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Found 17 results

  1. Hello I just wanted your advice on buying a new pair of speakers. My budget is < 2000 euros (could stretch that to a little bit more) in Europe. The only application would be to listen to music, mostly vinyls played on a rega turntable. I have a fairly entry level amplifier : Pioneer A-50, which I'm planning to upgrade at some point, maybe something in the rega line. I was using until recently a pair of Davis Acoustics Vinci HD, a model that has been discontinued since and whose replacement I think would be the Davis Acoustics Krypton 9 (https://davis-acoustics.com/en/krypton-9-2/). I quite liked the speakers, I am in an attic with a huge space (think 6meters by 15 meters room) filled with a plethora of objects, but the listening "experience" takes place in a square of 5m x 5m and I'm sitting about 3 meters from the speakers; I don't have any restrictions on the volume and play the music whatever feels comfortable that day. I thought the Vinci HD performed well (granted I don't have many reference points). Since then I had to give the speakers back to the person lending them to me and I am now, temporarily, on a set of cheaper JBL Northridge E60. The difference is quite stark. I came across the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8000F II which might be a good candidate. They are in the budget (I can get them for 1500 euros) and I'm under the impression they would represent an upgrade, to the JBLs of course, and maybe to the Davis acoustics. What do you think? Also, out of curiosity, would speakers like the Heresy "work" in my configuration (maybe they are designed for smaller rooms I don't know)? I must admit I like the way they look, but they are found at almost 5k euros here (for a pair). Just curious how big of a jump they would represent as compared to the RP-8000F. Thanks for taking the time to read and give your insight!
  2. Hi All, New to the forums here and wondering if I could get some advice. Just started putting together my home theater and purchasing speakers as I go. What does this group think I should upgrade or add first, not looking for top of the line, but decent mid-range set up for the basement. Floor plan is pretty open (about 20' x 28') with the theater contained one side. Ultimate goal is a 7.2.4 set up, however the receiver market is pretty rough, so I know ill be looking to replace that eventually. Below are the details of my current set up. AVR: Pioneer VSX-834 L&R: Klipsch R-820Fs Center: Klipsch RP-500C Side Surrounds: RP-600Ms Front Height: RP-500SAs Sub: R-100SW
  3. Hi I am puzzled between the DENON AVR-X8500H VS AVR-X6700H. Which one should I choose. 1. Are both new models, is one new over the other ? 2. Does the 13 channel make a significant difference ? 3. Is 8500H discontinued, does that mean it’s not recommended to buy it ? appreciate all the response and help acoustic screen - 30feet by 16feet room LCR: KLIPSCH RP 8000 ceiling - Pro 180 RPC - 4pc side - RP 502S backside - RP 600M @billybob @inMotionGraphics @wvu80 @Ceptorman @Islander thank you so much Fermin
  4. Just bought the 504c center channel, it’s gorgeous and sounds great with music, my only issue with the speaker is that the dialogue often sounds boxy or airy or thin especially at higher pitches of voices or when people are talking softly it sounds like an over exaggerated whisper on top of their voice, or even like the talker is wearing a surgical mask while talking it is not what I would call crisp. I upgraded from the JBL studio 520c which imaged great and dialogue was crisp. My L/R is a pair of RB 61 IIs that also sound fantastic. im disappointed spending the money on a speaker and it not sounding better or even up to par from what it’s replacing. My entry level sound bar sounds better with dialogue than this speaker and I’m convinced something is wrong. I have it hooked up to a Sony 1080 receiver and have tried several settings, has anyone else experienced this or found just the right settings to make this speaker shine? I don’t want to have to return such a beautiful speaker
