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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, this is my first post here! I've recently purchased a Line Magnetic Push-Pull LM34 Integrated amp to go with my Garrard 401 TT and Klipsch Forte III speakers, I feel like the amp too harsh with my speakers, very hot trumpety high-mids, and lack of bass, oomph and flow in the music. I'm starting to get more and more interested in old horn + SET systems, and thought maybe it isn't a bad idea to build a SET amp myself. I don't have experience in electronics etc, but I'm willing to learn, I am based in the UK. I heard great things about Bottlehead, and it seems like their prices are really fair. - Does anybody here have Bottlehead + Klipsch experience ? - Which of the Bottlehead kits would you recommend that I buy? - Do you think a SET Bottlehead kit would make a good match to get some gentleness and musicality out of my very sensitive Klipsch?
  2. Hello Guys. I'm a proud owner of a pair of Forte III since around 6 months. Do any of you have experience with the positioning of the Forte III in order to obtain its best sound? I know there are several factors to consider, but in general terms (apart from what the Instruction Manual says) and based on your own experiences. What can you comment? I am still experimenting, but so far, separated from the back wall about 50 centimeters and about 45 centimeters from the side walls, it has given me excellent results, especially in the acoustic image and response at low frequencies. Do you use "speaker toe"?
  3. Very new to this forum, but I’d like to solicit some feedback. I recently purchased a new pair of Forte III’s. They’re amazing. I went though a number of newer integrated amps and receivers and what I’ve landed on is I just love the sound of the old pioneer receivers. I had an SX980 and it sounded great, but went into protect mode at about 10 o’clock on the volume dial. I think this is because it’s only rated at 80 WPC and the forte’s ask for 100. That said I sold the 980 and am looking at a pioneer sx1250 or sx1050. The 1250 is rated at 165 WPC while the 1050 is rated at 120 WPC. The 50 series has a warmer sound which is what I’m into. I listen to a lot of vinyl. so my question is, has anyone experienced either of these receivers with the fortes? More power can be good, but do I really need it? The 1050 is also about a grand cheaper too, which let’s face it, that’s helpful as I’m on a budget. appreciate the help. Cheers.
  4. Went to the Montreal Audio show last night specifically to listen to what Klipsch had there. They had a pair of ForteIIs! Just wow! Very well balanced, gorgeous cabinet. Perfect imaging. (and that is what I went for) The only thing was that considering the size and market share of the company, they could have had a bigger room with more wow factor to really show them off, considering they where the cheapest of the lot that I liked.. The local shop is not that big. The other makes that struck me in a positive way where the Yamaha NS5000s, $20,000 Paridigm Persona $30,000 and Muraudio $14000(made in Ottawa!) electrostatics. Source material makes a huge impact though, maybe other demos where just not my type of music. Lots of $5000 power cables too! Oh boy. try getting into a conversation with the reps on those types of products.. Lots of BS and real anger when you ask good questions. The same sort of response when you ask CAM people about reiki and homeopathy... its all woo.. and lots of Quantum Energy Fields!
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