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Found 25 results

  1. Got a RA from Crutchfield for my Black R-112SW. Adorama, an Authorized Klipsch On-line Dealer for Clearance has them in Cherry, for $299, with FREE Shipping. That’s $100, plus tax, less than many other Authorized On-line Dealers. Klipsch R-112SW Cherry If you want Black, Newegg, as of yesterday had an Open Box R-112SW for $300.
  2. UPDATE: These speakers are under deposit. If/When sale is complete, I will mark them "sold." I have just listed my Klipschorns on U.S. Audio Mart: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649648153-1976-klipsch-klipschorn-speakers-consecutive-serial-s-brand-new-type-aa-crossovers-tweeters-and-squa/ -- see that listing for details and pictures. In that listing, I offer to replace, as needed, any tweeter and/or squawker driver(s) that may be worn out (though all the drivers sound to me like they're working fine). But instead of this modest guarantee (worth no more than $210 to replace with same from CritesSpeakers.com), as a gesture of my appreciation to the members of this forum, I am instead offering a 15% discount off the top of the asking price of $2,875: that works out to $2,443.75 for Klipschorn speakers (must have already been a member of this forum as of this past Thursday, 8/20/2020). Pick up only. I live in Easthampton, Massachusetts. PM me if interested.
  3. I have a set of (very not stock) K-Horns that I'd like to sell. I have a set of Heresy's that I'm converting to Claude's Super Heresy and think it's time to let their big brothers go to someone who will love them as I have. I'm hoping one of the community members here can help me understand what they are (model type, mod/abomination) and what I can do to make a proper sale. Big thanks to anyone who can help me sort this out. Pictures: Album here The cabinets aren't labelled, no sticker, and don't have binding posts built in. Does this mean they're speakerlab or maybe a custom build or is it possible that they're original k-horns? This is the most important question I have because I don't want to misrepresent something that I'm trying to sell. The crossovers are type AA The tweeters are the k-77, unmounted. The mids: Altec 511b horn, 808-8a driver Woofers: mismatched Electrovoice EV15, I replaced the other with a Crites 1526c The midhorn and drivers were replaced with an Altec Voice of the Theater combo 808-8a driver and 511b horn. Is this common? I have an extra set of k-55 mid drivers that I made some adapters for to fit on the horn. Should I probably sell with those on it instead? The grill cloth is worn out. Should I redo it before selling? Am I overthinking this? Last question: if I want them to sell in the next few months, how much should I try to get for them? I'm willing to deliver if that makes a difference.
  4. Hello All! I am new here but was wondering if i could get some information on a specific pair of old speakers that i am looking to sell. All the info you need is in the pictures the speakers work great! p.s I have no idea why there is a howling wolf in the front grail, is it special???
  5. For some reason my photos are too large to put on here if you are interested we can get in touch via email or phone both RB 35 blacks are in great condition as well as the subwoofer I have them posted on various websites
  6. https://usa.denon.com/us/product/hometheater/receivers/avr4308ci Upgraded to a Marantz 8012 for Atmos and finally parting ways with my Denon 4308. This has been a workhorse and shows no signs of slowing down. Been in my rack since it was purchased, original owner. One of the last ones made in Japan until recently. Absolute beast of a receiver. Local pickup for now, looking for $500 or best offer. I have the radio transmitter, both remotes, and the audyssey calibration mic. I may have the original manual as well, but also available online. Alternatives Process MAP.xlsx
  7. Title says it all. Take a look. Pricing as follows. Forte II - 500 (sold) Quartet- 500 (sold) 3 Academy-600 All the grills are mint and original. Forte's and Quartets are Mint Mint. Acadamy's vary in condition, price is for ALL 3.
  8. This is your rare opportunity to own a true classic loudspeaker and a piece of US audio history, the Klipsch La Scala II. The sound is simply stunning. These single owner loudspeakers are approximately 10 years old and are in outstanding condition. They were driven mostly by low watt tube amplification. They have a beautiful cherry finish. All serial number information is accurate and matching. They include all documentation, certificates of authenticity, as well as original shipping paperwork and shipping containers. These audiophile classics can be yours for the asking price of $5500. More info here: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/ele/d/klipsch-la-scala-ii/6382973336.html Thanks....Scott
  9. I'm not expecting any specific answers here, just a general inquiry if members here are aware of SVS sales, such as BlackFriday/Holiday sales...? I'm looking to buy the PB-1000, I realize for some people here $500 is pocket change and they'd say, "Just buy the thing already!". But for me, that's a considerable purchase and if I could wait a few months and save $100 or so it's something to think about. I figure it's a company that kinda sticks to it's prices? I know there is an outlet section, but the PB-1000 rarely is for sale in there, which is a good sign in my opinion. So, is anyone aware of SVS sales on their own site? I say that because I know they will go up on sale in B&M stores near me, but that voids the Bill of Rights that SVS provides. I want that 45-day trial, and the 1 year trade in offer, and the 5 year warranty. SVS reps tell me none of that applies (perhaps the 5 year warranty is still valid) if I purchase from a retailer. They set their own policies and don't have to adhere to anything SVS suggests. Thanks all!
