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  1. Hello, What is your opinion on using three Klipsch RP-8000F speakers as LCR? Alternatively, use two Klipsch 8000F speakers and the Klipsch RP-6000F speaker as the center channel? Is this hypothesis, like the previous one, better than the central channels 600C and 504C? Finally, would the Klipsch R-620F speaker also be a better option than the center channels 600C and 504C? Thank you for your attention Regards from Portugal
  2. Although the stickers are removed, I believe these are Klipsch KLF-20's. Great shape, work well. Local pickup only. In Fountain Hills, AZ (close to Scottsdale, AZ). Asking $800 for the pair. KSF-10.5's, KLF-C7 and KV3's below: Also have (I believe) are a pair of KSF-10.5's. The foot on it is broken (pictured), but rests fine. We're going to be repairing at time of this post, but want full disclosure that one foot was repaired. But, sits level even though foot is off. Speakers work great. Asking $400. KLF-C7 Center Channel speaker is available. Great shape, works great. Pictured below. Asking $250. KV3 Center Channel speaker (oak) is available. Great shape, works great. Pictured below. Asking $200
  3. Just bought the 504c center channel, it’s gorgeous and sounds great with music, my only issue with the speaker is that the dialogue often sounds boxy or airy or thin especially at higher pitches of voices or when people are talking softly it sounds like an over exaggerated whisper on top of their voice, or even like the talker is wearing a surgical mask while talking it is not what I would call crisp. I upgraded from the JBL studio 520c which imaged great and dialogue was crisp. My L/R is a pair of RB 61 IIs that also sound fantastic. im disappointed spending the money on a speaker and it not sounding better or even up to par from what it’s replacing. My entry level sound bar sounds better with dialogue than this speaker and I’m convinced something is wrong. I have it hooked up to a Sony 1080 receiver and have tried several settings, has anyone else experienced this or found just the right settings to make this speaker shine? I don’t want to have to return such a beautiful speaker
  4. I have the original RC7 up for sale that goes with the RF7’s if anyone is looking. Excellent shape cosmetically as well as functionality. I am the original owner. Im located in Maine - 04240 - willing to ship at buyers expense as well as meet a reasonable distance if needed.
  5. Hi, I recently purchased a RP-440c to replace my previous Polk 15C center speaker (dual 5.25 woofers). I plugged in the new 440c and ran Onkyo's room correction wizard. To my surprise, it calculated the crossover to 200hz. My previous polk was calculated to around 70hz. Now I know these room correction tools are sometimes way off, but when the test tones are played from each speaker, the 440c just seems like it does not produce much low end. I have RP-150 for my fronts and surrounds and those are calculated to 50hz. I checked all the wiring and it seems fine. The placement of my speaker is also the same as my previous Polk 15c. I was expecting the RP-150 to go lower than the 440c, but not by this much. Is this normal? Is there any other tests I can do to figure out what is going on?
  6. I have a Denon X1400h Dolby Atmos receiver and and I have paired Klipsch R-820F floor standing speakers with it. Since Klipsch speakers are efficient I did not set up a preamp with it. It's a very basic setup and I'm looking for recommendations for a central Channel and a subwoofer to go with this system
  7. Hey gang. Thought I would share the custom heritage channel I made for my LaScala based home theater. This started when I refurbished a vintage pair of La Scalas (AA crossover). After some excellent two channel listening, I decided to convert that room into a theater room and went about collecting 4 Academies for surrounds. I got super lucky when a single LaScala (later model with a AK-3 Crossover) became available. The problem I had was that the third 'Scala was too tall in the center position as for comfy viewing I wanted my screen lower. After some research, consulting Mr. Crites, and enlisting the help of a friend with a woodworking shop, I scavenged the tweeter, midhorn, got the crossover Mr. Crites sells for his Cornscala design, estimated the surface area of the Cornsacala woofer and translated that to two Classic Woofers from PartsExpress, and designed a cabinet to hold everything w/ proper cabinet volume and can fit under the screen, and voila: The LaSquata The results are beyond my expectations. Wide dispersion, crystal clear clear voice tracks on movies, matching timbre and response. I am powering this with an NAD AVR and added two HSU 15" subs. It's quite epic, comparable to a commercial movie theater and the whole house shakes during LFE segments.
