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Found 4 results

  1. I loaded the latest firmware update (Summer 2023) and now my Fives are sounding like a muddy mess in the bass and mid range with certain music. Did some tech support and another firmware update (you may ONLY use a 8GB or under flash drive, and that is not guaranteed -- maybe you have to go buy this *specific* 2 GB flash drive! -- I used a 4GB I had on hand) and the firmware update did not signal properly to show the update had properly installed, which is running through each audio input and then back to the original again. Tried again, only the AUX light solid, no running through inputs. This is getting to be a bit too much -- all of these manual firmware updates, and specific flash drive suggested if your under-8GB drive doesn't work after all . Must I really buy a special flash drive to do this? Klipsch does do not have any more walnut cabinet Fives to replace them with :(. Loved them when they worked properly, but a lot of the time they sound blown. Other times not!
  2. Any news about availability of equalizer settings via app for the Fives?
  3. I’ve owned my Fives for about 6 months. I use them exclusively with a turntable. I’m generally very pleased with them. One thing however has always puzzled me. Their reputation is that they are very bass heavy, too much so for some. I also know there is a dynamic bass EQ function that allows you to add or reduce bass. I do not experience the heavy bass as others report. And when I enable or disable the dynamic bass EQ I hear no difference. (I’m speaking here of the function enabled by the remote and confirmed with two flashes on the LED readout. I have not installed the firmware update that allows you to cut the bass.) I recently tested this again playing the bass heavy “hot mix” of Led Zep II. Again, no difference with function on or off and the bass just seems normal on both settings. While I’m happy with the speakers as they are, I wonder if I have somehow not installed them correctly or they are for some reason not working properly. I did read one review that noted the same thing — no difference between the two settings. Has anyone else has had or heard of this issue? Thanks
  4. I use my new 5s almost exclusively with a turntable. I do not use a separate preamp. My TT doesn’t have a built in preamp. So I have to use the preamp built in to the 5s. When connecting the TT initially, I noticed that with everything hooked up, with the phono/line switch on “line,” I had no sound. So I switched it to “phono” and had what I assumed was full powered sound. I assumed I set it up correctly. I then had occasion to look at the Klipsch website on how to connect a TT with and without a preamp. Despite what works with my setup, the instructions clearly state that to use the speakers’ internal preamp, the switch should be on “line.” And to use another preamp, either stand alone or one built in to the TT, the switch should be on phono. This is the opposite of what works with my speakers. I have no other preamp, and the switch is on “phono,” but I have sound. I tested it and switched it back to “line” and get no sound. This may sound nitpicky and silly because after all, they seem to work very well. I guess I’m concerned either that I have done something wrong in connecting the components or there is something wrong with my new speakers. Could it simply be that the Klipsch website is wrong and that the proper setting is “phono” for 5s’ built in preamp and “line” for an external preamp? I contacted Klipsch, to no avail. I hope this makes sense. Thanks
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