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  1. Hello, I am building my first home theater in basement and looking for some advice on choosing speaker system. I am looking for 5.1 but open for 7.1 I tried looking at some of the series' but not able to compare them side by side for deciding on any of them. Any expert recommendation will be great. My budget is around 1500-2000$ Thanks, Krishna
  2. Hey Guys =) i have a new Home and an new room for my new setup =) i get 2 Klipsch sw12 soon .... the room has 25m² i think this should work very well =) whats your opinion? btw the Rp150ms are mounted on the left wall and on the pillar =)
  3. Hi guys, New to the forum so first I'd like to say hello. So I am moving into a new condo that has been all pre-wired and the design of the space also makes my options a little more limited on top of that. I have attached a picture that sort of shows the room, the subwoofer, ceiling rear speakers, general couch/listening area, and center channel/tv location. Since it is a new place I wanted to update all of my speakers. Due to space limitations, i was thinking of doing RP-160M front left/right speakers. For the center channel i was thinking the RP-250C. Then the subwoofer I was thinking of doing the R-110SW. Then there is no placement for rears in an ideal location so the ceiling was wired in the two areas circled in a red box. I am not sure which ones to go with though. The CDT-5800-C II or the CDT-5650 II. Also, I want to see if my choices in center channel and subwoofer should balance out the space appropriately. Further down the road i was going to put speakers in the rest of the place too. One room needing high humidity and a pair outside. So if the ceiling choice for the rear surround could be picked out in advance to balance out with the rest of the future whole home audio system in mind that would also be ideal. Thanks in advance, Mike
  4. Hello Community =) i attached my plan for a home theater what do you say about it? btw. the sw 12s are under my couch
  5. So in researching DIY HT subs, I've looked a lot at both of these lilmike designs. Here are some of the "vs" comparisons I've come up with. (Help me finish fleshing this out) Frequency Extension: - lilwrecker: tuned to 17Hz - F-20: tuned to 22Hz Dimensions: - lilwrecker: 70" tall x 28 1/2" deep x 25 3/8" wide - F-20: 60" tall x 20" deep x 29.375" wide Material List: - lilwrecker: 4 sheets of 3/4" plywood - F-20: 2 and a quarter sheets of 3/4" plywood DIY difficulty: (my w.a.g. from reading the threads) - lilwrecker: 5 of 10 - F-20: 3 of 10 Divers: (Prices as of Sept 2015) - lilwrecker: ----- Alpine SWS-15D2 - ($129.95) - Amazon link ----- Alpine SWS-15D4 - ($129.95)- Amazon Link ----- Kicker CVX152 - ($399.95) - Sonic Electronix Link ----- Kicker CVX154 - ($399.95) - Sonic Electronix Link - F-20 ----- Dayton Audio RSS390HF ($172.69) Parts-Express link Amplifiers (suggested) - lilwrecker ----- Berhinger iNUKE NU3000DSP - ($279.99) - Amazon link - F-20 ------ Not sure
  6. Hello all, im new to the klipsch community. I currently have def tech speakers and have had them for a while. The klipsch line is very appealing to me. I was wondering if anyone can help. I want to get the RF 82 ii and the RC 62 ii or the 64 ii. Will these be a match or are they going to sound a little different together with the 64 ii or will it be ok? I was also thinking of a combo of one of those centers with the rb 81 ii. The system is primarily used right now for tv and movies. Some music, all types. I have a pioneer elite receiver for power right now. I am doing a 5.1 system for right now. Any help from would be appreciated. I heard the RC 62 and rb 62 and I really liked the way they make natural sound. Or should I be thinking about the premier line instead? I also wanted to add I already have an svs sb 16 ultra sub too. With all the speakers on sale right now, it's a great time to build a system!
