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Found 10 results

  1. Finally rewired my amp. It started when replacing the original tube sockets with Amphenol blade style. I installed a new stock replacement 7199 board from Dynakitparts a while ago. Just installed CDE WMF series film caps with stock values, painted them black because I don't like yellow. The choke, bias supply and cap can are new. Diode replaced the selenium rectifier. I have a near new testing vintage Mullard GZ34, four matched pairs of strong Mullard xf2's and 3 pairs of 7199's. Fortunately I read Dave Gillespie's ST-70 Baseline paper before doing anything to the amp. I'm very happy with the stock circuit and it sounds beautiful with my Crites Cornscala's .
  2. This is a really nice sounding 7591 amp, it looks to be all original. Tubes are a mixed bag of vintage, some rca, Eico, Ge etc.. I took this in trade recently and just want to move it along as I have a handful of vintage tube amps. The previous owner has had it for a few years, he is some what of a electronics tinkerer, so he knew to bring it up on a variac before use. I’m no technician but I don’t see any signs of cap leakage or anything that looks burnt etc… would need the typical loudness mod done, but works and sounds great without this engaged. Hooked up to Heresys and nothing seems off or scratchy and no hum or buzz, which surprised me. I don’t want to ship at this point, but if you have serious interest message me and we can discuss it…she’s heavy! Located in Chattanooga Tn. I can email a short video of it playing if interested. Sold
  3. Hi All, Been away from the forum for a while but just retired & am back at it! I recently had my Marantz SS gear checked out & have them driving my Forte IIs. Soon I want to get my Dynaco ST-70 & PAS-3 back in the mix. While I do plan on having them "checked out" before I put them in service, I'm thinking I might want to invest in an inexpensive Variac to regularly bring them up to power. First off, Good Idea? Secondly, I see Variacs on eBay & Amazon & don't know what specs/price point I should be looking at. Any help with minimum specs for use with my Dynaco gear would be extremely helpful. Thanks! Take care, Frank
  4. Big online auction run by The Hamilton Group LLC. Venue in Clinton Conn. https://www.bidspotter.com/en-us/auction-catalogues/timed/hamilton-group/catalogue-id-bsctheh10116 Terms are "as is" no refunds, etc. 15% buyers premium, 6.35% sales tax. Lots of amps, tubes, cases, etc. No affiliation. JBCODD
  5. Thinking of selling my Bob Latino VTA ST70 tube amp. Have over $1100 in it ... wondering if anyone is interested for $???. Selling it because I'm playing with multiple speakers, multiple vintage amps and multiple inputs ... just a pain switching this on these tube amps. No clue what it is worth ... any reasonable offers? Bought this as a kit 12/2017. Finished assembly 1/2018. Very, very nice unit with superior sound. 35W/ch. Includes Russian 6550 tubes, Russian caps, 21 stage attenuator and lucite VTA cover plate (to protect you from high voltage). Yes; transformers were painted prior to assembly. Probably less than 20 hours on the tubes ... not even fully burned in. Will post more pics if members are interested. Cheers, Emile
  6. Time to clear the house - I'm providing links to my posts covering the Forte project, instead of dropping the photos here. Will add photos of the Dynaco soon. I've a pair of Forte I that have been restored/upgraded with Crites crossovers (also upgraded with some nice parts) new Ti tweeter diaphragms. Original mid drivers, lf drivers, and passives. They sound beautiful. Cosmetically rough - I stripped the black paint and stained the veneer underneath. These were purchased last year, and were not cared for prior to my purchase - the stands should be rebuilt, I think. Many spots where the veneer is gone. A good purchase if you're wanting to restore the cabinets. Again, they sound awesome, so also good if you're less concerned with the look. I have the grills too - one badge missing. They look worn, and never used them. Asking $800 http://thenewold.co/the-vintage-project-klipsch-forte-crossover-updates/ http://thenewold.co/the-vintage-project-forte-i-stands/ http://thenewold.co/the-vintage-project-klipsch-forte-i-great-lows-and-no-highs/ http://thenewold.co/the-vintage-project-klipsch-forte-i-listening/ http://thenewold.co/the-vintage-project-klipsch-forte-i-almost-finished/ Also have a Dynaco ST70 I traded for last year. DIYtube mods installed by another owner. Sounds good. Including the full tube complement. Asking $500 Finally, I've a Dynaco ST150 amp. Not sure of it's history, but I've had it on the shelf for years. It's working, though likely needs a cleaning and recap. Power switch is always on, so also needs to be fixed. Asking $100 Will consider fair offers on all of these. Prefer local pickup, so you can see and listen to them. Thanks, Darren
  7. I recently aquired a Dynaco ST-70 and a pair of Quartets. When I turn the volume up with the Dynaco running through the Quartets, it sounds a bit "bright" or "harsh." However you describe it, I am disappointed by it. The Quartets sound smoother at high volume with my solid state amps (Carver m1.0t, Yamaha A-1020 integrated, or self-assembled ebay JLH 15 watt class A, Toshiba SA-775 reciever). When I run the Dynaco through my KG 4.2s, it sounds better to my ears. It sounds warmer, more "cohesive," and less harsh. I notice this most easily with female vocals, but it seems to be there with everything. I am currently using an Onkyo TX-8050 as a preamp (with a Little Bear phono preamp) and wonder if a different preamp would help. I use the Onkyo as a preamp for the solid state stuff though, so I'm not sure that would help. Does anyone have any suggestions for making my Dynaco-Quartet combo sound better?
