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  1. Hi all, Newbie to the Klipsch board but long time vinyl dj and analog guy :) I need your help. I'm building a home set up for my dj gear (ie. all analog rotary mixer and all turntables), playing disco, 80s, and early & modern electronic music. I've got Heresy IIIs and a sub on my list and I'm having trouble what amp to choose. I wasn't trying to spend "too" much (around $1K and under) but here's what I've narrow down in terms of integrated amps (hoping to connect a few other inputs, maybe a digital input, but sound quality is priority #1) - all of which are around 50w which I'm hoping would power the speakers enough. I know there are much better amps and pre+amp combos, but I'm trying to take it easy for my wife's sake ;) I've read around and on here of people saying more power to the Heresys will drive them to sound better but I'm thinking these should do the trick. Heed Elixer - class A NAD C 368 - hybrid class D Cambridge CXA60/CXA80 - class A/B PS Sprout 100 - class D NAD D3045 V2 - class D Marantz PM7005 - discrete circuitry Peach Tree Decco125 - class D Cheers
  2. klipsch model H (Heresy HWR 12 B )speakers in amazing stock condition. PLEASE SEE you tube video 1961 klipsch heresy's.. SOLD left the klipsch factory on Feb 17 1961 serial # 212 and #213. notes in log books as new style.( no longer has grills on the side) first heresey's. still the exact way they left the factory with K77 horn k55 horn and kk22 woofer. grills in mint condition. cabinets in almost perfect condition I would call them a easy 9 out of 10. crossovers are stock.. these are extremely rare! please try to find any pictures. you tube post. notes. or anything else as you probably won't be able to find anything. I am going to let these go as they are WAY to special of a matching set that I need.. And YES THEY SOUND FANTASTIC! AMAZING! ROOM FILLING VINTAGE audio... any questions I will do my best to answer. this is also listed on the klipsch owners Facebook page. possible patial trade for klipsch stuff ( new heritage heresey's) 70th aniv heresey's.. etc. asking $1800. obo plus shipping from Portland Oregon. more pics available upon request let me know what you think on these amazing speakers.. (SOLD) THANKS again Craig..
  3. Selling a pair of 1989 heresy standing speakers (in birch raw finish) with angled risers and a KV-1 center channel. This sound system was purchased in February of 1989 and has had no previous owners- so it's in excellent condition. I've had offers on Facebook and from some friends but I would love to sell them to someone who truly appreciates Klipsch! Let me know if you're interested.
  4. Greetings - recently went through divorce and due to situation need to settle bills and downsize. I am keeping a couple of setups including my Chorus 2's - but a few items I need to part with - would do a package deal and would meet within reasonable distance within New England for forum members. 1. Klipsch Heresy (1) HBR - these have a medium stain I am 2nd owner, there are a couple of smaller chips in veneer which I've taken close ups of. All original drivers and I replaced the crossovers with complete new units from Bob Crites - they sound excellent. Asking $450 2. Rotel RX-1050 Receiver - 2nd owner on this as well - this is 100x2 clean power very solid and hefty unit - all functions as expected the only thing I've never tested or tried is the FM functionality as I don't have the right adapter to connect an antenna and I also rarely listen to radio. I have the original remote and manual no packing for it. Would consider shipping if someone willing to pay packaging cost + shipping cost. Asking $175 3. Rotel RCD-970BX - 2nd owner - this in great functional and cosmetic condition, well regarded and solid unit. THis had an issue with the tray opening/closing and it was sent to Rotel to have the gear wheel replaced which is a common issue on these. Asking $125 4. Project Carbon Debut DC - this is approx 1 year old in near mint condition. I recently replaced the original cartridge with an Ortofon 2M Silver that I purchased from a forum member (which was pulled from a Project TT with just a few hours and he upgraded to a bronze). Added the "Q-up" which is installed currently - have all packing materials, manuals, etc... Asking $325 (Local Sale Possibly pending) Any questions - just ask. I've taken a stab at asking prices based on what I saw with some searches - if I am way off show me and I'll be glad to discuss. Thanks, James
  5. Single owner vintage Heresy I HWOs in very good condition. Speakers look and sound great. Not quite “out of the box” perfect but close to it. Serial numbers 8444282 and 84444283. Inspected by Robert Wyatt and tested by Jerry Calhoun. More photos available on request. Make me an offer. In Salem Mass. Prefer local but can ship at cost.
  6. I am new to the HiFi audio scene and have been looking for an amp/preamp combo or integrated amp to replace my old Pioneer VSX-D508 reciever for a 2 channel Klipsch Heresy 1 setup (music only, no movies). I am looking for something under $250 if possible. I have had the Nobsound MS-10D MKII recommended, but have seen very mixed opinions on that, and was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with one. I also am not sure whether to try to go with tube amplifiers or solid state amps. Thanks in advance!