  7. Hello all! I'm new to the forum and would appreciate any insights you may give about an upcoming project of mine. I would like to utilize about half of a room that measures 30' wide by 58' long with 8' tall ceilings so their space would be 30' wide by 28' long and divide the room with a heavy curtain. I'm not concerned with sound affecting the non-theater half of the room but only in optimizing the experience of the theater side. I plan on using a 150"-160" screen with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio with my projector which will still be tight with only having 8' ceilings. I am currently considering a 7.2.4 setup using 2x RP-280F, 1x RP-450C, 2x RP-160M, 2x RP-250S, 2x R115SW, and 4x CDT-5800-C II in ceiling speakers for the Atmos effect. I was wondering at what room size one would consider using Cinema products instead of Home Theater equipment or if there are better options available that I haven't considered. The room would be used nearly 100% for movie viewing with the first row of theater seating at approximately 10' from the screen with low-back sofas, the second row would be theater seats at 17' from the screen, and the third row would be theater seats approx 23' from the screen. Thanks for any suggestions! Theater Example.pdf
  8. Hi All, I wanted to get your advice on configuring our den/family room. This will be a shared room for the adults and toddler. The layout of the room is a large rectangle 23'L x 11'W x 7'H. This area will be split into a home theater area and play area. The main seating area is 8.5' X 11'. I am looking at the following 5.1 or 5.1.2 setup to start. I would like to upgrade to a 5.2.4 or 7.2.2 down the line if possible. Power 1 x Pioneer Elite SC-LX701 Speakers 2 x Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-250F 1 x Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-140SA 1 x Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-450CA 1 x Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-160M 1 x Klipsch Reference R-112SW OR 3 x Klipsch Gallery G-28 Flat Panel Speaker (or Designer On-Wall from CES 2017) 2 x Klipsch Gallery G-16 Flat Panel Speaker (or Designer On-Wall from CES 2017) 1 x Klipsch Reference R-110SW Questions: Which option is best for a room like this? Are these good setups for movies, music, and games? Any safety concerns with a toddler. Thanks Drew
  9. Hi everyone, i recently bough the R-28F home theater system. I am not an audiophile but i believe i have a heart to enjoy and appreciate good sound. I have been reading through the specs and am getting a bit lost in the power output, that is i might damage the speakers by under powering it. Below is the speaker system setup R-28F FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER R-12SW SUBWOOFER R-25C CENTER SPEAKER R-14S SURROUND SPEAKERS I would like the experts here to suggest me a good receiver for this setup. I am having a budget of $400 to $500 and looking for a 7.1 ch. I am willing to answer further questions to the best of my knowledge. Apologies for being not enlightened enough when it comes to receivers. Thank you for all your kind help and i will sure update on how i am enjoying the sound once i set it all up !
  10. Hello! I am building a dedicated theater, and I will be using an acoustic transparent screen, but I am having trouble finding good sounding speakers, with a good price in Toronto Canada. I am building a 7.2.4 system, and don't need any subwoofers as I already have a few. I have been looking 3 x Klipsch R28F for the front LCR, 4x Klipsch R1650C for the ceiling speakers, and I am still looking around for 4 surround speakers, as the RS400B at Best Buy are too small for me. Anyway, from what I am reading here, people are saying the Klipsch speakers at Best Buy are rebadged and are not as good. If so, what model fronts should I be looking at, and where should I be purchasing it from?
  11. Looking to install a in wall home theater system into new construction. We're designing the room to be very clean and modern so I would like to go with in wall speakers. I was thinking of using R-5800-W II for the left/right, R-5650-S II for the left surround/right surround and R-5502-W II for the center. I already have the Sub SW-112. Amp is a Yamaha RX-A830 (110 watts per channel) and the room is 3,213 cubic feet. We mostly watch movies but we do play music (stereo) through this system as well. Every now and then, I do like to turn it up and really enjoy. Any thoughts on this configuration? Is there a better speaker configuration that I'm missing? Are the THX versions that much better for double the price? Thanks, Lohbro,,,,,,
  12. I've been full of ideas (and possibly something else) all day today, so at the risk of making a fool out of myself I'm throwing this one out to the forum & lurkers from Klipsch Product Development: What if Klipsch were to make Heritage-series surrounds for home theater? Maybe it sounds silly at first glance, but think about it. How many forum members are using Heritage speakers in their HT setups? How many goofy, un-elegant ways have we tried to elevate a Heresy to ear level without creating a danger for small children and pets? Envision a smaller version of the HIP with heavy-duty woofer, horns for mid-range and tweeter, and porting. How cool would that be? If you can build a mini-LaScala for the desktop (Klipsch blog), why not something like this? I run a market research firm for a living, and would be happy to suggest ways to test which would be low-risk. If anyone's interested, that is...
  13. I have a single KS 525 THX for sale. Looks and performs great. Purchased as part of a group of HT gear, seller lost the other speaker in a move. I don't have a spot for it, but it sounds great and is built like a tank. $400 plus shipping. Careful solid packing assured. Link to photo album (Imgur)
  14. I'm primarily looking for 2-channel and don't crank the volume. Finesse, detail, clarity are what I'm looking for. Currently up for consideration are a pair of Forte II's for $450 vs. Tangent 5000's for $400. Which would you choose and why; what do you think are the strengths & weaknesses of each pair? Would you choose differently if these were for home theater instead of 2-channel?