  8. klipsch Rp-504C .. for home cinema, for upgrade your system ...like me.. thanks
  9. Currently I am running a system with a Denon AVR-1911 paired with the Klipsch Quintet III satellite speakers, and a 12inch Klipsch powered sub (cannot remember the model number at the moment). This configuration worked out great in the home that I bought it in, but recently I have moved into a larger house. The room that we have setup as our theater room is above a 2 car garage, so its a bit larger than the original room. Maybe 17 x 20 however the current configuration has us with everything off to one side of the room, and we sit at about the 15-16 ft mark away from the front speakers. We have noticed issues with dialog for a long time, even after re configuring the receiver to the room using the supplied mic from the unit. I have always found that to be a good starting point but still having to manually adjust speaker levels. However even with adjustments, I found myself turning the receiver up to single digits in volume just to get mostly clear dialog and that ends up causing the other speakers to go out of wack by being too loud. I am not in a position to replace everything all at once, and eventually plan to get floor standing Left and right channels but cannot at the moment due to the current configuration of furniture. So I wanted to start with a center channel, but even after researching I still a bit confused on the best path to take. I was leaning towards the R-25C as its the "old model" and I cannot seem to find any real difference between that and the R52-c However I came across a Crutchfield sale for RP-400C and was wondering if this would be a better option? What Im looking for is a good center channel that will grow with my system, with the expectation that the current config (Quintet satellites for L\R, Rear) and this new center will be around for a while so I want it to at least sound decent and work well enough with each other. Any thoughts from some of the more well versed people here? Thanks.
  10. I had a set of series 1s for 10 years or so, cabinets had typical pealing veneer, water damage to top and bottoms. I originally had plans to black lacquer them and once I got started I realized that there was much more to it than expected. So I did what everyone does and just left them black with grain showing. After redoing several speakers in black lacquer over the years, I decided to do a set of series 2 that were in bad shape and did a complete money no issue type restoration that included rebuilding the corners edges and seams with a much more harder material. It took a good chunk of time and money but they turned out great. So after I picked up a 3rd series 1 for $30 which had a terrible cabinet and what I found later to be a water damaged but still working woofer, I decided the next project was to fix the bad job I started 10 years ago and turn the 3rd one into a center channel. I also came up with an unusual themed look for these 3 speakers that would set them apart from any other set in the world. I always figure that there's no sense spending time on anything if you're going through the trouble you might as well make it your own creation. A simple veneer job will never be a project I would be planning. I would have a hard time getting excited to do it knowing it will end up looking like so many other thousands of speakers that are out there already. I want mine to be recognizable as my build just from seeing a picture from 10 feet away. After much thought I had to improve on the original design by removing a few of their weaknesses or slight imperfections without losing the original sound, since they were going to be stripped and I had full control. I felt the best way to start was to move all driver's to the front of the motor board to remove the diffraction that was part of series 1s problems. Not only the diffraction at the edge of each hole but at the cabs front edges. They needed to be rounded or mitered. I chose rounded which may be the harder of the 2 since the paint was going to show any tiny defects. I opted to work with all original parts once again for the 2 mains which meant completely grinding down all sides to get a perfectly flat and true surface on all sides of the cabinets. Removing any cupping and maintaining edge thickness around the front was crucial. The way that the series 1 are built has the motor board screwed to backing strips (¾“x¾” blocks of plywood) that are stapled around the front inside edges (definitely not the best way to build the cabinet since they offer little strength and lack ability to seal air tight) and they are not cut to be precise leaving gaps at the corners and do not offer an airtight seal. So all seams and connections were sealed with glue and large gaps were filled with Bondo to make them air tight where glue alone could not fill them. The next issue was the drivers themselves were not made to be front mounted, the casting was made with the side flanges were thicker in the middle than at the edges. This raised area made a V shaped flange on the back side where the seam was and made them not able to be mounted without possibly cracking the the edges of the flanges and also making it difficult to seal and mount evenly. Both the tweeters and mids displayed this casting issue. They had to be filed flat so all 4 sides were level, this took much more time than expected to end up with perfectly flat flanges. Moving the drivers in front of the motor board gained some interior volume, I also moved the tweeter down closer to the squaker, originally I did this to get them to blend together better and for looks but later realized it was a necessary in order to be able to mount the tweeter without the magnet hitting the backing strip. I had to make the drivers appear to be inset into the board without actually cutting away any material. It also wanted it to have a very original look, a new texture that would make the entire speaker look as if it was made to not be covered up and hidden from sight. I then carefully cut pieces that fit like a glove over the drivers. Great care was used during the trimming of the new cut outs. There's a 3/16” strip of wood left behind the front trim piece between the tweeter and mid just so they seal tight. The tweeters corners were ground to fit inside the mids. Foam tape was used to make airtight seals. The painting part was no longer as difficult as I had seen on other speakers, the plywood had a better more solid