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Found 11 results

  1. Lets get some chat going about the Cinema 800! I have been using this as a daily driver for a few weeks now and I am enjoying it quite a bit. I need to add the surround speakers to the mix (I have the 3.1 system) but so far so good. This is matched to a 50" TV and the sizing is quite nice. 55" is probably the perfect mate. Anyone have any thoughts on the surrounds? These are my impressions so far: https://youtu.be/bPEhFRcAewA
  2. I bought a new Cinema 400 soundbar + sub 2 days ago. Great sound! I've connected it via optical to my TV. Generally it all works fine, however the soundbar has been dropping out for a few seconds every 10 minutes or so. But the subwoofer keeps going! It's just the soundbar that loses audio. I tried changing SPDIF from Dolby Digital to PCM and thought it worked, however the same problem returned the next day. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. brownaye


    Horns only! No drivers included! See my other ad selling a pair of Faital HF200 drivers: Taken from a pristine pair of JBL 4670s that have only ever been used for home theater. They were mated to a pair of 2446J drivers, not included in this sale. Horns are super clean with no obvious scratches or other defects. $200/BO and we split shipping. If you're going to the New England Vintage Electronics Expo this Sunday March 1st in Nashua NH, I can hand them over in person. *Edited for clarity
  4. Up for sale is a Klipsch SW10 II subwoofer in the black finish. It has a 10" woofer in front and a 12" passive radiator in the back. It works great, but I just don't have a need for it asking $100.
  5. Looking for a pair of black RS7 surrounds and a Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Architect's choice 17" ii (hear these are a good match for Klipsch) to anchor my new system upgrade from a receiver to seperates
  6. Looking for a pair of black RS7 surrounds and a Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Architect's choice 17" ii (hear these are a good match for Klipsch) to anchor my new system upgrade from a receiver to seperates
  7. Hello all! I'm new to the forum and would appreciate any insights you may give about an upcoming project of mine. I would like to utilize about half of a room that measures 30' wide by 58' long with 8' tall ceilings so their space would be 30' wide by 28' long and divide the room with a heavy curtain. I'm not concerned with sound affecting the non-theater half of the room but only in optimizing the experience of the theater side. I plan on using a 150"-160" screen with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio with my projector which will still be tight with only having 8' ceilings. I am currently considering a 7.2.4 setup using 2x RP-280F, 1x RP-450C, 2x RP-160M, 2x RP-250S, 2x R115SW, and 4x CDT-5800-C II in ceiling speakers for the Atmos effect. I was wondering at what room size one would consider using Cinema products instead of Home Theater equipment or if there are better options available that I haven't considered. The room would be used nearly 100% for movie viewing with the first row of theater seating at approximately 10' from the screen with low-back sofas, the second row would be theater seats at 17' from the screen, and the third row would be theater seats approx 23' from the screen. Thanks for any suggestions! Theater Example.pdf
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/322028864875 In the case that anyone is looking for these, they make really good in home theater speakers. A three way design and fairly sensitive. I just bought one to round out my basement theater room. Thought I would pass it on as $59 is a pretty good deal for these. Seller still has nine left....No affiliation. Tim
  9. thought i would share some photos i captured of jonathan wood's loft setup. enjoy!
  10. hey guys, i gotta sadly sell this subwoofer. i bought it as a package from bill when i picked up the cinema stuff. it currently sits in my living room and i love the sound of this thing. i have already told some guys that have been over locally that from 18 hz up this thing is about 98% of my dual svs ultras when i had them in the living room. just a fantastic subwoofer. its just too big for the room. it crowds the front so much that my mains are only like 5 feet apart. i just cant swing it anywhere else. and i really have no place else to store it otherwise i would hang on to it and hopefully it would work in the next houses living room somehow. also my wife is taking the summer off from college so we are on a solo income right now, which makes sitting on speakers for a while not very feasible. i have this listed on local craigslist for 1200 but i really just want 1000$ out of it. it would come with the crown xti 1000 that has been specifically setup for this sub by Roy Delgado.
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