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Found 59 results

  1. No affiliation - please enjoy! http://mankato.craigslist.org/ele/5844439223.html
  2. No affiliation. They look nice and that's a good price for a pair that will have plenty more bass than standard Heresies: http://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/5831970094.html
  3. No affiliation: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/5872571160.html
  4. No affiliation. http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649296396-klipsch-cornwall-3s-black/
  5. Anybody interested in a "modern" 5 channel, bi-amped, Heritage Home Theater setup with matching walnut rack and MiniDSP? I have mine up on Audiogon: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-klipsch-heritage-home-theater-2016-10-16-speakers-48114-brighton-mi It's a great system but it's time to downsize.
  6. Want to trade my brand new P-17bs for a great to excellent condition Heritage cornwall or belle. I have all the original boxes, packaging, manuals ect. The p-17b sounds too smooth for my ears (very similar to a B&W) I need the mid horn violence to my ears that the cornwall and belle give (La Scala too but I have placement constraints). I'm located in Northern CA . I'm open to cash offers as well. If you PM me your cellphone number I can send better photos.
  7. Hey all, We have been quite pleased with the overwhelming success of the limited run of 70th Anniversary edition Heresy and Klipschorns. So much so that I've been told to ask you all about your thoughts on possible future "custom" Heritage speakers. We're talking strictly cosmetics here - finishes and grilles. What finish / grille combo(s) would you love to see and be interested in for the Khorn / Heresy III / Cornwall III / La Scala II? I'll be compiling this thread and handing it over to key decision makers sometime soon. We are just gauging interest for now, so let's hear it! Oh yeah, these of course would be built in Hope just like always. Thanks!
  8. I've been full of ideas (and possibly something else) all day today, so at the risk of making a fool out of myself I'm throwing this one out to the forum & lurkers from Klipsch Product Development: What if Klipsch were to make Heritage-series surrounds for home theater? Maybe it sounds silly at first glance, but think about it. How many forum members are using Heritage speakers in their HT setups? How many goofy, un-elegant ways have we tried to elevate a Heresy to ear level without creating a danger for small children and pets? Envision a smaller version of the HIP with heavy-duty woofer, horns for mid-range and tweeter, and porting. How cool would that be? If you can build a mini-LaScala for the desktop (Klipsch blog), why not something like this? I run a market research firm for a living, and would be happy to suggest ways to test which would be low-risk. If anyone's interested, that is...
  9. Hi all, Apologies if this has been covered before. I am still waiting for a nice pair of Heresy speakers to pop up on craigslist. In the meantime, I see a lot of the 'extended' range (forte, quartet, etc.) there too, and would go that route except I don't think they do well close against the wall because of the rear firing radiator. My question is, is there a model in the extended range that can happily sit flush or close to a wall? Essentially something mid-way between a Heresy and a Cornwall. I realize there's lots of options in the slimmer newer speakers but want that classic look. thanks, Dan
  10. Selling 2 Klipsch La Scala industrial bass bins in great condition. Their outer shells have been recently coated with Duratex and they have no cabinet issues. They both have the K-43E subs and are 100% functional. Im located in Miami, Florida 33177 if anyone interested. $650 cash preferred, I also posted it on eBay for more pictures. (rolling dollies not included)
  11. Theoretically movies *should* sound better on Blu Ray than on DVD, but have you ever found the reverse to be true? We watched the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy over the weekend to test out the Heresy HIP mains + center channel. So many scenes now pack a wallop it's unbelievable. That said, the voice tracks, organic sound effects and even some of the LFE's seem to sound more natural with more fullness, on DVD than on Blu Ray. Is it possible that Blu Ray tracks are more compressed? FWIW, our setup is: Yamaha RX-A3000 (HDMI) Oppo BDP-93 (HDMI) Panasonic VT-50 plasma (HDMI) Klipsch Heresy HIP 1 (left, right & center) KG 3.5 (rear surrounds) Hsu Research VTF-3 Mk IV sub Just curious if anyone else has noticed this. Thanks!
  12. Some teaser info here: http://www.klipsch.com/blog/klipsch-at-ces-2016-preview/
  13. No affiliation. Anyone know how these would stack up against later Cornwall I's? http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/ele/5680209888.html
  14. hello all. new member here. I signed up a little while back, and check in to read up in spells. anyway, has anyone seen this CL post: https://batonrouge.craigslist.org/ele/5546280100.html poster says has 3x Belle Klipsch for $1000. Alexandria LA. not many cabinet photos or much detail visible. I wish I could jump on those, thinking that might be a pretty good deal. realistically I probably shouldn't for financial reasons. but at the same time, I frequently torture myself thinking "is it a good deal? or a good investment, to possibly rescue & turn down the road?" I'm curious what others think, as well as respecting advice of those with much more experience in the area than I. thanks in advance.
  15. I have a pair of 1980 Heresy speakers for sale. Original finish is walnut. However, these are covered with black (hopefully semi tack) laminate contact paper. I am not the original owner. Serial numbers are consecutive: 97U121 97U122 Local pick up only or delivery is possible in the south bay area. I will post elsewhere if no offers by this weekend 2/13/16. I hope they get a good home; I just don't have the space anymore. Thanks, EJH
  16. http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ele/5440427026.html If interested let me know more pictures will be added. These have been re-listed after complete cosmetic overhaul. Stained beautiful Walnut (C-Br) with upgraded grills (brass badges in great shape). I'm in Miami, Fl if anyone is interested.
  17. http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ele/5440427026.html Cornwall speakers have been reposted, near perfect condition!