foundation that was much easier to seal especially on the edges. I found it did not need to be ground away and rebuilt as the series 2 cabinets needed. They did have their own set of challenges that needed to be addressed but there was much less ”redoing” as I progressed in comparison. The center channel needed to be completely fabricated and I drew up a plan for 2 designs, 1 would use a pair of 6.75“ DCM 5.5 ohm dual voice coil woofers and the other was for a pair of 10” woofers single 16 ohm voice coil or a pair of 5.5 ohm dual voice coil. The 10” just called for a cab that was going to be quite a bit larger just to mount them. I went with the DCM and packed everything in tight as possible. I also made the cabinet to fit around the motor board. Grooving the sides and notching the front to make a tight dato fitting that could be glued airtight during assembly. I had a piece of 3/4” 10 ply veneered plywood that was big enough to make the cabinet no room for error. I did the same front mounting and covered the front with the same textured hardboard 3/16” panel, cut to fit exactly as possible. The ports were from some speakers I tore apart and tossed, I had 2 sets of them no idea what they came from. But they needed to be modded as well to flare the opening and make them smooth. JB Weld did the trick, I have plans to cover the 12” woofers with a similar metal grill but haven't found the right one. It has to fit directly on the edge of the basket as the smaller ones do. I cannot have a frame under it or anything that's larger in size since it has no room available with the front cover cut exactly to fit. I may have to make my own by hand. The sound has greatly improved even better than the series 2 by a long shot. I did have to move the autoformer settings for the center channel and added a 15 ohm 10watt resistor in parallel with the mid to smoothen the response. The overall look was exactly what I was looking for and the bonus was the much improved sound. I think I have made a near perfectly timbre matched center with the most unique look possible, all pieces are mirror finish black lacquer (that has become my finish of choice on anything I do now) just to make sure that these will stand out as another one of my creations and very less likely to ever see another in existence. This set of 3 has been named the ”Tiki Series” the mask of the warrior is a very close rendition of my final creation.
  11. Wanted to give my fellow Klipsch owners a chance to get a Klipsch rp450c, I started it low to build more interest. I loved everything about these speakers, but it has always been a dream of mine to have a complete custom designed home theater system, so I'm slowly doing it one at a time, starting with the center channel. This 450c is in perfect shape. ebay.com/itm/313003262223
  12. dubs


    Anyone know of a RC-64II center channel for sale?
  13. I'm moving to new house and get to upgrade my home theater. I'm 73 and have some high frequency hearing loss (typically display the subtitles). We use our HT for 80% movies and 20% soft rock music. I want to start the new system with a very good center channel speaker for dialogue and then build a 5.2 system around that center channel. Listening area will be about 12 x 12 but open to around 20 x 20, hard floors. Existing 5.1 is Def Tech in smaller listening area and it does a fair job, I'm looking for upgrade plus handle the added volume space. Any recommendations on cc to start with ?
  14. I have a 5.1 Home Theater using a KV1 Klipsch Center Speaker , front left and right speakers are KSB3.1 Klipsch and rear Left and right are IC525 Klipsch Ceiling speakers. The Sub-woofer is an Infinity powered BU-1. I also use an iLive 37" Sound Bar to enhance TV dialog at low volume. The system runs through a Onkyo TX-NR626 A/V Receiver. The center and sound bar have been on a TV cabinet (with storage for the EQ inside). Normally, the positioning is the sound bar off center right and the center off center left behind the TV. With the TV stand, 1/2 the center is blocked so the back is lifted and it aims down. This sound is OK and when necessary adjustments can be made by movement of the sound bar. See photo. However, I recently upgraded my TV to a 4K 50" Samsung UHDTV. I plan to consider a wall mount for the new TV. Since the center channnel speaker is large and heavy would it be OK to leave it on top of the cabinet and try and hang the sound bar from the TV? I see several items designed to do that. I fear the Klipsch is too heavy to hang from a rack setup. This means that from the listening/viewing area, the center speaker would be below the sound bar. The sound bar is connected to the TV audio via optical cable so when I am in Home Theater mode with the audio through the A/V Receiver, no sound comes from the sound bar. I would appreciate any comments.
  15. A few months back I posted that I was not happy with the center channel in my system, I was using a Martin-Logan SLM as my center channel. The SLM is a surface mount and it has short throw drivers and it was hard to balance in the system. I was not happy with the system. I looked at other center speakers and have always had a preference for Klipsch. I asked on the forum for opinions on the 440 and I was steered to the RP-450C instead. I found a factory recertified 450C on Amazon for an attractive price and it arrived today. This is a major improvement over the SLM. I thought a center with a box enclosure would be better and apparently, I was correct. I still have some balancing to do, but I'm liking it. The System Yamaha Receiver - RX-A860 R&L Speakers - Klipsch Heresy 1 - total rebuild with all new drivers and X-over R&L effects/presence - Martin Logan Edge The system just underwent a major improvement and sounds real sweet in either A/V or music The Klipsch R:P-450C and it was hard to balance in the system Rebuilt Heresy 1 RP-450C with the M-L Edges
  16. For sale: Near mint condition Klipsch RC-62II. I have owned this speaker for 2 years in a smoke free, child free home. Speaker has a very small scuff on right side (approximately 3/8" long) but otherwise is in absolute perfect condition. I unfortunately did not keep the original packaging but speaker will be protected well as I work for UPS and have access to shipping materials. I'm looking to get at least $300 and that's including shipping cost. Speaker does weigh just over 30lbs. Please message me if you are interested. I can send additional pictures if requested.
