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  1. So I found one Aristocrat speaker about a year ago at a thrift store, paid 15.00 for it and hauled it home, and so it begins... 🙄 I guess the Aristocrat was one of several designs by Paul Klipsch in early 50's that EV used per license agreement (probably for using ev drivers) I don't know the details but probably something like that. I liked the design, and first decided to build it a twin, but somewhere along the line my plans changed for various reasons and then they became something else altogether. At some point I'll actually make two more Aristocrat speakers to finish my original plans but that's down the road aways. I had a need for a pair of speakers in living room that would replace my old RP-5's that were moved to basement theater room, so big, full sound was on the menu and I didn't want to add subs so basically 2 speakers that can do it all and without throwing a ton of money into it. I had been buying up some used components over the last couple years for another project but ended up using them on this project. So this is sort of a Heritage-style Reference tower that Klipsch doesn't make. The bottom section is the Aristocrat design being used solely for the low end. Instead of .5" thick like the original plans called for I doubled up using two layers of plywood, so it's 1" thick and very solid. The top is the MF/HF section, which is connected but separate from the lower section. It's 3/4" thick plywood. All Klipsch components accept for the amps for the lower bins. I'll note too that none of these speakers were pulled from good working cabinets. I bought all components that were pulled from damaged boxes so no good speakers were sacrificed. I still have some work to do. The bottom sections I'm making grills to hide the screws for front baffle board and considering veneering them. I stained these to get them done quicker. Looks better in person, the flash shows all the problems with stain on plywood, in normal lighting with shadows it's not too bad. And I've never veneered before so I didn't want to go that route just yet till I had a chance to learn. In some places it doesn't show too well, but in other places it looks pretty good to me. You'll probably note the top section is smaller than you would have in a RP280 tower but I have them crossed at 80hz on low end so there's not much need for bigger volume for the top sections since the bass is handled by the lower bins. This allows the dual 8" drivers to deliver cleaner response in mid frequencies while increasing efficiency with lower power consumption by removing low frequency handling. Power is bi amped. Lower bass bins use the built in amp fed from receiver's pre-outs. Top sections use receiver's 110 watts per channel. Corner placement is best like the Khorn but they'll work near a wall too. Specifications 3-Way Aristocrat IV Concept Towers Frequency Response 18Hz-25kHzMax spl 120 plus db just a guess (idk, they cause pain to my ears at 80 percent volume so they're loud enough)Power Handling MF/HF (cont/ Peak) 150/600LF 250 Watt Dayton Built in Amp 40-180Hz adjustableNominal Impedance 8 Ohms CompatibleCrossover 1750Hz upper section crossovers from RP 280F towersLF adjustable 40-180Hz low pass on ampHigh Frequency Driver (from Klipsch RP 280F towers) 1” Titanium LTS Tweeter with Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix Horn Mid Frequency Drivers (from Klipsch R28F towers) Dual 8" (20.3cm), copper spun magnetically shielded IMG woofersKlipsch 12" RW12D driver for lower bass bin.Enclosure Material: Plywood 3/4” upper section, 1” lower section (dual .5” sheets)Enclosure Type: Upper section- sealed, dual 8” mid bass with HF 1” Horn Lower section Front firing/folded corner horn Aristocrat design with Klipsch RW12DInputs: Upper section dual binding posts for HF/MFLower amp inputs, direct wire or RCA (using LFE input and L/R pre outs from receiver)Height 50.3”Width 20”Depth 17”Weight 120lbsFinish: Golden Oak wood stain with lacquer
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