have been running them all night. What a revelation (to me). Now I understand the dynamics, immediacy and the 'live in the room sound'. I'm not hearing any horn honk, harshness or all of the negatives I've read and expected. As soon as I lit them up my wife said "these are the best you have". The vocals sound very natural, the bass is very solid, strong output. The top end is not as extended or airy as the EMIT ribbons in my VMPS speakers. The soundstage is not out in front of the speakers as much as the planar mids, slightly less 3d imaging. But everything else is better. It just sounds live. The dynamics of horns, guitars, drums, much better. Vocals more natural. I have them out 20" from the wall, it's a big room. they fill it. I don't hear the boxiness some complained of, in smaller rooms with the speakers too close to the back wall. I hear no reason to damp the horns or mess with the mid horn. I'm guessing the titanium diaphragms will give me the extension I want in the tweeters. I'm very happy with these. I should mention I am using a big high current CODA amp 200 watts per channel at 8ohms 400 at 4ohms. But, The IRL preamp I have is very neutral sounding with variable gain settings. I'm on the lowest setting.
  14. I recently aquired a Dynaco ST-70 and a pair of Quartets. When I turn the volume up with the Dynaco running through the Quartets, it sounds a bit "bright" or "harsh." However you describe it, I am disappointed by it. The Quartets sound smoother at high volume with my solid state amps (Carver m1.0t, Yamaha A-1020 integrated, or self-assembled ebay JLH 15 watt class A, Toshiba SA-775 reciever). When I run the Dynaco through my KG 4.2s, it sounds better to my ears. It sounds warmer, more "cohesive," and less harsh. I notice this most easily with female vocals, but it seems to be there with everything. I am currently using an Onkyo TX-8050 as a preamp (with a Little Bear phono preamp) and wonder if a different preamp would help. I use the Onkyo as a preamp for the solid state stuff though, so I'm not sure that would help. Does anyone have any suggestions for making my Dynaco-Quartet combo sound better?
  15. Hi, I am selling a consecutive serial number klipsch quartet for $425 located at Lombard Illinois 60148.
  16. Hi all! This is my first thread here. It's been great being able to have access to all the information and expertise contained in the community. Thanks to all the members who I have learned from. I am the proud owner of three pairs of Klipsch speakers. Quartets, earlier Heresy ii and Tangent 500. The Quartets and Tangent 500s have upgraded crossover capacitors. The Quartets have Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms. The Tangent 500s have had their cabs extensively braced and dampened so that they are very quiet and well damped. The Heresy ii are stock. I find that the Heresy ii are my favourite. This is because the other two pairs both have an odd thickness to vocals, especially female vocals, that makes them sound as though there is an emphasis on the deeper notes of all vocals. It's a subtle, but noticeable emphasis on the lower midrange that sounds unnatural and is distracting. Crossover upgrades were done with higher quality caps of the same values, and they had this problem before and after the cap upgrades. I'm wondering if this is something that anyone else has noticed, and if there is anything that I can change in the crossover or elsewhere that might solve this issue. I use mostly my own DIY single ended tube amps to power the speakers. Any advice of recommendations would be appreciated.
  17. Dear All, First of all I am living in Cambodia ..... I am looking to buy a pair of Quartet (the lightweight in this range, mainly for shipping reasons but if price is good could be forte II, Chorus ...) Has to be in good technical condition (no possibility to repair hifi here ...), no problem with cosmetic defect Integrated amp, power amp, amp and preamp coming on side is / are welcome (adcom, lynn, dynaco, parasound, onkyo, mcintosh ...) And for sure everything has to be accurately hard packed and shipped to Cambodia ... I know its a lot to ask, but I am in a no hifi land and I don't see other possibilities, BTW any good ideas welcome Bests .
  18. Dear All, Great and impressive community , tons of information, thoughts, experiences and experiments shared, and Always in a fair and constructive manner, Congrats. I hope I am posting at the right place Well to make it short, I am looking for : - first : for a pair of quartet speakers, or forte II with upgrades, or ... (don't care so much about the cosmetic condition) - second : if I could get an amp or amp and preamp pack in the same deal (if it could make some savings for the shipping), it would be great (adcom, lynn, dynaco, onkyo, parasound, mcintosh ...) - the best for the end, I am living in Cambodia ..... ;-) ... Yes that's the main point .... Means not possible to repair nor upgrade the material .... Huge Shipping Costs .... Strong and Accurate Packaging Mandatory .... And for sure I am far to be a millionaire ... ;-) Thanks in advance for your advice Bests Andeol .
  19. Hello, Klipsch speakers pack in Canada : 2 Forte II + 2 Quartet + 1 KLF C-7 = around 1150 USD !!!! http://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/markham-york-region/klipsch-forte-ii-quartet-and-klf-c-7/1198178476 I am a bit far from these, goods are in Canada and I am in Cambodia, a lot too much stuff to ship, otherwise I would have gone there to buy the pack straight away ... If good condition what a deal !! Enjoy for the ones who can reach the goods ;-)
  20. Which would you choose for 2-channel if you had a choice between Forte II's and Quartets? What's a good price for each?
  21. No affiliation... Looks like a really nice pair of Quartets at a great price. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/5739365972.html
  22. Pair of Quartets (black finish) - SOLD Overall good condition. All original with risers. Pickup in Central CT (Hartford area) or weekdays in Danbury CT (close to NY state border along I-84).
  23. I've been cleaning up a pair of Klipsch Quartet's that I'll be powering with my Amps & Sound Classic Wonder single ended 6B4G triode tube amp. The squawkers and tweeters both run too high in comparison to the woofers, and I'd like to reduce them by about 5dB. Currently I have a pair of Heresy II's that I'm using $89 ALK Engineering transformer tweeter attenuators (set a -5db). What value of resisters can I use to accomplish the exact same thing without spending $89 a set? Thanks, Mike
  24. A few years ago I gave my dad a pair of RF 3 speakers. Today, he came over and we sat around listening to some LP's. My pair of forte's recently purchased from a fellow forum member where so wonderful that dad now wants a pair... So here they are. Willing to trade for a decent pair of 3 way Klipsch.
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