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Found 14 results

  1. I believe the part number is KLP-127122? I’m assuming they will fit my drivers since they look identical to the ones in them now. I read that somewhere that this is a worth while upgrade. I already replaced the diaphragms in the tweeters in my klf20s and my Klf -C7 with the Ti diaphragms. It made a huge difference in the center channel C7. But I’m not sure if my ears pick up the Change in the klf20s yet, might need more break in time. I just pulled all these speakers out of storage been sitting for like 20 years. My dad used them for a very short time and them put them away. I’ve been using RF3 for the past 20 years without issue for home theater so I thought I’d give these KLfs a try. Also anyone know if Klipsch stills makes and sells the mid range horns for this series of speakers? One on the has a small crack that I will apoxy for now. But new horns would be nice if I can get them. Also I have experience the rattle from the loose joints on these boxes that surprisingly never was an issue on the RF3s. So was going to run epoxy all around the edges on the inside of the boxes for now. Is there any advantage to building new boxes out of like 12 ply birch plywood (I own a cabinet shop). That is also an option. Any input would be appreciated. I’m new to the forum and with the hobby of modifications to these speakers like I said my RF3s have been working flawlessly for 20 years with no issues. Just thought I’d try something new. Thanks Rich
  2. Although the stickers are removed, I believe these are Klipsch KLF-20's. Great shape, work well. Local pickup only. In Fountain Hills, AZ (close to Scottsdale, AZ). Asking $800 for the pair. KSF-10.5's, KLF-C7 and KV3's below: Also have (I believe) are a pair of KSF-10.5's. The foot on it is broken (pictured), but rests fine. We're going to be repairing at time of this post, but want full disclosure that one foot was repaired. But, sits level even though foot is off. Speakers work great. Asking $400. KLF-C7 Center Channel speaker is available. Great shape, works great. Pictured below. Asking $250. KV3 Center Channel speaker (oak) is available. Great shape, works great. Pictured below. Asking $200
  3. Looking for advice as to potentially changing side and rear speakers after upgrading from R-28f fronts and an RP center (shortly after upgrading from a 20 year old synergy 5.1 system). New current set-up is: KLF 20's KLC c7 RW-12d R-41SA (on klf 20's) RS-35 sides R-28f rears Onyko TX-NR787 My room is about 28x15, but due to duct work and other quirks, can't put the R-28f's against back wall- one is only a couple feet behind couch, the other has some obstruction as well. System sounds really good (to me anyway), but probably because the klf 20's are nothing short of amazing... So I'm thinking that 1) I should replace the rears with speakers I can put on stands and if so, what is best match with fronts, and 2) whether (depending on what I do with rears), keep the RS-35's or replace them as well (need to keep sides wall mounted and can't have them extend out too far). Or would I simply be throwing away some money for not much of a difference in sound? Appreciate any suggestions-don't have a lot of technical or audiophile expertise, just know I love the Klipsch sound!
  4. I wanted to document my upgrade process for those of you who wanted to take the tinkering/budget approach to installing the B&C DE 10 driver into your KLF20/30 etc. speakers. Feel free to ask any questions. I purchased these drop in fit drivers for $36 plus tax on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Paudio-PHT-409-Horn-Tweeter-Supertweeter-Klipsch-replace-K-79-K-75-K-76-K-84/372632527011?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 And the B&C Drivers: https://www.parts-express.com/bc-de10-8-1-mylar-horn-compression-driver-8-ohm-2-bolt--294-600 Then, I disassembled them as you will only use the horn parts. Remove the disc and cut out, dremel, sand, etc. these center phase plugs according to the pictures. The B&C Drivers already have a phase plug inside the housing. That concludes the modification of the lens assembly.
  5. It’s been about a month since I picked up the 20s so far I got to say they are amazing they keep up with the 30s no problem and my Carver A-500x Powers both of them here’s the setup KLF-30 KLF-20 KSW-15 CARVER A-500x CARVER CT-25.1
  6. Can anybody help me identify the year and stuff of this tag
  7. I’m looking for any old legend series ads posters promotional photos if you have any please comment them thanks !!!
  8. Craig’s List, B’ham, AlaBama: In case someone is missing theirs...I don’t own KLF 20’s... NO Affiliation, Buyer Beware...
  9. Yesterday I installed my a55g mid drivers into klf-30's and am giving them there run in. First impression was a noticeable difference in the lower end of the sqwalker and over all smoothness. After ~10 hours I have started to notice on lesser quality recordings are showing themselves. So far I am very pleased with the new drivers. Now if I can hold off with putting the Ciare drivers in for another few days.
  10. Have 2 sets of KLF20 main speakers in Medium Oak, I am selling one set of them doesn't matter which. Both sound perfect. Exelent condition. I Have owned them all since new and they have spent more time collecting dust than being used. Pick up Cedar Rapids IA. $600Sensitivity: 100 dB @ 1 watt/1 meterFrequency Response: 34 Hz-20 kHz±3 dBNominal Impedance: 8 ohmsCrossover Frequency: 750 Hz and 7 kHzPower Handling: 200 watts maximum continuous (800watts peak)Enclosure Type: Bass reflex via dual, wide-flare, rearfiring portsDrive Components: Three-way system using one 1"(2.54 cm) K-79 tweeter compression driver with a90º x 40º exponential horn; one 1.5" (3.81 cm) K-52midrange compression driver with a 90º x 60º TractrixHorn and two 10" (25.4 cm) K-1036 woofersWeight: 86.5 lbs.Height: 40.75"Width: 12"Depth: 16"Finish: Medium Oak
  11. For better or worse what woofers would be proper replacements without and with network mods. For the 30's likely top notch woofers even if need updated crossovers. Any suggestions. Looked around never found a definite choice on this forum nor elsewhere for the 3. Anybody try swapping all 4 of and klf pair out for anything? thx E EDIT,ps My woofers are fine but want to try other woofers. yeah why, because there are better woofers these days?
  12. I have my complete Klipsch Legendary System for sale, Included in the sale are the following speakers (2) each KLF30'S with gold crossovers cherry wood good condition (2) each KLF 10'S in ebony (1) each KSW-12 (2) each RP 140SA (1) SC1 Center Channel All speakers are in excellent condition and work perfectly, never abused and are acoustically perfect, I however will not ship they are to heavy and would not do the speaker any justice. I have owned these speakers since new, you ask why I am selling these, my wife that's right says they are to big and ugly so I just purchased a new wireless system. I if you are interested in pictures please message me and I will send them from my phone. Cost as a complete set $2500.00 will not separate nor ship, the 30 are heavy,
  13. My KLF20s have a 1.25 uF cap. Nobody seems to have this value. Crites claims to use Sonicaps in his upgrades kits but Sonicap website doesn't list this value. Paralelling 2 caps to get close to 1.25 seems to be expesinsive. Do you replace with 1.2 or 1.3 uF? There is also a 8mF electrolitic in the woofer circuit.. again hard to find in a "audio grade" cap. Replace with 8.2? thanks guys and gals
  14. How much would a pair of KLF 30 (black) and a pair of KLF 20 (oak) in Excellent condition go for in New York area? Currently I do not see any on eBay so I'm not sure what people are asking?
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