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Found 5 results

  1. Im new to the home theater game. Just bought some RP-8060FA speakers eventually going to get RP-504c and either a SPL 120 or 150 (your thoughts on which one would be appreciated) and some back speakers. Im going to be watching movies/tv series/and sports and also gaming on this setup. Any thoughts on a good receiver are greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello all! I grew up around Klipsch products. Dad always has had their speakers. How envious I am of his LaScalla's I've been using a pair of Sony SS-MB215's for probably the last 18 years or so. They did well enough for me in middle/high school and as a young adult with limited funds. I'm 32 now, and I decided they just aren't doing it for me any longer. My office isn't the ideal space-- 8x15x8, carpeted, with nearly zero wall space due to shelves of LEGO(yup, big kid and I love my Star Wars LEGO). My computer desk is centered on the short wall. Currently, I have the Sony's sitting on the floor on each side of the desk. There is roughly 8-12" behind the speakers, and I have them angled slightly towards the center of the room. I suppose the term is near field listening, as the only time I'm using then is while at my computer. These speakers are used for PC gaming and music, both at fairly loud volumes. As far as music goes, I mainly listen to heavy metal (Lamb Of God, Attila, Iron Maiden, In Flames) but do run through some EDM on occasion. I don't remember the model number of my receiver(it's old) but it's a Pioneer 5.1 DD unit. I run a fiber connection between it and a Creative Labs SB unit in my PC. The receiver has been on the fritz lately (sometimes will drop a channel, power off and then on for no reason, and has turned into a space heater when just listening to a news podcast at lower levels). I was looking at the R28PF's. I like that they are self powered, have the sub out, and the specs are pretty decent. I don't have any desire to in the future change into a surround system. If I went with the non-powered ones, I would have to get another receiver. I'm not completely against doing that, but it's not ideal. I had thought about a pair of The Sixes and a sub, but I don't have any room on my desk. It's filled with a 38" ultrawide curved monitor and a 27" monitor. So, what does the collective think? I'm ready to assimilate, but just need advice on the correct hardware. I'm not wanting to spend much more than a grand at this time. Thanks for any advice!
  3. My Audyssey microphone was DOA and I've been patiently awaiting it's replacement. I figure I can go the manual route for now. My setup is as follows and I was hoping you guys could help me with some of the finer details in terms of the crossovers, large/ small, +-db settings etc.., just to get a guy started. -Denon 4300H Receiver -Klipsch R-26 towers (x2) for my L & R (and currently setup as center) -Future state-Klipsch R-15M bookshelf (single) for center once we get our console table in place under the TV . Side Note- would it be blasphemous to have it on its side laying down to save on height? -Bose 161 (x2) for surrounds (hung on basement soffit ~6.5ft from floor nearly directly to the left/right of seating position) -Monoprice Caliber Series 8" ceiling speakers (x2) -Klipsch R-10SW Subwoofer (10") (x1) The main seating position is about 12ft from the towers and the sub, 7ft from the surrounds and 7ft from the heights. 12AWG connecting it all in wall. I’m setting this up as a 5.1.2 Atmos setup for movies and some gaming. Any advice is welcome. I’m a pretty technical individual, but not so much in the audio realm. So I can follow instructions, but coming up with the finer points myself will be a learning process. Thanks folks!
  4. Short version, need recommendations for a subwoofer for use with Klipsch Quintet 5.0 speakers to be used as a PC speaker surround system for games & music. Full story: My beloved Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 PC surround speakers finally bit the dust. It might be repairable, I think it's the transformer (progressively worse humming), but the control pod has been barely functional for years, so time to get something new I think. Except hardly anyone makes high quality PC surround systems anymore. Logitech used to (Z5500 I think) but they discontinued and replaced with something much poorer. So I've been cobbling together a system from parts. I started with Klipsch Quintet 5.0 speakers that were on sale at Newegg for $239 (still are until Monday I think). I searched high and low for a compact AV receiver, but nobody makes one - they are all standard audio/video equipment size - big.. But just by random chance I found a hybrid (tube/SS) barebones 5.1 amp that is small enough to fit on my desk. (Dared DV-6C if anyone's interested.) So now I need a compact reasonably priced sub to accompany the system. I watch no movies on it, it's just video games (hence the surround) and music. So I want something crisp and clean - games do not rely on low frequency effects in the same way that movies do. So looking for a compact, tight sub in the $200 range that complements the Quintets. Doesn't need a ton of power, it will sit right under my desk. Also should have a speaker-level input, as the 5.1 amp does not have any other outputs (I said it was bare-bones. 5.1 channel analog RCA inputs, 2 channel analog auxiliary RCA inputs, 6 speaker terminal pairs and that's it). Looks like I missed all the sale pricing of the Klipsch SW-350 as it has been in the process of being discontinued I think - that might have been perfect. (SW-450 is on sale for $199 at newegg, but it's too big. For reference, the old ProMedia sub was 15"Lx11"Wx12"H) Any recommendations?
  5. I received my pair today and have to say I'm impressed. I've been wanting a wireless gaming headset and when these were announced last year I knew I would be buying them. The only issue I'm having so far is that I have no idea how to turn them off. According to the manual I'm supposed to press the logo button on the headset, but that only results in a single beep without powering down. They also don't seem to automatically power down after 10 minutes of no audio. I have the transmitter attached to my PC with USB and an optical cable.
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