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Found 10 results

  1. Opinions on the Anthem MRX 1120 as a stand alone receiver without any extra power amps attached to it? Thinking about getting one to complete my 7.2.4 atmos setup. Rf-7ii's and Rc-64ii in the front. Cheers
  2. How far off the Wall is best for bass response in my RF-7ii’s?
  3. First time posting, so apologies for mistakes or poor posting etiquette. I purchased the RF-7ii speakers and matching RF-64 ii center channel a few months back, it was my first time "investing" in speakers. I'm always owned klipsch speakers; towers, bookshelf, computer, earpods, etc. My current set-up is a sony STR-DN1070 AVR pushing about 165 watts per channel. The RF's are bi-amped. I've been very happy with the sound and clarity of my set-up, I have a smaller apartment currently, and purchased the RF's to force me to buy a house... With that said, would adding an Outlaw 5000 amp to the set-up make any difference? I understand that adding an amp to anything will make it sound better, but is it a noticeable difference? If so, could you share your experience? The 5000 is currently $599.00 and from the reviews that I've read, it is a great amp for the money. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. Steve
  4. I just got done making some homemade coupling/decoupling pads for my new Klipsch RF-7ii's. As I have slightly uneven and hollow tile floors over concrete (which has caused sonic issues with all of my floorstanders in the past), this is an upgrade I have been very curious about trying. To start, I cut 1.5" thick granite plinths, then fitted natural cork feet and a thick layer of blue-tack to decouple the granite and from the floor. I then built new bases for the speakers out of 3/4" MDF, adding coupling spikes to all four corners. My goal was not to isolate the speakers from the floor, but to strike a balance between coupling and decoupling, reducing or eliminating unwanted reverberations from the floor, while providing enough cabinet stability to reduce extraneous cabinet movement. I tried to be as objective as possible (while still being completely lazy), so I did some before / during / after listening to a handful of tracks that I use for reference listening. No mics / spectrometers used, only my ears. Upon first impression: improved mid range definition and tightness in the bass. When listening with only one speaker stand done, I noticed that the imaging pulled toward that speaker (without calling attention to the speaker itself). To be sure, I adjusted the MLP to account for the increased height of the stands, and noticed no difference in the sound. Especially at loud (over reference) volumes, I have noticed that certain tracks that we're previously harsh in my (very lively) room are much more tolerable, even for extended listening periods. Overall, I am quite pleased with the results so far! Pictures attached for anyone interested.
  5. A while back, I acquired (free) a RF-7II speaker that had significant cabinet/veneer damage. Its just been sitting around since then and I'm wondering what I could do with it. Aside from saving the parts for potential repairs to my RF-7II's in use already, that is. I've had Klipsch gear for 15+ years now and I've never had any mechanical/technical issues, so it seems like it would be a better idea to use the internals for something else. Any good ideas out there? I thought about trying to make a center channel. Or trying to use the parts to restore a pair of Sansui SP-1000's that have been sitting idle for 20 years at my parents' place. I'd be open to just about anything... Thanks for any and all suggestions!
  6. There's a pair of Classic RF-7 speakers for sale in my area, with factory-upgraded crossovers. I'm interested but not finding much info on them. Can anyone tell me: - How do Classic RF-7's compare with RF-7II's sonically? - Are Classic RF-7's better for 2-channel music or 5.1 home theater? What types of music or movies are they best suited for? (my AVR is a Yamaha A-3000, my 2-channel amps are Odyssey Stratos Monos) - When would you choose La Scala's over Classic RF-7's or RF-7II's? Thanks in advance for enabling my latest obsession...
  7. Hey everyone. First time poster. I was hoping for some help in regards to speaker placement and I am still deciding on what extra back surrounds + atmos (in ceiling x4) to get. I currently have: KLIPSCH X2 Rf-82ii RC62ii 2x rs52ii sw112 ONKYO Tx sr 707 (7.2). My partner and I have just purchased a house (moving in,doc in 2 weeks) so I am going to move the current setup excluding the surrounds into the rumpus room and order in the rf7ii and rc64ii (In cherry)Keep the Rs 52iis and maybe order a second set for the back surround? And I was thinking of ordering 4xcdt5800-c ii in ceiling speakers + the onkyo txsr3030 (11.2/7.2.4). Cost wise I can only afford the LCR right now and will want to upgrade to the new amp/ceiling speakers/ back surrounds in a month or so. Then move onto a better sub and then the 4K tv upgrade at Christmas time. So any money I can save without lose of quality would be awesome Does any one here run the rs52ii's with the Rf 7ii fronts? Should I be looking at the rs62ii's instead? Has any one also had an experience with the Klipsch CDT5800ii's for use with atmos? Should I get the model down? The issue I'm wondering is the room these are all going in has a large glass window where the LCR will be placed. Not sure how this is going to sound until I test it. I will attach photos for opinions. Any assistance in speaker layout or different speakers to purchase are most welcome. Thanks heaps.
  8. Hey, Still deciding what atmos speakers I should get. I can definitely go in ceiling which is a plus. Does anyone have any experience with any in ceiling speakers. I'm thinking about getting th CDT-5800c-ii I will have the front half of the system as Rf-7ii and rc-64ii. Surrounds as Rs-52ii rear surround and Rs-62ii as side surrounds. Planning for a 7.2.4 setup Cheers
  9. Available in central Massachusetts. They're in great condition and have been used very lightly. Looking to sell of possibly partially trade them. See craigslist post. http://worcester.craigslist.org/ele/5208583861.html Feel free to contact me on here or via craigslist anytime. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks! edit: I am unwilling to ship them, so please don't ask.
  10. For Sale- RF-7ii 5 speaker system (Black Veneer). Excellent condition. Includes 2xRF-7ii, 1xRC-64ii, and 2xRS-52ii. Was $2750 now offered at $2500 for all 5 speakers! I have owned these for about 3 years and they have been the anchor to my 7.1 system. I'm keeping the RB-81's for my living room 2 channel system. Unfortunately, I do not have the boxes so local pick up would be best. Thanks very much for looking!
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