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Found 3 results

  1. I found out during a living room remodel of sorts so let me explain while keeping it short and to the point. Moved all the big gear out to paint. I had the MC75’s driving Belles up front and Dynaco ST-70 on the rear CF4’S. C20 pre. Since the main sound imaging comes from the front I didn’t notice too much about the rear. I threw together a temporary fresh rebuild Fisher 400 and the CF4’S when I noticed the cabinet rattle. I’m much better with a soldering iron than woodworking. How do I approach removing the back from one has about 1/2 side maybe midway loose glue? I have KLF30’s that get little use, but took a pounding before I got them. No glue problems with them. I don’t think I’ve read the CF series have this? Ver. 3 or 4
  2. I'm new to the forum. A few years ago I purchased a mint set of KG-4's. I had always wanted a set as a teen and was not disappointed. One thing led to the next and I finally hunted down a set of Epic CF-4's. They are Version 2's, October 1994 build. These speakers are phenomenal. I'm running them with a Bob Latino VTA ST-120 tube amp which I build about 18 months ago. I'd like to do some work on the speakers and looking for feedback and suggestions. I've seen a few posts by Moray James on the subject, but it seems to be bits of wisdom here and there (I don't think I've amassed the bits). The things I'm wondering ... 1) Crossover networks are due for rebuild, at least the caps. Recommendations? Is there a schematic or parts list? I suppose when I open them up I could figure it out, but wondering if this is documented. 2) Bracing - I've seen some commentary on firming up the cabinets. 3) Sound deadening - again seen comments about Dynamat on the horn shells, and some other things. 4) Compression drivers - I have a set of EV-1506 sitting around. Should they be pressed into action? If so, any changes that should go with them? Or if staying with stock compression drivers ... anything need to be done with them? 5) Version 2's have the 2.5" ports. Should I go back to 5" ports of Version 1? if so, what's the change to the crossover necessary to go back in time. Finally on the amplifier ... it's a 60wpc tube affair. Great sound, but I'm thinking these speakers need a high quality solid state amp with mojo, to eek out what they are capable of. Power on hand with the tube amp is likely not up to the task. Thanks for any feedback or thoughts you can share! Filippo
  3. Howdy, folks. My 2-channel system consists of a pair of Epic CF-4s (version 1) powered by a Bel Canto s300iD, and a pair of SVS subs. I'm in the process of integrating it into my 5.1 system, usurping the Polk Monitor70 II mains and probably the 15" Acoustic Research sub (because three subs might be too much). That leaves the surround speakers, currently my trusty Cambridge SoundWorks Model Six, the first honestly hi-fi speakers I've ever owned. What would you recommend as replacements for the Sixes? I'm intrigued by the SS1, Synergy S-2/S-20, and RS-10 - something with that T-W-T configuration. I could also just wait and hear how well the Sixes sound with the Epics and KLF-C7 before deciding on replacing them. And the MCACC on my Pioneer AVR will make everyone behave, in the meantime. Thanks in advance.
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