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Found 3 results

  1. Bought this one and another dated 1956 around about twenty years ago. Vague memory now of the seller saying this was an early 60s model. Is there a directory or other way of dating it correctly? Apology if this not the proper section of forum for this kind of question. Soon as I feel comfortable about determining reasonable price both will be posted here for sale. Thanks.
  2. Hello all, Above all, I'm not familiar with Internet forums, so please inform me if there is anything inappropriate. And, thank you for your help and advice. Long-story short, I'm now considering having a sound system again. More than 10 years ago, after spending years in a rabbit hole of hifi shopping, somehow I lost all interest, so out of trend now. I want to have things as simple as possible this time. Here's what I am looking for. I'm in SoCal and far from rich, so a listening space is not that big. - 10' x 15' space or 15' x 15' space available - Considering Klipschorn AK6/La Scala AL5/Cornwall IV/RF-7 III - As a modern set-up the closest thing that I know personally is B&W 803 D3. - More precisely I want something better than B&W 702 S2. - Side story - B&W's recent Formation Duo was pleasant surprise - This makes me to believe in simplicity. - Little bit warmer sound but crisp details, and depth description especially for piano parts are what I am looking for. - All my music source would be AIFF / WAV files from CD. - I will use iPhone/iPad/Mac to store and play songs. - I will stay in this way despite some drawbacks. - This speaker is for strictly Classical Music (Piano) and Jazz. - More precisely Artur Rubinstein, Martha Argerich, Richter, Glen Gould, Horowitz / Bill Evans and Dave Brubeck - Again, focused on Piano sound (which is really tricky...) - I would sincerely appreciate any advice, information or insight from your experience. - Randomly, I heard that La Scala AL5 might not have enough bass (though I do not expect this weakness would apply to Classic Music / Jazz). Still if I need to add subwoofer to compensate the sound, I'm more than willing to go for AK6. - I want my set-up to be as simple as possible. (not going to go to the rabbit hole again) - Simply 2speakers (without woofer, hopefully, if this doesn't make day-and night different) + Music Source - Open for any opinion and advice. - If someone has similar tastes in music, please educate me about your other set up. (amp etc, I want to know how other people enjoy their time) - Lastly, if my listening space is too small, please also inform me. - I face this problem when I was dealing with McIntosh. (I need a bigger house to hear the sound I want. ) Again, I really appreciate your thoughts and time. I want to choose the system that I spend my next 20 years. Thank you.
  3. I started on putting together a dedicated listening room, size is approximately 16 ft by 20 ft height 82 ft. I have 1989 Klipschhorns and a Jadis Orchestra tube amplifier. For now it sounds like crap. Will curtains, carpeting, absorbers, diffusor panels etc make a dramatic difference. Cables? Please advise.
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