  18. This would be for a Klipschorn, but it might also be for a LaScala, a Belle, or a Heresy. I am wondering what might happen if I used a 15 inch powered subwoofer in a Klipschorn. The way this might happen would be to put the woofer itself in the Klipschorn (it would be one that needed a new woofer anyway) and run the woofer leads on the Klipschorn crossover to the subwoofer amp. This would mean that the subwoofer amp would need to have speaker level inputs as well as line level inputs. You should be able to take the leads from the crossover and split the pair into two pairs for each speaker input in the subwoofer amp, putting a mono signal to each channel in the subwoofer amp. If successful, you might strengthen and extend that bottom end. Ideally, you might take a Klipschorn all the way down to 20 hz. Having said all that, it appears that a Klipschorn crossover sends signals below 400 hz to the woofer. A powered sub would likely cut off at 100 hz or 150 hz, leaving a gap for signals under 400 hz and over that cutoff frequency. We don't want that. So, would it be possible to bypass that control on the subwoofer amp so that none of the signal was cutoff? Then, (theoretically) the Klipschorn crossover would send everything under 400 hz to the subwoofer amp and in turn that would be passed on to the subwoofer's woofer, now the woofer inside the Klipschorn. If would be easy enough to mount the subwoofer amp somewhere around back of the Klipschorn so it looks good. Although all frequencies could then go through, the Klipschorn crossover would not let high frequencies ever reach the subwoofer amp. Before you make the "drawing a mustache and/or glasses on the Mona Lisa" comment, note that I did NOT say I was going to do this. I said I was wondering about it. I do realize that if this were done, it would have to be done two times for two speakers. Also, the cost might be ridiculous. However, I would like to stay focused on the "what if" and not go to the "why would you?". So, is it possible (and reasonably easy) to bypass the control on a powered subwoofer amp that sets the cutoff frequency, such that all frequencies received go to the amp and to the woofer? If some models could allow this, which ones are they? What other technical issues or challenges or tasks might arise and how would they be dealt with? FYI, I have a very old Klipschorn cabinet in very good shape and I am going to restore the guts and use it as a center channel, flanked by a pair of LaScala's. I would run a mono signal to the Klipschorn and a stereo signal to the LaScala's, using separate amps. Once I get the Klipschorn up and running, the rest is relatively easy. I don't mind having to use multiple amps. So, let the conversation begin.
  19. Check 'em out! Reference Premiere HD Wireless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=430sT1V19oI R-15PM Powered Monitors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J82ToPHor8 Heritage-inspired products https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLUdGib2L4o New Headphones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAD1oKAxXB4
  20. Well after many years of someday... I finally bought my first pair of Klipsch speakers, a pair of walnut Heresy III's. Over the years I have lusted after my own pair. I remember when I was a kid in the 70's reading an article where the writer was miking things around his house (I don't remember the reason), he got distracted and inadvertently left things set up. He had a Klipsch horn as part of the setup, and someone came to visit. When his mike picked up the car door closing, he was astonished and went on to write a great deal how it sounded EXACTLY like a car door closing. That description of the faithful representation of the sound is what started my interest. Later in life mid to late 80's I was in the Navy and the BX had some pretty high end stuff LaScalla's included, a friend of mine had the money and got a pair, I loved those speakers. I often quote him "If you want to dissipate power, buy a toaster, if you want to hear music, buy Klipsch". Well the Polks I could afford during that period finally gave up the ghost so I replaced them with the Heresy's and a REL T9. They are breaking in as we speak. These are for the living room system. I have to say they sound good. The size has not put the wife off too much I originally thought LaScalla but with the space constraints the Heresy's made more sense. I have to admit the look on her face would have been priceless! They are being driven by a Pioneer receiver (for now) and I'm looking for a nice tube something to put in front them. My main system consists of BAT VK-5SE pre, and VK 60 amp Dunlavy towers, but these sound nice, and affords the opportunity to play music softly and sound good. Thanks for being here and i hope to contribute soon. Ric
  21. Hi guys, So, my local HiFi store has a pair of late 70's Belles for sale. Being new to hi end audio I was intrigued and then blown away by the sound. I love speakers that look like furniture instead of modern art. This started me exploring the world of Klipsch and all the heritage designs. Looking at the belle build plans online I just don't get why the speaker would have just a small vent of sorts to move air through. Why not use a smaller speaker and have its whole face moving air? Why a 15 in. monster and not a 10 inch? Now if it's the same principle as blowing across a glass bottle or flute, then I guess it makes sense. Thanks! Derek
  22. Friends, I'm finally letting my beloved CW's go. They're in really nice shape (no dings or scratches), consecutive Serial #s, original Type B X-overs, CWL. $1200 and local pickup (unless you want to take on the task of arranging shipping). Happy Holidays. Tex58
  23. Folks, I am going to try again. I have a black Academy for sale in very good condition. Corners are sharp, bottom paint is dull and has a drag mark but nothing breaking through the paint. Screen is excellent and original, no snags or frayed corners. The logo color is fading a bit on the right side (see pics). Drivers excellent; I have not had this thing in system since I have had it, dreams of a 5.1 Cornwall HT didn't materialize. Asking $300.00 in Knoxville, TN.
  24. For sale are a pair of Klipsch Quartet floor standing speakers. They are completely original and perform flawlessly. Aesthetically they are a solid 9, with only a few minor scratches on the risers and one scratch on the top of one of the boxes. I've had these speakers for about 3 years, 2 of them were spent in a closet. Just figured someone else might get more enjoyment out of them. More images upon request. Local (San Antonio) cash sale only. Sorry, No Shipping. Price is $350, firm & fair.
  25. Our photo guy - Philly D - updated the on-white product photography in all finishes, grilles on/off and multiple angles for the Klipschorn, La Scala, Cornwall and Heresy. It's a lot harder than one would think and truly a monumental task. The photos look freakin' great. Check them out: Klipschorn La Scala Cornwall Heresy
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