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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone! My receiver has the option for two subs but I currently only have 1 R-10SW connected. Should I get a second R-10SW or just replace it with something more powerful? I like the current sub but feel it can’t always hit the really low frequencies and chuffs sometimes during big action scenes. Let me know your thought. Thanks
  2. Hello.. first post in the Klipsch forums. Been a lurker for a while as I was shopping for speakers. I'm looking for advice as I'm something of a neophyte when it comes to speaker setups. Until now, I've really just used shelf systems, computer speakers, sound bars, etc. Recently I delved back into the vinyl world and purchased a turntable. I've been using it with my computer speakers but wanted to push it up to something better. After doing quite a bit of research, and not wanting to go the full HT route, I chose to go with some Klipsch R-15PM bookshelf speakers and joined them to a Klipsch R-10SW sub. The room I'm using this setup for is approximately 18' x 12' with 10' ceiling. My first question. Upon first usage, I was somewhat disappointed in the sound. The sound was something akin to "muddled". If that makes any sense. I was expecting to hear some higher end highs and of course lower lows considering the sub was included. Everything seemed just kind of middle of the road. Is this to be expected from the R15-PM? Next question, is the R-10SW sub a good match for the R-15PM? Or should I have opted to step up a size (or 2) on the sub? Follow-up question, is there a preferred setting on the sub to make it sound best? I know it should be dialed in, but I'm afraid I'm just not setting it right to begin with.. Any insight or personal experience with this speaker and/or sub combo would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  3. Total noob here. Just bought this sub to complement my Vanatoo Transpanent Zero speakers. What frequency should I use?
  4. Hey, I purchased the r-15PM's with the r-10SW a couple months ago. Everything worked great, until recently when the monitors won't turn on. The sub's getting power and is working, but the monitors will not turn on. I tried different outlets, manual turn off/on, nothing. What would the next troubleshoot be in my case? How to check if a fuse blew out? Should I use a different power cord and try that? Thank you, Deece
  5. I recently bought the r-15pm studio monitors and a single r-10sw 10" subwoofer for my personal studio, ran through my computer. In order to make the most out of my sound, maximizing it's quality, I've been told that I should use an audio interface for my speakers. As of now I use the usb input to the speakers on the back of one of the monitors with the sub connected to the monitor. I wasn't sure as the speaker is connected via usb rather than the audio outputs on the back of the computer. If so, would the audio interface drastically increase sound quality?
  6. I Own a Pioneer Elite SC-63 receiver. I recently purchased a set of RP-250F floorstands for my front left and right channel. I use the R-10SW sub, a Polk audio RM8 Center (budget, junk) and 2 Polk RM8 satellites for surround (chose them for the bi-directional cones, and budget) overall, an introductory home theater with an adequate sound field. My receiver has a feature called advanced MCACC, where i simply plug in the provided sensitive microphone into the receiver, place it at center listening position at ear level, and the receiver does all the dynamic adjustments for acoustics, distance, channel volumes and so on. It does a great job with the distance and channel volumes. The receiver is capable of bi-amping speakers with such an option. I use the top poles of the floorstands with my left and right channels. (yes, I did remove the brass couplers). The receiver specifies that I use the surround-back channels to bi-amp the bottom poles of the floorstands. I'm almost certain I have this setup correctly. I've also went into the receiver menu and setup of the front L+R channels as bi-amp. the final setup for my HT after the full automation MCACC: Front left and right: Large, Bi-amped Center: Small Surround rears: small Surround back: supplemental Bi-amped Front high: not used Crossover frequency: 150Hz I have 2 LFE sub outs: I use one LFE out to the sub, the LFE is rolled all the way up on the sub, and the gain is rolled back to about 1/4-1/3 of the way from zero. (any more, and the automation complains that the sub gain is too high) my problem: Front channels set to large...Is this right, considering I'm bi-amping? and the crossover frequency set so high? 150hz seems high considering the capabilities of the floorstands. Also, will my rear surrounds suffer if I bring my crossover down to 80hz? I know the receiver is much smarter than me, however when I'm jamming to zepplin or frampton, I use the EX. Stereo option on my receiver. This in my opinion, creates the most magnificent sound field in my living room, but I'm afraid my satellites will suffer from the lower crossover frequency. I listen to music at moderately high, to holy shit volumes. P.S. When I watch a bluray, Such as The Avengers, or Dark Knight rises, I aim for sharing my home theater experience with the neighbors on the backside of my property. I want to experience the Hulk, smashing.
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