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Found 15 results

  1. I got a pair of Klipsch Reference Premier towers speakers. I somehow got scratches on the front panel behind the grille. It has a special textured finish. Anybody know a solution to get rid of scratches. Edit. Added speaker tag
  2. I have Pioneer SC-LX901 and Klipsch RP-280F speakers; both of them are Bi-Amp capable. since my current configuration is (5.1) setup. so I can Use Height 1 speakers' output for high frequency connected to HF in RP-280F and Front Speakers output will be connected to MF in RP-280F (Bi-Amp). shell this configuration gives me any benefits in term of sound quality ? shell I do Bi-Amp (single AV Receiver 2 amplified channels) or not ?
  3. Hi, So i am currently waiting for my new 5.1 system to arrive ( 2x RP-280F, 2x RP-160M, RP-440C & R-115SW with Denon AVR X2600H), and i'm trying to gather some information regarding setup and settings in the meantime. If I already have a center channel, should i use it listening to music, or stick to 2.1? I know i should do what i think sounds best, but is there any advantages or disadvatages with using a center speaker with music? I have noticed the Denon receiver has some "quick select settings" buttons on the remote, but i haven't been able to find any specific details on it. Therefore i'm wondering if anyone has experience with Denon receivers and changing between settings. Say for example i'm watching a movie in 5.1 with my front speakers set to small, and i want to listen to some music in 2.1 with fronts (L/R) set to large, is there any way to save settings and switch easily between them?
  4. Hi there I have a Marantz SR-7010 receiver and I added the following speakers: Floor standing Klipsch RP-280f Center Klipsch Rp-450c Subwoofer Klipsch R-112SW I run the marantz audyssey setup and then went manually to touch the central speaker and raise it up 5db more. Im quite happy with the movie dialogs they sound crystal clear but I need to still tweak the subwoofer a little more. I want a more tight punch. My speakers are set to small and the crossovers are: Rp-280f says fullband central 40hz and then in the sub config its LFE 120hz (at the back of the sub I have the auto OFF, phase to 0 and gain around 3/4db. that according to audyssey its 75db) Any hint in how to configure correclty this set up for a tighter punch. Room size is 20 square meters approx. If you need any other detail let me know, thanks a lot
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new in the forum, and got in here because I was tempted to get the reference premiere RP-260F floorstanders, like it more the 280F, but I prefer to be just right in the middle between the 250 and 280, and compensating with a subwoofer the smaller 6,5" woofers of the 260F. Anyway, I got to the store and they run out of the RP-260F, and not getting any RP-250/260/280F anymore, since, as they said, Klipsch is replacing them with the "all new reference premiere" rp line, to be said; 5000, 6000 and 8000F respectively. (BTW, I'm not in the states, so I'm not buying directlty from Klipsch, crutchfield, BB, others, handling, taxes, and mostly, shipping) They still have a pair of RP-280F, and they're also expecting a shipment of RP-5000/6000/8000F in the next few weeks. Have you guys any thoughts about the comparable RP-6000F with the one I wanted to buy?, the RP-260F? (same woofers size), how would it compare the RP-6000F with the available RP-280F? The price of these two are almost the same here. Thanks in advance for your advice!
  6. I want to upgrade to the Klipsch Reference Premiere series but space is a problem in my 14 ft wide by 16-1/2 ft long by 8-3/4 ft high room. The plan is to, over time, upgrade to a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos configuration. I was reading that the difference between using the RP-280F vs the RP-160M is a question of low range, which a sub-woofer is better suited to handle (I plan to use the RS-112SW sub-woofers). So what about using the Klipsch in-walls instead of the bookshelf RP-160M speakers for front speakers? Also, with the RP-160M's I only have space for 1 subwoofer (hidden inside a credenza). If I use in-wall speakers, then I have floor space for up 2 of the RS-112SW sub-woofers in the front of the room. Grateful for your feedback on this. Equipment Plan Fronts - ??? Center - RP-450CA Subwoofer - RS-112SW Side Surrounds - RP-250S Rear Surrounds - RP-160M Ceiling - 4 Proficient Audio C850 In-Ceiling Speakers AVR - Denon AVR-X4400H Receiver
  7. Hello friends am building a new DIY home theater with a pair of RP-280FA, 450C, pair of 260S and 115SW. Not much experience in AV RECEIVER. So it is 5.1.2 system with 8 channel driven? Please suggest which one to go for, which should able to power these beasts. Manufacturer specs are very confusing.
  8. I have 2 of the RP 280's 2 of the RP 160M's and a pair of RP 240S would you trade that set for 4 82 ii's and 2 Klipsch RB-61 II?
  9. Hi All, this is my first post in the forum and im glad to join the Klipsch community. Currently, i am using 2 sets of floor standing (RF-82 ii's and Synergy F-30's) as my front speakers. powered with Emotiva XPA2 and XPA3 and the processor is Marantz SR7010. i have tow questions and i need your suggestion. 1) do you suggest to have 2 sets of front speakers ? 2) i am thinking to upgrade my F-30 with RP-280F components? do you think it is good idea ? please advise.
  10. Hey so I plan on finishing my basement and turning it into a theater room, one area that I plan on using is 14ft wide by 18 feet long. I have a Yamaha aventage 2070 receiver powering x2 RP-280f, RP450c, a R 112 sub and using some small Yamaha satellite speakers as my surrounds, I also picked up 4 cdt-5800 ceiling speakers for when I get that project downstairs rolling but was wondering about my surround speakers, My final setup will be a 5.1.4 and have some old infinity towers laying around that ill most likely use but was looking online and saw a pair of Forte ii speakers for $350, I really like the look but would it be worth getting and using as surrounds? or as my fronts and use my RP-280f's as my rear surrounds? I'm probably good with what I have but mentally cant turn down those Fortes..
