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Found 2 results

  1. hello folks, new member here. have purchased my first pair of la scala speakers. have been using them for a couple of weeks now and they sounded terrific. the problem? this past week a change occurred. have chord preamp and chord 200watt power amp. there is a loud buzzzing sound coming from the speakers now, even with the volume at zero. i was using xlr leads between the amps. tried another ss pre and amp with the same result. in the end swopped over to a valve amp and.............. silence at last. my question is why is there a buzzing when using ss amps? hope some of you gurus can help
  2. Hello my name is Rick,and I'm owner of Rblcustomcreations,I have been a long time klipsch heritage fan since age 18,and I've restored/upgraded over 135 pairs of heritage line,NOW I work for myself,I offer reveneering (cheaper than G.R. from V.Audio)I sell replacement grills,(I have contacted Klipsch,and not only got permission to build my replacement grills,they refer customers to me who are looking for new replacement grills,in black#7,and also cane (Little different from original,black inlay,looks awesome) I sell new grills for entire heritage line cornwall,khorn,(includes 4 new side panels,2 new tops) heresy,and sell fabric. Any time reach me Rblcustomcreations8412@gmail.com
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