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Found 15 results

  1. Hoping someone who's owned Epic CF-2 or other Epic series speakers can help - I picked up a pair of Epic CF-2 speakers this week but they don't sound so great. I would have failed them at the demo but thought the space might have had something to do with dissipating bass (1,500 sq. ft. garage with bay doors wide open). What don't I like? Simply put, they aren't nearly as musical as the pair of KG 3.5 I bought two weeks ago. The highs are decent, but mid range and bass are both muddy and poorly defined. The KG 3.5's playing Eva Cassidy "Live at Blues Alley" blow them in detail - and they're not even that detailed! So, what gives - is it possible this is a bum pair and need crossovers replaced? Or is the KG series more musical, more natural-sounding? Is it too much to ask for CF-2's to handle 2-channel duty; are they better as rear surrounds above 80 Hz? Any help would be appreciated - thanks! --Scott O.
  2. Hi Guys I am very much new to amplifiers and speakers of this level. I bought Denon X4500H and Klipsch RP 8000F + R 115 SW just this week. I am reading through a lot of stuff online about best settings to get the best out of the system. I agree that what I like is the best sound for me, but just to have some basics clear, I need some help from the community. I am using the whole system for music listening only. No movies or TV at all. I read about LFE, LPF etc and tried to play with setting the mains to Large/ Small LFE/LFE+Mains and LPF - 120Hz but I do not seem to feel any difference. I was expecting R 115SW to explode my room but its still very nominal. Could you please help me out with some basic settings. Thanks a lot. Vivek
  3. It’s been a few years since I dropped in. Much has happened: Moved. Retired. Got sick. Got better. Came out of retirement. Son went off to college (and took some of my audio stuff), and much more... It’s good to be back. Did you ever date someone and your head is telling you that this should be the best relationship ever, but your heart isn’t in it? Try as you might, the thrill isn’t there. That’s happening to me, with a beautiful pair of Belles I recently picked up as a birthday present to myself. i know the qualities I expected. They sounded good, if not great, when I auditioned them. I knew of the shortcomings. And they’re so beautiful! Still, it ain’t happening. In the past, I’ve had Heresy IIIs, and Cornscala #Ds. Recording monitors, and Maggie’s. With the Belle’s I’ve tried two different tube amps that I made myself, and a good SS amp. I’ve moved them to the wall; away from the wall; toed in; straight across; with eq and without. My soul isn’t getting it. Help! I have the original paperwork, and glass tops for the cabs. I’m not in a position to make them a project for myself. Do I really need new crossovers? Or drivers? Or horns? I love “all original”, and these are all original. 1982. AA crossovers. What am I doing wrong that I’m getting ear bites with every playing? Thoughts?
  4. Hello, i have a big question, what is the difference between a woofer with a hard suspension against a soft suspension? For example a klipsch kpt 8001 with hard suspension on the woofer vs a klipsch rb 81 lo a soft suspension. Grettings.
  5. New Klipsch client here and first "hi-fi" system in about 30 years. I have a basement room that is 24W x 21.5D x 8H. It is concrete slab floor. My R-28F's are seven feet away and about seven feet apart, right now. I've moved them wider apart, closer, next to the wall, away from the wall and still having a problem with bass. I know they aren't sub replacements. I have an SB16 on the list for future purchase when the wife is away. However, these things are producing some nice bass just not delivering them to me in the right spot. Sitting down in the listening positioning, there is very little bass. When I stand about half way all the way through to full stand it sounds INCREDIBLE. I can't figure this out. My couch is standard height, even a little higher than most actually. If I move further away it's still the same effect. I've toed the speakers in and out with no change in bass.
  6. Started out with bookend speakers and was experiencing heavy base on them so much so it was hard to hear the voices. Contacted Klipsch and they told me to upgrade to the new firmware this was done. Still had the heavy base I mean it was not enjoyable and again contacted Klipsch and they responded ; the bookend speakers were carrying all the bass and were being overwhelmed I might want to add the bass or sub woofer. So I added the sound bar (hopefully for more base dispersion) and the sub-woofer. After adding and setting up the sub woofer and soundbar, the bookend and soundbar were still carrying the majority of the bass and only when intense explosions (sounds) are generated by the source does the bass come over the sub-woofers. So much so it is just crazy loud. Is there no way to balance speech with loud generating bass sounds like explosions, earthquakes, etc. Tried the limited adjustments in the menus area but to no avail. Am I missing something or does the sound system; Hub, bookend speakers, soundbar and sub woofer, need an equalizer? Love the idea WISA is venturing into just hope can get some level of balance.