  5. hi there Klipsch community Im looking at upgrading my speakers and looking for a nice pair of new floor standing. Im running a Rotel A-14 AMP. Will this amp pair well or am I overshooting the speakers on the specs of this amp? I guess im looking for a good pair of (ideally floor standing) speakers to match with the amp I have. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  6. So a co-worker tricked me into entering to money pit that is high end audio equipment a couple months ago, and unfortunately I'm getting hungrier and hungrier for upgrades everyday. It all started with him selling me his Heresy III's (he built himself some amazing La Scala clones) and I started slow on the equipment. I grabbed a decent turntable (Pro-ject debut carbon EVO) as vinyl was my main focus initially, and then settled for an Emotiva TA-100 to put it all together. Within a week I had ordered an Emotiva 8" subwoofer to help fill out the low end, but it's not exactly filling the void as I'd hoped. I've spiraled uncontrollably since then, and now the set up has removed the TA-100 for a Schiit Mani and a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Integrated. I just added a Bluesound Node 2i for Tidal streaming, and now I feel like the sub is a real weak link. The Heresy III's sound amazing solo, but without a sub I feel like I'm definitely missing something on the low end, but the Emotiva sub - though warm in tone and surprisingly fast- just doesn't fill the void properly. Does anyone have experience with similar equipment that has a good recommendation for a fitting sub? I'd prefer to not spend more than about $500 if possible - but if there's a specific sub that you know would fit this system perfectly I'd be open to any recommendations. I'd really prefer to find the right sub to balance everything out so I could start focusing on actually listening to the music and quit focusing on what else I need. Also, all RCA's are from Mogami and the speaker wires are Audioquest Rocket 44's Thanks in advance, -Dom Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO -> Schiit Mani / Bluesound Node 2i -> PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Integrated -> Klipsch Heresy III's
  7. Hello, Just joined the community and was looking for some advice on speaker placement. I have my eyes/ears on a pair of Klipsch Heresy III's or possibly IV's depending on permission from the She F O 😉. These would be an upgrade to my current speakers (Dynaudio Contour 1.1's). We are getting ready to move into a new place in Brooklyn, with more space and I am trying to figure out the best placement for the Heresy's as the living room is odd shaped (not perfectly square or rectangular). I primarily listen to vinyl but also streaming music when we have guests or my kids want to listen. Below is a pic of the layout with dimensions and a few pics (not my furniture it's staged). Thanks in advance for any suggestions and looking forward to meeting more people. Cheers, Craig
  8. Hey all, I have KLF 20 (Front) and KLF-C7 (Center), but no middle or rear for 7.1. Anyone know what the modern day equivalent to this series would be? Thanks Wob
  9. Hello All! I am new here but was wondering if i could get some information on a specific pair of old speakers that i am looking to sell. All the info you need is in the pictures the speakers work great! p.s I have no idea why there is a howling wolf in the front grail, is it special???
  10. Hello guys, I bought Klipsch powered bookshelf speakers the R-51PM and I am in love in the sound they produce. Want to equip the. With a subwoofer from SPL series just not sure which one is suitable for the. Honesty I am leaning toward SPL-150SW because of the lower end of 18hz, but will let you do the talking on the matter. The room is 5x3.5 meters with clean wooden floor, one bed and one bookshelf. Everything is movable in the room so the placement of the speakers and furniture is not fixed. Thank you in advance.
  11. Denon AVR-X3300w, replaces Yamaha 5.1. Looking to replace 5.1 speaker system but in stages. First point is pair of fronts. While is is part of a home theater set up my honest first priority is what it's going to sound like when I crank up 70's prog rock. The room is what would have been an attached two car garage, but was never that. Where the garage doors would be is a large glass slider that I open onto a good sized deck. In the past I had outdoor speakers there, but at this time I just open the sliders and turn it up. My thought is to use the the old fronts as the atmos front high. Looking for thoughts on what speakers would be a good match for the receiver fronts knowing that LOUD is possibly as important as precise. Frankly just connecting via bluetooth to the phone is likely what's going to happen most often. Appreciate any advice, tips, thoughts. For the record I was about to just order the r-28f.
  12. Howdy, I have ordered the RP-160m bookshelfs, and am now looking for a center speaker too. I understand the rp-250c is the (intended) corresponding center to speakers like the 160m (when used as fronts). I have the opportunity to spend around $90 for a used rc52 on craigslist. There are no rp-250c's on craigslist, and the cheapest one on amazon is around $220. How comparable is the 52? Would it be a significant mis-match? Should I bite the bullet, even if it was a mis-match? Is the 250c itself, regardless of tonal matching, a much better quality speaker to have/wait for? Any advice would be appreciated!
