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Found 4 results

  1. HI, I'm building a house and want to set up few channels home audio using in ceiling speakers in several spots in the house (living, lounge, hall, outdoor). But I want to control the system thru Airplay or wireless from my iPhone and also source the music from iPhone. This is nothing to with home theatre 5.1 or 7.1 or 7.2 or such. This is only to give ambience to the house. I've been searching and browsing but nothing is simple enough for me to do. Can I do this only using Klipsch products or should I add multi channels amplifier or else to make it work? Let's say total will be 4 channels (8 speakers). Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, New to the forum so first I'd like to say hello. So I am moving into a new condo that has been all pre-wired and the design of the space also makes my options a little more limited on top of that. I have attached a picture that sort of shows the room, the subwoofer, ceiling rear speakers, general couch/listening area, and center channel/tv location. Since it is a new place I wanted to update all of my speakers. Due to space limitations, i was thinking of doing RP-160M front left/right speakers. For the center channel i was thinking the RP-250C. Then the subwoofer I was thinking of doing the R-110SW. Then there is no placement for rears in an ideal location so the ceiling was wired in the two areas circled in a red box. I am not sure which ones to go with though. The CDT-5800-C II or the CDT-5650 II. Also, I want to see if my choices in center channel and subwoofer should balance out the space appropriately. Further down the road i was going to put speakers in the rest of the place too. One room needing high humidity and a pair outside. So if the ceiling choice for the rear surround could be picked out in advance to balance out with the rest of the future whole home audio system in mind that would also be ideal. Thanks in advance, Mike
  3. I'm looking at having some outdoor speakers that will go on my covered patio in the back yard. Currently I'm looking at three Klipsch options: CP-6 outdoor speaker, R-1800-C in ceiling speaker, and the CDT-3650-C II in ceiling speaker. So first off, I've never been a huge in ceiling speaker person since I don't really care for the sound coming down from the sky but I guess for outdoor speakers they are generally mounted up high anyway. Plus, it is just the outdoor patio which isn't my main listening anyway. I was first looking at the CP-6 and they sound really good. However, thinking more about aesthetics and a cleaner look for the patio I have been leaning towards going with the in ceiling. As far as sound goes, I didn't hear much difference between these two in ceiling speakers (1800-C and 3650-C)...I know that one is 8" versus 6.5" but for roughly $100 per speaker more, what do you think about the 3650-C? One other thing I was wondering about was the ability to tilt the woofer with the 3650-C, which perhaps might help in "aiming" the sound better. The salesperson I talked to didn't think it would matter much. What do you think? As for my use of these speakers, I don't plan on having big parties and blowing out the neighborhood. I save my rocking for the inside with my towers So they don't really need to play loud. But I do like a balanced sound. I'd appreciate any comments, thoughts, opinions on comparing all three of these...
  4. Seems like a good deal at Newegg today. They are the shell shocker and limit three per person but they would be nice additions for in ceiling if anyone is interested. $399 each. Regular $999
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