  11. Hello everyone, I am somewhat new to the home theater world so please pardon some of my ignorance. During recent sale at adorama, I bought a pair of RP-280f (mains), RP-450c (center). I also bought RP-160m as part of that bundle but they are too big for rear speakers so I am planning to sell those and get the rp series surround speakers at a later date (maybe next year). i (will be) using the speakers 60-70% of the time for music. Considering that, what receiver do you recommend for my speakers (Rp-280f, RP-450c). My living room is probably around 20 ft wide, 16 ft long (bot no wall at the back so if I add the kitchen, it is probably 26 ft long). I am hoping to spend around $900 for receiver. Let me know what you guys recommend. I looked at Denon AVR-X3300W which seemed like a good option from my limited knowledge. I don't plan to blow up the speakers so i thought I don't need to match the 150W of rp-280f. Or will I damage with a receiver that has 100-125W (at 8 ohms) per channel? Also I have been told that cables are a big deal so I need to get good quality cables. Do you have any recommendation for those (including any websites)? Dumb question but do I also need banana plugs? I really appreciate y'all taking time and replying to my questions. Thanks!!!!
  12. Howdy everyone! Please forgive any layman's terms, or face-palming I might cause. I'm new to all this. I've decided to invest in a decent speaker system. Right now I'm using some cheap Sony bookshelves I bought back in high school, a cheap Polk center channel, and some hand-me-down towers. All powered by a Pioneer VSX-552 700W 5.1 amp I bought a couple years ago. I got a new job and want to upgrade, as I really like movies and very much love music. However, I can't drop the kind of cash all at once for what I want. I've got 2 RP-280F's on the way, and eventually want to build up to a Reference Premiere 7.1 or 7.2 system consisting of 4 RP-280F's - 2 in front, 2 in back 1 RP-450C - Center channel obviously 2 RP-250S's - directly left and right 1-2 R-115SW - as there isn't a RP sub (*sigh*) Some sort of receiver to be purchased later when I'll have the components to warrant the need of a 7.1/7.2 receiver. I don't know if I want to do an Atmos system, but can add the elevation speakers later if I want; don't think I will. My question is this: WHAT DO I BUY NEXT!?!?!?????? I was thinking the center channel, as I can still use my dad's towers (hand-me-downs) for the back L & R. Then the sub, then the other 2 RP-280F's, then finally the 2 RP-250's and the 7.1 receiver to finish it off. FYI, my dad's hand-me-downs are 2 Synergistics S-62's. They're very decent speakers, but I think the Klipsch's will show them up. I would love any kind of advice or input the community here might offer. I'm worried that I'm missing something obvious, and it will come back to bite me in the butt. THANKS IN ADVANCE!! - Joe
  13. Hi all there! Im new to the Klipsch world and I kicked off with a Marantz SR7010 + Klipsch RP-280F to start with my home theater build for music and movies purposes. In the near future im planing to add the 450C center channel and a RP-115SW sub.... at the end depending on size of my future room size some RP-150 or RP260F as rear ones, but at the moment I live with only my floorstanding speakers. So far I'm inlove with my initial setup for music BUT not that much regarding movies. Im lacking bass punch at a decent volumen level, to put everyone in my scenario: * Marantz amp goes from 0 to 98 in volumen level, so I watch them in 65. * I use my 55 inch 4k tv to reproduce my movies with audio DTS support, Netflix or PC with HDMI. Connections: * Single wire Eagel 18 gauge cable (keeping the golden metal plate at the back of the speakers that RP-280F brings with them from LF to HF) to the respective front left/right speakers connections in the Marantz amp. * Marantz to TV through HDMI (ARC) monitor connector. I'm lacking that shock that I was expecting of an 8 inch cooper woofers that the speakers got,so my concern is, Do I have something wrong in the way I reproduce movies or how I hooked everything up? I know that when the RP-115SW arrives im going to be in heaven in terms of movie experience or at least thats what I expect. Thanks for reading and any tips advices are welcome!
  14. Hi guys! this my first post on this forum; I bought 5 days back a home theater 5.1 Setup with Klipsch reference premiere speakers (RP-280F, RP450CA, RP-250S & R-115SW) and A/V receiver is Pioneer Elite SC-LX901. I am glad that I purchased Klipsch speakers; they are amazing. I never heard such a natural sound like these speakers as well as the heavy bass of the sub-woofer. I bought Pioneer SC-LX901 so that I will upgrade my home theater after one your to Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 Setup. now my only concern is Do Pioneer SC-LX901 is best choice for these speakers since these speakers required 150W while the receiver is 140 W/ch (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, THD 0.08 %, 2ch Driven FTC) Please Advice me !
  15. In-Wall Central Channel R-5502-W II match with RP-280F ? Hello, Following the discussion on my central speaker problem ( https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/160840-central-channel-setup/ ), I decided to go with a Klipsch in-wall speaker. I plan to build a in-wall cabinet (in denser premium grade MDF) to give to the speaker the same angle that the TV. Is this a good match to mix the R-5502-W II with the RP-280F? Do they have a similar sound for the Twitter and the Bass? Do the follow the other speakers ? Left and Right : RP-280F Center : R-5502-W II Woofer: R-110SW Surround: RP-140SA A/V Receiver: Yamaha RX-A3050 Thanks, BLabrie
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