  13. So I finally have my own space where I can set up a real (have always had cheap all in one systems lol) home theater. I bought a Samsung 65" curved 4K TV and I could really and (would so appreciate) any help someone could give me on the theater part. I'm reading and learning but still kind of lost lol. So I'm putting it in my finished basement the space is (from back wall by bar to the TV) 20'x16' so about 320 square feet. Seating is kind of shaped like a Diamond. I purchased a pair of R-26F speakers to start (thought it was a great deal and they had really good reviews). I can return though if there is something that is way better out there. The speakers came with a R-10SW subwoofer (again can return). Do I need a second sub? I'm looking at the RF-250c for my center (but open to other suggestions.) However no clue on the receiver (was looking at a new Sony STRDN1080) but I just don't know what is best. Would like to stay at about $600 or under if possible. Though if I needed to I could go a little higher. if I really needed too I could wait a few more pay checks and go up to 900-1,000 but that would be absolute max. I would prefer to only do that if it was going to be a huge difference. I also am not sure about the rear speakers? Do I just get something cheaper or is it worth putting money into those as well? i will be using this for movies and music however the priority is movies. Love movie night and really want to have that (as close as my budget allows) movie theater sound. I have about $1,000-$1,250 (right now) left to finish this project (if I wait I can go up to $1,500) much higher my wife is going to kill me lol. thank you so much for reading this and for any advice anyone can provide. JP
  14. Hi everyone, So my friend who is moving overseas has gifted me his old Klipsch floor standing RF - 35's after years of making fun of my Yamaha HS5's.... While this might be basic knowledge on these forums, this is the first time that I have owned passive speakers so I literally have no idea what I'm looking for in an amplifier. The speakers will be used solely to play vinyl records off of 2 X Technic SL1200 record players that are already hooked up to a Pioneer DJM400 mixer (I believe this acts as a preamp?) in my living room. Friends have been telling me that i should invest in a valve/tube amplifier as it will best bring out that vinyl sound - whilst other people have been telling me I should go solid state as it will be more affordable and it will help bring out the bass in the RF35's which can sound too bright(?). Any advice, guidance, recommendations from some seasoned audio/klipsch veterans would be genuinely appreciated and welcomed :).
  15. Hi guys, New to the forum so first I'd like to say hello. So I am moving into a new condo that has been all pre-wired and the design of the space also makes my options a little more limited on top of that. I have attached a picture that sort of shows the room, the subwoofer, ceiling rear speakers, general couch/listening area, and center channel/tv location. Since it is a new place I wanted to update all of my speakers. Due to space limitations, i was thinking of doing RP-160M front left/right speakers. For the center channel i was thinking the RP-250C. Then the subwoofer I was thinking of doing the R-110SW. Then there is no placement for rears in an ideal location so the ceiling was wired in the two areas circled in a red box. I am not sure which ones to go with though. The CDT-5800-C II or the CDT-5650 II. Also, I want to see if my choices in center channel and subwoofer should balance out the space appropriately. Further down the road i was going to put speakers in the rest of the place too. One room needing high humidity and a pair outside. So if the ceiling choice for the rear surround could be picked out in advance to balance out with the rest of the future whole home audio system in mind that would also be ideal. Thanks in advance, Mike
  16. Hey gang, I wanted to solicit feedback/advice/wisdom/opinions regarding a crossroads I am at regarding speakers. Current situation: Forte II with new titanium tweeter diaphragms, new Crites crossovers, new passive radiators. Opportunity: 88 LaScalas with AL crossovers, 401 composite horn, beautiful polyurethane/clear coat over the birch, minor nicks. Price 950. Question: Should I keep my Forte II since they are in excellent shape? Should I sell them to help fund the LaScalas? If I get the LaScalas, what should I do with the AL crossovers? Are the AL crossovers worth anything? Thank you all in advance. -Alex
  17. Hello, New here and looking for advice. My family is building a new home and we are going to put a home theater in it. We are thinking of putting some money into the behind the wall stuff for now. When the house is done start off lower on the cost side of things and build it us as budget allows over time. We are looking at setting it up for 7.2.4 Atmos Dolby sound. Room will be used for movies and maybe sports/tv during parties. The room is 13 feet wide and 20.5 feet long and 9.75 foot ceilings for the most part. We are having two risers built in the back to lift couches/seating. Wanted to see if the 7 speakers and 4 ceiling speakers people think is too much for a room that size? If so would you get rid of the rear speakers, ceiling speakers, one set of ceiling, or rear and ceiling? What speaker/sub combination would everyone recommend. We had Klipsch 5.1 in an old house and we loved it so I would like to go with Klipsch again. I don't have a recieiver or anything picked out yet. Like I said some of the room might get pieced together as we move into the house and over time. Thanks in advance, Patrick
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