  17. For sale: Near mint condition Klipsch RC-62II. I have owned this speaker for 2 years in a smoke free, child free home. Speaker has a very small scuff on right side (approximately 3/8" long) but otherwise is in absolute perfect condition. I unfortunately did not keep the original packaging but speaker will be protected well as I work for UPS and have access to shipping materials. I'm looking to get at least $300 and that's including shipping cost. Speaker does weigh just over 30lbs. Please message me if you are interested. I can send additional pictures if requested.
  18. I have Chorus II on the front of a 5.1. I currently have a 96db RC-35 as my center and it is a little underwhelming with the chorus iis. I could use some recommendations on a center that would compete that: 1) isn't too large. Would like to stay < 30w, 11 deep and 11 high. 2) closer to 100db sensitivity 3) Would like to stay $600 or less Was looking at this custom made piece from Bob Crites. A little longer than I would prefer, but wanted to know if any had any experience with this speaker? Thanks!
  19. Hi, i'm going to buy a Central channel speaker for my current 2-channels home theater made of a couple of RB-51 II. I would like to read some experts' feedback about the choice as Central speaker of the "R-25C". I've as AV amplifier for home theater the Yamaha RX-S601; its main characteristics are quoted here below: What's your opinion about the R-25C for this scenario? ...or, in case, which one else would you suggest to adopt instead of that? Are the RB-51 II appropriate for Yamaha...considering the parameters above if compared with the ones of speakers? Thanks for your suggestion, Mario
  20. Hello! I am a new owner of a pair of cherry RF-7's. Could not be happier with the purchase! Now for the challenging part - finding a matching cherry RC-7. Found one on US Audio Mart, had the sale ready to go, but THE DAY he was supposed to be shipping it out informed me that the post was incorrect, and that it was in fact black. Found one on CL in Minneapolis, but the owner is unwilling to ship. If I weren't booked for the next 3 weekends, I may have just bit the bullet and flew there with a huge suitcase. The struggle is real... if your struggle is to stop compulsively buying speakers and upgrading, anyways. At any rate, if anybody is by chance willing to part with one or knows the whereabouts of where I might find one, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Bob
  21. Hello fellow Klipsch users, Does anyone had an issue with their Klipsch RC-62ii Center Speakers? I have one for like 3 months now and whenever its playing some deep bass on it I hear a noise something squeaky/rattling. First I noticed it while I'm watching a movie, then tried to play some jazz music on it hoping that that noise is only from the movie however, the squeaking still persist. I'm thinking maybe there's rattling/squeaky something on my home, but then I tried to play Stereo (RF-82ii) and I never hear this squeaky rattling noise. I even took out the center speaker from the TV stand to an open space to isolate it from other items and check if the squeaking/rattling is really the center speaker, still, the squeaking/rattling is there. I took a video of this noise while playing some bass test on youtube which I have linked below. With all that being said, I'm wondering if I need to send it back, how's the Warranty work on this? I'm adamant of not sending it back To Frys (where I bought it) since it's too far from me. Can I just bring it to some Klipsch authorize seller near me like Bestbuy/Magnolia? Squeaky RC-62ii Here's my current set-up and as you can see, I currently don't run a sub on my system. Klipsch RF-82ii Klipsch RC-62ii Klipsch RB-61ii Denon X3300W (with Audyssey XT32)
  22. I'm looking to purchase a Wharfedale Jade C2 center channel preferably in Vintage Cherry but will consider other finishes as well.
  23. I have my barely used Klipsch C-3 center channel for sale here in Greenville, SC Here is my local craigslist link with photos of the speaker. http://greenville.craigslist.org/ele/5953617294.html If you have any questions please use the email link provided on craigslist as it will get directly to me.
  24. I have a Klipsch RC-7 center channel speaker for sale in Central Florida (Melbourne). It is in good functional shape. I am the only owner. One of the woofers has a small line on it but does not affect the sound quality. I noticed several people have woofers this way. The grill has one broken peg. The Klipsch logo on the grill fell off and I lost it. Otherwise, works and sounds great. I had them together with my RF-5 fronts. Always played them responsibly. I sold my RF-5s but the buyer did not want the center. I would like to get $300 firm for it. I noticed people are paying more for them online. I will be driving on I-95 next week (22nd or 23rd) towards Raleigh. So, if someone along I-95 wants to buy it between Melbourne, Florida and Raleigh - send me a note. if you are in the Orlando area - let me know. I can even bring it to you.
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