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  1. Introducing the 70th Anniversary Edition of the Klipsch Heresy III speaker... The 70th Anniversary Heresy III is limited to a production run of only 70 pairs of speakers, so if you don't get them now, you are going to miss out. (Seriously, these are going to go fast.) These handcrafted speakers are available now from Klipsch.com and select dealers. New Features: Australian Walnut Wood Veneer Book-Matched Wood Veneer Heresy Logo Nameplate Silver Lust Grille Cloth Matte-Black Slant Riser
  2. Hello, is 10 watt resistor enough for Heresy 1.5, or worth 15 o 25 watt ones instead? using 100+ watt/ch amplifier any comments will be really appreciated. best regards. Pio
  3. clean pair of klipsch heresy ii's, these happen to be a limited edition run of the signature editions which were sold at military PX stores between 1986 and roughly 1988. i purchased these from the original owner who picked them up while stationed in germany in 1988. all drivers and horns are original. crossovers have been recapped with french made solen poly caps on the horns and a bennic electrolytic for the woofer due to age. cabinets are a solid 8 on the 10 scale. minor imperfections but no substantial damage. a few corner nicks and pen tip size marks here and there. for being 30 years old they are better than most but not gem mint. one of the paper serial number labels is also missing on the rear but intact on the other. drivers all perform with no issues, no rattles or weird sounds at high SPL driving. one neat thing about the heresy ii that you can not do with a heresy i is the factory update to heresy iii. you can buy the heresy iii kits from klipsch for 290 each and or try the crites titanium horn diaphrams with the model 2 horns if you want more sizzle in the highs. customization options are definitely there. the really neat thing about going 3 is you can sell the existing woofers and horns to pay for the majority of the upgrade. woofers alone are fetching 250pr on ebay and the horns 100pr each which is 450 before fees of your upgrade money if you decide to go that route. and or just keep them 100% heritage as they are now and match with a subwoofer and warm sounding amplifier for many more years of enjoymentthese in similar condition have been closing 650-700 on ebay + shipping for the past 180 days. i'm pricing them already at a good deal as i don't want to hunt down boxes for shipping nor take the damage risk if i don't have to. fingers crossed someone local to the area wants them. there is a big vintage scene around portland, orei have a feeling these will attract a very specific type of buyer who knows what he or possibly she wants. shoot me a PM with a phone number and a good time to call and i will give you a ring when i'm free and we can chat. priced at $500pr more pics by email are not a problem
  4. Hello everybody, this is my first topic and I'm glad to partecipate at this forum. I'm owner of a fantastic pair of Heresy I (1976), with k-22 woofer, k55-V mid e k22. tweet. To improve the acoustic of my room, I record the frequency response of a single speaker with a calibrated microphone (i use REW). What I see is an elevatate distorsion of 2nd order between 3000hz e 6000hz. You can see it the graph below. It is common in both the speaker. So I switch with another amplifier, but the problem persist. The measurement is near the speaker (70 cm), so i can exclude the ambience problem. In the listening I perceive marked sibilant. I think that is a problem of my speakers, but perhaps it is a common situation in Heresy I. Has anyone tried to measure the distorsion? Second, if the problem is finite to my speakers, which is the cause? In the capacitor of the crossover (It is a type D converted to Type E)? In the gasket of the speaker? I don't know. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance
  5. Greetings all, Seeking consensus regarding using a high pass or full range for my subwoofer. Two different techs at the subwoofer manufacturer garnered two different responses. McIntosh rep says high pass. Seems to me on a "common sense" level that filtering all that signal through the sub , then back to the main amp would degrade that "McIntosh sound". Thank you in advance. I don't know much but I'm learning. System: McIntosh MA5200 100 watt Heresy III speakers SBS SB-2000 500 watt, 1100 peak
  6. Greetings all, Can anyone share your experience, thoughts and/or opinions concerning matching a new solid state McIntosh MA5200 with Heresy III speakers? You input is greatly appreciated!
  7. Greetings all, Can anyone share your experience, thoughts and/or opinions concerning matching a new solid state McIntosh MA5200 with Heresy III speakers? You input is greatly appreciated!
  8. I have a pair of Heresy speakers from 1978. Bought Solen caps for the crossover. Took drivers and crossover out. The cabs are beat up but solid. Thought of sanding, priming, and painting black. Possibly semi gloss-textured. Scratches are deep enough to go through in veneer in spots. Any "easy" ideas to refinish these? Also, is it worth lining the cabs with foam or acoustic stuffing?