  7. What is the actual overall height of the Heresy on its riser from the floor to top of the highest point??
  8. So is it possible to have Klipsch make a Heresy III that will match my Forte III in distressed oak and lambswool cloth for my center channel??
  9. I recently inherited a set of Heresy 1s from my dad, and am pretty new to the hifi audio scene. I am looking for a solid budget amp to run them (Somewhere in the $200-$350 range). I am currently using an old pioneer reciever and would like an upgrade. Also if there is any other advice for the Heresy 1s that might be good for me to know, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, all. It has been a while since I have been on our forum. I have a vintage quad system using LaScala’s for front channels and Heresy’s (not sure model, so posted what I saw on back of speakers) from 1989 as rears. They sound great, but today when I was troubleshooting another issue (which was user error in that I had not changed the the input on dbx 200x boxes) I detected a slight buzz in both rear channels when I put my ear to the front of the speakers. Not noticeable with music playing, but troublesome to ponder. I thought it my be my sub from HT system (separate setup), but I unplugged it and still have issue. It is in both speakers, but not in front channels. I do not crank these and the rears are usually less loud than the fronts. Any idea what is going on? Thanks for any help or advice! I like to take care of things, so hope to figure out the issue. I love my klipsches, by the way, so hopefully on this forum people appreciate these speakers and don’t disparage them (it appears not everyone is a fan- too bad for them). My vintage system is comprised of Sansui 9001 receiver, Q8 player, 2 dbx 200x switcher box things, 2 dbx SNRp1’s, and technics demodulator. Thanks again for any insight. Laura
  11. Hello Klipsch wizards! Looking for some insight on a pair of Heresy's that I stumbled on. No joke, these were found in a dumpster and I had no choice but to rescue them. They are in surprisingly decent shape, but after giving them a test drive, there are issues with the woofers. They still sound decent with low volume, but one of the woofers has a bit of a knock/click/rattle when given some extra volume, and the pictures can explain. It's as though the cones in the woofers have sagged? twisted? over time. One worse than the other (the black one). Not to mention, the history tells an interesting story. The two woofers are obviously different, but very similar at the same time, marking wise. One with a raw casing finish and soldered connections, and one with a black finish with obviously newer wiring connections. I want to do this the right way, so the question is: 1. Are these in the category of sending off to be re-coned by the appropriate shop? (I could use some advice on said shop near Indiana) OR 2. Are these in the category of looking into full replacement woofers? Please let me know if additional info is needed, but thank you all in advance for any helpful input! Heresy Photo's -PC
  12. Hello everyone, I got the opportunity to buy two pair of Heresy II speakers after they had been stored for 10 years. I'm most likely the second owner of these speakers and really curious to know how old they are. I did have a look on the serial number guide on this community but couldn't figure it out based upon the numbers that I have. Hoping somebody could give me some assistance. Thanks in advance. Pair #1: P/N 09000351210 S/N 280040 and 280041 W/O 4980 Pair #2: S/N: 293297714 and 293297715 Notes: - Pair #1 has older looking paper serial number notes on the back with some nails. - Pair #2 has coated (paper) woofers
  13. Pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers series H-BR (stained by the original owner at some point).Very good condition with one exception - one badge is missing.I have another Klipsch badge and can include it though it looks different (see pictures).Speakers perform flawlessly! Drivers complement: K-22-FE K-55V K-77 SOLD
  14. I’ve had this pair of Quartets for a little over two years. They were my first legitimate speaker. Needless to say I was eager to get the most out of them and after replacing the tweeters with the crites titanium tweeters and installing new capacitors in the crossovers, these have served me well! My wife and I moved into a smaller home so these need to find a new home. The cabinets are in good shape, I haven’t done anything to the veneer. There’s one noticeable scratch on top of one cab that was there at the time of purchase. Grill cloths have some slight discoloration on them. Badges are tight and snug. A good warm bath would loosen whatever set into the grills. There is only one factory label left left on the rear of the cab. $525 and they’re yours. These reside in Edmond/Oklahoma City. Id prefer not to ship these. Local pickup only. If it’s not too far we could potentially meet halfway. They are listed on craigslist and Facebook marketplace as well.
