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Found 16 results

  1. I have 2 k-400 horns that I pulled out of a really rough pair of Lascala. They do not match, apparently one is older than the other (sand cast). Obviously this doesn’t effect the sound. I would need to work on getting a proper box to ship these, but I can figure that if someone is interested. Of course they’re available for pickup in and around Chattanooga. Message me and we can discuss it. possible trade for a set of Dave's LMAHL. Thanks.
  2. Selling my Cornscalas. These are the Type B version and are a fantastic speaker. Plenty has been written in this forum about them so I won't list all of the great things about them. I am the second owner and believe I have had them about a year. I had Deang build a custom crossover for these and really knocked it out of the park. My second favorite with these cornscalas was the original crites crossover. Both are great nd with the low-mid-high speaker taps I added you can put the crossover on top or inside. This also sets you up to bi or tri amp the speaker. I am selling these for $1900 and that includes the speaker grill frame and both crossovers. Cosmetically and functionally they are a 10/10 and the edges are straight like they should be. I am willing to meet within a reasonable distance.
  3. SOLD-SOLD-SOLD I just purchased these. They took 3 months to get here. During that 3 months I have purchased a set that was designed for my Cornscalas and my listening habits specifically. I am sure you know about these already if you are reading this. I have about 1 Hour on them. I wanted to do a comparison with the other 2 crossovers I have. I paid $358.18 that included shipping and 3 months of wait time. I'll let them go for $325 shipping included and no 3 month wait time to the lower 48 states.
  4. I am looking to purchase a pair of Cornscalas in or near Texas. I am okay driving some to meet for the sale.
  5. Gonna redo these CW's I built some 17yrs ago. I'm tired of the red mahogany gloss. Will be upgrading the drivers as well per claudj1. Woofer/tweeter only. First i'm undecided about the motor board. Paint it black like Klipsch does or veneer in a near black tone of veneer like this one. Its called Wenge.
  6. Looking for a single Cornscala near Tampa. Shoot me a message if you have one to sell.
  7. I am trying to figure out my options for a new center speaker. My current setup is: Left front and Right front: Cornscalas Center KLF C-7 Left rear and right rear: La Scalas Atmos ceiling CDT 5800-C-2 Left and right surrounds RP-252 I feel my center is holding my system back and am looking for something that is more appropriate. Some options I am considering are: 1) Cornscala 2) La Scala 3) Cornwall Those are the obvious contenders. Would a pair of Chorus work too? Are there any other options I should consider? I keep looking for a single of one of those, but haven’t found one secondhand yet.
  8. Good afternoon, everyone, I've been lurking here for the past couple of weeks gathering info on my next build, and figured I join and maybe later start a thread as a build chronicle... Anywho, this is my first post on the site, so please be gentle I'm thinking that my next build will be something of a modified Cornscala. I'm thinking separate bass and mid/high cabinets, possibly going with a 2-way design for easy integration into my smallish living room. My question is concerning the Fastlane Eliptrac 400. Would this be a suitable horn for mid/high duties from 500 Hz on up to 20,00? I'm looking at possibly the Faital Pro 15PR400 for the bass cabinet, and possibly the HF206 or maybe a Radian driver for the mid/high driver, but I'm open to any and all suggestions. Also thinking about making them fully active with either a MiniDSP or Hypex DSP 2 channel plate amps. The 2-piece cabinet style grabs me aesthetically, and I'd be going for something resembling the Volti Alura. ported bottom, horn top. I absolutely love the look of the curved cabinet sides. As for the Eliptrac, I've emailed Dave from Fastlane a few times this past week, but haven't got a response. Is he even still making these things? Should I be looking at a different horn for what I'm trying to do? Bryan