  9. Yesterday I wandered across this article about Chipotle restaurants using Klipsch Heresy's for their sound system. This intrigued me; I'd only visited a Chipotle once, about a month ago, and failed to notice the Heresy installation or the sound. That should be a subtle indication that the sound wasn't impressive, which is contrary to my experience with Heresy's I have in my condo. Fast forward to today, when a coworker and I were out on a service call and he wanted to eat at Chipotle for lunch. I thought this would be a great chance to revisit the sound system. It didn't impress me at all. Thank goodness Klipsch didn't demand a logo be placed near the speakers; it wouldn't be good advertising. I think it's the acoustics of the restaurant and the speaker placement which killed everything about the Heresy that I love. While you could argue that, at background music levels, that you won't hear much to impress, I think otherwise. One wall was brick; the ceiling was all steel and girder beams. With the speakers mounted away from any boundary walls (the plywood fascia didn't count as a contributor in my eyes), there was no bass reinforcement. Chipotle could pretty much have tossed the woofer and not affected the sound. I know some people consider the Heresy light in the bass department but that hasn't been my experience. The live acoustics muddied the sound. Here was a case of a sound system thrown together without any professional advice as to the application and installation. Taming the live acoustics would be one component of the solution. Since placing the Heresy's at floor level wouldn't be practical and I don't think ceiling placement would improve the bass either, the addition of a subwoofer, hidden behind the plywood architecture is almost mandatory. I wonder if LaScala's replaced the Heresy's in the same location would add that tactile bass at background music levels? Something needed to be done otherwise the Chipotle/Heresy marriage is nothing to brag about.
  10. I am interested in buying these if anyone around middle Tennessee area has some they wish to part with. I would prefer older versions and if they need work that is OK to. Thanks, Dave
  11. What's the appeal of the LaScala vs. the Heresy? I mean, according to the current spec sheet, the LaScala doesn't play much lower (58 vs. 51Hz.). Sure; it's more efficient, but I can turn up the volume on my Heresy's and get the same result. Does the extra efficiency add a new dimension in sound? Does that 7Hz really make a difference? Does the horn loaded woofer have a different coloration than the Heresy direct drive woofer? I'm not criticizing the LaScala. I'm actually intrigued by it and wonder what I might be missing, although it would never fit in my room and my neighbors would probably mutiny.
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/322359031882?ul_noapp=true I actually put in a best offer for these when the seller originally listed these last night. His sell price then was $325 a pair or best offer. Also it worked out to $25 for shipping in the Ebay calculator. He then contacted me to counter my offer and to tell me how rare these are. He would go no lower than $300 for them if I was interested....but he won't ship them.? ? ? This fellow then went in and made changes to the listing. They are now more than double his original asking price and he still has shipping available. What a stretch to think he only has a feedback rating of one....lol
  13. Hi, I just became a member this evening, to ask some questions about a pair or Heresy loudspeakers I have. Is this the correct forum? If not, please some kind sole direct me to the proper place. Thanks, Rob
  14. No affiliation - someone please enjoy! http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/5894207100.html
  15. No affiliation. They look nice and that's a good price for a pair that will have plenty more bass than standard Heresies: http://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/5831970094.html
  16. Hi Klipschers, Please excuse multiple posts. I'm not sure where the best forum is for this... I recently became the owner of a pair of heresy speakers. From reading before asking I think I figured out that they are circa 1974 or 5. They are HDB - 12's (Heresy Decorator 12" woofer, right?). Both inspected by Lester Boyd and tested by WM Bradford. Serial #'s are 10M723 & 10M724. They are flat black with heavy duty grills only over the woofers. They have metal "L brackets" on the corners which do not appear to be stock to my eye. The cabinets are beat up a bit but holy smokes do they ROCK. Questions are : what did I get right or wrong? what else is there to be learned from the labels? how much are they worth to a Klipsch fan? Also interested in learning more about the history. Right now, however I would really appreciate some quick advice. I don't currently have adequate housing for a real audio setup, but I do have some old Cambridge Soundworks and other fairly high end vintage equipment stored away. Trying to decide what to do with all of it. Thanks, Rob
  17. Rob_A

    Heresy Newbie