  10. Hello fellow Klipsch audio fanatics! I have decided to sell my complete 6-piece Klipsch XF-48 home theater system, having upgraded to a pair of Sonus Fabers. This system has been carefully maintained since original ownership and has never been moved (in same space for entire duration of ownership) and is in excellent condition. These speakers have served me really well over the past few years and I am confident they will grant their next owners years of audio goodness. Included are 6 speakers which are detailed as follows: • Two XF-48 tower speakers • One XL-23 LCR center channel speaker • Two XB-10 bookshelf surround speakers (stands not included) • One XW-300d subwoofer There's a Sound & Vision article written about this set from a few years ago with all detailed specs; link is as follows: http://www.soundandvision.com/content/klipsch-xf-48-speaker-system#D8wEAdoE3Uu4TWZQ.97 I have not seen any available sales for this entire system and based on secondary pricing for individual components, the set should sell for ~$1100-1400. I am willing to negotiate. I am based in NYC area so would prefer to sell to someone within a reasonable distance but willing to consider shipping them as well.
  11. Bought these back in the early 1980s, have them sitting in a closet for 20+ years,so best to move them to someone who will use and appreciate. Great shape, USA made, stained pine, will send photos or more info as required upon request, howardende at hotmail dot com. Seeking $500/pair, not including shipping. In upstate, ny and I would be willing to meet locally for transfer or mail charging actual costs only.
  12. I purchased this less than a year ago new. Since then I replaced the fan with a Noctua quite fan. Nothing wrong with it, just want to up grade to a more powerful power amp. I am asking $125 plus $15 for shipping, to the lower 48 only. I thought I had the oem shipping box, if I do, I will ship in that. If not it will get nicely packed for the journey. Thanks for looking.
  13. How much would a pair of KLF 30 (black) and a pair of KLF 20 (oak) in Excellent condition go for in New York area? Currently I do not see any on eBay so I'm not sure what people are asking?
  14. I just viewed this weeks ABC Warehouse flyer and noticed they have several Klipsch speakers on sale for half off. Seem like pretty fair deals to be had: Reference R26F towers for $350 R10SW powered sub $175 R15M bookshelf $199 a pair R25C center channel $186.75 You could put together a decent little system for not a lot! Tim
  15. Friends---I am a long time "silent" member. WE have decided to move to my old house that my Mom has been in since 1988. I sold off my Belles a couple of weeks ago ----and its come down to these or my other large speakers to keep--- and I think since these are so SPECIAL---I would like to see these go to another collector..... I bought these from the original owner who ordered them special in 1972. You might note the riser bases which are factory--- Other than the fabulous sound and the bone stock unmodified state of existence of these speakers...... Its the CONDITION of these that really make them special. There is not one scratch, dent, water stain , chip, delamination , or a single stitch pulled on the grilles. I actually believe these may well be one of the most pristine and original set of Cornwalls in the Country. I think I know what they are worth ---and before I list on more visible sites---- It would be nice for me to know it was going to a Klipsch forum member. Location zip 32955 Thank you ! http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2775.JPG http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2776.jpg http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2777.jpg http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2778.jpg http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2779.JPG http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2780.jpg http://l-n.com/bourne/home%20audio/Cornwalls/DSC_2781.JPG
  16. The ever-popular Reference S4 & S4i in-ear headphones are back in stock for a limited time! These are dead stock, meaning that we won't make any more of these beauties. Oh and they're available at a reduced price to cap it off. Reference S4: [link] Reference S4i: [link]
  17. http://www.frys.com/product/8770511?site=72premail032716 http://www.frys.com/product/8770501?site=72premail032716 Hi guys, nice deal on some Panasonic 4K TV's today at Fry's if anyone needs one. . 55 inch only $599 after coupon and 65 inch only $899 after coupon. Free delivery too! They also have a nice deal on the K-100SW 10 inch sub....in store only but....only $99! http://www.frys.com/product/8444688?site=20email032716 Tim
  18. Seems like a good deal at Newegg today. They are the shell shocker and limit three per person but they would be nice additions for in ceiling if anyone is interested. $399 each. Regular $999
