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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. I've set up my Denon + Klipsch home theater setup (no surround speakers for now). I have: Denon AVR-X1500H Klipsch: pair RP-260F, RP-250C, R-120SW I listen 50 % music, 50 % netflix videos. I'm tuning my system to optimal settings and having few open matters to discuss. Most of the online references recommend to trust Audyssey and then leave subs to LFE and 80-100hz and fronts and center to SMALL. When I auto-tune with Audyssey I'm not satisfied with music (concerts), middle tones and strength of fronts (bass and voice is great). Everything is undertuned I think if I listen music (I set settings to Music mode Stereo in Denon), but movies are great to hear (set to Movie mode in denon (dts)). Then I manually tune and set sub to LFE + Mains, fronts to LARGE (leave center to small) my fronts start to respond more to middle tunes, rock concerts and other music is great to listen. What do you recommend would be my optimal settings? I don't want to switch between settings 🙂 I attached some settings and room details.
  2. Hello all, long time lurker, great forum. Thumbs up to @Youthman love your videos. I recently upgraded my front stage, and sub. I picked up an SVS SB2000, RP-250C, and RP-150M. SVS Sub replaced an Energy ESW-8 from the take classic line, huge difference here!!! RP-250C replaced Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-C22 sounds better, a bit cleaner. RP-150M replaced Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-BS22A-LR not as big of a difference here, sounds good though. Still have Pioneer SP-FS51 for surrounds. Thinking about replacing those with something like R-14 TV is an LG 60UH8500 wife and I still enjoy 3D, and this was the last 4k, hdr, 3D tv I could find. I'm running a Denon x1300 and have ran Audyssey a few times, for some reason it sets the fronts and center to 40hz... and sets all of the levels to low - I'm gong to run it again here in a few and will post pics of the results. Now I'm looking to get the RP-140SA to go on top of the RP-150m since I replaced the existing atmos speakers. I currently have the old SP-BS22A-LR on top of the RP-150's and I don't get much of an effect with atmos content, even the demos using the atmos app on xbox one x. 8' ceilings, flat ceilings, sit 9-10' from tv. The tops of the RP-150m are at 28 inches. Anyone have any thoughts on the RP-140SA I've been looking around and trying to find a good deal on them... hard to find apparently. Not sure why these speakers cost so as much as they do compared to other speakers in the RP line. If anyone knows where to get a deal on some of these please let me know, Old ones still sound good even though I'm not getting a lot of overhead effects, I still think it fills it out a bit. I will be selling the Pioneers as I obviously don't want to keep those on top like they currently are. Here is a pic of new setup. Just ran Audyssey and here are the results. Anything look off? Figured I would post pics so I can refer back to it, and easier than typing it all out. Usually I set all speakers to 80hz, but not sure on these klipsch. I only ran 6 passes, is this enough? The 7th wants to place the mic behind the couch, but the couch is pretty much up against the back wall.
  3. Back in 1983, I had lunch with my friends who owned a high end stereo store in Seattle. Mark Levinson had come to town, and I sat next to him, at the Space Needle Restaurant. I asked Mark, "what is the ultimate speaker" To my utter shock and amazement he said "Klipschorns" ! He did say the tweeters needed to be turned vertically, and they needed to be correctly equalized, with his Chello Audio Pallett equalizer http://www.celloseattle.com/ctdocs/prodserve/peripherals/audiopalette.htm Well, when I found out how much an Audio Pallet Equalizer cost, I gave up that idea! Now that I have used Audyssey, I wish I still had my KHorns! Anyone ever try Audyssey on Klipschorns ? I play with different speakers. Right now, I have a totally re capped pair of Cerwin Vega V 35D 3 way speakers I am messing with. Stock, these are surprisingly musical, although admittedly ugly speakers. I replaced all the 20 year old Mylar caps with ERSE Poly Caps. Bob Crites was correct, old Mylar Caps can measure good, but have high ESR. The new caps have broken in, and guess what ? Capacitor break in is real. The speakers sound a lot better with the new Poly Caps. A very different sound then Cornwalls or Forte's or CF 4's These have a 2 position switch in the rear, one for vocals, one for playback. Even in the vocal position, they are much more mellow then most Klipsch speakers. LOL, no tube amp is required for these Still, they were a bit crude sounding in different ways, depending on the position of the rear switch. Very Musical, but still very colored, very evident when watching TV/Movies So, I ran Audyssey on them, and to say that it transformed these speakers is an understatement. The musicality of these remain after Audyssey. After all, these have an 18 inch woofer with a 3 inch motor, and are 103 db efficient. But all the vocal coloration is gone. Well, almost .... It is now good enough on Movies and TV that I can enjoy them. They say there is even better room correction programs out there, especially the one from Anthem. Audyssey is a royal PITA because if you have surround speakers hooked up, it tries to set those up too, and correct them LOL, Audyssey turned the level of these 2 front speakers down 12 db, to match my 90 db center and surround speakers level. I would be curious to hear about other members experience with room correction schemes
  4. So I have a pair of RF-42ii and a Dayton 1200 sub for my TV. I've been having huge trouble with receivers and have gone through 4 different ones until I finally ended up getting the Denon X2000. This may sound crazy but with the cheaper receiver I had - AVR E200 and AVR E300 on these same towers the sound was a lot more "open" and seemed to "surround me" this was most noticeable when listening to music. It was just more enjoyable listening to music. I don't know what the reason for this could be but right now it feels like when I listen to music as if someone has put a barrier in between the speakers and my ears. It's hard to explain the difference but it's a significant difference. Could this be down to EQ? I played around with the EQ and it did make it sound a little bit more "open" but it still doesn't get anywhere close to how it felt when listening with the E200/E300. E200 doesn't have audyysey mic, but E300 does. I used it for E300 and it sounded great. Question is less of which receiver is better quality but more of how do I get that same "room-filling" experience. I hope its simply down to room eq. Thanks a ton
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