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Found 3 results

  1. I've been shopping for a pair of used Klipsch horn speakers for awhile now and finally found a pair of Klipsch KG5.2 two-ways in my area. The seller was asking $300 for the pair, but when I went to check them out last night I noticed three small tears in the surrounds of one of the woofers, less than half an inch each. The surrounds didn't feel brittle or break apart when I pressed them lightly so I think they might have originally been rubber, not foam? Hopefully someone can chime in to confirm. The other three woofers looked fine, and I think the speakers sounded great, although it was my first time listening to horn-loaded tweeters so I might've missed something. I talked the guy down to $200, but I'm wondering if that's even worth it? I found a pair of replacement foams here for $25, plus the time and effort to learn how to do it (it'll be my first surround replacement). It could even be more if I decide to replace all of them. I guess my question is, is it inadvisable to use them with the rips? I'd say there are three small tears less than half an inch in size around one of the woofers. Does the sound quality diminish significantly when tears happen, and will it get worse over time as I play them? Images attached, thanks!
  2. For sale: Klipsch KG 5.2 speaker pair in black. These were purchased new in 1993 and I am the original owner. Come from a home with no children, pets, or smokers, and will be shipped in the original boxes and packaging. One of the boxes was damaged while being stored in my basement for 20 years and it will be reinforced with additional cardboard prior to use. I'd rate the condition of the speakers as 9.5 out of 10. There are no noticeable scratches, scrapes, dings, or gouges. Corners and edges of veneer are in great shape. There may be a minor scuff/light scratch or two, but nothing is visible from more than a couple of feet away. The grille cloth is perfect with no tears or snags and the grilles fit snugly. Price is $275 plus whatever actual shipping runs (UPS ground or USPS parcel). SOLD
  3. My home theater is an odd collection of speakers with the KG5.2 as mains. About 10 years ago I got an SC1 because it has a horn and fit nicely in my cabinet. Everything sounds good, but I am sure the SC1 is the weakest link in my setup right now. I am looking for a KV3 as I have read it may be the best match for the KG's. It also comes in an oak finish which would match my room better(and would be visible as it won't fit in the cabinet). However, I wonder how much difference it really makes as the receiver compensates for a different speakers anyway. Would I end up being happier with an RC52 II? That would fit in my cabinet so black is OK, and anything else would need to sit on the cabinet below the TV, so height is limited to 7.5". There is no rush to change, only a desire to know what to look for. Here is my setup: Xover at 80hz (all speakers set small except the KG's) Pioneer SC-81 7.2 - Klipsch KG5.2, SC1 center, KSB2.1 SB, Acoustech sides SVS 20-39PCI & JBL E250P Subwoofers Appreciate any insights. Thanks, Gene
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