  19. Hello all, I am brand new to this forum but have been selling for years elsewhere. Please ask me for links to my selling feedback if you are seriously interested in the speakers I am selling below. I recently got my Fisher 400 back from the shop after a full refurbushing. I started my search into something efficient enough for the 28 Watts the Fisher offered. My current Carver Amazing ALIII's are NOT going to be properly driven by the Fisher so they had to go (Also for sale, PM if Interested) Heresy HWO Recently upgraded the caps to solens, and what I mighty nice upgrade it was....very very nice sounding. These have the following drivers: K22, K55, K22, 55, 7& K77's. I can provide more pictures to prospective buyers. These are consecutive serial numbers and they sound amazing, as you are all aware I'm sure. Original owners envelope still intact as shipped. I wound up with a pair of Heresy's and Forte II's (w/ Crites tweeter and xover upgrades). I tested and listened for quite a while and have settled on the Forte's as my keeper......hardly a surprise I know. So the Heresy's are available. I would rate the cabinet's about a 7 of 10, solid but time has taken it's toll on them....they do pass the 3 foot test with ease. The screens are just fine. Drivers are all in fantastic shape. They were immaculate inside. I included the original pic of the crossover before the new caps went in to show how clean these were. The new caps have maybe 30 hours or so on them. I'd like to see $525 for them. Thanks for looking Adam
  20. Hi, I am selling this set of speakers on Ebay. Please check out the listing if you are in the Washington DC metro area. The listing is for local pickup only and currently they are a very reasonable $105.00. I am willing to travel 1 hr from Leesburg, VA to accomplish the pickup. Klipsch KG 2 Main / Stereo Speakers 1985 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY Many thanks for looking, Pat
  21. I have a pair of Klipsch KP 2000-C speakers in great condition. Have been stored inside in a climate controlled environment for their lives so far. you can contact me here with question of for details. I live in Upstate New York outside of Albany. You can also try me at markusb111 at Gmail dot calm. Thanks
  22. For sale one KP 115 SW (KP 115 AX) Upstate New York. Contact me here or markusb111 at gmail dot calm for more details. I am in Upstate New York outside of Albany. Thanks
  23. We're clearing out the warehouse... 50% OFF select Klipsch speakers & headphones: www.klipsch.com/specials The deal goes through the first of September. Original prices are in parenthesis. No coupon code required. S3m In-Ear Headphones: $24.99 ($49.99) S3 In-Ear Headphones: $24.99 ($49.99) S4 (II) In-Ear Headphones: $39.99 ($79.99) S4i (II) In-Ear Headphones: $49.99 ($99.99) KG-200 Pro Audio Wired Gaming Headset: $64.99 ($129.99) KG-300 Pro Audio Wireless Gaming Headset: $114.99 ($229.99) GiG Color Band Accessory: $16.99 ($24.99) GiG Portable Wireless Music System: $99.99 ($199.99) KMC 1 Portable Wireless Music System: $129.99 ($299.99) HD Theater 300 Home Theater System: $199.99 ($399.99) Quintet Home Theater System: $274.00 ($549.99)
  24. Selling My home theater 7.1 setup consisting of 2x RF-63 2x KG 3.5 2x RB-51 1x RC-52 1x RSW 10D driven by a Pioneer Elite SC-55 receiver. included are all the cables and speaker wires. You can reach me at 714-267-8847 OR proklipsch@gmail.com all are in pinnacle sonic condition, and all are in great cosmetic condition except the KG 3.5s all except the kg 3.5s have the original packaging! The RF-52 x2 in the main picture are not part of the package, as they have been replaced by the KG 3.5 x2 Located in oak view CA local pickup would be preferred! will take $3500 for everything
  25. I am moving soon and cannot accomdate my current setup where I will be living. I have detailed what if anything is wrong cosmetically with each peice, they all work and sound fantastic. I am asking $2500.00 for the entire set and would prefer local pickup here in San Antonio, Texas due to the weight and difficulty of shipping these beasts. I have some of the origial packaging, all documentation for each peice and can provide images of each if you have a serious inquiry. Would love to see these go to a great home, happy hunting. Klipsch RC-7 Center Speaker: Cherry $400.00 1.75" titanium dome compression driver is coupled to an 8" square Tractrix® Horn Two 8" Cerametallic™ woofer cones 2.5-way crossover tapered-array technology 42 lbs Defects in appearance Dent in right side woofer cone. Does not affect sound or performance. Klipsch RF-7 Main Speaker (x2): Cherry $1200.00 Professional grade materials 1.75" titanium dome compression driver 8" square Tractrix® Horn Two 10" Cerametallic™ woofer cones High quality crossover networks 90 lbs per speaker Defects in appearance. Plastic grill pegs broken / Grills available and easily modified with magnets to fit again. slight scuffing on top and bottom of speakers 10’ woofer cone dent on one speaker Klipsch RS-7 Surround (x2): Black $450.00 Slight bubbling of finish roughly 3x3 inch area on top of speaker. Does not affect sound or performance. 24 lbs. Klipsch RSW-12 Subwoofer: Black $450.00 bubbling of fiinsh 3x3 inch area on top of speaker All grills fully intact 58 lbs.
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