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Found 37 results

  1. hello all. new member here. I signed up a little while back, and check in to read up in spells. anyway, has anyone seen this CL post: https://batonrouge.craigslist.org/ele/5546280100.html poster says has 3x Belle Klipsch for $1000. Alexandria LA. not many cabinet photos or much detail visible. I wish I could jump on those, thinking that might be a pretty good deal. realistically I probably shouldn't for financial reasons. but at the same time, I frequently torture myself thinking "is it a good deal? or a good investment, to possibly rescue & turn down the road?" I'm curious what others think, as well as respecting advice of those with much more experience in the area than I. thanks in advance.
  2. Wondering if anyone is interested in trading these 1976 Quad ESL 57's (physically near mint/internally need attention) for some Klipsch Heritage line: Heresy, cornwall, lascala, belle, rf-7, chorus, forte, etc. Winner of auction did not send payment/pickup again in eBay and had to re-list (again 4/19), but open to trades/ offers. Im here in Miami, Florida 33190, if anyone interested let me know. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1976-Quad-ESL-57-Black-Maple-IN-FLORIDA-NO-SHIPPING-/152061169875?
  3. Ceptorman asked for a build thread, since I only had taken pics and not an official build thread. I thought I would post some here. I have been playing around with some different bass bins and horns. Once I collect another Electro voice Hp 640 I will take a brake. However I am all ready working on other idea.
  4. What I am running: 1978 Klipsch Belles w/ all original horns and drivers, Tri-amped Xillica 4080 DSP – (HP Xover set at 4900 HZ LW 24 dB) for the Tweeters (2) First Watt M2s – A left and right feeding the MF and HF. McIntosh C32 Pre McIntosh MC2205 – Feeding the bass bin Gain Delta set via volt/ohm meter, attenuation on the McIntosh knobs. I have been on the exploratory path of digital xovers. I have in the last few months added the M2s and the Digital xover into the system and went the tri-amp route on the Belles. I am very happy with the sound and feel I have it at about 80% there although I am fine tuning. But I have run into a problem that I can’t seem to solve. This past weekend I discovered that my Right Tweeter was no longer working and I discovered it to be an open circuit. The diaphragms I run are replacements that are less than a year old from Simply Speaker. So I ordered up a replacement and on Tuesday replaced the diaphragm. This diaphragm lasted about 15 seconds under mild use and stopped working while I was testing. I shut it down and proceeded to check the ohms and saw a funny thing, it was floating around, not a direct short nor was it an open circuit. I checked all the wiring to the xover and the freq slopes and this took about 10 minutes. Upon one last check with the OHM meter the diaphragm measured OK so I plugged it and it worked for a about 10 seconds then I heard a crackle and now it measures completely open. I suspect I have overpowered or overheated it. But have no idea how or why. After it blew it the second time I tested the outputs of the M2 and was at less than .5Vrms which is under 1 Watt per the M2 sensitivity specs. My theory is that I overheated it to the point it seized the first time and after it cooled it was OK until I tried it again this time going all the way with it. I contacted Nelson Pass, (what a great guy): The M2 does not amplify DC, so that is unlikely, but you should check for DC at its output with a voltmeter (I test none). I assume that you have a capacitor in series with the tweeter in any case. The M2 also does not amplify very high frequencies, so that’s kind of unlikely also, but there is a possibility that ultrasonic oscillation exists in the system. I think the most likely source of the problem is that the crossover frequencies or slopes may be too low, sending more energy to the drivers than you think. (See setting above, this setting is widely used) One of the things I wanted to try and do was blow the other one… I flipped the system left for right and cannot get the left one to blow using the exact same setup. Maybe I just had a bad diaphragm? Or I have one that just won’t blow… I don’t know. I do not have a capacitor in series, do I need one? Is that to protect against the DC? Would this fix my problem? Tomorrow I have 2 more diaphragms that will arrive, and I am really thinking of pulling that active and the tri-amping and going back to one amp and a passive. It has been recommended that I go with a zeener diode, but if that is the only logical solution, I will go back to the passives. Although I feel though that the improvement the tri-amping this has made, is not worth giving up on just yet… Please share your thoughts even if they include "go back to passives". I have attached an unrelated photo of my system as I try and fix this issue and run some dedicated outlets. Thanks for your time. Joe
