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Found 5 results

  1. Hello there. I recently purchased the Klipsch Reference Premier RP-280F speakers and wish to BI-AMP them to my Onkyo AV Reciever. TX-SR805. I purchased these in hopes of BI-AMPing to increase front power. The problem is the cabling. I originally was going to buy this Gotham SPK 8.25mm cable pair but they went out of stock. (see image) Does anyone have any other recommendations on cabling that would be equivalent or know a source for this cable other than Amazon? Thanks!
  2. I have Pioneer SC-LX901 and Klipsch RP-280F speakers; both of them are Bi-Amp capable. since my current configuration is (5.1) setup. so I can Use Height 1 speakers' output for high frequency connected to HF in RP-280F and Front Speakers output will be connected to MF in RP-280F (Bi-Amp). shell this configuration gives me any benefits in term of sound quality ? shell I do Bi-Amp (single AV Receiver 2 amplified channels) or not ?
  3. Hello, I was looking for some guidance on Bi-Amping my new Klipsch R-28F. I am fairly familiar with electronics and such but just wanted to someone assistance in the hopes to avoid breaking something. So I want to bi-amp the speakers but I do not want to send the wrong frequencies to the tweeters or vice versa. Or will my amp be able to tell what frequencies to send not sure how to wire this. https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/rx-v681_u/index.html http://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-floorstanding-speakers Thanks,
  4. I'm going to break this thread into four sections, the 5.0 setup, RF-83 vs Khorns, the RS-62's, and bi-amp. I am of the opinion that passive bi-amping works but the sound differences are minute. I intend to bi-amp the RF-83's with the Marantz expecting to confirm that theory. +++ I picked up a nice RF-83 package last week for a good price. RF-83, RC-64, and RS-62. Power is by the Marantz SR-6011. Thank you @jwc. I've got Khorns, CF-4's and some other nice speakers, but the WAF for the giant speakers is very low. The RF-83's are much higher on the WAF scale. After having the Khorns in the living room in a 3.1 to 5.1 configuration I didn't know if I could take less good sounding speakers. The RF-83's probably suffer technically, but in terms of pure fun the RF-83's with their mid-slam is proving to be "good enough" and they are much nicer looking in the living room.
  5. I've been rocking my old Bose and Kenwood for 15 years now and decided it was time for a much needed upgrade. I have a finished basement, carpeted, and the main area measures app. 26'x17' with 9' ceilings. About a month ago I ordered- Denon 4200 RF-7 Black Epson 5030ub Silver Ticket 135" fixed screen DVDO HD wireless transmitter Right after I got the AVR and RF-7's I immediately broke them open and hooked them up in the middle of the floor. I must have looked like it was Christmas morning! So long and short, I loved the speakers and now HAD to have a good center. I ordered the RC-64 II and , again, once I got it hooked her right up. Wow! Now I had my RF-7's and the RC-64 running. Sounds awesome! But now I need some bass and rears. Again, my old Bose just couldn't dream of keeping up. Earlier this week I ordered RF-7 for the rear 2 R-155SW and WA-wireless for back sub. XPA-5 amplifier Now I'm in deep. I have lots of questions (can I borrow some money, it seems I've developed a hole in my pocket) I want to use the rear RF-7's for surround for movies but would like to use it as a second set of fronts (I used to use a and b channel back in the day) when listening to music. My thoughts were to use the XPA 5 to drive both sets of RF-7's (fronts and rears) and the RC-64. Plug both subs into AVR. Is this the best way to do it? Now my AVR will have un used power. Is bi-amping the fronts and rears viable? Worth it? What is the best wire to use and are banana plugs the optimum connection for speakers? It seems my AVR has has 2 RCA pre amp outputs and the XPA 5 has either a single unbalanced RCA and a single balanced cable connection. What is the right way for me to connect the Denon 4200 to the XPA5? I think I should hide my wallet after cocktail hour from now on! Any help would be tremendously appreciated as I think I jumped before I looked. Thoughts and feedback about my selections would be highly appreciated as well. Im hoping I did well for myself, especially considering the financial commitment. Thanks
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