  9. I'm located in Illinois. Will drive a fair bit for the right deal. Also looking for very clean Chorus iis Thanks!
  10. Newbie Type Qs RE Cornscalas and LaScalas This was prompted by a PM from another forum member, regarding SEOS CSs. In brief, if you already have a LS or CS (or other similar Altec, etc) why bother to change anything (besides horns, drivers, etc, like many of us do) if you have a sub? I am excluding the desire to tinker, which you have by definition if you are on the Forums - and that is likely why most of you are reading this post. If you are getting your first larger speakers, that is a different issue. Best to audition some first, realizing that most folks out there likely have no means to do this in the real world, especially in an A-B fashion. I have LaScalas and Heresys in a 550 sq ft place in the DC area, the rest of my stuff is still in NOLA. My single Fender 18” driver ported pro sub is roughly the size of a LaScala. Nice thick walls up North...LOL. I took a look at some SEOS CS webpages including diysoundgroup dot com where the SEOS waveguides or horns are listed and also looked at their LS or CS equiv, the Titan 615/615LX - under $600 each shipped !! Incredibly flat response from 100->15000 Hz; too good to be true? Several different curves below 100 Hz found in diff places. Let’s assume they roll off at 60 Hz. I assume bass bin size relates, perhaps not directly, to low end extension, eg 18” cubed maybe to 100 Hz, 25 x 25 x 12 (Titan) to around 60 Hz, 25” cubed (LS or CS) to around a 35-50 Hz roll off). The Titan bass bin size is maybe 40% of a LS bass bin size. So maybe if they had used a bigger (ported) bass bin maybe they could have gotten lower bass extension like the CS or LS. Perhaps that would also have required a different bass driver, xover, etc. But as stated below, add a sub, and you are done. And yes, I realize that this does not take into consideration tonality of the speakers, their “size” presence either in the room (almost “triangle” yard for K-horn) or whether you seem to be listening to a 10 piece band (K-horn) vs 2 high school kids (bad tower speakers), etc. One major Q: If you have sub that matches your speakers, whatever that means, what difference does it make to have lower bass extension from the mains? (No flame wars please, just looking for information.) Mind you I have big speakers per the above comment, but not directly for the bass extension. I resisted the “dark side” for decades as I thought the bass from the LSs and K horns was enough. I was very wrong. I am a bass a holic with many 15 and 18” subs, but no furnature/couch bass shakers (LOL). The CS adds about 10 HZ lower extension from the lower limit of the LS at the price of going from about 104 to 100 db/watt according to Crites' CS a-d webpage. Likely not a big deal to most of us with at least ?20+ watt tube amps. No doubt that is of some importance to some folks. However, if you have sub(s), does it really matter as you can program a receiver to output anything, say below 60 HZ to the sub(s)? If your audio receiver cannot do that, a dedicated sub amp can do that in almost all cases. (Though mains will run full spectrum, see below) Exception: I have thought of directly coupling the output of a turntable preamp to a stereo only amp and then directly into R and L speakers. But even here you could Y split the TT preamp output to add the sub amp as well. All you would lose is the ability to filter out the lower bass extension for the mains. It is only a guess, but I don't think the overlap, say below 40-80 HZ would be too noticeable to most of us (based upon whatever you use as the sub amp bass cutoff point). Outside of using maybe a Radio Shack Potentiometer, no idea how to control the volume inexpensively and ?cleanly. It makes the signal path as clean as possible (I think) - assuming that makes much of an audible difference to anyone. No remotes, so no couch potatoes. Just my 2 cents. Comments welcome. NOLA
  11. Does anyone have experience with these? I've noted that Bob Crites offers them and uses them in some of his Cornscalas. Tonal differences, etc.
  12. I have a vintage pair of K33 woofers in excellent condition. These were removed from my K'horns for an update just after purchasing them used in 84. Speakers measure DCR 3.4 and 3.3. Photo upload won't cooperate, pics on request. $300.00, you pay shipping. They are in pristine, working condition, see pics. Please ask any questions you may have. All sales are final.
  13. I am considering a purchase of the Cornscala B speakers. Are there any Cornscala owners in the Philadelphia or Washington DC area who would be willing to demo them? If so, please PM me so that we can make arrangements to meet up. I am usually in the DC area mid-week, otherwise Philly. Thank you!
  14. I'm selling my Bob Crites Style C Cornscala high efficiency speakers. These are Klipsch Cornwall + LaScala hybrids, combining the best qualities of each speaker. They are incredibly efficient, operating at 102dB sensitivity. They're perfect with SET amps or any tube amp offering 2 or more watts. They have selenium drivers, and were finished by the previous owner. I have rated them at a 7 because there's a ~1.5" sliver of wood that chipped off the bottom front of one speaker. I still have the piece and it can easily be glued back on, I just never got around to it. SOLD Negotiating down from the listed price will result in none of the 3 extras being included. Speaker Details: http://www.critesspeakers.com/cornscala-style-c.html Not much activity here, but I have the same username on Audiogon and USAudioMart with years of all-positive feedback. Available for pickup only in zip code 87102.
  15. OK I am in a dilemma I am in the market for my next speakers, My system is all tube Primaluna Dialog Premiun HP amp with 8 KT 120 85w per channel, Primaluna Dialog Premiun Pre amp, Manley Steelhed Phono, VPI HRX Turntable with Shelter Harmony Cartidge. My current speakers are Silverline Audio Sonatina MK4, They sound Beautiful with vocals and jazz but suck big time with rock and pop. I want to move into something more appropriate for my system (tubes) that will perform great either with vocals as well as rock or pop. These are the 3 options I am considering: 1) Crites Cornscalas with ALK Extreme Slope Crossovers, B&C Drivers and Crites Woofer and and Eliptrac Horns, similar to the one built by . 2) BD Design Oris Horn with an 8" Fostex Full Range Driver and an Compact woofer Module with a 15 inch woofer. 3) BD Design Opheans M3 with BMS 4592 compression driver and an Compact woofer Module with a 15 inch woofer. Please tell me what model would you choose and why? Thanks in advanced for the help.
  16. These motor boards have come out of retirement. I built these 5 years ago with my 1st project and they have say lonely waiting for someone to bring to life... Daves tweeter seems as good a reason as and. Prob will try the Dayton DC380... Seems I forgot, I cut the opening for the woofer too small. Some things. Justin
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