    I recently posted some questions in the General and 2 chan forums about a pair of Heresy speakers I have recently acquired. If you're interested in sharing your knowledge, please do check them out. Thanks, Rob
  18. No affiliation: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/5872571160.html
  19. **New to the Forum** - I just purchased a pair of early 80's Heresys in great cosmetic condition. I was introduced to Klipsch at an early age because I grew up in a house with my dad's 70's Cornwalls. A few year's back, I had a 10" Reference Series sub gifted to me and I was impressed with it's bass output - especially paired with my cheaper JBL shelf system that I had at the time. I was very excited to find the Heresys in my local area, so I scooped them up since I am setting up (from scratch) a new system for my condo. I purchased a Denon AVR-S510BT receiver (700W) and hooked up the Heresys this evening, and I must say, I was extremely disappointed in the bass output. I have searched forums on here, and I have also read reviews on other sites, and it's clear that low end on the Heresys is not a strong point. However, I was not expecting virtually no bass whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, the highs sound fantastic - crisp and clear as day. I didn't expect them to be comparable to the Cornwall's by any means, but I did expect the 12" woofers in the Heresys to have similar output that the 10" Reference sub had. Am I way off base here? To be clear, I am by no means an audio expert. Since I have never heard a pair of Heresys before I don't know what to listen for, nor what their bass standard should be. The settings in the Denon are correct from what I have researched. I do not have any surround or center speakers. The settings are set for front speakers and are set on "Large" with no sub. I have checked the positive and negative on both speakers and they are hooked up correctly. Have I just been spoiled with the bass response on the Cornwalls? Should I just pair them with a sub? It's just hard for me to believe that a speaker made by Klipsch and marketed as "2/3 a Klipschorn" would have so little bass response. Any input would be welcomed.
  20. Well I got my first tube piece of stereo equipment and I am pleasantly surprised. I picked up a Fisher 400 from a friend of mine who told me everything was working on it and the price was right. I took a chance and it pairs with the Heresy II rather well. Only listening to my chromecast but I should get my turntable back in shortly. What are the best products to clean metal surfaces with and the best way to get rid of the filth? New to tubes and like it.
  21. I've been active on this forum for a little while now, but I realised I've never really properly introduced myself yet. So let me herby try to make up for that: My name's Laszlo and I'm from the Netherlands. Unfortunately not a country where Klipsch speakers are as abundant as say, in the US. The prices I see second hand Klipsch Heritage speakers go for in the US as compared to in the Netherlands, makes me cry a little inside, actually. $250,- for a set of as-new cherry Hersy 2s? Man, I was lucky to find a set of H2s on a Dutch second-hand site a few weeks ago, because they don't pop up that often. Paid € 575,- for them, but I'm happy to have them. I really wanted ones with a nice wood veneer finish, but these were black ones (hey, beggars can't be choosers.) Maybe one day I'll sand them down to reveal the wood veneer beneath, as I suspect there is, under the black paint. Funny, I've had B&W speakers for many years, cdm7nt and cdm9nt consecutively. Played them with a Classé CAP-80 integrated and it sounded pretty smooth, but to me the music never really "came alive," so to speak. Later tried a Krell KAV-300i integrated with the cdm9nt and despite that amp having more punch and power, I still kinda missed a kind of "liveliness" to the sound. A friend of mine had a pair of Yamaha NS-144 speakers and although not as advanced as my B&W speakers at the time, they always seemed to sound WAY more dynamic than my set, especially with rock music. So I went on a search for a good "rock" speaker and after a google search I came across a review of the Heresy 3 that made me very interested about this speaker. I really became curious as to what all the hype was about. Realizing I couldn't afford a new set of H3s I went on the lookout for a set of H2s. I still had my Classé CAP-80 laying around and this seemed to be a good combo with the H2s. It never had the power to bring my B&Ws to life as I wanted, but combined with the H2s, it's a whole different story! Where say, a snare drum on the Classé/B&W combo always seemed to sound a little "limp-wristed" (pardon the expression), you can now practically feel the impact of the "smack." Think "PANG!" instead of "puh.." The music comes "alive" instead of just being "played back." While not as advanced or refined as the B&Ws and having substantially less bass (the only thing I'm really missing in the B&Ws absence) I feel like I've finally gained something that's sorely been missed in my musical enjoyment for a long time.