  7. Hello all, I am about to come into possession of a restored Scott 299C, which will drive my Heresy II speakers. I also have a Sub 12 subwoofer, which I will drive from the derived center channel output on the amp. The center channel output is independently adjustable on the 299C. For anyone out there with a similar set up, what's yoru routine for adjusting the output level to the subwoofer? Do you leave it at a certain level? Do you adjust it according to the regular volume level? Any insights appreciated.
  8. Well, looks like I had one of those legendary Craigslist days we all hear about - saw an ad for three Klipsch speakers for $120 and they turned out to be Heresy HIP (Heresy Industrial Ported)! They will not win any beauty contests - 7-ply birch with an ugly after-market stain job and some white paint spatter, and each speaker has three large metal eyelets drilled into the cabinets to prevent theft. (Given I paid $40 per Heresy speaker that didn't work very well...) Serial numbers all start with "84" and then the serial numbers (e.g. 01292). Does that make them HIP I or HIP II? If HIP I, does anyone have specs? How can anyone complain about a lack of bass in Heresy speakers? I've tested all three HIP in my 2-channel rig (swapping out), and with speakers poorly placed (see pic) five feet from the wall the bass boom is pounding my head! Are these a different spec from the standard Heresy 1? I'm thinking of running the Heresy HIP as left & right mains plus center channel in my 5.1 home theater, using KG 3.5 for the rear surrounds or possibly KG 4.2. Hsu Research VTF-3 Mk IV sub. Do Heresy's play well with the KG series? If I get RF-7's at some point, would the HIP's as rear surrounds and center still mate well? Thanks for the thoughts, thanks for letting me gush. I'm a happy camper!
  9. Which would you choose for 2-channel if you had a choice between Forte II's and Quartets? What's a good price for each?
  10. Hello everyone, I just bought a pair of Klipsch KG 4's and I've been having a few problems with them. I've noticed that whenever I have the bass at a reasonable level, the mid range drivers and the passive radiator in the back begin vibrating and pulsing and it is not part of the song. This is my first foray into vintage speakers so I have no idea if the crossovers are bad or something is blown. I'm hoping you folks here can help me. The speakers are running out of a Kenwood KR-3130 receiver from 1971. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Klipsch Sub 12 Subwoofer (at least I think; it looks exactly like this: http://www.klipsch.com/sub-12-subwoofer/details). I'm looking to install a custom TV wall cabinet set up for my home theater. Ideally, I would place my subwoofer inside a cabinet with a mesh door; however, mine is a down-firing subwoofer. Does anyone know if I can still put my subwoofer inside and get good bass quality? Because it's down firing, do I have to have an opening at the bottom of my sub so that the bass will come through? Thanks!
  12. I've owned my set of Promedia 5.1 Ultra's for almost 10 years and only had one problem with the amp once. Now after so many years of great music my subwoofer isn't making bass and there's a strange electrical smell when I turn them on. The bass turns on and off and now my center speaker doesn't sound. My question could it be a fuse or is it the amp that's finally given out? Any recommendations or advice would be very much appreciated.
  13. Hi, does anyone know if a pair of vintage heresy speakers would be suitable for DJ use at a very small venue (max 80 capacity)? I mainly play old soul, funk and jazz music from vinyl and I want to try and make the event as 'audiophile' as possible. I did read somewhere that Heresys are a bit lightweight on bass, but I don't know how true that is? I also wondered what the best overall set-up would work best? Perhaps Klipsch Forte might be better? If anyone has any experience, ideas or opinions about this I would love to hear what you have to say. I live in the UK (London) - not sure how relevant that is! Steve.
  14. For sale is my RSW-10D what do they go for nowadays? 500? I'll do 500 or best offer on that one it's in perfect condition and sounds just.....well, If you're buying one of these, chances are you know what to expect lol. I have the original packaging also. my location is Concord CA
  15. Hey folks, I'm new to Klipsch and curious as to how or what the settings are to get the most bass out of the RF-62ii when playing music. It is awesome for movies. The speakers are about a foot from the wall. Audyssey is set. Setup: Denon X2000 Klipsch RC-62ii - Center Klipsch RF-62ii - Fronts Polk Audio Monitor 60 - Surrounds Polk Audio PSW10 (to be upgraded soon) Besides setting the fronts to small, crossed at 80, are there other settings I should be playing with? Dynamic EQ is on, Dynamic Volume is off. LFE at 120. What are the preferred settings in Stereo mode? Thanks in advance. G
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