  15. Going to start this post by apologizing about my ignorance about the the topic and hoping that many of you will want to share your thoughts on the matter. Here is my situation in a nutshell. Purchased a new condo small condo in Ny and decided to upgrade my tv and home audio system over all. Vendor is offering one solution with a G42 sound bar and another one which he highly recommends with a 3 channel G28 speaker system, which is also roughly 1200.00 more than the G42. I will be sitting 8 to 10 feet from tv and the system will be attached to a Rotel amp. What are your thoughts about both systems? Why would you pick one over the other? Many many thanks.
  16. If you (or your friends) are in the Dallas-area, please join us next Thursday for a fun event with Starpower and Coldcock Whiskey: https://www.facebook.com/events/294668467587689/ There will be FREE whiskey tastings, demos of the new Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless system AND you can meet C.J. Pierce from the band Drowning Pool! It is open to the public, so there should be a great turnout. Starpower has pretty sweet setup, so you should be able to do a proper test and judge HD Wireless for yourself. WHERE: Starpower | 15340 Dallas PKWY, Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75248 WHEN: Thursday, June 23 | 6PM – 8PM
  17. I am setting up my first home theater to replace the Sonos setup I just spent $1800 on and will be returning. It sounds good, but not true surround and pricey. My question is this. I was thinking about using one of these two set ups and would appreciate some good advice. I am getting a 7.2 receiver for future upgrades. 1. Front and back - 2- R-15M Center - R-25C R10SW 2. Simply replace the front with the R-26F. What are your thoughts...good first system? Thanks!
  18. Hi, you may notice I'm selling my stuff. It's time to downsize and this sub is more than I need now. I am the original owner and it is good shape and sounds great. One grill post is broken. Bic America F-12. Check the prices and specs. here: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2/185-1235967-9582649?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=bic+f-12 I will consider any reasonable offer for local pickup or possible south bay delivery. Thanks, EJH
  19. NOW $425! Less than 2 years old, so 2 months of warranty left (I cannot honor warranty but will provide the invoice if you have any issues, bought from an authorized dealer, but I cannot promise warranty is transferable). Shipped from Columbia, SC buyer pays all shipping costs. See more pics on my Craigslist ad as it's too much of a pain to resize all my pictures for here: http://columbia.craigslist.org/ele/5382703171.html This thing is awesome, just no where to mount it on my new chairs that have an open bottom with tall wood legs. I could modify the chairs and mount it upside down, but then my chairs would not be aesthetically pleasing to my wife (as bottom is open you'd see the transducer). These would be fabulous mounted to a sofa or a recliner which normally has an enclosed base. My last recliner set was leather and I modified it using a 2x6 screwed on the inside part of the wood frame, then bolted this to it. It shot the stuff out of me when watching movies, totally awesome! There's even a mounting plate so you don't have to modify your sofa. It goes under one leg. I believe this requires you to remove a sofa leg (most unscrew), but I'm not sure as I never opened this part of the kit! The 400W/1500Watt transducer (aka shaker) goes down to 5 Hz! It takes a serious amp to go down that low, and the one included is nearly 30 lbs and has a toroidal transformer too. These are the heaviest and best Buttkickers (Butt Kickers) available too (little ones do NOT go down to 5 Hz). Would also be great for a studio or drummers chair (similar to a Pearle Drum Throne Thumper). I'm included all the original accessories, this kit sells for $699.95 + shipping (click add to card on Buttkicker's site). The kit weighs 45 lbs, and all packaging is included and they really are in like new condition. It is even double boxed. http://www.thebuttkicker.com/lfe-kit The ButtKicker low frequency transducer accurately reproduces bass and special effects from the subwoofer and .1 LFE sound tracks. The ButtKicker "shakes" your couch or home theater seating precisely in sync with your movie, music or game. Now you can enjoy powerful bass, realistic special effects and concert quality music without disturbing the neighbors or waking the kids. The kit includes all the cables and wires needed to connect the ButtKicker to your home theater and gaming systems. The Kit Includes: 1 BK-LFE, 1 BKA-1000-N, 1 BK-CMAK and wiring kit. Product Specifications ButtKicker® LFE Transducer Dimensions: 5.375" H x 5.375" W Frequency Response: 5 - 200 Hz Weight: 11 lbs / 5 kgs Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms Power Handling: 400 watts min. BKA1000-N Power Amplifier Specs Dimensions: 12" W x 12" L x 4" H Weight: 25 lbs / 11.4 kgs Power Handling: 1000 watts @ 4 ohms 1900 watts @ 2 ohms