  22. Since this is my first post, I owe you an introduction and a little background. As a teenager in the 70's, I read the stereo magazines at the library. I saw the Klipsch ads and became a fan without even hearing them. Then in the Air Force in the late 70's, I bought my first stereo. I walked into the shop, saw the Klipschorns in the corners and asked the salesman to play something. He spun a direct-to-disc of Steely Dan's "Reelin' In The Years" from Can't Buy A Thrill. The only way I could describe the sound is "effortless". Needless to say, at that point I became a lifetime fan even though I didn't have the wallet to back it up. When a long lost friend and I connected several years ago, I learned her husband had a pair of Forte's he bought used for $500, I think. Going for my first visit to their house across the country, I brought some CD's so I could hear them. I'd read a glowing review of the Forte II in the former Stereo Review many years prior and the comments and conclusions stuck in my memory. Upon hearing the Version I's, it was merely confirmation of the Klipsch legend. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I was playing a CD from the Boston Rally Bass Collection; a series of discs with musical tracks designed to test various bass parameters. I was listening to Disc 1 in my condo; Disc 1 focused on cuts which would tease the lowest octave or two. My current speakers are Mission 700 Leading Edge bookshelf-ers on 24" stands utilizing 6.5" woofers and a 55Hz lower limit. I really wasn't playing them that loud, and the amp wasn't clipping when I started to hear a buzz. Uh oh; I think I blew a woofer! Now, this could be a good thing because my speakers are 28 years old and I wouldn't mind replacing them. I started crawling all over eBay and Craigslist for Klipsch speakers. But I'm cheap. So I decided to see if I could determine what's wrong and perhaps repair them. I swapped woofers in the cabinets but the buzz stayed with the cabinet. I couldn't imagine the crossover being the culprit but I inspected them anyway; no burning smells or cracked components. Hmmm. Then I got the bright idea to play them again using the same disc but at a lower volume; NO BUZZ. That told me something might be cracked. Both speakers had a fine, imperfect line running down the longest open span of the baffle. Looked like a crack to me, so I got the bright idea to drill a 1/8" hole mid-span of the "crack" and insert a wood screw. That might act like a wedge and shore up the baffle. It didn't work. I then rapped on the baffle with my knuckles and found it; the super low bass had loosened the adhesive holding the baffle onto the cabinet face! My solution was to flow some Gorilla Glue into the edge where the baffle meets the cabinet. I cleaned up the excess, and it worked! Now I had two good, working speakers and no reason to buy a pair of Klipsch's. But the seed was planted. I have found a pair of Heresy II's on Craigslist for $700. From the description, they're definitely audiophile-owned and well cared for. Also on Craigslist, I found a pawn shop that had a pair of BOTH Forte's AND Forte II's, for $500 and $550 respectively. Well, obviously I didn't act on them quick enough so the Forte II's are gone. But the Forte's are still available and calling my name. Now to the questions: Of course you think "pawn shop" and you think "junk" but the ad says they're in excellent shape. Photos show the bridging straps between the binding posts are missing. Are they available or would I have to cobble something together? I'm an electronic tech so I could solder a pair of jumpers in my sleep, but the real deal appeals to me. Also, is there a way to test the speakers without playing them to ensure the drivers are in working order? Is a resistance test with an ohmmeter reasonably reliable? Assuming the pawn shop doesn't have the means to audition these, and assuming they have a no return policy, can you still get replacement drivers or crossover parts? If I perform a resistance test on-site, what are good numbers I should see for the woofer and for the combined horn drivers? I'm inclined to think the Heresy's would be a better match for my condo-living. They have the same lower end cutoff as my Mission 700's but somehow I expect the bass will exceed my existing speakers in all aspects, without breaking a baffle! The only problems are they are selling for $200 more than the Forte's and it's perhaps an extra hour's drive to pick them up. Thanks for reading-I hope you found it interesting, and I'm open to advice and suggestions.
  23. Hey all, We have been quite pleased with the overwhelming success of the limited run of 70th Anniversary edition Heresy and Klipschorns. So much so that I've been told to ask you all about your thoughts on possible future "custom" Heritage speakers. We're talking strictly cosmetics here - finishes and grilles. What finish / grille combo(s) would you love to see and be interested in for the Khorn / Heresy III / Cornwall III / La Scala II? I'll be compiling this thread and handing it over to key decision makers sometime soon. We are just gauging interest for now, so let's hear it! Oh yeah, these of course would be built in Hope just like always. Thanks!
  24. I have a very nice pair of Heresy slant monitors aluminum trim fiberglass coating I had all the trim bead blasted so it clean they are a solid 8 new Solen caps in the networks I will post photos later as they are in storage . Would like to get $550. please email me at aayrassian@yahoo.com , I added photo both speakers in the same condition with the rubber feet on the bottom
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