  8. I have a guy replacing a couple bad tubes, and replacing coupling caps, filters, etc. to put SCA-35 in very good shape (stock configuration). Is it worth it for Lascalas. Also have pair of moded designed Jub Bins and 3 way horn tops to try with it. Opinions
  9. After all these years in storage, it is time to part with a pair of Dynaco Mark 3 amplifiers.. These were part of a lot of FIVE that were all factory built and ink stamped on November 8, 1965 along with an inspection number.. They are one number off from being consecutive pairs, as the two here in my home were built 'in between' on the same date... These amps were used as a brief experiment in a multi amplification (5 channels) system for a pipe organ back in the day. They have sat UNTOUCHED since the mid 60ies! They are complete just as they were built at the Dynaco facility.. This includes ALL ORIGINALLY installed tubes with Dynaco logos and MATCHED PAIRS of Genalex GOLD LION KT-88's ! (they are numbered by the builder with red marker on their tops...) These are NOT tested, but I can positively confirm that my pair and one single unit (from this quintet) ran flawlessly in the same condition for hours with NO issues after sitting for all those many years! Asking $1100 for the pair, plus what it would cost to ship. (approx. 28lbs. ea.) Here are the photos / captions for you to peruse... Overall focus on the amps.... .Amp 1 .Amp 2.Overhead of Amp 1.Overhead of Amp 2 Photos of the front panel...Originally installed Gold Lions.....and lastly, the underside of both amps.... Many members here on the Klipsch forums know who I am, and that I run my Mark 3's through a lovely pair of 1967 KH's and they truely impart a warm and full sound. You can PM me for more information....... Thanks for looking.. ...........Gary
  10. Long time reader, first time poster. So in the last month, I've acquired a pair of very nice Heresy I speakers dating back to 1984. I've also picked up a Dynaco (kit) ST-70 which was in pretty rough shape. I immediately rebuilt the crossovers with a Crites kit, and rebuilt the entire ST-70 with a Bob Latino VTA 6SN7 octal kit, retaining only the trafos, quadcap, choke and rectifier tube. Prior to the amp rebuild, sound was decent. Full-bodied, good sound stage, and listenable bass. Post rebuild, everything sounded better. Exception: the bass was gone. Like someone took the slider on the far left of the EQ and pushed it all the way down. I listen to a lot of jazz which is what informed the purchase of these components. Two suspected factors: The 6SN7 is a power hungry tube. I may be starving it a little by keeping the stock transformer. The trafo gets hot to the touch, and there's some mechanical hum which can be heard through the speakers. I've ordered a new one from Triode. Output tubes are cheap Chinese EL34s I got off ebay for $30. I just wanted to get something plugged into the sockets to make sounds come out of the speakers. I'll likely order some Gold Lion KT66 based on Bob Latino's glowing (heh) review. Am I on the right track here? Speakers are on Crites risers about 6 feet apart, maybe a foot away from the wall, and about 5 feet from my listening position. These are the first horns I've owned, and I'm LOVING the mids/highs. Before I run out and buy a sub, I'd like to know what I can be fixing first.
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