  5. Today I had the opportunity to meet up with MichaelandKlipsch today after he and his bro-n-law delivered his 4 THX Ultra2's to one of his friend's home from South Carolina to Florida. We had a great time checking out his friend's Palladium, Belle and his newly purchased quad THX Ultra2's. I've never seen or heard Palladium, Belle or THX Ultra2 speakers so I was pretty excited to have this opportunity. The Palladiums were much taller than I had expected. The finish is beautiful and I love the rounded cabinet. Very classy. They were very clear at high volume and the Krell amps had no problem making them sing. They have a sound that is unique from the Heritage and Reference. The dialog from the Belle was not as clear as what I would have expected but that might be due to the EQ settings from the Yamaha. The Quad THX Ultra2's were absolutely fantastic. My favorite part of the demo was the super clean, DEEP, heart pounding bass from the new subs. They definitely took his friend's setup to an entirely new level. We had a great time together calibrating his system and a few demos. We then drove to my home for some lunch and a few demos from the DeanG RF-7ii and the LaScala Trio. Fun day with some great friends. Youthman (Left) and MichaelandKlipsch (Right)
  6. Hi guys, So, my local HiFi store has a pair of late 70's Belles for sale. Being new to hi end audio I was intrigued and then blown away by the sound. I love speakers that look like furniture instead of modern art. This started me exploring the world of Klipsch and all the heritage designs. Looking at the belle build plans online I just don't get why the speaker would have just a small vent of sorts to move air through. Why not use a smaller speaker and have its whole face moving air? Why a 15 in. monster and not a 10 inch? Now if it's the same principle as blowing across a glass bottle or flute, then I guess it makes sense. Thanks! Derek
  7. It pains me but I've decided to sell one pair of the Belle's. These are in very good condition with a few minor chips in the veneer. These are all original with the AB crossovers For now, these are for pick up only in Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120 but may entertain shipping a little later at buyer's expense. I'm also posting on CL for a few hundred more than here for a forum member. 1500.00 seems very fair looking at current and past sales on Ebay........... Thanks for looking!
  8. Hi, I am looking for a pair of original type AB crossover. Not important if they are working or not BUT all components MUST be present. Please email me on leong@murphy.com.au. I am in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks. Leong
  9. From CL posting: This listing is for a beautiful pair of Klipsch Belle speakers.They are on consignment to me from the original elderly owner.These speakers are in perfect working order and sound incredible. There is one small chip in the center bar veneer which will be easy to hide. The tops have no scratches or stains of any type..I have tried them with a McIntosh MC275 V and a Fisher 300B and WOW. If you are unfamiliar with this model,please research to find rave reviews by all accounts.Interested buyers may hear these speakers at my residence,which I feel is the only sure way of buying high end stereo gear. At this price they won't last long. Thanks, Kurt @ 610-916-3554 http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/ele/4483293978.html No affiliation. Very pretty. Someone grab them.
  10. Found some excellent condition Belle's (4) on CL locally. Original owner purchased new in 82-83, all original. My first listening experience with these in his garage. He powered them for me with a vintage Pioneer receiver and they sound fantastic. Looking forward to bringing these back so spec for an even greater experience......sorry for the crappy iPhone pics Running these now in 2 channel from the Oppo and wow, incredible sound.
  11. I do not believe im gonna make it in time... Yes Schu im workin on my post count...Cheers to you good buddy and all the rest of you that are here your all super awesome
  12. If you have one of these that you no longer need please PM me a price. I am also looking for a single K-400 horn
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