  15. Hey Everyone, I had such a great response from the forum last time I posted here that I decided instead of again suffering too much trying to figure out the answer myself I would again ask here (see below for my previous post). There is such a vast wealth of knowledge and experience here that I would be foolish to not ask for your insight and ideas. I want to do a refresh on my Klipsch Heresy I speakers crossovers, they haven't been touched since they were produced in 1977. I have decided that I want to do the following: - replace the Capacitors (100%) - replace the wire (maybe not but I kinda do) - understand what those strange things are look like metal frames holding a wound up paper with wires going into it (there are two of them, and they are the only other thing than the capacitors in the crossover, can these fail? should they be replaced?) - any success with replacing the terminals on the back of the speakers? Is this necessary? I feel like to be sure it would be good to replace them, but I hate the idea of changing the speakers too much, especially externally. So from what I understand is that many consider the Sonicaps too bright and therefore I have leaned towards two options: - Mundorf Silver in Oil - Jensen NOS Paper in Oil (if I can secure them) So the questions that I have currently are: - Have you tried the Mundorf or the Jensen? What caps have you had success with? - I need a parts list with specific measurements required and I can't decipher a electronic schematic, thank god I have a good and honest tech here locally so I can get the work done, soldering, ect. - any suggestions for wire that I should use internally for these speakers? I understand that it is better to have a bit of a smaller gauge especially when using a tube amplifier and highly efficient speakers. Should I keep the original? These speakers are in surprisingly good condition for their age... I'll ping the stand up guys that helped me the first time. Thanks guys! @JohnA @jimjimbo @CECAA850 @MC39693
  16. Hey Klipsch Fans! I have scoured the forums looking for the information that I am asking now. I am sure that it is there but I have both looked hard and I have been looking casually for an answer for a couple weeks now so... here it goes... I picked up my first pair of Klipsch Heresy I in Oiled Walnut. The speakers seem to be in great shape and have all the original components as you'd hope. One speaker I am sure has an issue with the K-77 Round Magnet Tweeter. I went out and bought myself a little multi-meter and took measurements from the offending tweeter. It measures well. Right around 6ohms and and stable continuity. What I have experienced with the tweeter is that it simply doesn't put anything out. I tried a 20 hz - 20khz YouTube video and tested both speakers and I am sure that this speaker worked up to the point of the tweeter, where it full stop didn't work (no buzzing, no hizz, no crackle, just silent). The other speaker performed flawlessly. So now my question is this: Could the tweeter be blown and the driver still measure correctly? Do you think this could simply be that the crossover is 40+ years old? Do you think the crossover could completely stop an incoming signal? What could I check? I am worried that by checking I could then damage a perfectly good diaphragm and waste time and money. Thank you everyone for your time. I am by no means an expert but do I ever love the sound of these Heresy Speakers!
  17. Klipsch Heresy HWO speakers in working condition. I am the original owner. I purchased them new in 1985 from Hillcrest Hi-Fi in Dallas, Texas. They have consecutive serial numbers. The cabinets are in good condition but have some minor nicks and scratches. One of the speaker appears to have some very slight water staining. The grills and badges are in great shape. The backs have never been opened. The original risers are also included. The speakers rested upon them for a number of years, but they were never screwed on. The speakers have had limited use over the past 15 years. Sales price is $500. Pick up only.
  18. Just acquired a pair of heresy hbr speakers , serial numbers 8410361 & 841062 , does anyone know when they were built ? By the way they sound amazing ! Thanks,Rolf
  19. Pair of vintage Heresy speakers, no damage, cabinet used acceptable condition, finish may not be original. Grill covers also unknown to be original. Serial numbers date to 1975. Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Local pick-up, or can meet up to 50 miles away. $325
  20. Help in identifying these.. H1 of course but what finish? You can see the end grain of the plywood sides on the top in the photo. Sn 171y737 y implies 1983 I gather from the Heritage codes sticky. thanks
  21. Been reading the other threads about upgrading the Heresy I or II to Heresy III, and I can't say this question was ever answered clearly: Is the Heresy I cabinet too small for the Heresy II to Heresy III upgrade or is it the speaker mounting board of the Heresy I that is not right? In other words can I make a new speaker mounting board and do the upgrade to Heresy III on a Heresy 1? I understand they may ask for SN's and that the square or round gizmo on the back is a problem...but those are not big problems are they...easily solvable, right? My thought on the Heresy is use it as a two channel tv sound system, and add a sub to it if you want to also use it for music or action movies. Wouldn't its inherent weak bass make it a wonderful system for the spoken word for us old fxxxx, and when used in this manner wouldn't it be correct to shut the dang sub off if we are just doing "normal" programing? Then if the old doofus that I am wants to listen to my own music or the music channels on DTV, or watch an action movie, then and only then turn on the sub? Seems to me the Heresy would be the perfect TV speakers for folks who hate dealing with 5.1 or 7.1 complicated and downright irritating gadgetry.
  22. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-ii-speakers/6536066443.html
  23. I've got these posted on local craigslist. I'd prefer to keep the Heresy II's, but either way, I'm keeping one pair. Heresy II kg 4.2
  24. Looking for a single Klipsch Heresy speaker that will be of similar vintage to my rescue Klipsch Heresey. My rescue Heresey is near serial #154Y XXX with a Type E-2 Crossover - please refer to the pictures. I don't care about aesthetics or color as I will recondition the speakers in a unique color to use in my sun room vinyl system. I am along the Toronto/Guelph/Cambridge/London section of the 401 in Canada. In August, I plan to drive to Wyoming and in September, I plan to drive to North Adams - if I can't find a matching speaker in Canada, I may be open to buying from an American (where my Heritage Klipsch was made!).
  25. Is either of the RC-52 a good center for a pair of Heresy in an HT set up?
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