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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody, this is Stella from Italy. I have 2 Klipsch "LaScala". Surfing the net I found the web site of Al, Alkeng. I tried to buy the following crossovers, ES500 and ES5800, but the time needed is too long and not predictible because he is overloaded so I would like to know if anyone can help me sharing the wiring diagrams of the mentioned crossovers. Thanks in advance for the precious help!
  2. I am looking for a little input from any of you using Al’s extreme slope networks in smaller listening rooms. I am using the es500 and es5800 combo with diy La Scalas. These networks do many things very well, separation of instruments, clean bass, very clean bass, and vocal clarity is all there in spades. However the center image is not. I was using Bob’s a4500 networks previously which are great for how basic they are and they had a great center image. I have read how great the imaging of the esn networks is and for the most part they are amazing, but I am missing that center image. Any advice? Are these for big rooms?
  3. I just installed a set of ALK AP12-600 and ES5800 crossovers into my Klipsch Cornwall's. I am using a Conrad Johnson PV12 and Premier 11a. The original crossovers were the Klipsch B3 type. These were not bad at all, at the lowest levels I usually listen too. But, I frequently listen at higher levels so I thought I'd try the ALK's. They are a very nice improvement indeed. I did set the tweeter level to -5 on the attenuator, it was set at -3 from ALK. I left the mid range set to -6 db . The bass seems to be firmer and a bit more defined. There seems to be a bit more snap to blues and jazz drumsets on the recordings I just listened too. The mid range has a bit more clarity and a bit less blare, I have the original Klipsch metal horn and ceramic driver, which I believe to be a klipsch made driver just after the Heppner series. The Tweeter is also a ceramic K77m metal horn. I actually find the tweeter to sound just fine, but my hearing is a bit compromised after all these years. I did a test with a signal generator and I can still hear to 17K. I do notice an improved sound stage as well. A bit more depth and locations are well defined, more layers to the instrument positions. At a few moments I felt the stage was wider and some sounds appeared to the out side of the speakers as well. My first impression was the B3 crossovers were fuller bodied , but upon further listening the ALK are the clear winner with better clarity, detail and imaging. At lower levels they sound fine. I was afraid after reading reviews, the lower levels would be compromised , but I do not think so. The B3 crossovers are congested at moderate levels and beyond, probably at lower levels too, its just not objectionable at the lowest levels. I paid as much for the crossovers as I did for the Cornwall, But I am well satisfied so far. billy z
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