  20. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/2239098-emotiva-announces-emersa-audio-components.html Emotiva just announce through AVS forum a new product line that may be of interest to some of you. Link above Tim
  21. I am not an audiophile but I do appreciate good sound and was blessed to inheret some nice audio equipment from which I hope to build a quality home theatre system primarily for movies & video. Here's a list of my equipment: 2X Klipsch KG5.5 Floorstanding Speakers Klipsch KV2 Center Channel Speaker Klipsch SW10-II Subwoofer Harmon Kardon AVR65 Receiver The way my room is set up makes the large KG5.5 speakers placement more practical in the back of the room behind the speaker as rear channel speakers. I guess my first question is whether this is an aceptable arrangement for these particular speakers. If yes, can you guys recommend a complementary Klipsch product for the front and rear speakers with the caveat that I need something small enough to hang from a side wall or the ceiling. And while I'm at it, can you recommend a good speaker bracket/clip/hanger for ceiling or side wall mount? Finally, if locating these big KGs in the back of the room is an audio faux pas, I'll try to find a home for them in the front of the room but still need a recomendation for the rear speakers. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. Sincerely, Charles Madison, AL PS - Do you guys recommend using bandpass filters for the perimeter speakers when a subwoofer is part of the home audio system? If yes, where would I purchase such an animal?
  22. I am starting to get to the point in my HT build that I'm nitpicking electronics purchases. I have decided on my PJ and an oppo105D. So video is done. For the rack- I'm leaning heavily towards Emotiva XMC1 with the XPR5. I like the look, and it's higher build quality within my price range.... However- I have no idea what the thoughts are on these products with my setup. Reviewers seem to rave about the xmc & xpr. In the communities opinion- are these top performers for the dollar? Or should I steer clear. With a fully treated room (acoustic solutions) 4 RF7ii's (front and rear) 1 RF64ii (center) Dual 15's Room is 16x25
  23. Folks, I am going to try again. I have a black Academy for sale in very good condition. Corners are sharp, bottom paint is dull and has a drag mark but nothing breaking through the paint. Screen is excellent and original, no snags or frayed corners. The logo color is fading a bit on the right side (see pics). Drivers excellent; I have not had this thing in system since I have had it, dreams of a 5.1 Cornwall HT didn't materialize. Asking $300.00 in Knoxville, TN.
  24. EDIT: Black La Scala Sold see new post here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/159993-fs-klipsch-la-scalas-fastrac-crites-xos-1900obo/ I have 3 La Scalas for sale near St. Louis, pickup only. All horns have been upgraded and will come with sale along with original K-400's. I do have the crossovers currently upgraded to Crites but they will not be included in the sale as i have another project in mind for them. However if you would like to have a listen we can arrange so you can see how the puppies sing with the new crossovers. I also have the original type AA crossovers that will hold their own as well and are no slouch. I had these setup for home theater LCR and they were amazing. Currently have 2 setup upstairs in stereo and 1 downstairs in a temporary center channel til i finish my project. The veneer is starting to peel on the bottoms but overall these are nice pieces and i get complements. The center channel is painted black as you can see in the photos. Good pieces install new veneer or paint. I'm currently doing a DIY project just because and am not getting rid of these for any other reason than me being bored. I'll post a link to the craigslist add as well. Looking to get $2400/obo, will consider trades for mono block/pre-amp combo. http://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/5274176256.html Thank you for looking, Justin A.
  25. I have had the same audio rack and TV stand forever and just kind of got tired of the look. We got a new 60" plasma over our old 50" one. I found a awesome glass TV stand with room enough for almost everything on CL for 40 bucks. My KV-3, KSF C5 or Sony would not fit in the stand so I made a shelf above it but really did not care for the look, it sounded OK but prefer underneath the TV. I went in the pawn shop and they had a Totem Mite "T" center in pristine condition and I walked out the door with it for cheap. It fits just perfect and have to say it sounds better than the rest I have. These don't come with grills but no kids or pets so not to worry. I also found a B&K Reference 125.2 and the Forte II's sound great with it. They sounded great with the ATI also. I think getting all the clutter from around them gone made a bigger difference, the amps are pretty much on same page. I think the reflections off the audio cabinet diminished the sound. I am happy with the results and so is the wife so that's a plus. Enough rambling here are some before and after pics.
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